Danish Cartoon Affair: Letter from a Muslim

The Brussels Journal has been closely following the Danish cartoon affair. Unlike the meanstraim media, who (apart from Denmark) are not interested in the case, we think it is very important for the future of Europe. Today we received a long email from a Muslim reader explaining why he takes offence at two of the twelve cartoons (see them here) published last September in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Islam prohibits depictions of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. When a Danish author complained that he could not find an artist to illustrate his book about Muhammad, the paper decided to ask Danish cartoonists to draw them pictures of the prophet. Our reader’s letter is published below. But first, the latest events in this ongoing case.

An influential Islamic organisation, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), has called upon its 51 member states to boycott Denmark unless the Danish government “presents an official apology for the drawings that have offended the world’s Muslims.” Last Thursday, the foreign ministers of the 22 members of the Arab League also expressed their dissatisfaction with the Danish government. They demand that the Danish government change its attitude. So far Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has consistently refused to interfere, saying that his government has no power over what the media do.

Rasmussen has made it clear that people who feel that Jyllands-Posten has broken the law, should bring the matter to court instead of demanding media censorship from the government. According to Troels Lund, Rasmussen’s foreign affairs spokesman, the criticism of the Arab league will not make Copenhagen change its position. “It is important to stand our ground and say that we have a separation of powers in Denmark and something called freedom of expression,” Lund said.

Here is the letter of our Muslim reader, who lives in Canada:

Even in a democratic society with strong protections for freedom of speech and press, there are still limits that must be imposed. I have viewed all the cartoons and in terms of content, only two of them seem to me to be particulary problematic. Let me first say that I am a Muslim but I grew up and still live in North America, so I am accustomed to seeing newspaper cartoons that satirize every imaginable subject. Also, while there is a general prohibition among Muslims of graphically depicting the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) and the other Prophets, such as Moses, Abraham and Jesus (peace be on them), that prohibition has never been absolute and in certain periods there have been images of the Prophets, although their faces are either featureless or covered by a veil). Of course those pictures were made to illustrate religious texts, not to criticize the Prophets.

Personally, the simple artistic depiction of the Prophet Muhammad by a non-Muslim does not particulary bother me, any more than the depiction of Jesus or the other prophets in, for example Renaissance Art. The two cartoons that I personally find offensive are the ones that depict Muhammad as a knife-wielding terrorist and as wearing a turban that is in fact a bomb that bears the Islamic creed, “There is no divinity but God and Muhammad is his prophet”.

Of course, I have seen in my lifetime many editorial cartoons that I personally found to be offensive and almost all of them were about subjects far removed from Islam. A cartoonist has the right to draw and I have the right to be offended. Generally, nothing more needs to be said or done. However, as a society, we must take into account the sensibilities of others.

The Danish case is particularly interesting because the intention of the newspaper was to stir up controversy. The intention was to offend Muslims. The newspaper set out to provoke and they succeeded. It is strange that having succeeded they and their supporters are so incensed over the reaction. Contrast the Danish publisher’s approach with that of U.S. newspapers. In the U.S., freedom of speech and press is almost absolute. Even so, on a few occasions in recent years when an editorial cartoon has elicited a large critical outcry, in most cases, the newspaper has apologized to offended readers, pointing out that the intention of the artist was to express an opinion, that the freedom to express an opinion is guaranteed and must be protected but that in hindsight it is apparent that the same message could have been conveyed without unnecessarily insulting a significant number of readers.

In your article, you refer to Madame Louise Arbour, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, who is quoted as saying the cartoons were “an unacceptable disrespect”. Madame Arbour is a Canadian and she was for many years a respected judge in Canada. It is likely that her opinion in this matter is coloured by her experience as a Canadian jurist. Here in Canada, we have for many years had to reconcile a VERY multi-cultural society with our constitutional protections on freedom of speech and press. As a result, our basic freedoms are not absolute. We have a constitutional principal that basic rights are “subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

Two of those reasonable limitations concern “blasphemous libel” and “hate propaganda”. The criminal statute outlawing hate propaganda bars the WILLFUL promotion of hatred, which is defined as “communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group.” The law allows for certain defences. A person cannot, for example, be convicted “if he establishes that the statements communicated were true” or “if the statements were relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which was for the public benefit [thus unlikely to cause public disorder], and if on reasonable grounds he believed them to be true.” Furthermore, no conviction can be obtained if the statement was to express in good faith an opinon on a religious matter, UNLESS that expression contravenes the blasphemous libel statute.

The blasphemous libel statute has rarely been used in Canada, but it remains in full force and effect. Under it, people can still argue against and criticize religious beliefs and persons but only with tact and circumspection. The statute says that “No person shall be convicted of an offence under this section for expressing in good faith and in decent language, or attempting to establish by argument used in good faith and conveyed in decent language, an opinion on a religious subject.”

What I am trying to point out here is that in Canadian law, our Parliament has protected freedom of speech on the one hand and sought, on the other hand, to limit any disruption of the social fabric by outlawing speech that is so intemperate that it could lead to public disorder or violence.

Of course, another aspect of the Danish affair is that the cartoons were not published in a vacuum. They were published against the backdrop of widespread anti-Muslim prejudice and of incendiary statements likely to provoke hate against Muslims in Denmark. The decision to publish them came only a few months after Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was quoted in the London Telegraph as saying: “We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance.”

The Queen of Denmark (who is also titular Head of the State Lutheran Chruch) has called on her subjects to oppose Islam and to display intolerance even in the face of public criticism. (She obviously is unaware of the respectful position of most Christian churches, including her own, on Islam). If Her Majesty Elizabeth II, the Queen of Canada (or her Governor General) ever said such words, there would be a constitutional crisis and calls for the Sovereign herself to be charged with inciting race hatred under the Canada Criminal Code.

In a recent private letter to me, a Danish Lutheran theologian and social activist, had, in part, this to say:

“We are facing a difficult time in Denmark right now. Many people and consequently also many politicians are worried and afraid of the presence of Muslims in Denmark. We have about 4 % of the population which is Muslim today. In the 90s the rightist populist party Dansk Folekparti (Danish People's Party) campaigned against the Muslims and other immigrants, but after 9-11 (2001) other parties joined in the chorus and at the election in November 2001 it was the main theme. The press from the beginning added fuel to the fire by focusing almost entirely on the problems with Muslims/immigrants and has presented social issues involving immigrants from a religious/Muslim angle. Finally our dear Queen has joined the populist chorus by her very problematic statements concerning some of her subjects, the Muslims!

(...) A number of individual members of the Lutheran church, including pastors and sometimes also bishops (and my humble self), have again and again spoken up against this campaign against Muslims. (...)

Nine of the ten dioceses in the Lutheran Church in Denmark have set up an organization called ‘Folkekirke og Religionsmøde’ (Folk church and Religious Encounter, or Church and Dialogue). I was the chairman for this organization for the first 3 years and we have worked to create a positive awareness among congregations concerning their Muslim neighbours. We have established a national dialogue forum with leaders of Muslim groups, and we are publishing materials to educate the congregations.”

Those, like yourself, who speak out in favour of freedom of speech and press should also speak out against the raising tide in Denmark of racial and religious intolerance. The Danish cartoon affair is NOT just a test of basic freedoms, it is a concerted attack on a visible minority and that attack is being waged not only by incendiary cartoonists but also by government officials included the Queen of Denmark herself.


Meanwhile in Sweden a jeans manufacturer, Bjorn Atldax, has designed a jeans brand with an anti-Christian logo: a skull with a cross turned upside down on its forehead. “It is an active statement against Christianity,” Atldax told The Associated Press. “I have a great dislike for organized religion.” He says he wants to make young people question Christianity, which he calls a “force of evil.” He added that he has plans “to make something anti-Hindu because I think its caste system is awful.” But he is not considering any anti-Islamic designs because “there are already a lot of anti-Islamic sentiments.”

As a Caribbean blogger observes: “By his willingness to offend Christians and Hindus, and his hands off attitude to Islam, Atldax is proving himself to be very European.” We trust that the UN’s Louise Ardour, the EU’s Franco Frattini and the Council of Europe will respond in the same way to Bjorn Atldax’s jeans as to Jyllands-Posten’s cartoons, and demand that the Swedish government take the same actions as they want the Danish government to take. Or will they, too, prove themselves to be “very European”?


Well, one thing is to have an opinion. But hey, don't count me in your messages of hate. :) Tone it down, little buddy. In that way, your message gets across.

Also, poor Asians if you speak in their behalf. I am pretty sure you feel strongly about your conviction. But hey, speak for yourself.

Finally, Muslims need to shut up for a minute and figure out the "why" questions. Muslims are a little too impulsive.

I sure am glad I was a decendant of Isaac and not the concubine's son (Muslims).

Muslims get offended by the cartoons. But you have to stop and look at yourselves and see whether or not your actions offend the peaceful muslims living in the rest of the world.

With that said, Screw the Dutch! Natalie Halloway all the way! Canadians, you guys are weird. Hehehehe.


This muslim (not cap for a reason) should consult his own bible (sic goreran). I am a CHRISTIAN and like many of us here in America
own and hold guns. There is a war coming. Just see what is happened in France. The muslim rioter where nothing but thugs. Wake up and smell the stink of hate the muslims preach.



Well, before anything else. I think that the Dutch suck. I love the cartoons they made recently. But you guys suck as a country anyways so we just laugh about it.

Canadians? You know how Canada was formed? We took the worst of Great Britain and US, then we coraled them into this cold place called Canada. There.

Just kidding. I am just poking fun at you all just like how Muslims are poked fun at.

