Cartoon Case Escalates into International Crisis

The case of the Muhammad cartoons, published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten two weeks ago, is escalating into a major conflict between Denmark and the Muslim world. Eleven Muslim ambassadors to Copenhagen, who had protested to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen demanding apologies from the newspaper, decided to take the matter to international Muslim organisations, such as the Arab League and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

One of the eleven ambassadors is the ambassador of Turkey. She has received full support of the Turkish Foreign Ministry in asking Rasmussen to call Jyllands-Posten to account for “abusing Islam in the name of democracy, human rights and freedom of expression.” According to Muslims it is blasphemy to depict the Prophet Muhammad.

Last week, the ambassadors sent a protest letter to Rasmussen, but the Danish Prime Minister, stressing that Denmark recognized freedom of expression, refused to discuss the matter. On Tuesday the Egyptian ambassador said on Danish television that the group of ambassadors planned to meet Danish politicians to put pressure on the PM, but after a meeting of the group yesterday it was announced that the Organisation of the Islamic Conference would take the matter into its hands. The Organisation, representing 56 member states, has already sent a letter of protest to the Danish government. “Now it is moving up to the international level. Therefore, we will not try to contact Denmark’s political leaders,” the Egyptian ambassador said. She added that also “the Arab League will weigh in soon.”

The fact that Turkey backs the ambassadors is seen by some in Denmark as damaging to the Turkish bid for EU membership. Troels Lund Poulsen, the foreign spokesman of the Liberal Party said that it is important for EU candidate Turkey “to live up to freedom of expression demands.” Last month, however, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that anti-Islamism must be treated as a crime similar to anti-Semitism. Addressing the sixth meeting of the Eurasian Islamic Council meeting in Istanbul on September 5, Erdogan said his government has added an article to the declaration in the European Council regarding Islamophobia stipulating that anti-Islamism be accepted as a crime against humanity.

The Danish cartoons have enraged Muslims as far as Uzbekistan. “This is one of the most frustrating things ever happened to me, not only but all mankind. our beloved Prophet gave so much for us in this world, and we will get so much in hearafter inshallah (Shafat). This some kind of Moron journalists are making fun of finest creature of Allah. Allah has not created anybody holier, or better than our Prophet, (pbuh),” one Muslim writes. And another: “I would choke them to death who ever made these cartoons.” And another: “If i had a power I would execute them in front of the mass. Their hands and legs should be chopped off. Kuffaar!

Prosecutor dismisses all charges against Jyllands-Posten ...

The Crown’s Prosecutor dismisses all charges against Jyllands-Posten for having published the cartoons of the prophet Muhammed.

Jyllands-Posten is not to be punished for publishing the hotly debated cartoons of the prophet Muhammed, the Crown’s Prosecutor informs. But Freedom of Speech is not without limits and the law doesn’t allow people unlimited debate on religious subjects, the Crown’s Prosecutor makes clear:

“It is thus not a correct description of existing law when the article in Jyllands-Posten states that it is incompatible with the right to freedom of expression to demand special consideration for religious feelings and one has to be ready to put up with “scorn, mockery and ridicule”,” Crown’s Prosecutor Henning Fode writes.


Your are missing the point - European Sharia

And what you write - don't make any sense.

In Austria it's a crime to deny holocaust.

In Denmark, it's legal to publish the cartoons.

The cartoons was not published in a Muslim country.

In Europe - we don't have a religion to define our laws.

