Jihad Against Danish Newspaper


Islam is no laughing matter. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten is being protected by security guards and several cartoonists have gone into hiding after the newspaper published a series of twelve cartoons (see  them all here, halfway the article) about the prophet Muhammad. According to the Islam it is blasphemous to make images of the prophet. Muslim fundamentalists have threatened to bomb the paper’s offices and kill the cartoonists.

The newspaper published the cartoons when a Danish author complained that he could find no-one to illustrate his book about Muhammad. Jyllands-Posten wondered whether there were more cases of self-censorship regarding Islam in Denmark and asked twelve illustrators to draw the prophet for them. Carsten Juste, the paper’s editor, said the cartoons were a test of whether the threat of Islamic terrorism had limited the freedom of expression in Denmark.

The publication led to outrage among the Muslim immigrants living in Denmark. 5,000 of them took to the streets to protest. Muslim organisations have demanded an apology, but Juste rejects this idea: “We live in a democracy. That’s why we can use all the journalistic methods we want to. Satire is accepted in this country, and you can make caricatures,” he said. The Danish imam Raed Hlayhel reacted with the statement: “This type of democracy is worthless for Muslims. Muslims will never accept this kind of humiliation. The article has insulted every Muslim in the world.”

Flemming Rose, the cultural editor at the newspaper, denied that the purpose had been to provoke Muslims. It was simply a reaction to the rising number of situations where artists and writers censored themselves out of fear of radical Islamists, he said. “Religious feelings cannot demand special treatment in a secular society,” he added. “In a democracy one must from time to time accept criticism or becoming a laughingstock.”

The affair, however, has also led to a diplomatic incident. On Thursday the ambassadors of eleven Muslim countries, including Indonesia, a number of Arab states, Pakistan, Iran, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, complained about the cartoons in a letter to Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. They say the publication of the cartoons is a “provocation” and demand apologies from the newspaper.

Jyllands-Posten was also included on an al-Qaeda website listing possible terrorist targets. An organisation which calls itself “The Glorious Brigades in Northern Europe” is circulating pictures on the internet which show bombs exploding over pictures of the newspaper and blood flowing over the national flag of Denmark. “The Mujahedeen have numerous targets in Denmark – very soon you all will regret this,” the website says.

Meanwhile in Brussels a young Muslim immigrant published a poster depicting the Virgin Mary with naked breasts. Though the picture has drawn some protest from Catholics (though not from Western embassies, nor from the bishops), this artist need not fear being murdered in the street. On the contrary, he is being subsidised by the Ministry for Culture.


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u lot are so stupid

a person who published the images of Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) should be dead..he make it sound the muslims are all bad, that all terriorist are mainly from muslim...in fact they not a muslim if they go round killing people cos Allah (swt) does not like that..and does not believe in suicide bombing either..i totally pity them! May they be punished in hell..for bad naming Islam!

Don't Cry, Muhammed

All you can think to do is:

Blow everyone up.

Now that takes some real intelligence, real brain power. Some real creativity and the ability to adapt, to actually think on your feet, doesn't it? But we all know the muslim is not exactly the "sharpest knife in the droor", don't we?

And... since this is the exact way you deal with each other, the exact way you treat your fellow muslims who don't happen to believe in exactly the same religious dogma you do:

this seems to be the way you solve every problem, the way you have solved every problem you have had for the last 800 years.

But why should we expect anything but a grunt out of a pig?

To Little Baby muslim: Zionists... The Great Satan... waaaaaa!

yes, the evil Zionists are responsible for the miserable quality of your lives... you, the great and powerful muslim, can do nothing in the face of the world-wide zionist conspiracy, backed by The Great Satan...

So convenient, isn't it? All the responsibility for your lives taken off you and placed on these two countries.

The great and powerful muslim (so I hear), absolutely powerless over their own lives?
It can't be! Whipped into submission by the people of a state the size of a book of matches in the middle of a football pitch, compared to the surrounding islamic states! We must blow everything up! Yes! Kill everyone who does not agree with us! That is the muslim way!

Re law, thank you for using democracy

Well you’re right, a thank you note to the Muslim organisations seem to be in order:

Thank you so very much for choosing Denmark as your new country even though you knew that it is a non Islamic country and that you had no intention of integrating with the Danes, we’re delighted that you despite that have been able to assimilate so well to our democratic ways that you are using peaceful means to try and make us follow Islamic laws, and turn our country into an Islamic state where Muslims rule and we can be allowed to exist if we’re good dhimmis.

We love the fact that if a Muslim actually says “I want to be a part of the Danish democracy and I respect their way of life, I don’t like your totalitarian Islam” you make death threats against them and their families, you spit in their faces when you meet them on the streets and they are forbidden to come in any mosques.

Of course we especially enjoy the way you bring up your kids, sending them on re-educational trips to Islamic countries if you discover they want to live like normal Danish kids, severely beat and/or kill them if they do not marry your choice of Muslim partner for them, telling the boys that Danish girls are whores and OK for sex but they are not marriage material unless they are virgins and convert to Islam.

Etc… etc…

Thank you so very much for bringing the religion of peace and tolerance to our country.

Ooh wait I guess I’m shouting and insulting again, but the next step is using force to get rid of the invading Muslims in our country, but perhaps unfortunately I’m still a long way from that. I still hope they’ll leave peacefully.

The morons had a petition

The morons had a petition about the cartoons but I can't find it, you should have seen the wording on it as if a crime had actually been committed.

The petition was located at this petition site, somewhere...

Muslims file civil lawsuit against JP

Final proof that Muslims are complete and utter idiots without any sense of reality and a complete blind spot regarding their so called Prophet,the Danish director of public prosecutions wouldn´t press criminal charges against Jyllands-Posten so now 27 Muslims groups and the Islamic Faith Community are filing a civil lawsuit against Jyllands-Posten for ” against better knowledge having published text and cartoons which are defamatory”.

According to the Muslims lawyer the cartoons make the Prophet look like a man of war and a criminal, and there is made a clear connection between the Prophet, war and terror!!!!!
Uhmmm where has these people been living, in today’s world almost every terrorist act is by someone fighting a jihad in the name of Allah and yet these people blame cartoons for Islam’s bad reputation and have they even read the Quran, had their treasured Prophet been alive today he would have been charged as a war criminal and a disgusting paedophile.

