Scandinavian Update: Israeli Boycott, Muslim Cartoons

An article by Hjörtur Gudmundsson (with Filip van Laenen)

Condoleezza Rice has warned Norway not to boycott Israel. This week the American Secretary of State warned Oslo that there would be “serious political consequences” after last week’s declaration by Norwegian Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen, the leader of the Socialist Left Party (SV), that she never buys Israeli products and supports the commercial boycott of Israel by the Norwegian province of South-Trøndelag. The Norwegian government parties all voted in favour of the province’s boycott of Israel, but – in order to save Norway’s position as a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – they all stress that they did not do so in their capacity of Norwegian government parties.

While the red-green government coalition in Oslo finds it hard to hide its far-left inclinations, Norway can fortunately take pride in some of its media. On Tuesday the Christian newspaper Magazinet published 12 cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Magazinet did so to support the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten that published the cartoons [see them here] last September, but has since received terrorist threats and huge international criticism, including pressure from organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union. Now Magazinet has received threats via e-mail from around the world. One of these, sent anonymously through a popular e-mail service in the Middle East, was mailed to the editor, Vebjørn Selbekk, simply stating: “You’re a dead man!” Other staff members have also received threats. Selbekk said it looked as if the newspaper’s e-mail addresses were being distributed in an organized campaign. One of the e-mails Selbekk received contains a couple of pictures showing a burnt body, sent through an e-mail address in France.

Giving in to the threats, Magazinet decided today to remove the cartoons from its webiste. “The e-mail with the pictures of the burnt body is the most frightening. But I am not afraid. This is of course unpleasant, especially for a family man. But I cannot go around being afraid,” Selbekk told the Norwegian daily Dagbladet which also published the cartoons on its website last Tuesday. However, a number of other Norwegian newspaper editors have said they do not intend to follow the two newspapers’ example, claiming it to be an unnecessary provocation. Arab newspapers around the world have also reacted sharply to the publication of the cartoons. Selbekk, however, said the purpose for his decision was not to provoke anyone, but to highlight the status of freedom of expression in Norway.

Magazinet also interviewed two leading Norwegian cartoonists: Finn Graff and Morten M. Kristiansen. Graff, who was known in the 1960s and ’70s for his satirical drawings of Jesus Christ, said that he does not draw pictures mocking Muhammad. He does so out of fear for Muslims, and also “out of respect.” Muslims, he said, are very sensitive about their religion and their prophet, which is something one has to take into account and one has to respect. Kristiansen said he had received many protest letters in the past whenever he mocked Christ. The same applies to cartoons about Muhammad, but lately the protest letters from Muslims had increasingly become threats, including death threats in e-mails from places such as Iran. Unlike Graff, Kristiansen said he will not change his behaviour because of these threats because it is important to defend the right to freedom of expression.

Carsten Juste, the editor of Jyllands Posten, the Danish paper which published the cartoons first, told Magazinet that he does not regret that decision. “We cannot regret it. We live in a country where freedom of expression is recognized and we live and work in Denmark under Danish laws. The nature of the reactions has shown how necessary this debate is.” Juste said.

Asked if Jyllands-Posten had received any support from the Danish media after the decision to publish the cartoons Juste said at first there was not much support. Most of them believed this was something Jyllands-Posten did just to provoke. But after all the arbitrary demands that the newspaper apologize for the publication their attitude began to change. “Fortunately most people now realize this is an important issue about freedom of expression and, as a consequence, we have been getting more and more support.” He added that support has come from all over the world, but, unfortunately, threats, too.

Meanwhile, the Danish tabloid Extra Bladet got hold of a 43-page report that Danish Muslim leaders and imams, on a tour of the Islamic world are handing out to their contacts to “explain” how offensive the cartoons are. The report contains 15 pictures instead of 12. The first of the three additional pictures, which are of dismal quality, shows Muhammad as a pedophile deamon [see it here], the second shows the prophet with a pigsnout [here] and the third depicts a praying Muslim being raped by a dog [here]. Apparently, the 12 original pictures were not deemed bad enough to convince other Muslims that Muslims in Denmark are the victims of a campaign of religious hatred.

Akhmad Akkari, spokesman of the 21 Danish Muslim organizations which organized the tour, explained that the three drawings had been added to “give an insight in how hateful the atmosphere in Denmark is towards Muslims.” Akkari claimed he does not know the origin of the three pictures. He said they had been sent anonymously to Danish Muslims. However, when Ekstra Bladet asked if it could talk to these Muslims, Akkari refused to reveal their identity.