Democracy for Muslim Countries

I wholeheartedly support democracy, but am a bit puzzled as whose model muslims should follow. Is the type that elected George W. Bush first time around? On a minority of the popular vote(America does not trust its own people to directly elect a president, they actually elect representatives to an electoral college who do the job for the people) Or is it the type that elected Tony Blair on 36% share of the two thirds of the electorate who actually voted.

shame on you

shame on you,, All this hate in your hearts!!!!,, is it what the jesus learnt you???,,hate!! so where's the love,where's the Base of your religion?? is this our prophet Muhammed who teach us to love & respect the jesus even more than you? there's no muslem can draw the jesus in such manner,& cann't draw him at any manner,,shame on you,, but I don't blame you, you suffered a lot from jews , & our destiny is to suffer from both of christians & jews, because we are right & u r wrong,,how many people killed in the 1st & 2nd world wars under the flag of the cross?? millions!! how many muslem killed in jerusalem by europian christians when they entered it?? they said that the horses ran in a river of muslems blood!! compare it when saladin entred it,, & then open your mouth & say that our religion is the love,, & muslems are terrorists & killers!!, shame on you,,

Crusades Crusades Crusades

Always with the fucking Crusades.

How many Christians killed by the Moors in Spain? (And don't give me this horseshit about 'Al-Andalus was so magical'...if it was so great, why did the Spanish spend 800 YEARS fighting to retake their country?)

How many Christians butchered by Muslim imperialism in Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania?

How many Christians killed in Lebanon?

How many Christian Armenians killed by the Turks?

etc etc etc

The day ONE Muslim even acknowledges these crimes is the day that I might start feeling bad about the Crusaders.

Frankly, though, I don't care what Muslims think about us, as long as they don't live in our countries. Admitting Muslim immigrants probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but in practice it has turned out to have been an absolute disaster. We will never see eye-to-eye, and separation is the only way to prevent further conflict.

What a fuss over nothing

I'm gonna put this simply for all you good folk out there. I don't care they made cartoons. It wasn't very nice to depict our prophet as a terrorist. However, when we start standing up to the animals using our religion as an excuse for murder, maybe they will understand the difference. They are not telepathic and don't know it is a most evil crime to murder women children and priests, only that by using a few phrases from our book out of context makes us look very scary. However a few choice phrases from "Peter Rabbit" could also put me off rabbits for life.

We were told not to opress, and not to be opressed, you don't
defeat the devil by lowering yourself to his standards, right?

Our prophet did not re-enter Mecca as a military conqueror but a peaceful pilgrim

There are bad muslims
There are bad christians
There are bad jews
There are bad people everywhere

Because the KKK hate and murder people doesn't mean Christians are evil.
Because al'queda hate and murder people doesn't mean muslins are evil.
Because zionists hate and murder people doesn't mean jews are evil.

I am sick of listening to people, who are decent normal human beings, each warped by their own brand of propoganda fed to them by "shock jock" journalism.

Get a grip and grow up people of Earth, before it's too late for all our children....................

And here I was gonna keep it short ;-)


"However, when we start standing up to the animals using our religion as an excuse for murder, maybe they will understand the difference."

This has to be the most intelligent thing I've read on this forum for the past week. Thank you Hakeem for your words and insight on this matter.

I do have a few questions though and am not trying to offend anyone so please bear with me. I'm very ignorant and find it's easier to get answers when I ask stupid questions so here goes:

Do the Muslims of the world realize what a bad reputation they are getting because of the minority that are killing others in the name of Islam? And if so, what are they doing about it?

In the United States the KKK is still a very very hated and very ridiculed organization that twists the words of the Bible into justification for the supposed "superiority" of blonde haired, blue eyed caucasians. BUT, and here's the important part, the KKK is still allowed to hold their demonstrations as long as they are peaceful and do not violate any laws. The KKK is an insult to my beliefs but I respect their right to say what they want, and do what they want as long as they do not hurt anyone or break any laws. In return I only ask that they respect my beliefs. Why can't the same be said of Muslims regarding these cartoons? Would it not be better to ignore the cartoons or laugh about then than raise such a fuss and give the anti-Muslim fanatics more of a reason to stereotype all Muslims?

Again, I do not mean to offend and realize that my comparison may not be perfect but it's the best I can do. I'd like to understand Mulsims more thru dialogue, learning and understanding instead of stereotyping and name calling.

To my opinion, Islam is an

To my opinion, Islam is an outdated perception of the world. Well, that's ok until it this outdated perception tries to impose its own laws on our freedoms.