Sooner or later the extremist muslims will learn to co-exist. They have difficulty with co-existing among non-muslims and that's a fact anywhere you go.

The only reason why muslims are quiet in America is because they are a small minority here. Muslims have castrated and killed women and children of Christian and Catholic background in Mindanao, a muslim area of Southern Philippines.

Muslims have killed Christians in Africa, a sort of genocide. Muslims were given a territory (Palestine) and autonomy. And the first thing they did was try to rid of Israel.

And now, they looked around Iraq and found that there ain't much foreign troops to ease their war freak itch. What did they do? They turn on themselves.

Now, a cartoon was done. So they turn on Denmark.

Muslims (except for a small peaceful minority in the US) are in general war freaks who cannot co-exist with non-muslims. Those are facts. Take them wherever you want in a debate. But those are the facts.


re: United EuStates Of Amercia,

Thats why we in the Denmark - and other western nations, have separated the chuch from State. The chuch - can do what the like, but it's just a part of a Democratic state - like other religions.

Some exstreme religions don't accept homosexuals - but in a democratic state, people can decide their sexulity for themselves.

Muslims are missing this understanding - since they are killing and murdering people because of their sexuality.

Strange for a us in the west, the muslim society in the arab world - accept pedofile behavior among older men.

About "Lying Preachers, Quit Saying Grace is an Excuse for Sin" well people can say what they want here in the west, but if someone is lying we confront them with their lies - f.ex. like we do in Denmark - when muslim Imams are lying - but we don't kill them

Please do not believe them

Please do not believe them Cody, it is carrot and stick time. Bait and swtich.. Good cop and bad cop! There is an old arab saying.. "Show them the death and they will accept the fever everytime!" They have shown violence and militancy, then if they show you something a bit reasonable you will not stand so hard against them. Once you accept the deal, the repression and cruelty will rule the day!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Awww! Onenoson, How

Awww! Onenoson, How considerate of you to ask! No, I have not my permanent Visa yet, for his country. No one need pay me for my post though! That was very hard for me.. It hurt a lot. But I sacrificed myself to say it. No.. that was for FREE! I could never take money for the simple truth!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!


We ARE NOT YOUR FAMILY! The struggle with radical Islam is yet another western family quarrel, I beg to DIFFER! I do not know any muslims I would class as a HUMAN BEING!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

The extremeists of the

The extremeists of the illusionary fastest growing religion include Emeda30, Onenoson, IslamisPerfect, Aman, Bashar, Nermin etc etc etc.. Why? Because they are not listening to anything you have to say. They are extremists in that it is their mandate to get you to submmit. Their mission, that they have accpeted is to get you to convert to Islam or at least to become so confused and befuddled that thinking this is really a peaceful group of people whi are merely living their lives in a spirit filled way. THEY ARE NOT PEACEFUL! Like the Wizard of Doz , they do not want you looking at the man behind the curtain. They only want you to hear the words. The sonorous singing of meaningless babble droning on and on and on..endlessleslym unrelentingly until the sheer weight of it bows you in and you succumb to the deadly siren song. Do not believe them, do not let yourself be dragged under. There is no God but God they say. Whose God! Some might think that they mean the same God as Abraham and Moses, the same God Christians believe Christ is the Son of.. NOO! They only mean their god. Mohammed's god. The God he made paramount in that part of the world. They are talking of mohammed's god.. the god of a young petty minded, egostitical,overly fanatical, overbearing, hypocritical illiterate, camel-herding, caravan raiding thief who got lucky conned some desparate former housewife ( rich one too mind you. so he was young, maybe relatively good looking as camel and goat herders go ), who married him, took a 9 year old girl to wife ( there is a name for that in THE REST of the WORLD.. it is called CHILD MOLESTATION! Oddly enough in many muslims countries it happens whre the bride is several years the junior of the groom. Of course, he waits until she is suitable enough before he touches her! RIGHT!) In the name of his god ( one must admit many religions began violently!)...But ISLAM has stayed the course throughout it turbulent history. For the preaching and spreading of the religion has always been through war, terror, fear, injustice and pain. Yes, one can see how such a religion could have a bad reputation, but be peacefulm in its endeavors. You will buy that specious argument. It is not Peaceful! Every instance of loathing and fear, or disgust of islam is TRUE,RIGHT. CORRECT, and VALID! Just say NO is islam = just say NO to a drug! This is crack..religious crack ,,,do not get hooked on it.. better yet...Do not let them in the House! Thank You!Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!


NO CALIPHITE'S ARE IN THE WEST! Keep them in the east where they belong.. Better still..keep them extinct.. Why do you not just ask allah and mohammmed to come and get all of you so you can go somewhere out in to space, run into the borg and be annihilated! Then we have no need of further zakat for you!

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Re: Islam Doesn't Mean

Onenoson.. You have got to be kidding! You think this is all about a MAN..an arrogant, arab muslim piece of excrement. I have a man now, A wonderful man..a Scandinavian male, he is perfection to me. He directed me to this site, Because I have something to share. My past with my ex-husband, islam, etc. Now peace has repeatedly said I came here to find a man.. and it made me laugh. I think some others might have thought that as well. Perhaps one or two danes. I came because of my interest, and of course making new friends, supporting the Danish people, exposing the lies and the misinformation given, here about how peaceful and loving islam is. Well, I have enemies now amongst teh muslims who write here..so be it. I have angered one or two Danes because I have rebuffed some advances that I was not looking for.. maybe they thought I was. I am a cvery open person. It has taken a lot to grow. I have hinted before at some thing and mentioned others. this is not because of a huabnd.. this is because the religion is a LIE! As ar the tenets of faith and the secretiveness with which you go about it. Now many never really bother to read what I write they skim over it and scan. I wrote and told you I was native american.meaning native of american indian ancestry. Nermin called me a carriers of DNA of polluted blood genes that went out and destroyed, scourged and harmed the native american people and brought over slaves. Amazing! As a native american I can honestly say that was the first time i ever wanted to SCALP anyone! That and a few other choice words brought me to call her makamnaya or smells like skunk.. but calling me a polluted blood carrier and responsible for the systemic destruction of my OWN people was just that.. the squirrely and low down act of a skunk. If you cannot hit them with fact.. Make up something nasty.. That is islam. I wrote a rap song and did it authentically, had a friend who was a rap artist help me. He saw the posting when you called me a black slave woman and said.. is that due real or what.. that was not even done in enough ebonics to get me safe out of east la much less Fort Apache in the bronx. ( By the way I hate RAP music, so he knew it was a big deal for me to ask even.) I have no european blood in me.. I am the sits beside woman of a european male.. I adore my Viking. He is exceptionally good to me.. his little savage. I realize that is what many Danes think of me.. no matter. I have heard the little indian song in Danish. As I told a Dane two days ago more or less two days. I am not blonde haired and blue eyed. I have no fair skin. Sorry it that bothers them or you Onenoson. I am afraid I am still a Native american red skin. I abhor the fact that some of your ilk Onenoson have gone to the reservations and made a few coonverts. It was the alcohol thing that did it. I think. The fact that islam is against it. well , not all native american are drunks and not all need islam either. Preying on another peoples insecurities, fear or their misfortunes is something that you muslims do best. The US government have enough to deal with there and mistakes that they made. I believe that it is an A & B conversation between natives and the US government and you should C your way out of it, as muslims.

Islam is so repressive, so constraining, so restrictive, I cannot see why people would walk into the fire and embrace it, willingly without being born into it. yes, I had married a muslim arab and things were bad. Believe me though, any time that I feel I miss the restrictive, repressive, constraining bonds of being married to one.. I will simply walk out and buy my Scandinavian God,a pair of old German leather jackboots, hand him a nine tailed whip, have him slap a collar on my throat, snap on a pair of wrist cuffs and grovel at his feet then grovel at his feet calling him.."min Herre" forever. NOW that could be fun and kinky!!! Ohh yes, the little savage and the Msster Race.. I love it! Ohhhhh! Glad you made me think of it! Or may be the Viking and the slave girl. The Whips and the Squirrels! The Monk and the peasant girl! Hmmmmm! Ohh where was I? Oh yes..What I mean to say is this.. There is nothing that you can say to change my mind. You cannot make me think it was just my misunderstanding of it all.. nor will I allow you to sell such compost material to other s either. those scenarios I just mentioned are a game. But in Islam you might as well be in a totally BDSM relationship of a NON CONSENSUAL natire because that is what you have pure and simple. As I am writing this.. I am reading.. I wanted to be sure of what I was going to say next. In BDSM as I understand there are SAFE words that you and a partner may utter so as not to be harmed. But ISLAM is slavery, pure, simple and total slavery. There are no safe words to utter. Because the religion merely inerprets the surahs and hadiths as it pleases them. One would assume that under Islam and Shar'ia law all would be uniform in handing out sentences and such. This is totally wrong it is left up to the Mullahs and Imams to interpret it in whichever way they feel is best. So I would hate to be the woman in a divorce court the day they are hearing her case and the mullah just argued with his wife before hand. Worse yet, one that hates women in general. The boys exectued because a Mullah thought they were homosexual. No one had proved it.. The mullash simply assumed. Doe that not make an ASS out of U and ME, if we merely assume something. You have ASSUMED that I am upset about bad luck. Then let me explain it fully for you why I do not believe Islam is a peaceful religion. I was arrested and tortured. They read and sang quranic verses to me as they beat the ever living hell out of me. Now as for the religion. the surahs and hadith say a lot of things. about women. So I suppose you believe that they torured me fully clothed yes... Oh oh oh .. You would be so wrong. I was stripped naked and chained with my hand over my head, my toes barely touching the floor of a filth covered cell. I want you and any other idiot out there to TRULY UNDERSTAND! For you and any Danes out there harboring any misthoughts that I may have an agenda here except explaining to you what is right and not. Now Cody omega , you are a bail enforcement agent.. you know what a cattle prod is.. do you know what a stun gun is.. do you? I am sure you do.. So if any have any questions.. please see CodyOmega I am sure he will explain it to you. I wanted to leave, I had stamps, but my husbands family.. Mmmm they felt I had other things in mind. At any rate where was I again. Oh yes hanging naked, on my tiptoes, A cattle pros inserted in several regions. and turned on You can nearly induce heart failure by hitting someone in the chest with a stun device. But did you know that, water poured over a body.. icy water.. makes the shock simply UNREAL! Hmm! No. well let us continue. I have 4 floating ribs now, ribs that can move and pierce my lungs. Do you know that I have to be massaged at times to cause pieces of bone to head back into the area that they SHOULD BE, in the first place. But you see it was just rotten luck I ran into ISLAM! Hmm pulling toenails nad fingernails out with pliers is interesting and severing tendon in the hand works well also, as well as dones fingers. I have a hole the size of honeybelle tangerine in one knee. I mean the bone that makes up the knee itself. I limp on the left side now. I had my face broken by judicious use of an AKA 47. I have night sweats and awaken in anger and in rage. I would love to tell you that your fellow muslims never touched me.. that would be a supreme lie. Recant my position, accept islam, be submissive, you must be insane of the certifiable degree. Women are arrested for the most inconsequential things in islamic countries. Never , ever use such phraseology with me again Onenoson. If I was a man I would rip out your heart and the ones of the "decent muslim men" who hurt me and eat them RAW. Do not ever PRESUME to knw what you are talking to me about when it comes to that.. because YOU KNOW NOTHING! YOUR KIND ARE A BREED APART FROM ANYTHING EVEN RESEMBLING HUMANITY!