A piece of advice to all you unhappy Muslims, grow up and join the 21st century or even better get the f*** out of Western Europe, we’re sick and tired of having you trying to impose your dark aged beliefs on us.


To be frank, I don’t understand your problem. Here we have Muslims trying to get something done by legal means –pressing a lawsuit-. Not by terrorist actions.
You don’t agree with their demands. That’s OK, neither do I. But as a citizen of a western democracy I can only encourage people to use the appropriate channels of a free nation to get things done. And I have confidence in the wisdom of the legal power to interpret our laws in the right way, so that they can come to a just verdict. If that verdict isn’t in line with my sense of justice, there is still the political way, to try and change our laws. That’s the way a civilized democracy works. Shouting and insulting like you do is only contra productive. It won’t change the mind of any terrorist.

Voltaire's Principle

Thank you Peter for being a voice of reason in this discussion which seems to be headed up mostly by ignorant, narrow-minded people (on both sides) who have no empathy or tolerance for opposing views. The following is a quote from the philosopher Voltaire, which I think people need to think about:

"I disagree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it."

Everyone has the right to express their opinions, religious beliefs, etc. but no one has the right to insult or threaten those who do so. In my opinion, neither side was right. This debate was blown way out of proportion by both sides and it should have been handled diplomatically, rather than how it was (even if the extreme reactions were by a minority).

Sura 9:11 or some Old Time Religion Reading for the Muslims!

For those muslims who continously speak oof how they will control and what they will do for the West! This is something to think about! Since America is typically represented by an eagle. Perhaps the muslameen should read a bit of the Koran, Quaran, or the : qua'ran more and often. The following verse is from the qua'ran: Sura (9:11) -"For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace. : (Note the verse number!) Hmmmmmmm?! The Gods Bless you all Amen !


Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!



Sura 9:11 or some Old Time Religion Reading for the Muslims!
Submitted by A New Believer on Tue, 2006-03-21 20:39.

For those muslims who continously speak oof how they will control and what they will do for the West! This is something to think about! Since America is typically represented by an eagle. Perhaps the muslameen should read a bit of the Koran, Quaran, or the : qua'ran more and often. The following verse is from the qua'ran: Sura (9:11) -"For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace. : (Note the verse number!) Hmmmmmmm?! The Gods Bless you all Amen !

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!


Unfortunately, it is ignorant people like you who take hadiths and verses of the Quran out of context (on purpose) because of personal prejudices against Islam. You posted the so-called translation of Surah(9:11). Well how about going here (http://www.wam.umd.edu/~stwright/rel/islam/fearsome-eagle.html) and reading what this knowledgable person has to say about the exact same verse and other verses in the Quran. I am sure you wouldn't want to post these in your posts since they go against your personal prejudices against Islam. May God give knowledge to you and all ignorant poeple like you.

re: the eagle and america

what makes the united states is that it represents the whole world. every race is in this country and the many cultures and beliefs. do muslims really think that th world will allow muslim control over their societies, i don't think so. definitely not the U.S. definitely and never the communist countries. CHINA will never allow it, they will invade and exterminate all muslims should they even attempt. the same with INDIA, russia and including the U.S.the u.s. maybe slow to react cause of the idiotic politicians, but awaken beware muslims. nazis and imperial japanese are millions of times superior in military and fighting and they were defeated. how much more would the middle east. muslims will try attempt to start warfare from within the streets of the u.s. but that's impossible, all they will do is cause the majority to lock them up in relocation camps better known as federal prison. has anyone read the islam for dummies...the muslim writers are as confused and propogandist as the religion.
what joke. i never read any religious book that is as confusing and ridiculous as the koran and any books trying to explain it. it utterly makes no sense. you have to be a total idiot or lacking brain cells to support such garbage. i think it would be wised after one does critical study of the koran to throw it in the toilet, fireplace or garbage dump after you attempt to read it. no wonder why those who believe it are derranged. the book itself is derranged. the writer of the books is derranged. their profitless prophet muhammed is derranged. all these scholars who interpret it and defend it is derranged and now wonder why muslims are so backward cause their brain is placed backward.
what brain? resident evil zombies have more brains than muslims. night of the living dead zombies have more brains than muslims, even michael jackson has more brains than muslims. i guess humanity has 1.2 billion zombies? makes a good horror movie but we can always turn it into a reality tv!

1.2 billion zombies

They really are. But they're formidable because they act like borgs, with no conscience. At least robots are programmed not to kill human. These zombies are programmed to kill infidels and Jews. The worst part is politicians and journalists have become so fearful of these killer zombies that truths about them are surpressed.

Rule The World? Muslim, You Can't Even Run One Decent Country

The hypocrisy of "Islam" is hysterical.

"Islam" is not a religion. "Islam" is a melodramatic medieval death cult designed to take the minds of its miserable people off the horrible conditions in which they live, where they can't earn a living and can't get an education.

If not, why do run from your pathetic little countries by the millions and come to the west, muslim?

Muslims... the most uneducated, ignorant people in the world. The top Islamic university in the world, Al Azhar in Cairo, can't even make the top 40 schools in Africa.

The Ignorant Muslim

There is no "Islamophobia."

"Islamophobia" implies an irrational fear. There is nothing irrational about the steady chipping away of our rights in the interests of intolerant "cultures" or "religions" migrating from their failed, medieval societies, trying to impose their insanity on whatever country is unlucky enough to be their destination, as they crawl westward with their meager belongings on their backs. Especially a "religion" that has in its basic tenets the subjugation of all non-believers.

What kind of "religion" advocates the killing of unarmed civilians because they have different political or cultural beliefs from what is mandated in the intolerant dogma of Islam? What kind of "religion" reacts so violently to cartoon depictions of their disgusting "prophet", when the political cartoons in Islamic countries' newspapers constantly, routinely depict Christians and Jews as cannibals, rapists, and pedophiles?

Only the liars and cowards that make up the cult of "Islam."

Islamic Leaders - Fat, Stupid and Drunk

Why are the leaders of these failed Islamic states the richest men in the world, while their people are the poorest and least educated on earth?

