About The Brussels Journal

“I believe in being free, acquiring knowledge, and telling the truth.”

The above quote from the legendary American journalist H.L. Mencken (1880-1956) sums it up pretty much. The Brussels Journal is a project set up by European journalists and writers to restore three values that are so lacking in the so-called “consensus-culture” of contemporary Europe: Freedom, the quest for Knowledge, and the Truth.

We defend freedom and, though we do not pretend to know the ultimate truth, we strive to acquire as much knowledge as possible by presenting facts and views that are hard to find in the “consensus-media” of Europe.

We are not an organisation; we are a coalition of individuals. Our contributors do not necessarily share every view represented in the articles of this website, but we know they all write with an earnest desire for the truth. What binds us is our defence of liberty and the conviction that the state exists to serve man and never the other way round.


This is by far the best source of political opinion I have found and that includes the WSJ site.

You guys are defending civilization. Thanks.

If The Brussels Journal is about breaking dishonest consensus...

...Then it is the duty of those writing for The Brussels Journal to force themselves to shed their prejudices, and to expose the sham of the "Armenian genocide." Articles as this one become intolerable. The Armenians revolted during dangerous wartime, and it served the purposes of those in power, capitalizing on "Terrible Turk" bigotry, to politicize these tragic events, and to justify a land-grab scheme. That was true then, but how could so many people allow themselves to strictly listen to hateful propaganda, to ignore the factual evidence, to ignore the mass killings of Turks and Muslims by those given such victim status, and to keep perpetuating these false views today? The truth is out there, and may be discerned from sources without reason to lie, for example, the book of Briton C. F. Dixon-Johnson, "The Armenians" (1916), available online. If the honest writers of The Brussels Journal cannot bring themselves to expose this hurtful mythology, what hope to we have in breaking the chains of this lamentable spreading of hatred?

Dishonest consensus

What consensus? There isn't one. This issue should be left for historians to discuss. Governments and legislatures should have no part in deciding what happened in the past - that includes ALL governments.

Bob Doney

Denmark & Censorship

I think most of you may be forgetting Denmark fully officially haven't had censorship in any way shape or form for nearly 40 years. This is LAW in Denmark.

And last I looked they were still on the map, their national television was still broadcasting, their DR trains were still running, and their people were as happy and as charming as always.

Freedom and Security

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Neocons International Inc. better take note.

great stuff

I just came across your website via a link from another site. You guys are excellent! I've always believed that all of Europe could not possibly be as secular and socialistic as so much of the media presents. In my research as a writer, artist, and Youth Minister, I often come across European sites that mirror my independent, mother-earth spirit, yet I leave them with a bitter taste in my mouth, since they seem to inevitably offer leftist opinions that I totally disagree with. I suppose I am a closet lover of all things European but am also a politically conservative mother of five. It's hard to find a niche!

Keep up the great work!

Discovering the brussels

Discovering the brussels journal on the web made my day. There is hope.

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Relief & bloodpressure

What a relief to discover this journal!

Finally I don't have to control my blood pressure anymore while reading pc-balloney in the mass media.

Keep up the good work!

I found it!!

Some years ago I lost alot of bookmarks to places I enjoyed visiting. The Brussels Journal was one of them. I did a search for my username recently and this site came up.  So glad I did that as the articles on here and many of the people posting offer alot of insight into what is going on today.  An interesting and noteworthy perspective.  Glad to see that the site is still alive and kicking, may it do so for a long time to come.