May Fenris feast on your bones and theirs!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Re: Shame- I want EVERY

Re: Shame- I want EVERY MUSLIM DEAD ON THIS EARTH! That makes me ashamed, because no matter how hard I try. I just want it to happen and the SOONER the better!

You are accursed already and so are all the muslims in the world Onenoson. I pray every night that you will die a horrible, horrible death..Alone and in agony no one to save any of You. I do not want you all to repent or be saved or helped. I just want a large nuking over the area. but I would also be happy with another firing of I. G. Farbens old equipment up again!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Food for thought

A growing train of thought for many in the west is that muslim's are publicly speaking out against the radical's within their faith but quietly supporting them.

Some of the post's in defense of Islam are written with such zeal and I have to wonder why they don't apply that same attitude to their own bad elements.

There may come a day in the not so distant future where you have to make a choice. Do we stand with the 10% who give us a bad name worldwide or do we purge ourselves of them?

It seems like a blind eye is being turned their way.. and yet such a public outcry over a few cartoons, which in the end cannot hurt you phyiscally. The atrocities being commited each day in the name of your faith should be where your real outrage is being directed. YOU are being misrepresented by these 10% and lumped in with all of them... Why? Because, many of us in the west believe you do nothing about them.

to Kalidren an drotten hooooker

so that is it..you want muslims to be like u athesist or at least christians by name only//
listen to me ..this will never happen .islam i s not like your faked christianity.
and to rotten hooker.keep your nasty mouth closed .donot u have a man ....

On Peace's comment ..

"so that is it..you want muslims to be like u athesist or at least christians by name only listen to me ..this will never happen .islam i s not like your faked christianity."

Did you read what I wrote at all? I don't know where you got the idea that I want you or any muslim to be like christians. Also, in no way did I insult your faith but you speak of fake christianity and the like... Not quite sure why my post would ilicit that sort of response.

All I said was... a small % of those in the muslim faith seem to be wrecking it for the majority.. which appears to do nothing about them... but makes such a big deal over something like a cartoon? Surely, these energies can be applied to a more worthy cause. Afterall, These radicals within your own religion is where you need to direct your outrage... You are being "mis-represented" by them. The atrocities they commit are unacceptable. No decent person regardless of nationality, regardless of faith could ever see what they do as being "RIGHT".

BUT, Who will be held accountable for their actions? Not them.. no way, it will be the silent majority of Islam who pays for the crimes of it's wicked few. History has a tendancy of repeating itself and so many seem unwilling to learn from past mistakes.

It's already plain to see as a stereotype of Muslims is rampant thru-out the known world and it all due to these crazy fanatic's that you people will not do anything about.

to rotten filthy hooker peace!

Oh rotten filthy hooker peace, I know it is so hard for you without a man, but not to worry I think Imran Khan has room for you now that he and Jemima Goldsmith have been divorced these two years past. Do not worry, you will find someone..maybe Iran's President is looking for a new girl.. hmm!

That is right it will never happen because no one in the West like your faked religion Islam. And no worries.. Emeda 30 has already admitted the muslims are terrorists,as well as bad people. I am not an athiest, not sure if Kalidren is? Perhaps you should ask?
Anyway sorry you are bad people and muslims are terrorists. Bye bye * smiles*

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save US!

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To rotten hoooker peace, so sorry I had no idea you were gay! I do apologize, for not understanding before now. Thank you for the offer of being a servant, but I really prefer to do my own housework.. besides you muslims never really clean a house properly. But that is not the point, dear. Oh my goodness it is alright if you are ugly dear *smiles* I am sure Imran Khan will not mind. I truly apologize I did not mean to cause you to "out yourself on this forum!'
And do not worry dear, you will look just fine in drag.. though a blouse to cover the hairy stomach might be best with the sari *smiles*

bye bye

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Cartoon Violence

I have clicked to a few of foriign devil's links. They made me a "little" less upset in the knowledge that there are indeed moderate Muslims trying to throw water on the fire (and very good sites Devil). But the fact remains that these incidents go to show that this is a religion with elements so out of control, nothing can stop them. The leader of Iran wants to blow Israel into the sea. Hammas wins the election in Palestine. The problem is, the radical Muslims are winning the war over moderate Muslims in political hot spots. If they get a nuke, they WILL use it. Israel being the first target (the little Satan), the U.S. being the second target (the Great Satan), and now (for this month) Denmark (the... most congenial Satan)? Muslims indeed show tolerance, but only for other Muslims as far as I can tell. As devil showed in his links, there is nothing in the Koran about depicting the prophet Mohammed that is blasphemous- he pardoned a man from Medina who had been mocking him for a decade, and there are many fomous portraits of the prophet. Fine. What I see on TV is Muslims rampaging and burning after a few cartoons are published. I also remember watching TV after the 9/11 attacks- the only groups of Muslims I saw were dancing in joy in the streets. I'm also supposed to believe this is a peaceful religion. OK peaceful Muslims, prove it to me. I know your hearts are in the right place, but your radicals are so out of control that they have endless followers lined up to help them, and you can't do anything about it. It's a pity that the other religions of the world can control their extremists, but your religion fails to do so time and time again. If there is an armageddon within the next 20 years, I would lay 1000 to 1 odds it will be started by a radical of this very peaceful religion.

Lode Runner

what about your radicals and extremists..
what about bush who claim that god asked him to fight iraq ....
are u secular or not?.
and why you leave him utter these words like any radical extremist while u have free media u gave us a headacke with.

can someone translate this bilge for me. sentence is starting

can someone translate this bilge for me. sentences are starting to run together again!

Submitted by peace on Tue, 2006-02-14 21:09. new
what about your radicals and extremists..
what about bush who claim that god asked him to fight iraq ....
are u secular or not?.
and why you leave him utter these words like any radical extremist while u have free media u gave us a headacke with.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!


I'm sorry Onenoson. If I spoke Arabic I'm sure I would have understood what you wrote in English.

Sad but true

160 000 christian killed only last year in muslim counties..
Reply on that..

But Pessimist they keep

But Pessimist they keep swearing they are friends and lovers of christianity!
They revere the Jesus christ adn the Virgin Nary so!...Oh how can that be!
They are protectors of Jews, of Christians, of the tired, the hungry, the poor, the disenfranchised, the weak, the politically and religiously oppressed! *suddenly hearing them sing.....Oh Muhammed can you see, how benevolent we can be.....(sung to the tune of "Oh Say Can You See")

Yepp, they are truly full of camel dung!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!


I am in the uncomfortable position of having to agree with Nermin again. armyscout43 is one sick puppy. I'm glad that the general position in this group is to ignore him. He is in the same place as the fellow who said for the Times that there was to be no apologies accepted by the Danish Editor but that he had to be turned over to Islamic Justice and be executed. There is not point in engaging these people.

To A New Believer

Your full of more "dung" then the entire world combined.  Yeah lets this so called "Baldur" save your damn ass.  If he can. HAH

Patel ! gote mu mein aa gaye!