Why do the leaders of Islamic countries where people live in horrid squalor sail around the Mediterranean in million dollar yachts filled with champagne, and thousand pound a day blonde whores?

What happened to all that oil money... the trillions and trillions of dollars pouring into the pockets of these despotic clowns?

They must keep the people ignorant and obsessed with some superstitious ritual practice. That's what the death cult of Islam is about. Encumber them with endless, obsessive, infantile rules of conduct... insane questions that can only be answered by the insane imam, who is familiar with all the arcana of Islam.

Fearful of cutting your fingernails on the wrong day? Avoid transgressions against Allah... ask the insane imam! "Is this permitted oh learned one? Would it be sinful to cut my fingernails on this day?" Ask him. He'll have an intricate answer for this, backed by centuries of "rulings." Anything to keep the people from realizing their "leaders" have taken the profits the west has paid for a century of oil and kept it for themselves.

Reality Check: Islamic Military Clowns

You have nothing.

By turning inward at the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, away from the world of progress, education and science, toward the laughable gibberish of "Islam", you have nothing.

You do not have the capacity to defend yourselves from any western nation. Your military competence, even if you combined the armies of all Islamic countries, is a joke.

Even little Israel can kick your muslim asses all up and down the Middle East. The only reason The U.S.S.R was evicted from Afghanistan in 1980 was that the C.I.A. furnished your "mujahadeen" cowards with Stinger SAM's.

How else were you going to knock down a Soviet helicopter? Chase it on your camel and throw rocks at it?

either islam or the people who follow it are liars

I am reading all of these passages from those who are of islamic faith, they say islam says to be good to respect to do this to do that. It says all this, but I dont see anyone of the faith acting it out. I mean no one. Please someone show me a muslim organization that actually helps people, builds lives, instead of destroying them. Islam is a lie, or the followers are just monkeys. Maybe islam is a good religion, just the followers are some how genetically wacked, and can not act out such roles. People keep telling me its the minority population who feel this way. Prove it, all I see are fanatics----Down with Islam, may the next crusades happen soon, or maybe a decade of china rule, what ever the solution, the fact is, islam may be peaceful but muslims are not, so perhaps destroying the people instead of the religion is the better thing to do. I dont know, perhap a muslim can give me some info on areas in which muslims give back to the community, and help others. Would love to hear, I am open to be corrected.


"Wonderful..Wonderful Copenhagen........
I sailed up the Skagerrak
And sailed down the Kattegat
Through the harbor and up to the quay
And there she stands waiting for me
With a welcome so warm and so gay
Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen!" 1

How could anyone abandon such a Denmark! How could anyone think it even.

quite simple to understand some are afraid because they
are still suckling at the oil pumps and fear being aggressively weaned away from them. Others, are terrified of their corporations embassies, their personnel being bombed,burned or destroyed. Still others seek what they truly believe will work a peaceful solution and do not wish to antagonise an insane society of fanatics. The problems is that you cannot appease a terroist or a religion that was based on insanity in the first place. We are about to step forward and make a mistake ala Neville Chamberlain, when we should be more like Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin! The only way to protect the world is to destroy Islam and rid the universe of it forever. Otherwise while syncophanitic purveyors of
disinformation such as Onenoson, Emeda30 might win converts.

Then we are all at risk. There are a myriads of reasons why Demark is standing alone right now. Though I cannot believe that this will continue. These reason I have heretofore mentioned are reasons that should concern people.. BUT
SHOULD NOT STOP THE WORLD FROM COMING TO THE AID OF DENMARK! All my life I have delighted in Denmark as a child because they gave me Hans Christian Anderson and his beautiful stories. I can remember singing "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen" as a small girl. The Round Tower that os attached to a protestant church and spires 8 stories high. To run childlike down it, as fast as one can,still can make me smile. The Tivoli with its amusement park, botanical gardens, and concert area. the nightsport that parents trundle you back to the babysitter so that they can enjoy. They make one smile also. The Nyhavn area that Hans Christian Anderson was from, the canal flanked by townhouses of the most vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful colours that one can only imagine. Not one , not two.. but three palaces inside the city. It reminds you of a fairy tale come to life. The people, those wonderful Danish people who laugh, and play with you, smiling and happy. I never grew up on the reservation, I was very fortunate. But I have had moments in America, and in Canada when I have shrunk back,feeling not wanted or unwelcome..and I was ..my people were there first. Not in Copenhagen, not in Denmark, did I ever feel such. It might exist ..of a certainty, but I never felt it."Den Lille Havfrue" lives there. I delight in Denmark now! Because surely she shows us what to do with regard to this threat! There is no way to let such a peaceful , idyllic scene of beauty, honor, and warmth be overrun and terrorized by cowardly people screaming religion at the top of their lungs. We need to write our newspapers diligently, call representatives of government, of congress and the senate if american, tell your neighbors, your friends, organize drives, bake sales, host debats, car washes..to raise money, to keep focus, to shout from the top of your roofs if necessary.. that people Must Stand Up for what is right. That they must stand up for Denmark. If we do not stand up for Denmark now.. Who will stand for us later! Organize make sure that your representatives, your
relatives, your governments stand beside Denmark. Organize so we do not loose Wonderful,
Wonderful Copenhagen and Denmark to muslim tyranny!

"Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Friendly old girl of a town
'Neath her tavern light
On this merry night
Let us clink and drink one down
To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Salty old queen of the sea
Once I sailed away
But I'm home today
Singing Copenhagen, wonderful, wonderful
Copenhagen for me." 2

1,2 Frank Loesser

Odin be Praised! Baldur save Us!

Some Danes apology to muslims ...

Some danes view - regarding an apology to muslims;
(source: http://www.danishmuhammedcartoons.com/Apology.html)

We´re sorry we gave you shelter when war drove you from your home country....

We´re sorry we took you in when others rejected you.....

We´re sorry we gave you the opportunity to get a good education.....

We´re sorry we gave you food and a home when you had non.....

We´re sorry we let you re-unite with your family when your homeland was no longer safe...

We´re sorry we never forced you to work while WE paid all your bills.....

We´re sorry we gave you almost FREE rent,phone,internet,car and school for your 10 kids...

We´re sorry we build you Moskes so you could worship your religion in our Christian land...