Our civilization must be able to freely discuss anything about relgion no matter whether its a negative or positive sense. Religion is a thing invented by a human being therefore like everything else invented by human race can be discussed by human race.

I'm positive in belief that european race from now on must be freely discuss issues such as "negative influence of islam on the world" and all the others.

This doesn't contradict to freedom of religion.

Noone restricts practicing islam in Europe ... in fact mosques are everwhere in Europe! Noone restricts practicing any religion in Europe as long as it doesnt bring any harm.

Also noone in Europe is being punished for being religious.

These two things form the freedom of religion in Europe.

This is the religious freedom as good as it can be in secular countries.

In fact we are too religious free, such things as wearing religious clothes in public places could not be allowed in a secular state but they are!

We live in a freedom of speech, which is the biggest value of democracy. In fact it is paramount. Western civilization probably forbids only things like propaganda of violence and censoring things like sex or pervert stuff to small children.

We can freely discuss everything else including religion. If you don't like it - don't watch it, don't read it and don't listen to it.

There are many things i don't like to see on tv, actually i forgot to mention one thing ... in Europe we allow tv channels propoganding muslim perception of the world which offends me, a person who graduated physics in university and who has a totally different perception of the world. For some reason I don't go on streets and burn holy religious books. This is called tolerance.

So these are one of the main values of european civilization - freedom of speech and tolerance. If you don't accept these values, perhaps you don't belong to this civilization and may be it is time to think about going back to the countries who paramount values like prophet Mohammad?

"All muslims respects all

"All muslims respects all relegious and never attempted to reducule any of them"

Syria, Palestina, Egypt was christians countries before arab invasion.
Read the history of Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and many other countries.
Millions on crichtians was killed or was forced to become muslims.
In Ottoman empire christians have no rights. The word of a christians has no power against muslims word in law-court. If a muslim kill a christian, his family can't judge the mudrer, because "killing of a unbeliever is not a sin".
Do you know what is "Blood tax" !?!?!?
This was a tax that every christian family paid - one of their male child was taken of the age of 6 to the needs of turkish army. Ofcourse all this boys was forced to become muslims and they have never seen their families.

islam i speaced is the joke of the milenium,

i laugh when they say islam is peace ,
their acts say other thing.
china invaded tiber the capital of buddhism
ans i still
hasnt seen a budhist burning a flag.
hasnt seen a buddhist calling to saint war.
hasnt seen a buddhist kidnapping people.
hasnt seen a buddhist killing himself with belt bombs.
hasnt seen a buddist in massive manifestation shoutting like mad people.
hasnt seen a buddhist burning embassies.
hasnt seen a buddhist behead people.
hasnt seen a buddhist making terrorist groups
like hezbolla ansar el islam,etc etc.
hasnt seen a buddhist stoning people.
hasnt seen a buddhist to order to kill anyone a book for say buddhism is evil.
hasnt seen a buddhist order to kill anyone for make a cartoon .

id say buddhism is a religion of peace,their actions speak louder than their words.
but islam ?
thats a joke .

Nice to know someone agrees

Nice to know someone agrees with me ;-)

I think it is really sad that the actions of a few hundred or even thousand rascist muslims has tarnished the reputation of 1.5 Billion.

But think on this, If you don't know any decent muslims to ask, you end up asking the wrong ones who tell you the most stupid backward untruths. Why is the media asking people in Iran with an obvious hatred to give opinions about the west. Then these opinions are visited apon muslims living in the west as their own.

Thats like me taking Church of England opinions by asking the KKK.

I too have no opinion on what they think is right or wrong, let them believe what they want, like yourself and the KKK.

What I can say is that it was true that in places where the KKK were hanging black men, black people did feel victimised and some assumed that all whites had the same rascist opinion

Similarily muslims feel victimised due to the actions of a few
Now the west feels muslims are out to get them, due to the actions of a few

see a patern here? a pattern repeated in history since it began?

What really really gets me is that Jews Christians and Muslims are all part of the same religion that follow a single God, the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. All who taught us to be kind, good people and told us to worship Him for a chance to return to heaven and our salvation.

