Unfair Belgium

A quote from Christopher Caldwell in The Weekly Standard, 21 December 2009

Over the past couple of decades, Flemish and Belgian conservative parties erected what they called a cordon sanitaire around the Vlaams Belang to keep it out of government, citing its position on immigrants as xenophobic. Whether this was good politics or not, today it looks increasingly unfair, as all Belgian parties, left and right, Flemish and Walloon, come to the realization that reforms of immigration policy will be necessary to protect the Belgian school and social-service sector. Gerolf Annemans, the VB's leading intellectual, says that the cordon sanitaire is "purely political." Most of his opponents would agree with him, although they do not say so on the record.


Brussels’ Arctic Aspirations

A quote from Mary Ellen Synon of The Daily Mail, 3 December 2009

The EU has aspirations to gain influence across the Arctic region. Already, three EU countries, Finland, Sweden and Denmark sit on the Arctic Council, alongside Russia, the United States, Canada and Iceland. But the EU has no seat. The council is growing in importance because of the possibilities of the polar thaw creating new shipping lanes through Canada in a Northwest Passage.

There is also the question of mineral resources in the Arctic, and the question of defence installations. Iceland has Keflavik airport, which until the Americans pulled out in 2006, was a key Nato airbase. Indeed, immediately after the financial crash last year, the Russian government stepped in with a loan to the Icelandic government of £3.5bn. Observers reckoned that Russia was trying to get friendly enough to negotiate access to Keflavik.

Intellectual Honesty

Dr. Andrew Bostom, the author of the well-researched books The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, has reviewed Fjordman's book Defeating Eurabia, which is now available in a cheaper printed version:

"Fjordman’s collection of short works, 'Defeating Eurabia' marks his emergence as a uniquely informed European essayist. Remarkably curious and erudite, the author’s lucid essays are ultimately a testament to that rarest and most desperately needed attribute in our era—intellectual honesty. An unapologetic defender of the Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian values of Western civilization, and their apotheosis in Western Europe, Fjordman expresses alarm at Europe’s supine Islamization, and condemns the demonization of ordinary non-Muslim indigenous Europeans who have the 'temerity' to voice their objection to this ongoing cultural jihad. 'Defeating Eurabia' is a brilliantly argued, passionate critique of Western Europe’s contemporary utopian 'multiculturalist' governing elites—avatars of the latest fanatical European politico-religious creed—a bizarre, toxic brew of statism and unreformed, Shari’a-compliant Islam."

An Inspiration to Europe: The Days of Submission Are Over

A quote from Gerald Warner at The Telegraph blog, 29 November 2009drapeau_suisse_2005_sm.jpg

The usual suspects are proclaiming that Switzerland will now have “pariah status”. On the contrary, there is significantly more respect for Switzerland around the world after the referendum than there was before. The news that the electorate in one European country has had the resolution to defy its political class and refuse to roll over and indulge a politically correct minority will be an inspiration to other electorates.

The Belgianisation of Europe

A quote from Charlemagne in The Economist, 26 November 2009

Lots of European countries indulge in shadowy coalition politics, with jobs divvied out among rival parties, but Belgium takes the biscuit. All Belgian governments are big coalitions, uniting parties that loathe one another, staffed by fixed quotas of ministers from the French- and Dutch-speaking communities (who also cannot stand each other). Democracy barely counts, as even parties thumped at the ballot box return to office. What is the link between this and the selection of Herman Van Rompuy as the first full-time president of the European Council, and of Catherine Ashton as a new foreign-policy chief? It is the European weakness for coalition politics, in which a quest for “balance” all too often trumps talent or merit.

Pravda: “EU Is Reincarnation of Soviet Union”

A quote from Hans Vogel in Pravda, 4 November 2009

Now that the Czech Republic has announced it will ratify the Lisbon Treaty, the EU will be even closer yet to becoming a unified monster state, with more than half a billion inhabitants. Inhabitants is the correct term, since “citizens” would indicate a set of political rights. The people living in the EU should rather be called “subjects,” since they have no influence whatsoever on the constitution of the centralized European government, the “European Commission.” [...]

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