We´re sorry we never forced you to learn our language after staying 30 years

to a new believer,i've found more on this issue

from wikipedia again,

"There is no mention of Honor killing in the Quran or Hadiths. Honor killing, in Islamic definitions, refers specifically to extra-legal punishment by the family against the woman, and is forbidden by the Sharia (Islamic law). Religious authorities disagree with extra punishments such as honor killing and prohibit it, so the practice of it is a cultural issue. But since Islam has influence over vast Muslims, culturalist and murderers of females use Islam to justify honor killing even though there is no support for honor killing in Islam."


to a new believer

i've searched about the "honor killings" and i do repeat what i told,there is not such a thing.but also i know one other thing,if adultery is committed by a married man or woman,its punishment is death,but it needs 4 reliable witnesses.as you lived in an Islamic country i'm sure you didn't mean that punishment,but as for those honor killings as far as i know and according to what the religious authorities say,there is not such a thing in Islam.(according to what wikipedia says Honor crimes are acts of violence, usually murder, committed by male family members against female family members who are perceived to have brought dishonor upon the family. A woman can be targeted by her family for a variety of reasons including, refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, being the victim of a sexual assault, seeking a divorce—even from an abusive husband—or committing adultery. The mere perception that a woman has acted in a manner to bring "dishonor" to the family is sufficient to trigger an attack.)i only know its adultery part exists in Islamic rules but only when the man or woman is married.but the others may exist in conventions but Islam can not be responsible for that.

i wanted to be sure that i got you right because sometimes the names change from country to country and i wanted to be sure that you didn't mean the punishment of adultery because you said that they talked about a hadith.there are hadiths about adultery but not about honor killings. 

to a new believer

sorry for the misunderstanding of your religion.but you know what,i do not know any hadith about honor killings,and what you miss is that it may be a false hadith which is set up after the prophet.i think because of your marriage you have been in a country which doesn't show the peaceful side of Islam.but i've said enough i think.but about the Armenians,there is in fact no proof of that and we do know,as Turks,Armenians and Turks come along with each other quite well and we know that it is a provocation as well,but of course i can not make you believe that so it is not very reasonable to discuss that with you,because you know what you learn from your sources but the facts i believe is in here...and just one more thing i'd like to say,you talked about brainwashers,you know what,you(don't take it personally,i mean some of the West countries)are brainwashed as well...you are an exception maybe because of your bad experience,but when i read these comments i do understand it.some of them are even obsessed...but as i told before,the honor killings or such things are the applications of countries,and as you may guess ,to prove it is a right thing to do,they use religion...i told you that i am a Turk and a muslim,and have you heard something barbaric so far from me?have i shown any hatred?because i do not hate neither Armenians nor anyone who does believe in an other religion...you know what,there are a lot of people sharing my opinion.but what i may detest is the way some idiots talk in their comments...and i believe religion(whatever you call it)is not something people may make fun of.and about my name as the Lady of Shalott,i love that poem and i do use it,its Christianity is not important for me,and i do not have a problem with Christianity or the Arthurian legends,it is a very good work and i attended its courses in University and i had a final exam on it.there is a last thing i'd like to say to you,the prejudice people have,is also something i do not approve.so i hope people may be opened to the idea of my religion,and respect it.i think i deserve it as a human.

may the peace be with you


Just give us the link. Don't make out you've written any of this. You're cluttering up the site.

Later: this was a reply to a post which has since been removed.

Bob Doney

More clutter

You didn't write this. Just give the link.

Later: so was this ....

Bob Doney

For goodness: all get a life!

I don't have to agree with Muslims. They don't have to agree with me. Period.

But is it too much to ask that shouting will never help a discussion? Both sides here on these boards are not behaving... Errr... in a respectful way. This said: you xtreme jihadist better put aq fatwah on the Danish Imams. Think the Danes and the rest of normal thinking Eurolanders will be glad to hand him/them over to you.

Inch Allah... BTW, the Japanese have GREAT swords for beheading them. Piece of cake. better than Gilette.[PBUG].


don't you people have some respect?

about the cartoons of Mohammad the Prophet:why don't you people have some respect?lets respect "faith" for God's sake,lets respect religions of others...i really believe that this is a game to provoke the muslims and raise a hatred...i am a muslim but not a terrorist,for you think that most of the muslims are so.i respect all of the religions and also atheism or such things,and i respect people who respects my religion...i'm telling to these cartoonists,be full of peace and love,not full of hatred against muslims,because contrary to what you think,the real Islam hugs everybody...don't play games and lets live in peace forever,why is for all that hate?what will you earn?the prophet Mohammad is soo far away from what you draw,and also Jesus and the other Prophets are so far away from your drawings,lets not make fun of them,it is a very big insult.

to the new believer

You only talked of something you really don’t know...there is not such thing in Islam as you called honor killings just because of a boy touches or be near a girl,why can’t you accept that they are the applications of some countries?It is not God’s will!!you wrote a lot and i cannot reply all,sorry for that,as a country (i live in Turkiye)we do fight against suicide bombings,and yeah i do save the people around me from all of that brainwash trickery,but you know what,people should be wiser about it and don’t sell their own religion and blood for nothing,in Turkiye we see most of the terrorists come from a poor situation and i believe if they be wiser they won’t choose such a disgraceful option.i curse them all.but what you don’t realize is that you talk of “some”people who claims to be muslims but in fact they don’t recognize their religion.you cannot blame all...because every nation or lets say every religion has some followers who are not the true believers of it,because of a few,you cannot hate all of them.ıt is not a lie as you say and i am not a liar,that is what i think,so be it,hate us all,but because of what crusades did i don’t hate Christians,or because of what christians do in Hitlers time,jews don’t hate christians...and i do condemn terrorism and whatever their beliefs are,i hope they all go to the deepest places in Hell because they are the causes of your thoughts.but why don’t you think about their sources?how do you think they find money?then cease their sources...you can be sure none of the true believers supports the terrorists...and i can not understand why you say “ stop converting the world”,nobody is trying to do it,don’t you Christians have missionary applications in Turkiye or in other Islamic countries?you show what you believe and muslims show what they believe,so what’s wrong with that?it is not one-sided as you think.the real Islam never forces.don’t judge religions because of what some fools do.if you don’t respect people,respect a religion,a belief,do not listen to our Prophet,nobody can force you of course but as i respect your religion,do respect mine,please.and one last thing,i’ve been in Arabia two times and what i saw is that girls do go to school and they become teachers,doctors and they do learn second languages...and in Türkiye also,very most of us,go to school and have a job as a woman...for example my mother is a doctor and i am a teacher.and our women go to male doctors and we don’t mind it as you think.but you know what,i can not defend what Islamic countries do all the time,but what i’d like you to understand is it is “NOT” religion,it is what people do,it is not Islam,please do not blame it.