A lot of people want to blame, blame, blame. Idiots telling me muslims don't belong in Europe, we want them out. Muslims believing this is all true and in turn refusing to speak up for the west in times such as these. Then they end up believing the crazies that tell them "The west is out to destroy Islam!!!" Demanding the end of Isreal by being exactly like the idiots who handed the country to the jews after the war. Why because we didn't want them on our soil, so we found someone elses country to dump them in. It's disgusting really is.

I hope you realise that the vast majority of people are, like us, decent, tolerant and open minded.

Admitting Muslim immigrants

Admitting Muslim immigrants probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but in practice it has turned out to have been an absolute disaster.

Yeah, maybe to a leftist, braindead egalitarian but not to most normal people. Admitting most third worlders into European derived nations either due to some leftist altruistic tripe or rightist "slave labour" ulterior selfishness has been THE WORST idea of the millenium. There really haven't been many more worse ideas than this "nouveau border erasing" one.


The trend of wars in history was an essential to the whole human evolution.

Despite the Ugly face of wars it has brought the world to our modern days.

In fact it brought also this new awarness about the war, and popoulations should be more responsible in electing a politician as they shouldnt make a a war decision as in the end only the normal citizen will suffer the consquences not the politician .

Regarding the immigration issue if some of the late empires didnt absorbe the third world wealth during the last few centuries in their colonisation that would cut considerably the immigrant flow add to it the world commercial law and order that suit the stronger countries and destroy the economies of others and we have to remember that there are alot of Western immigrants in the Arab world!
you might think to close the whole thing and send everybody home !!!
that will be the day !!

Returning to the main subject :
it is great news that the Danish newspaper has finally behaved in civilised manner and apoligized.

This sort of incident it shows the true colour of democracy !

As a Muslim, I am not

As a Muslim, I am not offended by the cartoons but my heart is broken..

I don't like to see cartoons or improper images of any Prophet I read on my Holly Book and my Holly Book told us 25 prophets including Jesus (A.S.) and Moses (A.S.)

But I think it is not fair to blame a nation, a goverment or a newspaper about these cartoons and it is totally wrong to threat or declare a Holly War (Jihad) about this issue. You can't gain respect with force and who ever does not respect your religion: I Hope God Forgives..

I can see that the Iraq war made Muslims very very sensitive and whether the purpose is for good or not, they can not tolerate certain things as they did before. Whoever made them that sensitive mainly causes these things, not a regular ( and I am sure not aware of the importance for Muslims to see those cartoons ) cartoonist..

anti-semitism and islamophobia

Someone should explain to Mr Erdogan, and to quite a few "well-meaning" western politicians, that there is a difference between racism and "islamophobia" (or nazi-phobia, or marxism-phobia). People don't choose there race and they can't alter it (pace Michael Jackson). They deserve our respect as fellow human beings. Religions and ideologies are sets of ideas. We can change our minds about them. And Ideas can be right or wrong. It is part of our Western heritage (and not only of our heritage I am sure) to value truth and to actively pursue it. I am fully aware of the philosophical issues raised by the concept of "truth", but I think that for the purpose at hand we know what I mean. Ideas have to be discussed, tested and possibly superseded. Most religions have problems with this, but some seem to have more problems than others. And I fear that Islam is in a very odd corner. If I understand correctly the prophet received the message stright from Allah, and in arabic - no problem of translation involved. So IT HAS TO BE LITERALLY TRUE, and can never be questioned. In that case our civilisation is by definition Islamophobe. If our smart-ass politicians make a law against islamophobia, we can put most of our scientists in prison.
E.g. can a muslim accept even the basics of a science such as geology that says the earth goes back quite a bit further than the prophet could know? Or cosmology with the big-bang hypothesis? Or ... well about any aspect of modern thought. "Correct me if I'm wrong". After all these few words are why we are proud of our culture....

now one owns science

The main root for all human culture including science is the REASON !

Unfortunately relegions comes under Meta physique contest ,basically is what you believe ?