Patel, I give you two rounds.. and I still kick your ass full of shit, by
the way.. I still know Parition so I doubly know you are full of shit! But it is true you are a sissy boy and it would not look good to get whipped by a woman. Go on, run behind Nermin and her
skirts! I give you as a present to Fenrir so he can chew you good!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

to this sad new believer from nermin

I can understand how u hate arabic and muslim through your bad experience of marying to a muslim arabic man..but this is not fair…yes failure in marriage is most hard thing and sometimes women or men lose faith in each other an dget complicated…but of course u cannot deny that beating women in USA and europe is well known and widespread and recently ,I have read that one third of the dead french women are killed by the hands of their husbands.
You have this awful marriage with an english man you would have hated all english men an dmay be all english nation and you may think that the french or italian are more tender ..i advise you to go to a psychologist because it seems that you suffer a lot …
but I want to tell u that if you got married from a bad man an dfrom bad family this doesnot mean to juadage all because there are a lot of happy mariages between nonmuslism women and muslim men ..
if you got married from a muslim man who is alcoholic .does that mean that all muslim men are like that while islam forbide drinking even a drop .
if u find muslim house or cloths not clean will you say all muslims are not clean and islam is a religion of uncleaning while muslism are obliged to perfor ablutiuon before tehri five obligatory prayers and sometimes they must perofrm complete washing ..
I really hope any one discuss me or reply tome about that.
It is very stupid to judje over1.5 billion from individual actions or deeds.
It is even unfair if you are a teacher to judje a classrrom of even 30 students if you find 5 of thejm are bad or naughty.
also, may be there were failure factors which were present but both of u ignored it..may this man is from low standard social culture or education.he was not a hard worker post graduate student whom u met in your own countryfor sure..
and may be he married youto get the nationality or stable visa .so this type of marriage never succeed.
Marriage failure is major crisis which occur world wide.so be wise.
by the way if you are anew beliver in anythingthat satisfy u why you are so frustrated like this..faith must bring hopes and peace of mind my dear or it is useless.rethink about this new faith of yours an d goto a doctor.

To Nermin

Nermin, I am not sick nor do I need a psychistrist, but what I do need is for you to disappear forever. Because your psuedointellectual lunatics ravings about how peaceful you are is actually quite disgusting!

So could you please see a psychiatrist because no one believes in the least you peaceful bullshit or the propaganda you spout so diligently!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To a new believer, and rherrick

You're saying that the killing of innocents by the Japanese justify the killing of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians . Then I will use the same principle:
if you saw how the American sanctions killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis " most of them were children and infants, you will know why the 19 hijackers decided to crash the planes into the WTC and the pentagon, if you know that the Russian army has destroyed 80% of the Chechen capital Grozny, you will not blame the Chechens. If you read about how the terrorist gangs of Stern and Haganah came from Europe to kill the Palestinian villagers and terrorizing them to emigrate from their land , and how the israeli tanks were running on the Arab detainees in the desert, you will certainly find 10000 excuse to the Palestinians.
Think about this: why would somebody bomb himself to kill others ? is it a hobby ? who will be happy to kill himself and others? Muslims are under attacks in many parts of the world: Palestine , Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippines, Thailand, Kosovo, Bosnia, and many other places. And because we don't have weapon of mass destruction, F16,and Toma Cruse rockets, some Muslims decided to respond in this way.
It's too easy to condemn the attacks of the Palestinians but what will you do if you were in their position? Would you gave your land to the israelis and let them kill your people with the American Appatchi helicopter and F16 war plane without trying to defend yourself or respond. It's unfair to condemn the killing of some civilians while supporting or justifying the killing of others.
AS Muslims we are not happy when we saw innocent people getting killed in any part of the world, but it's impossible to stop this explosions? You know why ? because it's the reaction of the aggression against Muslims.
The western civilians are not more valuable than our civilians, and our blood is not cheaper than yours.
May baldur and odin both love you Ms. theology

Aman! Shut Up! I have

Aman! Shut Up! I have sheltered Bosnians in my home during the conflict, that stole from me and incurred huge phone bills they never paid. They used my computer and printer to formulate the worst kind of claptrap and garbage. Bombing the japanese that way was the only way to get them to wake up. They TOO had a holy mission. The Shogunate warlords of WWII had told them, we would eat their children alive! ( We meaning all the allies!) That the chinese and Filipinos, the Australians, American, British and others would maim, kill, rape and pillage their people. They told them terrible things. When american troops entered Okinawa they threw their children off of the cliffs to kill and thus save them from what they believed was afate worse than death. Then the parents jumped as well. Not all of them, but enough to cause the troops to cry, in despair because they could not reach them in time to save them. They had left orderes for people to fight to the death, and they would have until there were no more japanese. The code of Bushido would have demanded it. They dropped the bomb and killed many people and in doing so the war ended and they were able to save millions more. Before you say another word about anything that happened during WWII we knew they would not surrender. we had enigma's code. The infamous code machine. rather than let the enemy know that we knew their plans we sacrificed towns, villages, people that many cared about rather than let the Axis powers know we had the information. Talk to the people in the town of Coventry, we let them, the Axis, destroy that town. There are always atrocities on both sides Aman, that is why war is so foul. You are talking to a woman in a family with a long line of military people. I grew discussing warfare and strategems with my father. Ca ira! As the french say..so it goes! That is life. I cannot do anything about that, which happened in the past. Turks hate Greeks , Greeks hate Turks.. listen one summer in cyprus and you will understand. Algerians, Tunisians, Lebanese, Syrians, Moroccans, etc, etc.. Bah! Why do they flock to France whne they know the French look down on them. Well to be honest,the French look down on everyone but the French..And if you hear them tell it the rest of the Allies did nothing during WWII. Would you condemn the people in the NOrth in the USA for going to war with teh South during the Civil War, the loss of life was great. In Chechnya there is a war on also. Did anyone try to talk first. Bosnia _Herzegovonia ..Did they all try to talk first. Yes it is hard to talk to people shooting you. And the Serbs did just that. I lost friends there..Serbs..Croats...Muslims. Some people killed just for being married to the wrong person. but I have also had my Palestinian friend hounded from a Jordianian neighborhodd and married to a Jordanian simply because she was Palestinian and had been a refugee. Or my english friend married to a Palestinian ( he has been there with his family since 1949)living in Kuwait. they are 7th degree Kuwaitis what kind of nonesense is that. Please do not do the righteous indignation routine. It never ceases to amaze me the duplicity of the peaceful put upon spin that you try to use for your religion. Does not work here! Not buying! No way, no how!
Why would someone committ suicide? For the same reason the japanese banzai pilots did during WWII. Brainwashed? Told they would go to heaven? Leaned on until they made the ultimate sacrifice?
I vas never against anyone I vas just following order, herr obergruppenfuerher, excuse I mean mullah?Mohammed whispered in my ear and said.. 77 really hot virgins just for you..Iqbal? Do no t set the Palestinainas problems solely at teh West's feet! You r brethern , freedom loving, god fearing, charitable leadders who were spending oil money right and left humping all over Europe in the red Light districts swilling good french champagne, eating pate ( you have any idea what is in pate!) heheheh! No matter they were washing it down with alcohol. Buying solid gold bathroom fixtures, rolls royces, jaguars, lamborghinis and austin martins in 7 different colours dancing till dawn in the discos! Oh that is right! The Sabas, the Kuwaiti Royal Family, they were in Kuwait suffering during the Desert Storm Gulf War! I do not think so.. see the previous sentences. Do no t bother to sputter or go indignant! Papparazzi, the bane of Europe caught them on camera! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! At the disco!
Playing Baccarat and Chemin de Fer at teh casinos in Monte Carlo! Ciao Babies!
They could have helped the poor disenfranchised Palestinians more. They and others did not want to. The Palestinians squawk too much, stir up too muhc trouble for them. That is why they have made sure they stayed in those
camps. waiting for something that might never happen. Muslims in Thailand are not under attack. Two stupid kids made a rap song, not a dirty one either. They got carried away by the beauty of the words in the Quran, they did not know they could not record those . But tell me what about the Qurans that are on CD and cassette tapes for the blind and the visually impaired. So that is not allowed either? Just checking. I already know the answer. The Moros in the Phillipines try to secede away form the country proper every few years or so, and each and every time they get their bums kicked nad made to get back in group. But civil War I see is cool by you as long as Muslims get their own way. You people are still on here trying to proselytze and convert othes. Stay home with that shit! If someone comes to you..well and good otherwise. Keep your mouths shut and mind your p's and q's! Why? Because for the same reason I usually want to kick the arse of every Jehovah's Witness or Mormon knocking on my door at 7 am in the damn morning. If the scummy little muslim boy who has been staying out all night long drinking, whoring and painting the town does not pass his exam, it is because the professor is prejudiced against Muslims. Go home stay there. Get out! Let the door knobs hit you where your good lord split you! You are not happy to see such things! BULLSHIT! I have seen the dancing..and singins and trilling! No it was not a film clip, it was in the neighborhood right after ANY attack against the West..and these were not poor people either! And for the love of Freya do not tell me I did not understand what they were saying! I understood very well from the sharmutta who was married to the cousin in law across the street to my brother in law the zib yelling in the street.. Telhasi Teezi Amerika! Telhasi Teezi West! Kul Khara! *trilling like some sort of diseased maddened cows*

Odin and Baldur do love me as does Freya, Tyr and Thor.. Who in the name of the Gods & Goddesses did you think whispered in my ear and said "loose that bum!"

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

The letter writer

The letter writer says:

Those, like yourself, who speak out in favour of freedom of speech
and press should also speak out against the raising tide in Denmark of
racial and religious intolerance. The Danish cartoon affair is NOT just
a test of basic freedoms, it is a concerted attack on a visible
minority and that attack is being waged not only by incendiary
cartoonists but also by government officials included the Queen of
Denmark herself.

Perhaps when the mass of Muslims can rouse themselves to speak out against terrorist attacks against civilians, against the murder in the street of artists, against threats to the lives of writers and speakers and filmmakers, against the horrifying images and depictions of Jews, Westerners, and other apostates in the Muslim media, when Muslims can express as much outrage against the violence and slander committed in the name of their faith as they can express against cartoons that point out all that violence, maybe then I'll share the letter writer's sentiment.  Until then, the actions of those protesting and burning Danish embassies only embody the very sentiments expressed in the cartoons, that the first response of the world Muslim community is to attack and destroy anything that does not agree with its agenda, while hypocritically refusing to turn the same critical eye on its own people.

