Sham on You

A quote from European Voice, 22 September 2009


Denmark and Ireland have dropped their demands for a European law to be changed to prevent immigrants arranging sham marriages to stay in the EU. Both countries have accepted that few other member states wish to reopen the EU directive on the free movement of people within the EU. The European Commission had also opposed such a move.


Germany: Government Persecution Against the “Socially Maladjusted”

A quote from LifeSiteNews, 27 August 2009

Human rights advocates are calling the case of a German homeschooling family "a critical human rights battle." On September 22nd, the Schmidt family of southern Bavaria in Germany will face a hearing in which government officials will decide if they may keep custody of one of their sons.

Hans and Petra Schmidt have been teaching their children, Josua, 16, and Aaron, 14, for more than nine years in an attempt to shield them from what they hold to be a hostile moral and heavily secularised environment in German public schools. To date the Schmidts have been forced to pay nearly 13,000 Euros (US $18,300) in home schooling fines and have had a lien placed on their home by the government.

French Government Threatens Mayor

A quote from Ivan Rioufol of Le Figaro, 27 July 2009, via Tiberge

Here are the facts: Adil Doubi, Moroccan by nationality, with a Spanish residency card, wants to marry Safadi Kamar el Ahjji of Moroccan-Spanish nationality. But the city authorities noticed errors in Doubi's visa and in a written oath about his presence in France. An order to return to his homeland was issued by the prefect of Côtes d'Armor, on grounds of illegal entry. Doubi had one month to leave French territory. The deadline was July 26, 2009.

One Out of Three

This is the list of candidates for the Parti Socialiste in next Sunday’s elections in Brussels, the capital of Europe:

1 PICQUE Charles 2 DUPUIS Françoise 3 KIR Emir 4 DESIR Caroline 5 VERVOORT Rudi 6 TOMAS Eric 7 LAANAN Fadila 8 DAIF Mohamed 9 CARTHE Michèle 10 BOUARFA Sfia 11 CLOSE Philippe 12 FISZMAN Julie 13 MADRANE Rachid 14 EMMERY Isabelle 15 DECOURTY Willy 16 JAMOULLE Véronique 17 CHAPELLE Gregor 18 MARCUS Cathy 19 IKAZBAN Jamal 20 SAIDI Fatiha 21 VAN GORP Jean-Pierre 22 EL YOUSFI Nadia 23 DIALLO Béa 24 BROCHE Anne 25 AZZOUZI Mohamed 26 DE SAEGER Chantal 27 EL KTIBI Ahmed 28 RAZZOUK Souad 29 OZKARA Emin 30 BOMELE NKETO Nicole 31 LUYCKX Carlo 32 SWAELENS Anne 33 MOOCK Michel 34 GENOTTE Bernadette 35 BOUSTANI Abdallah 36 SCHEERS Pascale 37 POLET Yonnec 38 CHRISTOFFEL-DE VOS Renée 39 MOEREMANS Gérald 40 KALIMBIRIRO NSIMIRE Laetitia 41 BUCCELLA Fabrizio 42 NEKHOUL Yasmina 43 ERRAZI Mohammed 44 LEPOIVRE Florence 45 LAHLALI Mohamed 46 JOURDAIN Sigrid 47 LAARISSI Mounir 48 FONTAINE Isabelle 49 SPINETTE Jean 50 BARBE Martine 51 LAAOUEJ Ahmed 52 HERMAN Ariane 53 KOMPANY Pierre 54 AMRANI Myriem 55 DONMEZ Ibrahim 56 PAPADOPOULOS Anastasia 57 OUARTASSI Haed 58 MARTENS Anne-Françoise 59 GJANAS Amet 60 WERTS Catherine 61 ARDICLIK Hava 62 PIQUARD Paulette 63 BOUHJAR Abobakre 64 QUARESMINI Clara 65 M'FUNI LUKANDA Mado 66 VAN CAMPENHOUT Thierry 67 BELHOUARI Talbia 68 UYTTENDAELE Julien 69 DEMANNEZ Jean 70 OURIAGHLI Mohamed 71 LALIEUX Karine 72 THIELEMANS Freddy

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