So Group of poeple raised in society that beleive in x relegion reasonably become one of their identification .

Relegion was one good conductor that made science of what we have today.

It is no one mistake only if someone wants to take interpretation to his hand and twist words to suit their agenda.

Take Palestine example ,it was for thousand of years place of many races and relegion .

Great britain in the begening of this century decided to find solution for Jew(can be verfied historically),they offered them three places to build their contry central Africa,somewhere in tchad and Palestine .

Unfortunately they chosen the last one.and they are still trying to force about 200 million Arabs to recognise it and the whole Muslim world.

The only solution on this world to bring peace is communication and fair understanding .

Freedom to lie?!

Freedom of speech is one thing but freedom to lie is another...

Tolerance is not acceptance

Tolerance does not equal acceptance. Westerners more than tolerate Islam's beliefs - but I see no reciprocity.

Peace is an absence of threats, not "no war". And Peace can only be agreed or won, no one can "give" it.

So if only one side wants to live in peace, they must be ready to defend themselves.

The Muslim Inquisition

If I get the story right, this Erdogan-chap is proposing that Europe introduces some sort of Holy Mecca Muslim Inquisition.

Mind you, those Muslims have got quite some experience with persecuting opponents, usually with rather draconian measures...

Turkey itself is not exactly an example of religious tolerance. In the beginning of the 20th century, 30% of the population was Christian, now barely 0.3%. What does Erdogan want ? The same scenario for Europe ?

I don't quite understand Europeans that keep on bending over just to pamper to the sensetivities of Muslims. Don't they realize the kind of danger these guys represent ? Will Erdogan also consider any anti-kaffir statements by his co-religonists as a crime against humanity ?

Black mail

so if am right peoples should loose their identities and history so someone like you to accept them ?

All muslims respects all relegious and never attempted to reducule any of them .

Am sure that catholics or other relegious poeples do the same but the problem with those who have no morals or relegious ? most of them they have no idea what is it the freedom of speech ?
if I say bad words about you will you consider that freedom of speech ?

The Arab culture is very rich with many arts only painting which seen
imitating God creature ?

The only problem is that this cartonist has no message what so ever only a cheap provocation !!!so everyonelse who support this under many false claims ??

Simply it is a black mail

A display of muslim respect.....

"All muslims respects all relegious and never attempted to reducule any of them"

I'm sure the 19 muslims that crashed into the pentagon and world trade towers respected the religions of all 3000 of their victims. Yeah right.


"I'm sure the 19 muslims that crashed into the pentagon and world trade towers respected the religions of all 3000 of their victims. Yeah right."

Think the moron missed the point? Think Bin Laden plan was unsuccessful? He's managed to recruit sad people like you to help convince muslims we are all really deeply fascist

Should I hold you guilty for the millions of slaves you stole from Africa? Maybe I should congratulate you on the mass geneocide of the native american indians?

We all bled in 911 mate, I lost friends, not one of them would have made a dumbass comment like that one

Sorry dude but they were animals, just because they happened to be muslim animals this time doesn't make us any better

to bob

sadly seeing tymoty macvey a white christian killing 180 white chistriaan like an animal white chirstiann animal these fuckers christian oioohhh yahhhh he is an american white animal christian i forgot bob..

To bashar: tymoty macvey what? Ohh!

"Submitted by bashar on Sat, 2006-02-04 07:05.
sadly seeing tymoty macvey a white christian killing 180 white chistriaan like an animal white chirstiann animal these fuckers christian oioohhh yahhhh he is an american white animal christian i forgot bob.."

What the ...? Oh I get it! You mean Timothy MacVey, alright took me a minute
there. Wow! Okej! First of all, he did not kill 180 white christians. He killed whites, blacks, asians and hispanic americans. On April 19, 1995, McVeigh detonated a seven-ton truck bomb outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that killed 168 people, including 19 children, in the deadliest act of terrorism ever committed at that time on American soil. You might wish to ask how I know this.. quite simple. My father was at that building.

