How the EU Conspires Against the People

A quote from the Irish Daily Mail, 14 April 2008
A leaked email [sent to the British government by Elizabeth Green, a senior UK diplomat in Dublin, following a briefing from Dan Mulhall, a top offical in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs] shows that [the Irish] ministers are planning a deliberate campaign of misinformation to ensure that the Lisbon Treaty vote is passed when it is put to the public as required by the [Irish] Constitution.
Foreign Affairs minister Dermot Ahern has even been personally assured that the European Commission will ‘tone down or delay’ any announcements from Brussels ‘that might be unhelpful’. […]
Ireland is the only EU state which is allowing voters a say on the treaty, and European heads of state are terrified that they will reject it. […] [The leaked memo] pointed out that the [Irish] Government plans to keep people from analysing the details [of the Treaty], saying the ‘aim is to focus the campaign on overall benefits of the EU rather than the treaty itself’. […] The memo refers to plans to fool campaigners over the date and states: ‘Irish have picked 29 May for voting but will delay an announcement to keep the No camp guessing. […]
It added that during a trip to Dublin, [EU Commission] Vice-President Margot Wallstrom ‘had told Dermot Ahern that the commission was willing to tone down or delay messages that might be unhelpful’.

re: spitting in the soup

If it could be proven that, from a purely economic perspective, country x, y, or z is better off now than it was before it joined the EU, but not as well off as it could be, should it decide to seek fifty-first state of the Union status, I wonder if the Schaveigers of this world would making the same argument.


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That they are better off than before IS proven, what you are suggesting is nothing but kicking the air.

Spitting in the soup

What is the real issue of those who are using rogue methods, like leaking confidential memos, to undermine the constitution of the EU ?

Instead asking ordinary people to vote on issues they don't understand, should they not ask the Irish people to compare their todays living standards with these before they joined the EU ?


I have a bad feeling.....

I have a bad feeling that this highly undemocratic treaty will mark the decline of the west as the global dominant cultural, scientific and economic force.


"It added that during a trip to Dublin, [EU Commission] Vice-President Margot Wallstrom ‘had told Dermot Ahern that the commission was willing to tone down or delay messages that might be unhelpful’."


I think un-elected "vice-president" Wallstrom should go on a speaking tour of Ireland touting the wonders of the EU.  I am sure this will have the opposite of intended effect.

the end of Europe


     I have been puzzled for sometime & perhaps some kind soul could help me with an answer.

      If the murder of a mother is matricide & the murder of a father is patricide,it follows that killing a stranger is homicide & a king would be regicide.So far this is all very plain & obvious to me.My question is,someone who murders a civilization is called......Tony Blair?

Poblacht Na hEireann

The likes of Tone, Emmet and O' Connell must be spinning in their graves.


Epitaph: Easter, 1916 - 29 May 2008 (?).


The Irish people should take this opportunity to tell the EUrocrats precisely what they can do ... "pogue ma hone".

How the EU Conspires Against the People

Being an American, I ponder the wisdom of the voting people of Ireland. We have our own problems with political spinning "LIES". Maybe it is some what easier to see the toilet over flowing, when you are farther away or in another non involved country, then when yours is the the toilet that is backing-up. We definitely have our basket of concerns. Both, to Americans and to those that our overflows come in contact with. Ireland, has a unique opportunity to have a large loud voice in what may be the last and only peoples ability to have a say in what their governing leaders do. I pray, that they know and are fully aware of the power they have and what the consequences of their choices will make in the rest of their future, as a national free self serving country. There may come a time, that, Ireland may wonder why they are called the people of these "United European Nations". To swear to be a non Irish, to learn and speak, French, German, Spanish and Arabic. Can we, as a free, national people of Ireland, afford to give up all our rights, just to please some foreign multiculturalist ideology. A death to who we are and where we come from. Who we are. Will we give up the right to call ourselves "Irish".