To Lady of Shalott!

First I am not a christian, I am an Odinist.. so already you have it all wrong. I would not propose to proselytize in Turkey or any muslim country! Too many crazy people..Sunni, Shi'ia, Hanafi, Hanbli , Wahabis, Alawi, alewi, etc. No thanks! Fenris take me straight to the Goddess Hel if I ever thought such a thing * shudders violently* Secondly, was married to a muslim arab and spent more than enough time in the Middle East to know what is what. And if such things as you say "honor killings" are not Islam, then explain why the imams sanction them, nay many even applaud them citing hadith for it. Turkey is a bit more secular but then so is Lebanon, but I know Turks too that have had many problems. Cities are different than the countryside. As for the Turkish muslims love of Christians, please sell that delight notion to some of my friends..Mary Ohanian, Georgiou Khamadarian etc. There families had to flee Turkey when the "Young Turks" cam into power adn the Armenians once known as the"loyal millet" of Turkey had to flee for their lives. Oh I know it was an unfortunate incident! Right! curious though that you took the name of a tragic charcter in Arthurian literary circles, and a Christian at that!

May my gods send you on your way in peace!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!


The real Islam hugs everybody? What do you call the branch of Islam that hugs innocents to get them close and blow thir innards out of their bones in an explosion. If you're a true Muslim, condemn these people, and tell them there will be no 72 Virgins for them. Until I hear you say that, all you're doing is pandering to both sides. You prove to me the extremists have the real power through your words.

to lode

as i said before,i talked about the "real" Islam,and yeah i condemn the people who claims to be a muslim but infact they are spitting on its idea...i hate them all and i'm trying to fight them also,but you cannot blame every muslim or most of them to be that kinda cruel.can we blame all jews to be guilty of killing the christians?or can we blame the christians for killing all the jews because of one false leader?we cannot be enemies since all of us are humans and if we talk about terrorism,can we be sure that they really do it on their own?then do we know their sources?how they find money?i'm telling it again,Islam hugs everybody.and in Islam,it is a very dreadful sin to kill a priest or a monk or people who does not do harm to the believers of Islam.It is a very dreadful sin to destroy churches or the places where people worship their own idols.but some of the muslims do not recognize or learn their own religion and they are provoked by some other forces who wants Islam to seem to be a terrorist religion.
i prove my real belief to you now,do not think that most of the muslims are cruel like that,i believe in God and because of that i can not defend any idea of terrorism,Islam condemns them all,if you like to learn more,you can just have a look at the Holy Kuran,you will see the terrorists are damned by God's own words,do not believe in what some forces say or do about it,a true believer can learn from God's own words not from some other people...and when they do that,when they kill or harm people who are not muslims,they believe that they would go to Heaven,they believe so,but is it true?of course not!they are the people who are betrayed by their leaders...i believe and wish the terrorists will go straight to hell,because they don't use their minds which is a real gift to all humans and they use the name of Islam to cover up their ugliness.and you know what,i don't call them muslims...because they are NOT.they can NOT be...we should create a new word for them...i hope my answer is satisfying enough,thank you.

A Message in the Bibal

One more thing.  Christians say that no where in the Bibal does it mention Muhammed so we do not believe in him as a Prophet.  That is just your Ignorance.  It is mentioned that there will be another final messenger after Jesus and he will be known as the Trustworthy.  And apparently if you define Muhammed from the Arabic name. It means TRUSTWORTHY.  Also before he recieved his Prophethood at the age of 40 he was known as the Trustworthy One amongst his people.  This is even before he even knew about Islam.  But he always believed in the One God.  And hated Idolatry.  Which is why he does not want people to portray images of him.

The word is "bible" you

The word is "bible" you ignorant piece of excrement! Muhammed is not in the Bible. The Jews are looking for the Massiach or Messiah to come! Christians received their Messiah. Guess you are all stuck with Muhammed! No where in the "Bible" have I seen Muhammed. Maybe it is in your bibal. No matter, you are a Mohammedan, guess that makes you the equivalent of an islamic version of the "Cult of Personality!"

do not loose that little green book!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To JMcCoy

Who says that Muslims cannot convert to another religion or become Atheist.  I know a few people who have and I curse them for there is noone worse then them in the world.  As for you talking about Kingdom of Heaven. I loved the movie because it showed the truth.  How the Muslims do care for the others in the world.  And how the Muslims do respect other religions.  And the most touching part and I give respect to the Director and the Script Writers of the movie is when in the end Sallahudin was walking through the church he picked up the Cross and placed it back in its place.  THAT is called respect.  You know nothing of respect.  Islam teaches respect of others, non-Muslims and Muslims.  If the ignorant Muslims do not wish to apply to this. Do not blame the Muslims.  Blame the people who do it.  And I certainly do not and have never supported Terrorism and neither did the Final Messenger of Allah, Muhammed (P.B.U.H).


Who says that Muslims cannot convert to another religion or become Atheist. I know a few people who have and I curse them for there is noone worse then them in the world....

THAT is called respect. You know nothing of respect. Islam teaches respect of others, non-Muslims and Muslims.

Do you not see, Imran, how inconsistent these two remarks are? You claim to respect others, but then you curse them! What a muddle!!

Bob Doney

Short and simple

"By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of god." Quote from Kingdom of Heaven

I could go on and critisize majority of the comments from Muslims defending their view and criticism of the cartoon and all the bs but what is the use when we all behave like some uncivlised idiots. We all have our fair share of being a hyprocrite.

Yes we all are just as bad amd some even worst. Many Christians and Muslims could lead the game (and please don't all you Christians and Muslim start attacking my comment. I said many, not all). They would walk around having their own interpretation of the Bible or Quran into some of the most uglist things I have ever heard, the most stupid act from war, killing of innocents, and one of the most unacceptable one oppression of womyn. Just a reminder towards Christians not to forget about what happenned during the crusades. It is just absurd.