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To those who are hiding

behind the concept of 'freedom of expression': Does that freedom entail the right to offend and hurt the sensibilities of others? If you believe the answer is yes, then you have to accept to live with all the consequences your crazy ideas bring to you. If you agree with this point, then you have nothing at all to say about the reactions of the Muslims around the world. In America, there was a chief justice who said that you cannot shout fire in a crowded theater even though you have the first amendment protecting your freedom of speech. Why? Because your right to free speech should stop where the greater common good tips the scale toward a saner and safer world. Speaking of Denmark, where all these hateful actions started, there is a law protecting people who are hurt from such racism and hatred. unfortunately, it seems that only certain groups of peoples, such as the Jewish communities, Gays, and other distinct groups are selectively protected. What else do you call these acts, if not overt racism towards Muslims. You can read some more on these issues in my blog
Thank you.

you are right. Islam is

you are right. Islam is religion and hate and terror. muslims has right to kill innocent people damage their worship places. 10 million hindu murdered and 3600 temple demolished in bangladesh . Read "Shame" written by taslima nasrin who is also a muslim.

Pedophile Mohammad

I agree with you Kumar, but Islam is not a religion but rather a Cult of TERROR, HATE and SEX. Try to reading books about the life of mohammad.

muslim are liers ,his book allow them to lie

a muslim can lie to a non muslim and is right for them
thats why the imans addd 3 drawings more
that werent published for that newspaper
islam should be banned from europe
those people cant live here.europe and islam is incompatible,and dont dream turkey will join europe ever.
turkey only has 5% of its territory in europe
is 95% in asia.
please cant our governnemts realize of that ??

Islam lightened the dark age

Those Westerns who spread the hate towards Islam should go and read their own history to see how muslims have helped the European to come from their dark age.

Islam is the relegion of tolerance and until today no country or people could achieve the harmonious society of multiculturalism that muslims had and continue to have.

The lies that comes from some Westerns are countinous lies against islam and Muslims since the crusadors until now.

However the truth remains shiny to whomever wants it.

The comparason of Western/Muslim histories will show who uses violence and terror to take the resources of other people and to use them as slaves.

In the end whatever Westerns try to shine their image and to darken Islam's image they will fail !!!

Cont. 2.

You also talk about the Crusades....

Christians only ever had the one, and the crusade no longer means to make war on the Infidel (i.e. Islam)

Whereas your word Ji-Had has never changed. And your religion regularly uses this word.

As to the Islamic influence on Western culture - Yes, maybe a thousand years ago you were ahead of us in medicine, but now your countries rely on us to give you trained doctors, medicine and equipment.

In the last 500 years Moslems have hardly contributed anything to the world. The Jew on the other hand gave the world delights such as Atomic Power. We discovered vitamins, we help boost the economy of any country we live in, which is why Oliver Cromwell allowed us back into England. We gave the world Sainsburys, Tescos, Morrisons.

Arabic Numerals actually come from India - so you can't claim that any longer.

And when I went to Israel all I ever saw Arabs doing was sitting about smoking their Hookahs - lazy SWINES thats what they are.

I have put up with a lot of Anti-Israeli propagander etc but I have had enough of Moslems spouting cr@p

If you Moslems were offended by the NAFF cartoons in the Danish paper, then how about the DISGUSTING Anti-Semitic ones in your Arab countries newspapers.

EVERYONE - please go to the Anti Defamation Leagues website and find the filthy, nasty anti-Semitic cartoons contained in ARAB newspapers.

Yet you won't see Jews braying on about beheading their cartoonists, or burning Moslem flags.

You forgot the Byzantine Empire

I'm afraid Abdullah that in your brief history lesson here you forget that for a 1000 years the Byzantine Empire ( acted as a repository for a great deal of knowledge and learning from the Ancient World, being as it was a Hellenic and Orthodox Christian continuation of the Roman Empire in the east. That was until it was destroyed with the final conquest of Constantinople of invading Muslim Turkish forces in 1453.

It can be argued that the scholars and intellectuals who fled as refugees to Western Europe brought with them knowledge and learning with ultimately led to the flowering of the Renaissance and the Humanistic Enlightment.