"The most striking and immediate aspect of McVeigh and the atrocity he committed is something official commentators pass over in virtual silence—the intense alienation from society and its official establishment that he exhibits. What accounts for such a level of alienation, and the anti-social form it has assumed in the figure of McVeigh? What is the socio-psychological process that transformed a working class youth into an unrepentant mass murderer."

(He openly acknowledged having set off the bomb to the authors and claims sole responsibility for the mass killing. During an appearance on ABC News's “Prime Time Thursday” March 29, Herbeck commented, “He [McVeigh] never expressed one ounce of remorse for the Oklahoma City bombing.” Michel described McVeigh's reaction to the explosion's aftermath: “Damn, I didn't knock the building down. I didn't take it down.” * 1

According to Michel and Herbeck, McVeigh claimed not to have known that a day-care center was located in the Murrah Building, and that if he had known it, in his own words, “it might have given me pause to switch targets. That's a large amount of collateral damage.” ) *2

"The events at Ruby Ridge in August 1992, during which a FBI sniper shot and killed the wife of a white supremacist in Idaho, hardened McVeigh's resolve. The massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas—the site of which McVeigh had visited earlier in the siege—on April 19, 1993 by federal law enforcement forces helped to send him
over the edge" * 3

Oh he was a member of an ultra right wing Christian sect ( trying to give you an analogy.. ah yes think of a nazi supremacist, with hizbollash attitude and better weapons) but make no mistake Bashar in his brand of Christianity, he would kill muslims, arabs, blacks, peaceful white, asians, jews. He would kill everybody! Because he hated everybody!, Because to him no one but his special group needed to be ... alive.

You really need to get the facts straight, Bashar. But do not worry, I will help you. I am a helpful person.
Thank You! And have a nice day!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

p.s. My Father walked away from it just fine!

*1, 2 , 3 Michel & Herbert. 2003


It seems that *abusing Islam in the name of democracy, human rights and freedom of expression* is a bad, bad thing but curtailing journalistic freedom or freedom of expression to please Islam is demanded. It's a classic case of *do as I say, don't do as I do*. Well guys... what's good for the goose is good for the gander!

So far I applaud the newspaper and PM Rasmussen for declining to apologize for nothing and for not falling victims of the whole Dhimmi mentality that permeates much of Europe and parts of America. However, I realize that the pressure must be very strong for them to cave in. Don't do it!

Little by little these Islamists are undermining our freedoms and many of us are only too willing to sacrifice those freedoms on the altar of *tolerance* and *understanding*. Even our Department of State and the Pentagon are only too willing to *apologize* for any little thing the Muslims take offence for.

The line must be drawn somewhere and it better be drawn soon.

I agree!

I live in Canada and I cannot believe what is going on. All over a cartoon? How many times have we seen cartoons poking fun at God or The Pope? Have Catholics been upset about it? You bet they have. But they are for the most part law abiding citizens. They don't start riots and burn buildings down? This is crazy. These people are nothing less than animals. The only way they can communicate is through violence. We here in Canada share the same democratic believes as those in Denmark. The cartoons are in poor taste, but do not deserve this kind of reaction. I also hope and pray that the Dannish Government does not back down.

thats the problem with the

thats the problem with the western mentality. individual freedom of expression, democracy and all the hoo hah liberty is regarded as more important than the sacred. western democratic systems are MAN MADE. would u hold a man made concept higher than a concept that (at least believed) God created?

Be smart and dont make fun of the sacred. As for democratic principles..look at who turned out to hold the presidency of the US..i rest my case

Collective offence it`s not part of freedom of speech

First of all i would like to say that the published cartoons are really shameful, and the tendence to protect people, journalists in the case, who insult the collective feelings of people whoever they arem it`s not a part of freedom of expression. But what is more shameful and unacceptable is that the Danish prime minister and the authors of the cartoons and the publishers have denied to apologise for this abuse of human rights. It`s up to them to decide what is good and what is not good to do, but I would say that inginiting a new Crusade, already on the reverse side it` s not a move that should be hailed. I think that muslims that have protested against this have the right to protests at the highest international instances to get their rights.