Not deaf, not blind, not stupid

Thanks for copying and pasting someone else's conspiracy theory.

That's the trouble with you conspiracy theorists - you're always conspiring!

Bob Doney

To A New Believer and armyscout43

To a New Believer...you only seen the badside of Muslims. Or you only chose to look at the bad side of them.  Did you ever take a chance to look at the good things in Islam and of our Muslims.  You cannot judge all people by their religion.  Just because your a Muslim doesnt mean you cant do anything wrong.  Crimes are happeneing all around the world.  By Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews.  You dont look at the religion when they do it though.  You look at that cirtain community or just that person.  You cant blame the whole religion or the whole Middle-East for what little you seen and or heard.  You just cant.  And your asking why we went to the West if we had a good life given by god.  Its because of greed by cirtain people, which i regret. But also to spread Islam.  That is what we were told to do.  Spread Islam and try and save as many souls as you can from the fire of hell.  Whats is this Odin and Baldur you believe in.  I've read about the and nothing seems special.  Special enough to choose over Islam or even Christianity or even Judiusm.  There are just a few people who are lead astray as they turn to Logic.  And also, as science is recently proving things about behaviour when looking at the moon and other things.  This has already been proven in the Quran written over 1000 years ago.  And to you armyscout43.  Why don't you for once study Islam.  Stop listening to all the shit your hearing about Islam on your damn TV, cause its usally lies.  Go and just research our religion. 

And about our Prophet Muhammed(P.B.U.H) as he and the Muslims took bak Makka(Mecca) from the non-Muslims.  He came across the man who killed his beloved daughter.  He instead of killing him forgave him and gave him two choices either leave the city of Makka peacefully or become a Muslim.  With these two choices that man became a Muslim and accepted our Religion.  Our prophet says that Forgive even your worst enemies for it may touch their heart and make them a close friend. 

To Imran Patel

We do not want proselytzing in the West, stay home and keep that crap there. My religion was around long before Mohammed slung camel dung for his cookfire. And I did not see a little I saw a lot. Please do not bring that holier than thou attitude to my front door or I will smash you in the face with Partition and all the tender little atrocities you mangled nattering nabobs of negativism, did to innocent women,men, children, and the elderly. Please do not get into an intellectual pissing match with me.. I will wipe the very floor with you. Save that for some fool who might even begin to believe your sordid and tawdry little lies. I taught comparative Religion. I repeat once again. I may have been STUPID enough to marry a muslim arab, but thank the gods I was not STUPID enough to become one. I was not born a jew and so, there seems little need to go through all the rigorous conversion process for a faith I am not even remotely interested in becoming a member of. My parents were Christian and my father stopped attending religious services after liberating the Auschwitz Concentration Camp! My religion suits me just fine, it feeds my soul, nurtures my heart, mind, body and soul. I truly wish all could feel as I do. But to those who knock on my door and offer me the WORD, I am right back there with them, being one of Freya's Witnesses! by the way ...Did you know that Odin hung on Yggdrasil for nine days and his his drops of blood became the Holy Runes! Praise Odin! I would talk with more of this..but I only do that if I think that you matter. guess what.. you do not matter. Now excuse me I must spread that "Truly OLD Time Religion!"
You know it is good enough for me!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

I agree with Onenoson

Well....i totally agree with Onenoson.  The muslims in this world are usually average people like everyone else.  And like everyone else there are always the one that go wrong.  In every society, people do bad things.  Its just when a muslim does it, the newspapers always mention the religion.  If a Jewish person or a Christian person commited suicide or even murdered sumone. The religion wouldnt be mentioned. But if it was a muslim they would always mention it.  Its the way a bias newspaper works.  Not all newspapers are bias.  The most untrustwrothy according to me is the American CNN.  They cannot be trusted at all.  Also I really believe everyone should watch the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 if they havent watched the movie and also visit this site.  It is about the Pentagon Strike in the U.S.  You can take it as you wish afterwards. 


I have just one more thing to say just as Onenoson said, please learn and read about the Prophet Muhammed(P.B.U.H) and then talk about him.  You will have no evil thoughts about him.

A Biblical Quote John 8:1-11

John 8:1-11

81while Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. 2Early in the morning he came again to the temple. All the people came to him and he sat down and began to teach them. 3The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery; and making her stand before all of them, 4they said to him, ‘Teacher, this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery. 5Now in the law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?’ 6They said this to test him, so that they might have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. 7When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, ‘Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’ 8And once again he bent down and wrote on the ground. 9When they heard it, they went away, one by one, beginning with the elders; and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. 10Jesus straightened up and said to her, ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ 11She said, ‘No one, sir.’ And Jesus said, ‘Neither do I condemn you. Go your way, and from now on do not sin again.’

(NRSV translation)

Re Limited Mouth for Free speech

Well, I think I will go make a delicious Danish Ham sandwich,some peppery Havarti laid across it, a bit of country mustard on some fresh baked whole grain thick sliced bread, slice of tomato, a bit of lettuce, ooops s almost forgot my hot peppers, garlic pickle and sliced onion. There
a masterpiece!.

Now that washed down with some good ice cold Danish beer, and maybe a slice of that
cherry kringle in the pantry ought to go down well!

Yummm! Good eats!

Oh I am sorry.. Did you say something?

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Re Nonesense

Please spare the histrionics for someone who cares. I lived in the Middle East was married to a muslim arab. "You" cannot tell me anything about arabs, muslims, the politics, religion. We had two imams in his family! I taught Comparative Religion and Took my degrees in Theology. So I do "know" what it is supposed to be about. *shaking my head sadly* And I also have seen what it is about. I did learn a few things. I learn about lies, hypocrisy, double dealing, backstabbing, intrigue, greed, lust, viciousness.. and that was before the family sat down to eat together. I learned the neighbors and the servants.
there is an old arab saying " A guest is the captive of the entire quarter!" Oh yes, and when you are, you learn far more than you really ever wanted to know. It is true West has it faults and has not always dealt well with the poor, disenfranchised, needy and the refugees overseas. But please, let us also remember that the arab governments, bastions of righteous holiness, indignation and sanctity are just as corrupt if not more so than the West. I have watched people divorce others and leave them with nothing, including taking the Mazhr that was supposed to have come to them. I was smart I gave a dowry and putin in interest bearing funds where I held onto it.. for the family. I have heard so much camel and goat dung flung here. It is incroyable as the french say. I listened to a turkish woman speak about the good relations muslims, christian and jews there. Ohh what a Lie! Sounds good!
Or is she going to rewrite Turkish history.. she will need to and skip all of it after the Young Turks came into power.. because the Armenians did not get their final solution. Though the gods know the Turks did try! their diaspora is legend also. Or perhaps that too. Like unto the Holocaust did not happen then. Hmm! Well that is the scuttlebut I hear from Teheran. Ahh let us speak of the champions then of the Palestinian peoples. long oppressed and made indigent. Why did their arab neighbors, their brothers in blood, religion and cultural heritage keep them in bondage. Ihave heard from various other.. it was so they would be a constant reminder to teh West of what they have done. Hmm! Honestly, the refugee camps could have been better provided for. The Sabas weep for them.. instead of them slurping down champagne and feeding their fat faces in Paris.. why did they not send a little more, to help if they ever did at all. Talk to me of the thousands of Kuwaiti women raped by the Iraquis! Where oh where we the god fearing, quran quoting, freedom loving, joyful followers in the military. in submission to Allah, seeking a way to win the war..but in a way most holy and muslameen! Do the ones who raped women and then die in battle in jihad.. Do they get their virgins? I mean I think some of them had them before hand, yes..no? I do not want to hear this sordid lies. Were they listening to Allahs words and will when they slaughtered Kurds. No power struggles have been turning on themselves and their heads since the day that the prophet died and Hussein was slain in the desert! Because the other s did not want him to become the succesor. there is more much more, but it makes me tired just to think of it. And those fat bottomed imams in Danmark..ohhhhh! I feel for them! That was one hell of a PR trip they undertook.. guess no one was paying enough attention. Was that it! No, my making a sandwich and getting a cold beer was not nonesense. I was hungry! And I like Danish ham, ribs, butter, cheese, beer, cookies, cakes, desserts.. you name it.. if it is Danish I will buy it now. I did not buy tons of Danish products before.. But I am now. Why because I have no intention of listening to the nonsensical ravings of some lunatic madmen and bull manure artistes! Who suddenly have found their righteous fury and indignation.. and become the saviors of the islamic world! Right! I may have been STUPID enough to marry a muslim arab.. but I was never STUPID enough to become a muslim! And that had nothing to do with the Quran or the prophet Muhammed. It had to do with the neighbors, the family, my ex-husband, the police officers, the soldiers, the shopkeepers, the newspapers ( totally government controlled!), the teachers, the civil servants, etc. etc. etc. You see I do not know where all these great muslims come from.. but I do know that you never seem to see them until they are whipped in to an angry mob ( a terrible thing to waste once whipped up you realize!) I hate religious hypocrites. Especially mealymouthed ones. I also hate religious fanatics! you cannot trust them. And yes I have seen the horrible people. And the people who profess to be good muslims, working as secret police , trying to incite trouble, speaking about the glory of jihad and sacrific eetc. I lived there. Do not worry so about the media in the West! They will get the message through loud and clear. The Danish imams...oh! It is like the game of rumor.. there is a truth maybe not quite so pleasant,,but whisper it to one, who whispers it to another and when it finally finishes. Except they did more than whisper..and now suddenly they wish to propose an end to it. It has become something else entirely. My great grandfather said actions speak louder than words. It is one thing to write or draw something another does not agree with.. and much more serious to escalate where one speaks of killing others simply for writing. You will not change my mind about the Middle East! Not one whit! I already make some friends mad or angry because either way I tell how and what I feel or saw, or heard or understood. Yhere is no nonesense in tiring of listening to recrimnations and condenmations from perople who were allowed to come someplace that sheltered them from repression, tyranny and the travails of their lives that caused them to leave before from their Oh So Perfect homelands. If it was so perfect, so holy, so allah inspired..why did they come to the west..would they not have been happier being one with their homelands, surounded by like minded, like speaking, like dressing, like culturally they had left. That would be sensible! Instead of trying to turn the place they came to into what they left!