It's about time the Muslim world experienced it's own Enlightment

Islam religion of tolerance, what a joke

Islam is a fool's religion. The quran is not even worthy of wiping my ass with. Islam is a filthy, nasty, violent religion. Blowing up the middle east would make everyone happy. A non gas burning car needs to be invented so the Middle East can go back to the cesspool it has always been. And get a sense of humor you nimrods. What do you do for fun, blow yourselves up? Muhammed was just a man, who is dead now. There needs to be a wall built around the Middle East and all Muslims contained there so they can kill each other off.

to osmagic

why you do not put all these junky HIV people like in one big pool or in denmark and have fun all of you your jesus beside he is so fuck uop at the cross he is dead too...

to abdullah

dear abdullah
may god bless you my brother in islam,,
we muslims should show the world the most preciuos thing that god gave us among all the rest.its ISLAM , yes it is..
and i really feel sorry for all those people who are trying to darken the picture of islam in the eye of the word,,but we have the proof that they will fail, fail and fail.
so either they find the right path and complete thier lives with ,,or keep on trying and trying untill they reach the point where meeting allah with a face full of shame, guily and regretion..
how poor,,

to sahar and abdullah

Dear sahar and abdullah.

A danish bishop said in the press, that the christian religion( at least the danish one) is strong enough to ignore such cartoons. I am a christian and knows only Islam sporadic, and it is my impression, that the Islamic Religion is strong enough to ignore them too.

It is of course a pitty, that the leader of the islamic community in Denmark had added a couple of cartoons to the material, which were not published by the papers. These 3 false cartoons were really offending and disqusting. I also found some of the cartoons published by the news paper disgusting, but other of them I found quite harmless. But according to the danish newspaper, some islamic community members have reported him to the police for crminal actions - i.e. they wat to get red of him, because he damge their interest instead of promoting them.

The problem is that traditions and religion are mixed together in the public discussion in Europe. In order to integrate into the society all citizens has to adapt a little bit to culture in the country where she/she lives.

Third possibility

so either they find the right path and complete thier lives with ,,or keep on trying and trying untill they reach the point where meeting allah with a face full of shame, guily and regretion..

.... or, you might be completely wrong. Well, it's possible.

Bob Doney

dear bob

this is the only one thing in the whole world that we can not argue about ,,
do u mean that what people out their are doing could be right???????
based on what sense?

Islam is tolerant of other religions for a price.....


"protected people," followers of a tolerated religion under Islam. Normally, dhimmi are allowed to practice their religion in private but not to seek converts. The dhimmah (protection) was established under the caliph Umar through the Pact of Umar.

A Dhimmi, or Zimmi (Arabic ذمّي), as defined in classical Islamic legal and political literature, is a person living in a Muslim state who is a member of an officially tolerated non-Islamic religion. The term literally means person of the dhimma, the security treaty signed with the Muslim state. In both legal theory and practice, dhimmis have fewer legal rights and obligations than Muslims.

Why did they have to make a law protecting other religions? Because one of the fundamentals of Islam is destruction of all other religions. No other religion makes non-believers to sign a pact of protection with the state.

In the west, all religions are tolerated and they don't have to pay a special tax for having a different religion either. So much for Islams great tolerance.

Islam is still in the dark ages....

Islam hasn't progressed past the dark ages. No equal rights for women, no freedom of the press or speech (unless it is approved by the mullahs and holy men), censorship of the media and internet, no equal rights for people of other nations and religions. The list goes on and on.

I would rather have too much freedom than not enough.

to Anonymous

the word you has just said a couple of minutes ago is the answer of all the questions in the world( the dark ages)
you know what is the thing that created civilization and named the ages before as Dark ones???
it is Islam, it is when god chose prophit mohammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) to be the master of the whole world,, it is the truth whether you liked it or not (i`m sorry)...
and the acts you are talking about that are done by some muslims do not reflect the whole relegion,,
in fact all muslims should act like the ones you mentioned (mullahs),, you know why? ,,because they are the ones who are really immitating prophit muhammad's(PBUH) attitude, life and personality.

How strong is islam ?

I am a chritian Dane, and have seen this cartoons with a mixed feelings. Some of these I find harmless ( for instance the one with Muhammed, Jesus and Budda), and other I found disgusting ( The one with the bomb). I think a religion must have the strength to approach some cartoons and some construtive critisism. Therefore I welcome the comments fram Amira, that is the right way to see it.

