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Frans Vandenbosch is a management and automotive design consultant to Chinese companies. He founded Lincostar in China. Living in China, he can speak and write Chinese Mandarin. His Chinese name is 方腾波 (Fang Tengbo) “impassioned direction”.


As an enthusiastic globetrotter, Frans Vandenbosch travelled to over 30 countries. He went to 28 major cities all over China and made groundbreaking tours to the most isolated places of Myanmar/Burma.


Frans Vandenbosch is an expert in genealogy. He has given lectures on this subject to the Flemish communities in the USA. He is the founder and inspiring force behind Actagena  and published 34 books about genealogy in the Hageland.


Politically, he is first of all a fanatic Flemish Nationalist, pursuing the total and unconditional independence of Flanders. He is a defender of the Leitkultur idea in Flanders and Europe. All other of his precious values, such as a free market, freedom of speech and democracy are secondary to his strive for Flemish independence.



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