Soccer Crusade

Inter Milan players

A quote from the Italian press agency ADN Kronos International, 11 December 2007

A Turkish lawyer has filed a complaint to UEFA, the European football federation, after Italian club Inter Milan wore a football jersey with a symbol said to be offensive to Islam, during a game with the Turkish team Fenerbahçe. The symbol of the northern Italian city of Milan, a red cross on a white background, was on the Inter Milan shirts during the Champions League game in November which saw Fenerbahçe lose by 3 goals to zero at Milan's San Siro stadium.

Lawyer Baris Kaska [...] said that the symbol is considered offensive in Islamic culture and asked the Turkish tribunal to sanction Inter Milan for their 'racist' action. He has asked UEFA, which organises the Champions League tournament, to cancel the three points earned by Inter Milan after its victory over Fenerbahçe.

Inter Milan consciously decided not to wear the controversial shirt during their match in Istanbul, but did not think it was necessary to do the same while playing the return game in Milan.

This is just a Pre-View of Turkish Inclusion!!

We had better keep that door locked!
What would we have to do to please that lot?

So fragile in their Islamic place – why should we disturb them and wake this screaming child, by letting them into the EU.

Let all those politically correct, we - should - learn - more - about Islam, Islam - can - do - no - wrong type people move to Turkey. They can fight for better understanding of Islam and Turkish rights over there.

just more political correctness

Political correctness (cultural Marxism) is an ideology that was intentionally designed to subvert and destroy traditional white, western culture. The Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci said as much. Now even the Muslims have gotten in on the act! The most effective Kryptonite for cultural Marxist agitators is to tell them to go f*ck themselves. Pardon my French. I hope the Italians do just that.


"(T)he symbol is considered offensive in Islamic culture".


Question: Just how many Alpha Romeo cars have been sold in the Islamic world over recent decades,and how does one explain how and why Muslims have been strangely oblivious to the vehicles "offensive" logo?

Re: Logo


Just how many Alpha Romeo cars have been sold in the Islamic world over recent decades,and how does one explain how and why Muslims have been strangely oblivious to the vehicles "offensive" logo?

Indeed, Muslims play the offended card whenever it suits them; and invariably it involves humiliating the West, who grovels at them.

Enough is enough. Ban Muslim Immigration Now.

Bad losers...

They are just bad losers. Blaming it on the cross shirt and not on themselves... If Fenerbahce had won, there would probably not have been any suit of this kind.

Time to Organise

The reason this intolerable attack on our western symbols is tolerated is because there is no political alternative to, or effective opposition to, the appeasement establishment.  We have a responsibility as individuals to come together and create a Western civilisational movement that acts as a counterweight to those who are destroying the West.  It is not enough to complain at the outrage of situations such as the one under discussion.  Instead of complaining it would be more effective for us to suggest solutions.  We need to organise as a matter of urgency and start politically opposing those who would like to enslave us!


Who is intolerant???  Christians? Western society?

Islam cannot tolerate any symbols of another religion.  Islam cannot tolerate the existence of any other religion.  Islam cannot tolerate anything that exists outside of itself.  What an evil, vicious pseudo-religion - a mere doppelganger of Judaism and Christianity.

And the morons who preach and point fingers at the West and Christianity are the fools who permit this kind of ironic injustice.

Milking the multi-culti cow

As long as the multi-cultural appeasers keep capitulating, the greivances will become increasingly  ludicrous.    It's time for the  appeasement wimps to be shown the door.  It should have happened long ago.



The next stage

Only wait till they will demand Denmark, Sweden, England, Finland, Georgia or Switzerland to change their "offensive" flags!