im offended for muslims dont

im offended for muslims dont let women drive in saudi arabia.all women collective is offended
should i burn saudi flag ?

let you from saudi women

letyou from saudi women who are rich women to have private drivers say you burn saudi flag fortheir women ..did saudi womne complained toyou mr idiot...saudi businnes women were teh one behind these boycotting .they are not poor weak women but strong rich women...who are treate dlike jewels from their men not like your women who are consumed products.....youare malicious ..areyou crazy ...yes you arefor sure

to nermin

women cant drive in saudi arabia be rich or poor.
even if you are rich and want to do it,you cant.
thats fascims
there is discrimination in muslim world
and we dont want that in europe.
that insult us,offend us .
thats we must ban islam from europe.
we are getting signs to ban islam.
soon well have milions of signs .
bye islam from europe

let you from saudi women

letyou from saudi women who are rich women to have private drivers say you burn saudi flag fortheir women ..did saudi womne complained toyou mr idiot...saudi businnes women were teh one behind these boycotting .they are not poor weak women but strong rich women...who are treate dlike jewels from their men not like your women who are consumed products.....youare malicious ..areyou crazy ...yes you arefor sure

let you from saudi women

letyou from saudi women who are rich women to have private drivers say you burn saudi flag fortheir women ..did saudi womne complained toyou mr idiot...saudi businnes women were teh one behind these boycotting .they are not poor weak women but strong rich women...who are treate dlike jewels from their men not like women who are consumed products.....youare malicious ..areyou crazy ...yes you arefor sure

Muppet Show

Muslims did not stop women driving in Saudi Arabia. At least I had nothing to do with it, or anyone I know, or anyone they know. Besides who cares what they do there, does it really make a difference? Let them figure their own way in the world. Burn the flag if you want, burn all flags if you want. Burn your bra if you so choose......

Choice. Freedom. All is fine if your not upsetting anyone, bet there are millions of cartoons like these, just pissed people off they were printed for first time.

Same as when nasty things were first printed about christianity. Elvis was the spawn of satan, blah, blah, blah.

Millions of people are dying and starving we're worried about fucking cartoons,.....muppets

muslims dont fit in

muslims dont fit in europe
they must leave to their countries
vive le pend,ill vote for him next time.

Muslims don't fit

I seem to remember a certain A Hitler saying Jews dont fit In Europe (well the World for that matter) so we klnow what kind of guy you are. as no mainstream /revealed religion came from Europe and are therefor "alien" I suggest you return to Druidism

Danish cartoons of Mohammed

Muslims have complained since 9-11, first they were going to be treated to a backlash (backlash? We were trying to figure out who did it; we weren't thinking about backlash at the time). But that's what they were worried about. Then there was a litany of things that 'offend' Muslims including but not ending with Piglet of Winnie the Pooh fame. This guy:

Now, I grew up with Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh (a real bear by the way, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (which is how he got the name 'Winnie')) and Piglet and all the characters in the Beatrix Potter books. They are SACRED to children of British heritage and to this Canadian. How DARE anyone malign poor Piglet who is the most retiring and deferential character in literary history. But noooooo. He's a pig you see. A small one. A piglet. But a PIG nevertheless. Shame on any society that would ban Piglet. Remember what we are fighting for:

Onward Christian Soldiers! And Piglet! Now I know why that hymn came into being. It's time to bring it back!

Oh my God it's finally happened...........

I am sick of hearing about how you all hate each other and refuse to even try to understand each other.

I trully believe that all the decent kind people in the world regardless of religion nationality or colour will see through all the crud and simply recognise a bunch of biggots agruing amongst themselves.

My Mother always taught me "If the dogs barking, let it, thats what it does" woof woof people!!!

Seriously now...

Last I checked the Arab League was a collection of crackpot dictators and inbred royalty making insulting remarks for a living, or at least that was the impression I walked away with.

“[T]he Arab League will weigh in soon.” is not a phrase that immediately fills me with dread.