Now, I need another beer..say would like.. ah How about a coca cola?

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Bashar the sultan of foulmouth

Does the Koran say "allah will promise if you lie you will go to paradise with 70 virgins"   Bashar swears he doesn't swear LOL.  Look out virgins cuz Bashar the venom spewer is on his way.  BTW I was against the Iraqi invasion because Bush was off by one letter it should have been Iran who was invaded.  I can't wait to see how the Sunnis will react when the shiite develop a nuke....They just love the Persians!  Remember all you muslims  and Bin Laden.....the Iranians want to make the middle east Persia.

to persian bashar

Please don’t let those arrogant fools make you lose your nerves and abandon the way islam asked us to argue with those arrogant who don't know…remember what allah says in quran (argue them (non Muslims) with the patience and good fine advice ) . and remember also allah says ( are you just furious from us because we believed in our god).


By the way,if you are Iranian, I congratulate you fro having your president ahmed najad



dear sister nermin

thanks for the advise your are right they do not know that is what our prophit said if they know what a beatifull religion we ahev they will begging god for forgivness i will stop repsonding them with the same tone keep your well written messages becuase i know for a fact it will sound in their mind even if they deny it allh yehimiki and allah akabar at this point i am iranian i am everymuslims and i wish iran well with their nuclear program and we have to keep the boycott....one things resume of this show how some and few people are ignorant about the fact of religion and other culture knowingthat not everyone is like them not every christian and jew are like these gentelmen.....
and i rrespond with the same tone sometimes for god saying treat them teh way they treat you..
but i will change my way of writing to well organized messeges


Congratulations to Nermin and all "peaceloving" Mulims. So now you've burned our embassy in Damaskus down, while the Syrian authorities did nothing. You have no honour, you have no compassion, you are a disgrace to human kind.
Please everybody, who disagrees with Nermin and her proganda, boycott her. You cannot discuss or try to explain anything to a fundamentalist.

to this done

hhahh,you really made me laugh .where is the freedom of speech you claim to defend .
if you want your embassies not to be burnt together with your flags,you should have respected over one fifth of the population Mr whatever.
if you insult someone in the street ,noone will blame this if he reply to you rudeness.
i feel pity for you for you r ignorance and double standards you look at anything in life.
can your damned news paper dare to make cartoons mocking gays...
of course not because no one dare but you dared to mock a prophet of 1.5 billion muslism who himself didnot do anything to you but what can i say .it is your ignorance and foolishness.

Well, I'm really glad I made

Well, I'm really glad I made you laugh, Nermin. I must say I'm rather surprised, because I didn't think that was possible for you.
I don't see the double standard, though. Burning our flag is something you're free to do. I mean, nobody gets hurt and it's a perfect way of showing how you feel about Jyllandsposten (even though Jyllandsposten doesn't represent the Danish people, nor the Government, but that is apparently impossible to explain a fundamentalistic Muslim, so I won't try anymore).
Burning down buildings, in which people live and work, is pure violence and nothing else. Can't we agree on that at least?
It's funny, you keep talking about wanting to protect the prophet Muhammad, but you're so different from what he stood for. I'm sorry Nermin, but I don't think he would have liked you and all your hatred.

to this done

hhahh,you really made me laugh .where is the freedom of speech you claim to defend .
if you want your embassies not to be burnt together with your flags,you should have respected over one fifth of the population Mr whatever.
i feel pity for you for you r ignorance and double standards you look at anything in life.
can your damned news paper dare to make cartoons mocking gays...
of course not because no one dare but you dared to mock a prophet of 1.5 billion muslism who himself didnot do anything to you but what can i say .it is your ignorance and foolishness.

Islamic Responsibility


We have one point of agreement - JustinOK seems to be as full of hate as the people he criticizes. He has several good points but they are mostly lost in visceral rhetoric. After that I would have to say that you are as misled as anyone on this site.

Islam as a peaceful religion? I suppose that there is a lot of peace taught in the Quaran and I believe that most Muslims are peace loving people who want the same as I do. It is also true, however, that the Prophet slaughtered an entire tribe of Jews near Medina before he Conquered Mecca - without a fight because of his demonstration of ruthlessness. It is also true that most of the terrorists currently active in the world proclaim a bastardization of Islam.

A lot of regular Muslims have called for the death of Danish cartoonists in some sort of Islamic Justice because they have "blasphemed" Islam. These are the same people who would blaspheme Christianity's central tenet of the Trinity without trying for a moment to understand it. This is the same people who descrated the most sacred place in Judaism - the Temple Mount - by building a mosque over it. Read what the Bible and see what God (Yahweh) thinks of other religions building altars on his sacred sites. This is the same people who similarly descrated Hindu temples in India by building mosques over their levelled foundations. Muslims have nothing to say about others "blaspheming" their faith.

With respect to World War II, have you ever heard of Haj Amin al-Husseini? He was the Grand Muffi of Jerusalem. He spent much of the war in Berlin as an honoured guest of the Third Reich where he had a significant part in the development of the "Final Solution" - all for the right of Palestinian Muslims to take care of the "Jewish Problem" in Palestine themselves. He developed Palestinian Nazi units for the Balkans and the Yugoslavs wanted him prosecuted for war crimes after the war but, because of his immense popularity in the Middle East they were denied. Middle Eastern Muslims were significant collaborators and partners in the Holocost and, as such, bear as much responsibility for their history as anyone in Europe.

The Holocost was not a European event separate and apart from a peaceful world of the Prophet. It is time that Islamic apologists own up to that and quit spouting lies that place themselves on a pedestal they don't deserve. Only after that - not the abandonment of Israel by the West - will there be a peaceful co-existance. I am not, however, holding my breath waiting for this mass weaning of from the addiction to self-righteousness.

to patriotii

you will not be happy by the end of the crusades
Read the history again

reply to nermin

you say that dispalys of anger as in burnings are done all over the world...we these are meant to strike an insult to the relative people, just like the cartoon, but if you burn a dummy or a flag no one declares war and demands the severed heads of those responsable. And those representations of real people where the cartoon is of a unproven(and in my opinion fictious)prophet.

But you are right about one thing. Muslims will never be red indians. Red indians had honor and heritage, muslims are a violent, hate driven plague on the earth

to JustinOK from nermin, no one logic sentence

you did not reply with one logic sentence mr...
only ugly words.
i said that in my past comments but i have to say here again.clinton burnt his own flag one day..
if you donot believe in any prophets .it is up to you..none said to you otherwise but dont impose that on others and dont mock other.
the prophet to muslims is not a piece of cloth burnt everyday to protest and not a damn dummi of any politician who comes and go ....
even celebrities have problems with the press so donot be ignorant to that extent


I heard some Islamic nutbag wrote here that all muslims that were angry at the freedom in the west to mock ANY RELIGION would move back to Ilamic countries if westerners would get out of the middle east.


I'm sure we could work something out! There are NO westerners in their right minds who would choose to live in countries like that, so it would be the US
and UK soldiers and western oil companies.

All of us want our soldiers back. They want to come home. As soon as new elections are over in the US and UK, the new governments will bring back the soldiers.

That will be easy to solve, as nobody here wants them in the Middle Esatern psycho ward that muslims call countries.

And all the western oil companies... the same people who came up with the technology to FIND the oil, to PUMP it out of the ground, to DISTRIBUTE the
oil... in other words invented and built the whole petro industry for you, and payed your depotic leaders billions and billions of dollars so that they could lay around the French Riviera and fuck 50,000$ a night whores and bet 5,000,000$ a night on baccarat, send their children to expensive western schools, WHILE THEY GIVE THEIR OWN PEOPLE NOTHING.

The worst leaders in the world history have made themselves billionaires many times over and kept their people in poverty and sickness. Instead, the give the
people ISLAM. Why is it that Islamic countries have such vast wealth in oil and the only people who profit from it is your two faced, lying leaders wh make deals with the west and keep all the money for themselves. So we get the western companies out and we buy your oil at whatever price you want, because lets see you EAT and DRINK oil.

Then everybody is happy. You are where you want to be, and we don't have to listen to you "DEMNAD" how we act in our own counttries. You won't have to threaten us with your big, bad Muhjahadeen fighters.

Your fighters are such cowards... they are REALLY GOOD at attcking WEDDING RECEPTIONS, SCHOOL BUSES, OFFICE BUILDINGS WITH HIJACKED JETS, CAFES, HOTELS and all soft, undefended targets. Every single time we get you on a battlefield we kick your ass and you turn and run like cowards.

Only in Afghanistan against the Russian army were you successful, ONLY BECAUSE THE CIA gave you weapons and training. How else would shoot down a Russian helicopter? Chase it on your camel and throw rocks at it? No, THE CIA gave you Stinger missles,
technology that you NEVER are able to come up with on your own because you are kept in such IGNORANCE by your depotic, criminal leaders that the only way you can get an education in the fields of science required to make weapons like that is if you try to get out (again) of your own pitiful countries and go to school in the West.