In Europe there is a lot of tension due to the culture differences between Islamic culture and European culture. Some of them are related to religion and some to traditions. The conflicts due to tradions HAS to be adressed in the public media, because it is the duty of every state and the citizens of a state ( including islamic citizens) to promote integration. Otherwise their children get lost and do not have the same opportunities as the other part of the population.

Such cases like this one are normally solved smootly in Denmark. For instance the governement cooperate with the imams in order to reduce crime amongst young immigrants, and therefore these communication channels are normally well stablished. In this case I thin that some of the imams ( the more fundamental ones ) try to blow up this case to achieve some other obejctives. That is probably the reason why they first accept the apology from the news paper and later pull the acceptance back (after consulting some middle east states). In addition 3 false pictures were added, showing the prophet in sexual situations. This case is now overheated and from now on, it will only damage the life for islamic people living in europe, because it moves votes to the right extreme parties in the goverments by coming elections.

Therefore if the imams really want to promote their communitees they should start deascalating this process.

I doubt that the pictures have increased the understanding of islam. But I think that the present dispute are increasing the unwillingness be the non-islamic part of the european population to try to understand islam or convert to this religion. And that is probably not conform with the obejctives of islam. Most religions want to grow.

I would like to think that,

I would like to think that, in a modern civilised country, freedom of expression is a basic human right. Unfortunatelly, Islamic countries are neither modern nor civilised and that is why they cannot accept or understand free speech. Let them rant and rave in their own countries but they should be arrested for protesting within Europe against this most basic human right. Too often we in the West, surrender to Muslims unreasonable demands, eg banning theatre plays and television programmes, Christmas celebrations, piggy banks, etc. It is time our leaders stood up to these people and if they do not like it then they should go and live in an Islamic country. If we do not change our attitudes now, Britain, and others will become Islamic states in a few generations time.
I am an atheist and believe that if more people were to realise the truth , that there is no god then maybe we could all live happily together. Or then again would the muslims find another reason for wanting to destroy everyone who does not agree with them?

News from Denmark - more Mohammed pictures!

The story of Jyllands-Posten's Mohammed Cartoons started with this book.

The Koran and the life of the prophet Mohammed by Kaare Bluitgen.

Original in Danish: Koranen og profeten Muhammeds liv - Kåre Bluitgen - Høst & Søn
Høst & Søn Denmark ISBN 87-638-0049-7 24-01-05

It was this book that started the whole row. The author Kaare Bluitgen was not able to find an artist who would draw illustrations for the book, in fear of Muslim reprisals. This started editor of Jyllands Posten Flemming rose to ask a number of artists to draw Muhammed. Now Danish goods are being boycotted in Muslim countries, and Danes have been threatened.

Here are the pictures from the book which started it all. I hope it is going to be translated into many languages!

Download the pictures for safekeeping, and post them on other boards please.

For linking to pics at boards (but how long will they be there?)

Kaare Bluitgen Mohammed book illustrations

Other Mohammed Cartoons:

Jyllands Posten Mohammed Cartoons

Don't reply to this address.


Someone posted a comment which was full of lies about Islam we said go learn about Islam from the correct sources...Islam is a good religion no one can argue this if they stduy it without prejudice...and not from the liar's comment who put misinformation about Islam...

"Islam" means "peace" and

"Islam" means "peace" and the basic premise of the religion is submission to God. The faith is centred on humility, faith, charity and devotion - hardly a religion of hatred! It is a religion that has been abused - as have most religions - by people intent on promoting their own viewpoints and using the name of Islam to support their claim.

Much that is practised today in the name of Islam has little or nothing to do with the religion as it is laid down in the Quran, but the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people who simply want to practice their own faith in peace and security - the same as most people in the world.

Hate-mongering of any sort will resolve nothing - what is needed is education and mutual tolerance.

Islam means Submission not Peace

Islam does not mean peace.
From just one of a number of Muslim websites that state:Islām (Arabic الإسلام, "submission (to God)"

While it's true that Islam contains the consonants SLM for the word peace, as in Salaam or Shalom in Hebrew, no Muslim dictionary translates Islam as Peace.