There was a comment from someone who said that the "lies" about his prophet and because others are afraid of the "competition".... What freaking competition? As I recall, those born a Muslim are pretty much f***k since you cannot choose to convert to another religion. It is not a choice for them and I dare say a handful that I came across who aren't very happy with their "choice" either.

So again, simple and short keep this quote in mind

"By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of god...."

To Another American!

I will try to keep warm, I have promised to hold the Hammer and Shield for my beloved. so ..so I guess I had better bring in more wood. hehehe!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To Lee!

I was not joking and Xenia is not in the Norse Pantheon. The Old Norse religion is legal in most Nordic countries thouhg in Denmark it has not come back fully from what I have heard. But we are not a johnny come lately group. Gaius Cornelius Tacitus of the Roman Empire knew of my faith even then in year 69. And it dates back much farther than that.

I respect Hindu, Shintoists, Confucianist, Animists, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Shamanists and many other..but only if they respect me and my religion.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To "A New Believer"...

The Onion is a "fake" news paper. Everything they do is made up... It's always good for a laugh... One title of an article three-four years ago was, "Bush promises to create 500,000 shitty low paying jobs."

To Another American!

I saw it was good you really made me laugh! For that alone I will ask a blessing for you at the Kindred's Blot next weekend! That was fantastic!
Freya bless you forever!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To Another American

Oh Did you hear.. the USA just added three more muslim countries to the list of those who having young males between the ages of 16 and 70.. who must register with Homeland Security! Wonder if they are going to start returning people? Now that is not a joke!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!








To Another American

You are really terrible! Hahahaha! You make me laugh so hard! Honestly, you should be ashamed! That was incredibly funny! Thank You!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Re Iran announcing a Holocaust conference?

What on earth for! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
holding a Holocaust Conference, the entertaining little chimpanzee can barely dress himself. I still cannot believe he belongs to the Islamic Society of Engineers! And what pray tell is that they pray their civil engineering projects into being. As long as he does not quit his day job. Ohwait! That is his day job! Damn!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To Bashar

I have been pretty polite to you. I objected to being called a Jew when you knew damn well I was an Odinist and a Lakotah Oglala Souix Indian. I am proud of what I am. I taught Comparative Religion I have not called your God anything nasty nor have I called your God sorry. Yet you disrespected mine when I did not disrepect yours. I was married to a muslim arab for 7 years. I do not care what a mgouse or a magous is.. I know is is probably something nasty. I do have enough Persian to curse you with great invective.

Instead I shall call you erim! It means enemy. Before what you had was someone who was annoyed and thought you at times were nice and at times not so nice. Now I call you enemy.. And so I curse thee!

By the Aesir:

Andhrímnir, Baldr, Borr, Bragi, Búri, Dagr, Delling, Forseti, Heimdall, Hermóðr, Höðr, Hœnir, Kvasir, Lóðurr, Loki, Magni, Meili, Modi, Óðr, Odin, Ríg, Thor, Tyr, Váli, Ve, Vidar, Vili

I curse thee by these my gods!

by the Ásynjur

Bil, Eir, Frigg, Fulla, Gefjun, Gná, Hlín, Iðunn, Jord, Lofn, Nanna, Nótt, Saga, Sif, Sigyn, Sjöfn, Snotra, Sol, Syn, Var, Vör, Þrúðr
i curse thee by these Goddesses!

By the Vanir:

Freyr (Yngvi), Freya, Gullveig, Nerthus, Njord, Ullr

i curse thee by these Gods & Goddesses!

by the Norns:

Urd, Verdandi, Skuld

I curse thee by the Fates!

by the Valkyries:

Brynhildr, Göndul, Gunnr, Hildr, Hlaðgunnr, Róta, Skuld, Sigrdrífa, Sigrún, Skögul, Sváva, Thrud

I curse thee by the Warrioress Maidens!

By the Alfar:

Beyla, Byggvir, Dokkalfar, Volund

I curse thee!

By the Jotuns:

Ægir, Angrboda, Baugi, Beli, Bergelmir, Bestla, Billing, Bolthorn, Byleist, Elli, Fárbauti, Fenja, Fjalar, Fornjót, Geirrod, Gerd, Gjálp and Greip, Gilling, Grid, Gunnlod, Gymir, Hel, Hrym, Hræsvelgr, Hrod, Hrungnir, Hymir, Hyndla, Hyrrokkin, Jarnsaxa, Kari, Laufey, Loki, Mani (moon), Menja, Modgunn, Mundilfari, Muspel, Mökkurkálfi, Narfi, Olvaldi, Ragnhild, Rán, Rind, Skaði, Snær, Suttung, Surtur, Thokk, Thiazi, Thrudgelmir, Thrym, Utgardaloki, Vafthruthnir, Ymir

I curse thee!

by the Small Men:

Alvíss, Andvari, Berling, Brokk, Durin, Dvalin, Eitri, Fafnir, Fjalar, Galar, Gandalf, Hjuki, Hreidmar, Litr, Lofar,
Nordri, Sudri, Austri and Vestri, Nyi and Nidi, Otr, Regin, Sindri

I curse thee!

by the People:

Adils, Agne, Ask, Aslaug (Kraka), Björn Ironside, Bödvar Bjarki, Berserkers, Dag the Wise, Domalde, Draugr, Dyggve, Egil, Einherjar, Embla, Erik and Alrik, Fjölnir, Frodi, Glam, Grimhild, Gylfi, Haddingjar, Hagbard and Signy, Haki, Halfdan, Halfdan the Old, Harald Hildetand, Hedin, Helgi Hundingsbane, Hjalmar, Hrólf Kraki, Hugleik, Hvitserk, Ingeborg, Ingjald, Jorund, Karl, Krimhild, Lif, Liftrasir, Marmennill, Nór, Ottar, Raum the Old, Röskva, Sigar, Siggeir, Sigmund, Signy, Sigurd, Sigurd Ring, Sinfjötli, Skagul Toste, Skirnir, Sveigder, Svipdag, Thjálfi, Vanlade, Völva, Yngvi and Alf, Yrsa

I curse thee!