And if you think Iran or Pakistan can help you with their little pathetic nuclear programs... we have dozens and dozens submarines under all the oceans of the world, and JUST ONE of them could take out ALL YOUR CAPITAL CITIES AND THE PEOPLE IN THEM

So go ahead and try to start something. You may kill some of us, but 20 minutes later you will ALL be extinct. 


To Brian

you said: "There are NO westerners in their right minds who would choose to live in countries like that"
You are absolutely wrong, there are thousands of americans and europeans who live in the gulf states, believe me: they kiss the sandy land under the feet of Saudis, for some Saudi Riyals.

you said: "There are NO

you said: "There are NO westerners in their right minds who would choose to live in countries like that"
You are absolutely wrong, there are thousands of americans and europeans who live in the gulf states, believe me: they kiss the sandy land under the feet of Saudis, for some Saudi Riyals.

ask those people too

there are also a lot of tehm who spend their vacation in dubai.ask ex presidend clintion and madonna who have houses there .aslo ask brad bit and anglina jolie and mickel jackson about their vacation recently there.
aslo u can ask tony blair about his spending for teh third consecutive years his chrismas vacation in sharm elsheikh in egypt.
donot make hatred and blindness drive u from your senses .

why anyone make mocking cartoons

If we want to make cartoons to mock..there are a lot of things to mock about in this world. Is not that true…we can even mock those who eat donkeys and insects which are disgusting …what about Indians women give dowry to Indian men..what about Indian wives who were buried alive with her dead husbands. what about those who drink blood to give them  power for life as they claim …


If I am about to mention examples ,I will not finish..


But why I mock other human living with me in this universe. why I donot live in peace and in my own business and let others live too….


Why I donot give my concern to my own concern and my own problems


Why I make awful things then cover it with freedom of speech which is  a rubbery word….what I will gain from provoking other humans living with me in the same planet..


For the million of times,making cartoons criticizing or making fun of any politician or leader to attract the attention of eth society to the attitudes or action of that person who are supposed to work for the society is allowed and welcomed but interfering  even in personal life of  people or celebrities is not welcomed because it may hurt or destroy their life…

Can anyone reply tome giving me his or her opinions ..looking forwards reply from you .


N.B . I am not against Indian, as they are great ancient nation.





I guess what you're saying is everyone should just get along and mind their own business...thats funny I thought thats what the people who died on 9/11 were doing, what about all the bus bombings, market bombings, ect. is that what you call living in peace with your fellow man.

And you talk about mocking if it is so bad to mock people then why don't you tell all the people in the middle east who burn dummies resembling pres. Bush and other leaders around the world that they are adversely affecting the well being of humanity and see what kinda of response you get from them

to JustinOK from nermin

You are totally unaware of what you say…
Burning piece of cloth which is the flag of any country or dummi of any any politicians is something done wordwide by all nation and ethnics groups .right or wrong. Fighting an d defending are also normal attitudes of aggression and occupying…but you fool arrogant want tokill others and humiliate an doccupy without any loss..
The arabs or Palestinians are not and will never be the red indians.
Ignoring fact will never lead to anywhere.
Withdraw from iraq and afghansatan , stop supporting Israel. or you are Israeli yourself. And you will live in peace as you were living only 10 years ago…..

Response to threats from weak people

First of all to the kitten comment.  In the USA we know how to deal with animals who attack humans. You put them down with the bad end of a rifle.

To those who say muslims are victims in a hate filled world.  You all make me sick, you poor bastards think blowing yourselves up in the name of your god will bring you great rewards...then why don't you all follow suit so the world can be rid of you freaks(and you not freaks for your religous choices, it's your life choices)

And to the rest of you who talk of bringing war, GO AHEAD AND TRY!!!

The whole world say what the US did to you in such a short time.  What do you think will happen if you bring war and actually invade someone?  I'll tell you, the USA and the rest of the world will bend you poor, delusional, sub-human, pieces of shit over, and shove you precious Jihad up your turbin topped asses!

So in closing, if you can't live without trying to blow everyone up, then you don't deserve to live.  

my dear fellow justin

win first the war in irak the count of american tools is 2567 after the invasion
win that war and then conquer teh islamic world and countries with all teh things in them
sweet dream
lastest new 4 marines just dies in irak today


That was very funny about stealing resources!  Hopefully in the near future, with methane , hydrogen and wind sources all the oil wells will be capped.

Limits on Free Speech

As a Canadian I embrace the limits on free speech when they prevent incitements to violence, particularly against identifiable groups (hate literature). I will, if necessary, give my life for the freedom in my country to free speech that simply offends. I am offended daily by extremist Muslim rhetoric against the West (now including Denmark) and Israel. I am offended by the common Muslim mocking of the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity and the desecration of the Temple Mount by Islam. I, however, live in a secular society - as do Muslims outside of the Middle East.

If I want to live somewhere where such blasphemies against Christianity and Judaism are crimes I must go and live there (I don't know where that would be if I wanted to go there). Muslims who want to live somewhere where blasphemies against the Prophet are crimes they can to to the Islamist Middle East. Otherwise they can buck up and fuck off.


Islam is truly a violent and evil religion and the reaction of the Muslims only proves the point.

lets use freedom of speech for some good instead of provoking

first off, i am a muslim as well and i agree that threats to kill the author are completely wrong. Killing doesn't justify anything. it must be understood that just because some people have posed a threat to kill the author doesn't mean that its a muslim point of view. Those are radical people's point of view, not radical MUSLIMS. Everyone says there should be absolutely no limit to freedom of speech but think about it, everything good has to have a limit. Too much of a good thing is never good. You will never give a child infinite amounts of candy because it will make them sick. Think of anything good that you would enjoy....and then imagine endless amounts of it....it would eventually hurt you in maybe a small amount or a very large amount but it would hurt you, right?
In countries like USA, under the freedom of speech, if you verbally threaten someone, you will be imprisoned. Therefore, we have alredy imposed a limit on the freedom of speech because it would be hurting someone. By drawing cartoons of our prophet, they are hurting our prophet. Just because one does not believe in someone else's religion does not mean they can disrespect the beliefs of others. Is this not also the basis of democracy? That you may express your opinions and beliefs and follow them as long as you do not harm yourself or others. You may disagree with other beliefs and say why you disagree but you should not do so by ridiculing and insulting.

The reason Muslims across the world uproared to the cartoons is that they value prophets (ALL OF THEM). Other than the crazy osama and people who believe in terrorizing and kidnapping all the time, muslims respect all religions. We have otherwise not shown hostility to others. The only people who did so were osama and his followers. Other than that, muslims are just regular people wanting everyone to leave them alone and let them practice their religion. In the midst of all this post 911 stuff and constantly having their religion debated, posting such cartoons further insults and ridicules and hurts the rights of millions of muslims to practice their religion. The freedom of speech was put in place to be able to express opinions. Could the authors not have done so without drawing pictures of Mohammed (P.B.U.H) face thereby expressing their opinions without disrespecting other religons?I'm sure he could have. He would have expressed his opinion and nobody would have said anything.
Another might argue that well then again we are limiting ourselves. I would say but why not limit yourself? what's wrong with limiting yourself? does it hurt anyone? NO! isnt that how the world should go on? are we supposed to be trying to hurt others all day not just with weapons and war but now with words as well? Forgetting religions and beliefs, what are we basing our words and ways of life on if we just go on saying what we want not caring what happens to others?
Generally, societies follow the moral of reciprocity. If today you ridicule one religion, tomorrow they will ridicule you and it will keep on going and going but where would we get? because in the end there will still be people on both sides of the argument. It doesn't matter whether it is Islam vs. another religion. It could be any two religions. This isn't a fact or theory that we can solve through science or math. It is a matter of beliefs. If the author has the right to speech then so do muslims to practice their religion without insults and ridiciule day and night on the media and in their faces.

There are millions of cartoons and articles and books out there right now expressing opposing views to Islam and to our prophet and each has been returned equally with arguments in cartoons, articles, scientific articles, etc. Drawing a picture of his face was far more than an opinion or opposing argument. Drawing a picture of our prophets face was just plain disrespect. Muslims are fighting today for the respect of their religion. Osama and his followers are like the bullies you have in school when you are little. If you ignore them, they will die down and go away but the more you try and match up to them the worse they will get. So, when authors and cartoonists made millions of pictures and wrote articles ridiculing and insulting Osama, only his followers that are affected directly were the ones who revolted. Otherwise the rest of the sane true Muslim world agreed that osama is wrong and should be imprisoned and punished.

These cartoons are only insulting Islam because of Osama and 911 and all that, I would like to know how much the authors know about Islam to think up of that message? Did they actually pick up a Quran and compare numerous history books and articles to find out if that is what our prophet was like or did they just base it on Osama's interpretation? If I learn that they really did do thorough research on Islam and our prophet and their opinion remained unchanged, I would commend them for their unbiased opinions BUT still would go against them because they drew the face of our prophet. I respect their opinion no matter what it is and so do other muslims butttt all we want is for others to respect ours and not ridicule it. Others have the right not to believe in it and disagree with Islam but they do not have the right to make a joke of it. If Islam is being made a joke then so must be every other religion in the world and once we do that...what else is left to do? Can't religions, beliefs and values be left alone since they are supposed to be separate from politics? (i.e. separation of church and state)
If the authors did not do any research and based it on stereotypes and Osama's ideas of jihad, then it is an ignorant opinion BUT an OPINION nonethelss that he DOES HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS. HOWEVER, and i have said this again and again DRAWING THE FACE of the prophet was what was wrong.
Suppose relations between person A and person B are very hostile. Person A learns that a certain comment would provoke person B to become very very angry and person A then actually makes that comment, person B then reacts by using foul language and after some time of arguing person B's temper explodes and he starts to fight physically. Who's fault is it? Suppose person A and B were your children. Ofcourse you would yell at both kids. Person A was wrong because he provoked knowing that person B would react and be upset. Person B was wrong because he did not control his temper. But if person A had never said anything....nothing woud have happened right? Both sides would have stayed apart and minded their own business.
In sum, freedom of speech is a great thing butttt it should be used wisely.....heres a thought....let's use it to cause good and happiness for mankind instead of disruption, political unrest and unhappy people all over the world? we already have world hunger, aids, global warming and other huge problems.....why not make a cartoon that makes fun of rich people spending money on diamond encrusted eyelashes instead of donating to unicef?