Just like Muslims say that Allahu Akbar means "God is Great" as though it's something all monotheists can agree with, when it really means Allah is Greater, i.e. my god is bigger than your god.

in response to ur e-mail, i

in response to ur e-mail, i would like to make something clear to u...allahu akbar does not mean that my god i greater than ur god, because in islam we believe in one and only one god for all relegions when islam says that there is only one god, how can that possibly mean that my god is greater than urs??? it makes no means:- allahu means god... akbar means greater..not than other god..but is greater than all things in the universe..there is nothing greater than god....that is what allahu akbar friend, islam is a religion that respects and believes in all other religions...another thing, in arabic, we have words that are derived from words, that means, to get the meaning of a word, u break it to get its original word so that u can get the meaning, and islam, is derived from salam which means in arabic peaace, and the way we great each other in the muslim community is "al-salam alaykom" meaning peace upon u!!!
so peace upon u my friend and i hope that i helped in correcting some of the false ideas that u had about islam...
thanks for ur time...and may peace be always with u and everyone u love...
ur muslim friend(if u like).

yaakov my dear non muslim

yaakov my dear non muslim freind....god said to us neither the jews or the christiaan will like you unless you join they religion and that is a fact... submission when you allowed a massacre happened in my home town beirut when your beloved israeli forces allowed the radical christiian to entre the palestinian camp sabra and chatila in west bierut and massacered 4000 inocent palestinians women and children elderymen ohh yeahhh that is ok becuase you are the jew it is allowed to do that recite when verse in the tora said so isnt you guys always cry becuase if what adolf hitler with your own kind....why you do nott see that the same with this horrible massacre oohhyeahhh they are the poor palestinian.....this is submision ...and unfair guess what that fat fuck sharon was the minister of war at that time he and you all are responsible do not blame hitler becuase you are doing is worst islam is salam peace and allah akbar means allah the greater is the big in islam in th e first surrah fatiha god said thanks to god god of every person he was so great and kind did not said god of all muslims he blessed everyone he said god of alamen means everymenkind regaless his color religion make research before talking nonsence........islam is peace and people like are the worst menkind segragation from the jew against the palestinian is ok ooh yeahhhhh you are jew

ho ho ho - pot calling the kettle black

This is a reply to bashar khaled dannaoui
(not verified) on Sun, 2006-01-29 06:28.

yaakov my dear non muslim freind....god said to us neither the jews or the christiaan will like you unless you join they religion and that is a fact... submission when you allowed a massacre happened in my home town beirut when your beloved israeli forces allowed the radical christiian to entre the palestinian camp sabra and chatila in west bierut and massacered 4000 inocent palestinians women and children elderymen ohh yeahhh that is ok becuase you are the jew it is allowed to do that recite when verse in the tora said so isnt you guys always cry becuase if what adolf hitler with your own kind....why you do nott see that the same with this horrible massacre oohhyeahhh they are the poor palestinian.....this is submision ...and unfair guess what that fat fuck sharon was the minister of war at that time he and you all are responsible do not blame hitler becuase you are doing is worst islam is salam peace and allah akbar means allah the greater is the big in islam in th e first surrah fatiha god said thanks to god god of every person he was so great and kind did not said god of all muslims he blessed everyone he said god of alamen means everymenkind regaless his color religion make research before talking nonsence........islam is peace and people like are the worst menkind segragation from the jew against the palestinian is ok ooh yeahhhhh you are jew


Yes, Israeli forces might have killed many civilians in Lebanon, Gaza and the Golan heights, but at least Israel has the decency to:

1) Give you all fair warning before it bombs you
2) Actually wear uniforms
3) Only actually shoots in self defence
4) Doesn't site any military or military equipment inside schools, religious grounds, hospitals and parks etc.

I would like to point out that the "Noble" arabs have been killing Jews out in the Middle East a lot longer than the other way round. They have raided and killed Jews in Kibbutzim since at least the 1800's. Mohammed once believed himself to be a Jewish phrophet for quite awhile. I would like to ask why the Palestinians couldn't have been given some land by Iraq, Syria and Jordan? Could it be because they have been kicked out of every one of these countries because they are trouble makers.

You all make out like Israel is a big nasty bully, but the truth of the matter is that the Imams in the 1940's told the populace to "leave their homes" so that when they "have killed all the Jews, and pushed them into the sea" they could take back the "occupied" land.

You Moslems have a real good way of spinning history to your own ends.

1) The Jews bought most of the land of Israel from you. Look up the Jewish National Fund.