May you never again know rest, peace, safety, shelter, succor, warmth, may all you do be as naught until the AlFADIR forgives you himself. Praise be Odin!

Now you are dead to me! You are nothing!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!











americanscout 66

be carefull you just said the N word that is racism in the usa.....look who is the racist
and i know that the jap learn yourmom a lot of things besid teh marcial art ask her
bless my racist non black lover
god bless

To Bashar!

I answered you back. Do you have anything to say? Nothing I take.. just generalization or is it you are looking in the dictionary.. Yes my ex was a lot like you.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!


Lol. Thank you and same to you but... can not read more than about 20 Chinese characters and none of these are among them.

To Lee! Happy New Years Greetings

I am sorry I did try to give you perfect harmony greetings for the New Year!

What I said was My Chinese is very rusty.. I hope you will forgive. Thank you for the New Year Greetings. Good Luck and Happy New Year to You!

I do apologize, I had better Mandarin at one time.. but sometimes.. Shao Shiou dialect and Cantonese get confused within it. My Father was a military attache. I had a lot of travel growing up! Had to learn when I was taking studies for Confucianism and the Tao Te Ching. Was working on "Sun Tzu's Art of War" at the time so was getting very well versed. It is a great language and good religious studies. Well when you teach a subject you must know the component parts inside and out. I taught comparative religion that is the reason I know some.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

May you live ten thousand harmonius years!

Nei Hao, Cheng Ho Sing Saang. Kung hei fat choi.

Fact is anyway that Islam as a peaceful religion is promoted today by violent believers. Think they need some other kind of PR. Of course they say it's only a slight minority etc... If so, I strongly suggest that the silent majority starts speaking very loud. In my book silence equals condoning, not condemning. 

Hope for Religious Leadership

The hope is that all this commotion will expose some weaknesses of human nature, where the self-proclaimed righteous use ungodly means to defend their sacred principles. Then, in hindsight, the faithful draw upon the real power of their God to humbly repair the ungodly damage, and with truely inspired leadership build a kingdom that conquers the offending world with peace and love. Unfortunately today's fashionable religious solution is not to turn to God for inspiration, but to rely on the plans of men and say, "God willing". For example, instead of ignoring a few cartoonists' failure to paint an accurate picture of Islam as the cartoonists fade into obscurity, the collective efforts of Muslims and their leaders has been to throw the cartooons onto the world stage and lend them the power to offend with credibility. Where are those sacred principles, and where is this inspiring God?

Jack Straw, who do you support? Its not Freedom...

What has the world come to then the British Government is so scared of defending Freedom? Why is Jack Straw so concerned about protecting the "feelings" of fanatic Muslims instead of defending the freedoms that the British Government among other things sent troops to Iraq to defend? The British Government has to failed to defend the values that the Danish Government now is trying so hard to defend. It saddens me as a Pro-British anglo-saxon-loving Dane to see the British Government behaving in this insane and defeatist way.


Jack Straw

Why is Jack Straw so concerned about protecting the "feelings" of fanatic Muslims instead of defending the freedoms that the British Government among other things sent troops to Iraq to defend?

I'll offer you two reasons, but there are others:

First, 3000 British soldiers are about to go to Afghanistan to try to counter the Taliban. Straw, along with the rest of the Labour government, is terrified that many are going to be killed. If they are, and nothing is achieved, it may bring the government down.

Second, he has a large number of Muslims in his constituency, and there is a lot of tension there in Blackburn. The "Muslim vote" will decide whether he keeps his seat in Parliament at the next election.

Bob Doney

Dear Bashar - Read this one instead

Dear Bashar,

Sorry - disregard my previous message.  I was distracted by something while I was finishing my note. I've corrected my statement below.

I enjoyed listening to your viewpoint and I agree with you on almost all of your points.  I agree with you that a large part of the problem rests with the lack of understanding between two very different cultures and to a lesser degree our different religions.  I hope that cooler heads prevail and that your fellow muslim country men are properly recognized as having equal rights and given fair treatment.  I will also now say after hearing from you that the cartoons while nothing more than an example of freedom of speech to a Westerner, they represent something much more abhorent to a muslim.  

As an outsider looking in, your people may be better served by a strong person/leader like Gandhi or Martin Luther King versus several of the extreme clerics that are calling for jihad.  As you know, these two men not only spoke about peace and the need of equality but most importantly demonstrated it when they themselves were surrounded with extreme racism and bigotry.  I wouldn't be surprised if you are thinking to yourself that the Muslims already have great Imams and leaders that are denouncing violence and the western press says nothing about them.  There are a lot of reasons why the press will not cover them or the stories the way they should but be assured that once the people of Islam rise up with a consistent voice of speaking and demonstrating peace towards the West and properly eliminate the real terrorists such as OBL from within the muslim society, then and only then will we be able to work together towards peace and harmony between our cultures and nations.  Until this time, I'm afraid that all of us are in for much of the same which is getting us nowhere quickly.

Take care and good luck to you.

to proudtobeanamerican me too i envoy

dear sir i too envoy listening to your opinion isnt wonderfull how share opinion good freedom of speech our lider is MOHAMED our prophet neither gandgy or marthur king why you did not mentioned nelson mandela better than king......in my opinion
west have an general idea about islam that all we speak in a bad tone language do you feel thereathend will i am writting to you with by bad english....i hope not teh only problem sir that the west is not used to these reaccion like the white people they was very surprised with the first revol from the black salves........the west value and traditions does not mean it should be implemented on everyone i do not like but i respect what abou tthe west do not like our muslim society but res[pect and accept
and yes we do have great immams....

Dear Bashar

Dear Bashar,

I enjoyed listening to your viewpoint and I agree with you on almost all of your points.  I agree with you that a large part of the problem rests with the lack of understanding between two very different cultures and to a lesser degree our different religions.  I hope that cooler heads prevail and that your fellow muslim country men are properly recognized as having equal rights and given fair treatment.  I will also now say after hearing from you that the cartoons while nothing more than an example of freedom of speech to a Westerner, they represent something much more abhorent to a muslim.  