Anti-Religiousness. Period.

In regards to Bjorn, producing pop culture artifacts that desecrate Christianity... who cares (that is among the Westerners)?! But probably according to the Muslim world, this is exactly where we've gone wrong, as the 'INFIDELS' THAT WE ARE... "Nothing is sacred to us... oh no... guess, maybe because we don't believe in the Quaran, but instead, practice Democracy, Capitalism and HUMAN RIGHTS?"

Try doing just that, imagine being a Muslim man of origin, who decides to express HIS DIFFERENCE OF OPINIONS AND EXPRESS HIS HUMAN RIGHTS, producing such artifacts that desecrate Islam in one of the Muslim countries...

A similar situation could never be imagined to be happening in the Muslim world because if one decides to express his / her difference in views of the matter, he / she will immidiately be shut down and killed, no questions asked. But of course, in the 'precious' religion of Islam NOTHING CAN BE QUESTIONED. Look at the fate of Salman Rushdie... and the fact that every Muslim is vowed to kill him on the spot, if found.

And speaking of the word 'PRECIOUS': seems like someone here, or maybe it's the collective Muslim world, have reached a stage similar to that of the Golum (of the Lord of the Rings), whenever they refer and think of Islam.

"Oh!! My Prreciousssssssss!!!"

"The Danish cartoon affair

"The Danish cartoon affair is NOT just a test of basic freedoms, it is a concerted attack on a visible minority"

But let us ignore the beheading of Christian girls in Indonesia, the bombing of churches in Pakistan and the jailing of Zoroastrians in Iran.

Some others wish to talk about the great tolerance which is Islam, tolerance which can be obtained only through dhimmi status and your payment of jizya. Talk about you institutionalized attack on a minority. But even this still doesn't really protect you from the Muslim mob because if they want what you have then all bets are off.

Some others mentioned the Coptic Church and conversion...what happens to would be converts from Islam, oh thats right Apostates are to be killed.

The most interesting fact is the overwhelming tolerance given to muslims from the West, even to those muslims who want to destroy it. Yet cartoons are such a provacation that danes are beaten in Gaza...tell me what is the bigger crime the cartoons or the assualt. It seems that the assualt was warranted due to the cartoons...even if those assualted had nothing to do with them. Where is the moderate tolerant muslim's rage over such injustice. No where to be found.

Islam - terror or religion?

I agree with you, using violence is not the way to express one's anger. Islam appears to justify everything in accordance to their belief. We in Europe should wake up and realise that unless we encourage moderate Islam we will experience Islamic Fundamentalist who will destroy us. And one more thing, freedom of speech is one of the main tenets of our freedom so let's protect it.

Help for repatriation to Sharia Law states for unhappy Moslems

I think it's unfair that those who wish to live under Sharia law have to live in secular Europe. All European states should start schemes to help these people to move to Sharia Law states as they must wish. We could all contribute to this repatriation fund for Moslems who don't like European laws and moral and ethical standards.

to vin atomp

stop buying muslim oil......for good....and send all muslims where ever you want..

Islam - terror or religion?

Yeah, thats a good idea. Anyone who suffers under European democratic laws and wishes to live under sharia please leave now. However, if anyone wishes to stay and live under European democratic laws please stay and enjoy!
So our muslim friends you have only two choices.

Get out of Muslim Countries First

These pages shows how tolerant are the Europeans?
They believe that they are right, and so; everybody else is bad and wrong!!
You ask the Muslims to leave your Europe, ok but first stop steeling our resources, get out of our countries, what are you doing in Iraq ? in Afghanistan?
Europeans and Westerns have done horrible things not only to Muslims but to the whole Human race; USA has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Japan with the nuclear bombs, they have killed millions in World wars 1 & 2 , and used the poor people of Africa and Asia as fuel for their dirty wars.
So , in comparison ; Your elected governments have killed more than 30 Million man and woman during the last century, while you blame Islam for some individuals behavior.
Islam is against the killing of civilians, but the explosions in NY, London , Madrid are just the reaction of your attacks on Muslims.
I wish that this attacks will stop because I'm against the killing of civilians whatever their religion is , but the Europeans want to live secure in their country while killing others outside!!!
At the same time I fully support the Iraqi and the Afghani resistance which target the American and the western occupiers. And by the way the Danish soldiers in Iraq are now hiding like mice in their bases, Strange Danes, so brave in Denmark, cowards in Iraq
For that American who serves in Iraq, get out before you return to your country in a box. Your nothing but a contributor in the killing of the Iraqis. Shame on you?

Stealing resources?

Last time I checked, I was paying through the nose for the pleasure of "stealing" your resources. I think I speak for all Americans when I offer you and anyone else an open invitation to "steal" any and all of our resources.

A few things

I'm not totally directing this at you Aman, but you made mention of the Japan issue that needs a little clarification. It's easy and certainly simplistic as an outsider to condemn the use of atomic weapons in WWII. In fact, almost any non-American that I have ever spoken with feels as you do about it. But the truth is that the US had engaged Japan in a VERY bitter struggle throughout the Pacific for 3 1/2 long years. During the island hopping campaign that ulimately led to Japan's doorstep, the losses on both sides were horrific. Some of these islands were extremely small yet the casualties were in the tens of thousands. The Americans had no illusions about what they would face in an all out invasion of the Japan mainland. I'm not saying whether I feel it was right or wrong. The point is that it is very difficult to make judgements about the past without having lived through it.

You make some interesting points in general but where is Islam's blame? Muslims kill plenty of Muslims. They are no different than any other race. When Americans kill Muslims the whole Arab world goes mad, but when Hindus do it, not a word to be heard. When Pakistan goes at it with India, do you see other Muslims up in arms about the situation? When Muslims in Indonesia kill Christians where is the outrage? Where was the outrage after 9/11? I saw more celebration from the Arab world than condemnation. I will allow that that may have been a result of the media that I was exposed to.

Here's the thing that I find the most disturbing. The Americans go into Iraq and the suicide bombers are getting in line to blow themselves up. When Saddam was terrorizing his own people for almost 20 years, nothing. A few pathetic assassination attempts.


At the same time I fully support the Iraqi and the Afghani resistance which target the American and the western occupiers.

Just one small correction, Aman. The brave Iraqi resistance are mainly targeting their fellow Muslims.

And I think it's a bit rich to blame the Americans for the deaths in the world wars. They were VERY reluctantly dragged into both of them. The majority of the people who died in those wars were Russian, and they were fighting on the same side as the Americans. It was Hitler and the Nazis who were responsible for most of deaths, and they were not famous for liking free democratic elections and free speech.

What do you think of the general elections that have been held in the past year in Iraq? The Iraqis seem to quite like them, judging by the turnout. It's a shame the resistance do their best to disrupt them.

Bob Doney

To Bob

When I say resistance, that means the honest people who are defending their land against the us and British soldiers, not those who contributing in the dirty civil war.
And by the way the civil war only started after the invasion of Iraq.
I said that the westerns have killed millions of people during the world wars not just the Americans, I'm sorry but your history ,not ours, is filled of killing bloody wars genocides, racism, fascism, Nazism.
And don't tell me that Bush and Blair are not democratically elected!!! They are committing crimes and you have reelected them
You wrong again regarding the Iraqi elections, actually the resistance stopped its operation during the election period, and most of the people who participated in it were trying to resist the occupation politically, because armed resistance is not enough alone.
I didn't see you writing about the people who are being killed tortured or jailed by the occupation forces, just today few women and children were killed in the Sader city near Baghdad , when american warplanes hit there home with few rockets,
Yeah you brought democracy to the Iraqis but you took there lives!!!

To aman

What say we get out of your dust bowl,give you back saddam let iran build a bomb and blow the whole middle east to bits. it would be cheeper and easiest soulotion thats nmever going to go away

to that infiedel

You Said: " What say we get out of your dust bowl,give you back saddam let iran build a bomb and blow the whole middle east to bits "
No get out of Iraq and Take Saddam with you, cuz he is Rumsfild's friend ,and by the way take the American and european oil companies with you. Just a small suggestion: Try to disarm Israel from its 230 atomic and hydrogenic bombs

To aman

What say we get out of your dust bowl,give you back saddam let iran build a bomb and blow the whole middle east to bits. it would be cheeper and easiest soulotion thats nmever going to go away

My history

I'm sorry but your history ,not ours, is filled of killing bloody wars genocides, racism, fascism, Nazism.

I'm not claiming ownership of any particular history, so I don't know what you mean by "yours" and "ours". Things get inter-related in history in all sorts of strange ways. For instance, someone mentioned slavery earlier today. Many British people grew very rich as a result of the slave trade, but there again, the British parliament and the Royal Navy were among the first to do anything positive to stamp it out. Goodies or baddies. You decide.

By the way, do Turks count as "yours" or "ours"? But perhaps this isn't the time to re-open the Armenian question!!

Yeah you brought democracy to the Iraqis but you took there lives!!!

A lot of people have died over the centuries in order to establish freedom for ordinary people, like you and me.

Bob Doney