2) You all say that you were there since 3000 BC - how can you have been there so long when your religion only started in around 1300 - 1400 A.D.

3) The land of Palestine only came about when we Jews were kicked in 835 AD by the Romans. The land was called Israel and Judea, and before that it was Canaan.

4) We have never said that we hate Islam, as Jews tolerate ALL religions. We make it very hard for anyone to convert to our religion, as we want to make sure that the person will be dedicated to it, and there is nothing in the Torah saying that we should kill Moslems.

5)Why shouldn't Israel defend itself against all your suicide bombers, snipers and other misguided dicks who want to wipe the world of Jews.

6) You own the Temple Mount, which is your 3rd holiest site - despite the fact that we had built two temples there, both destroyed. One by the Byzantines, the second by the Romans. If your religion had any decency - especially as it is supposed to be all peace and love, how about letting us Jews worship on our HOLIEST site, instead of just letting us have the remnants of the West Wall.


7) Heres something you have conviently forgotton! When Israel was declared and declared its independance, all the Palestinians were offered FULL RIGHTS to live and work as FULL MEMBERS of the land of Israel, and most of them turned it down. Not only that, but all the Arab countries then felt it their DUTY to wipe Israel out by attacking them.

So when you lot talk about how your religion is all PEACE and LOVE, and TOLERANCE. I would like to ask you this.

In all the countries where troops from Europe and America are at the moment what is the main religion? Oh I think it is Islam!

Iraq - war continues because of Moslem extremists.

Afghanistan - war continues because of Moslem extremists

Iran - Has a Moslem Extremist in power - He wants to wipe Israel off the map.

This last one is good - Irans Leader says he will use a Nuclear weapon on Israel as soon as he can get one - doesn't the fricking idiot realise that the fall out will kill arabs as well? Oh but I forgot, he is an idiot, so he can't have processed that thought.

Islam is anything but

Islam is anything but peaceful my dear muslim chum. The place where I grew up in London is now a Muslim area; the new inhabitants vandalize churches, commit rapes and other acts of violence with impunity. Muslims are vile scum and should not be allowed in a civilized society.

Believe me, those "rapes and

Believe me, those "rapes and other acts of violence" are a symptom of the ills of your "civilized society". Islam does not in any way condone such acts. I hear of those acts being committed everyday in western society, where Islam is not predominant, so how can you put the blame simply on one religion?

Allahu akbar means allah is greater?

Wow, I didn't know that. Thank you. When I think about it it makes complete sense. How could I have thought that allahu really is the same as others' God? It isn't. You learn something every day...

Islam is for anyone who has brain between his ears

All the praise are for Allah. If Allah misslead someone no one can lead him to the righ path. If Allah gave his guidance to him, no one will be able to misslead him.

So... whether you, my moslem brother, trying hard to explain the true Islam to them or not they will keep on their fate and thought.

Allah is Al'alim... Al-Huda... He has many names then just Al-Akbar... or Allah it self.

Islam is for people who has mind in his head and had been decided to gain guidance by Allah. Even a moslem could be not gain this guidance so he'll make the wrong understanding on his own Islam. For example are the terorists and the immigrant (to west os europe or christian/ non moslem countries.) Terorism is not allowed in Islam at any cases and reasons. Immigration or hijrah is only from Kafir state or region to Islam state.

There's only one true Islam,... Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'ah. That is anyone, which is also known as the salafy, who follow Al-Quran and Sunnah and understand it with the salaf generation's understanding.

Islam is for smart people not for the people who believe in such "stupid" thing as democracy or else. Democracy that determine the truth by the majority. Could they imagine if the majority among them are retarded people or monkeys? or people who believe that one of the most popular human in this world is God while he himself saying, "father,... father,... why you left me"?

Again, no matter how hard you, my brother moslem, explaine it to them... :)... they all remain dumb.

It's so much better for you to return to the real Islam. Seek and learn. Where the salafy is. And then practice it in your life.

This message is for all of my brother moslem... Salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullah...

Yes, learn about Islam

By all means, read the Quran and learn of the hate and anger in that book. Read that you must "kill the infidels wherever you find them."

Then go to the Hadiths, and read about the vile, evil life of Islam's great prophet - a man that, according to Islam's own accounts, murdered, tortured, took slaves, raped and even beat his favorite wife. And this guy is considered a great example! Do your research!

Its all there, and then Muslims wonder why they have so many problems...