Bounty Offered for Murdering Cartoonists

The Danish Foreign ministry has warned Danish citizens not to travel to Pakistan. The Pakistani religious party Jamaat-e-Islami and its youth branch have offered a bounty for anyone who murders the Danish illustators who drew cartoons of Muhammad for the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Last September the newspaper asked twelve cartoonists to draw the pictures to test whether there was freedom of expression in Denmark after a Danish author had complained that no-one was willing to illustrate his Muhammad book. Muslims regard it as blasphemy to depict the Prophet.

As a consequence the offices of Jyllands-Posten have to be protected by security guards after receiving bomb threats, and some cartoonists went into hiding after receiving death threats. Muslims and Muslim organizations, both in Denmark and abroad (including Pakistan), protested the publication of the pictures. In October ambassadors from eleven Muslim countries sent a letter to the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, demanding that he see to it that Jyllands-Posten apologize for the publication.

Rasmussen refused to discuss the matter since Denmark recognizes freedom of expression and freedom of the press. He said that those who felt offended by the pictures could take their case to the courts. The ambassadors did not settle for this argument and had a meeting with some Danish politicians in order to put pressure on Rasmussen. After the meeting it was announced that the Organisation of the Islamic Conference would take the matter into its hands. The organisation, representing 56 member states, subsequently sent a letter of protest to the Danish government.

The bounty now offered by the Jamaat-e-Islami for the murder of the cartoonists is 50,000 Danish crowns (6,725 euros). However, the party wrongly thinks that only one person drew all 12 pictures. The Danish ambassador in Pakistan, Bent Wigotski, said the Pakistani party had also demanded that all Danish diplomats should be expelled from Pakistan. Wigotski, however, stressed that there are no plans to evacuate the Danish Embassy in Islamabad, despite receiving hundreds of angry protest letters from Muslims.

Wigotski admitted that the situation was nevertheless serious. “They might want to get to the Danish illustrators, but if they cannot reach them, they could make do with a scapegoat,” he said. The embassy has warned that the scapegoat could be anybody and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel advisory for Pakistan warning Danes not to visit the country. The ambassador of Pakistan in Denmark, Javed Qureshi, who was one of the 11 ambassadors who signed the letter to Rasmussen, denounced the death threats. “No Pakistani government would ever support such a thing, I’m sure that the current government will take action in the case. I can’t imagine that a bounty like that doesn’t violate Pakistani legislation,” he said.

Be wary of Hitlerian propaganda apparatus

It is relevant to bring into focus an analogous situation of India where an islamist despicable painter, mf hussain, has been profiting for quite some time scandalously portraying Indian deities in copulating and fornicating poses.

The civilized and dignified citizens of India hardly protested nor could prevent him from exhibiting his porn as art-form and worse, get millions of dollars doing it to this day! None of the Western sponsors (esp-ly in UK) either saw through the double standards or condemned it somuch so it came back to bite them in the rear during Danish cartoon controversy. Uniform standards of respecting religious sentiments is most essential, right?

It is morally imperative to support the non-muslim native culture of India in every possible manner so it can fight the jihadis on our behalf more effectively.

Remember, the menacingly monstrous muslims have both the crude money (pun intended!) and power of Hitlerian propaganda machine of pakki regime, al-Arabia, al-Jijeera, corrupted Indian media cosy with western media..etc It is hence necessary to battle this mighty shadowy honchos with our own devices. Might is right is their dictum. No wonder, law of the jungle prevails in India and Nepal. ..

mohammed cartoons

i think that the muslims have got to stop taking themselves so seriously. they are pathetic in their ideals, being so public about them. belief is a private domain and must be allowed privacy and not dominate society. muslims are proving themselves to be less than tolerant of other aspects of society, in fact the freedom of speech. yes, be angry at what you dont like, but be private. religion does suck. it seems to bring out the worst in life. the artist should be applauded for being artistic and mildly challenging in his/her presentation. i am increasingly concerned that our asian/muslim immigrants in great britain are mostly self effacing forms of mohammed. perhaps he was not such a nice person after all.

Thou shal not lie!!!!!

Freedom of speech is one thing but freedom to lie is another!!!

First of all, freedom of

First of all, freedom of speech includes the freedom to lie. It is up to the reader to determine what is true. Second, what does this have to do with the article? Your mock outrage is betrayed by your inability to make a pertinent argument.

Where can I find these

Where can I find these cartoons? I'd like to publish them and circulate them around the Internet to my friends. I bet they are a laugh-riot!


big n clear pics

Danish cartoons/Swedish hate speech laws

After reading this, and the prior article about Swedish hate speech laws, I am trying to puzzle out the result if this had happened in Sweden. Would the cartoonists go to jail for their drawings? Or would the people who criticize the cartoonists be arrested?