As an outsider looking in, your people may be better served by a strong person/leader like Gandhi or Martin Luther King versus several of the extreme clerics that are calling for jihad.  As you know, these two men not only spoke about peace and the need of equality but most importantly demonstrated it when they themselves were surrounded with extreme racism and bigotry.  I wouldn't be surprised if you are thinking to yourself that the Muslims already have great Imams and leaders that are denouncing violence and the western press says nothing about them.  There are a lot of reasons why the press will not cover them or the stories the way they should but be assured that once the people of Islam rise up with a consistent voice of speaking and demonstrating peace towards the West and properly eliminate the real terrorists such as OBL from within the muslim society, I'm afraid that all of us are in for much of the same which is getting us nowhere quickly.

Take care and good luck to you.


Jihad Against Danish Newspaper

Freedom of expression is not threatened in any way, if we apply self-restraint in expressing our thoughts via any medium, when otherwise it could severely disrespect the beliefs of the others with whom we share our world. Within all long-standing democratic societies, all debate, however ferocious, within the respective national assemblies, must abide by certain etiquette. Otherwise the member who violates it, or civilians within the chamber are ejected, and at times forced to apologise. I can't believe the naivety of the people involved in this farce, be it in any European news organisation or government institution, to expect the people to just go along with the excuse of "freedom of expression", as the cornerstone of their argument.

bob why you do not pick on the jewish fate

say something about the jewish i see you have an answer for all these coments god bless you...the jew ortodox men kiss each other  like the arabic becuase the jews also are middel eastren....their women they were the veil and walk behind her husband she can not choose her mate boby bob....when she has her period in some fanatic ortodox kosher people she have to leave the room until she is clean after that she have  to bath in a flushy way ina big fucking pool 7 tiemes and her mate can not touch her untill her period pass for seven day isnt that in the western standard is also opression for the women right  isnoit so or these information are wrong show me now becuase you will be surprised with whom you are talking....i am waiting boby bo for an answere and should be clever one

For Bashar and Bob

Actually, Bashar the name of the bath is a "mikva" and yes there are rules set down. Only in some areas where they live or lived in Middle Eastern countries did the women wear the veil otherwise the wear either a head scarf or a wig. That is not oppression Bashar and you know it. They do that because it is a "mitzvah". (one of the 613 commandments that Jews are obligated to observe. It can also refer to any Jewish religious obligation, or more generally). That is the same as a muslim following a hadith. ( 1005 of them Bob. And the Sunni have hadith, the Shi'ia have hadith and the Ibadi have hadith.) Enough of the religious lessons already. And I know this because.. once more to repeat I hold 2 Batchelors and 2 Masters in Comparative Relion and Theology.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

dear new beleiver shalom

yes i know that about your faith religion have to have brohibition why peolple picking up on us we have the right to marry four and make jocke about it but in holland tehy allowing the trio marriage is that ok>??????? why becuase segragation and europpe habit is ok and when we protest is not ok????????they have the right only to make fun and us nooooooooooooo

Re: Dear New Believer Shalom

Bashar ! You are an idiot. I am not Jewish and if you ever bothered to read any of my postings instead of skimming you miscreant purslane toad.. You would know that I am an Odinist and very proud of it. Once Again. I hold 2 Batchelors degrees and 2 Masters degrees in Theology and Comparative Religions. Born to a Protestant nad a Roman Catholic, once married to a muslim arab jerk of the first order.. now with a wonderful Scandinavian male. I am half Lakotah Oglala Souix Indian.. but definitely not Jewish. See that is the trouble with you.. you cannot read obviously. Once again you jump in with both feet and never look or listen. Your mouth and fingers are always moving. But that brain of yours never stops to think. Having those degrees do you not think I have not taught Comparative Religion. It is what I do for a living besides writing. But that is right! You think women are stupid, and incapable of doing anything other than kowtowing to some fat bummed synchophantic Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr muslim. Right! My ex father in law had four wives.. what the heck do I care.. he was a big jerk as well. If you want four wives go right ahead. My congratulations to the guy in Holland.. May he live ten thousand years! In fact I wish for you four wives.. May your great grandmother choose them all for you!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Hel smack him for me!



boby bo replies

Hi, Bashy babe!

I'm not keen on any religious rituals, apart from enjoying some of the religious music, art and architecture that has come down to us (from many religions). My secret vice is that I like Christmas carols!

And I don't like authoritarian, controlling religions which involve power structures and loss of personal freedom.

Your statement that "the jews also are middle eastern" needs some qualification - a lot of Jewish people don't live anywhere near the Middle East!!

Bobbly yours...

Bob Doney

Bob, Actually, for once he


Actually, for once he has a little something right. Both Jews and Arabs
came out of the Saudi Arabian desert area. The are both semitic peoples and in a sense cousins as it were anthropormophically.. Not that either get along well. That is what I believe he was inferring.

But you never really know for certain with him.

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

The reality is that the

The reality is that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful Allah (God) fearing people who have been brought up to put Allah (God) first which is something that the rest of us non-Muslims should do a better job of emulating.

The sad part from this American Christianpoint of view is that after reading some (not all) of the Koran it appears that Mohammed told his followers that Christians and the Jews would look down on them and try to destroy them. This is not hard to believe when you consider that state of affairs in the middle east at that time the Koran was written and sadly even today this message holds truth. The reality is that we as a species (humans) need to learn to live together and be more accepting and the Muslims within our species should become a little less paranoid. Most western Christian / Jews could really care less about any of this and we would like to have peace and happiness for their families and find a common ground with one another.

So how will this end? I don't believe anyone truly knows but be assured that nobody will win if we stay the course of making a mockery of each other's religions.

In regards to the suggestion made by the good Muslim earlier today that westerners would be offended by a picture of a political leader and his wife doing something nasty, you need to begin to understand that the west is OK with these sort of images and we believe God (Allah) also has a sense of humor.

Hopefully we can all get a long before we all kill each other in the name of our own religion or personal beliefs. In the mean time, I'm going to get into my American made car which will guzzle arab fuel and eat a few danish cookies.


DEAR ProudtobeanAmerican

a politic man from the europpean congress been fined (got a ticket) havely because he said few word about the gay marriage than it is ok to be fined or kisked out even but muslim word can not say nothing....in the netherlands i am ducth by the way they are allowing a trio marriage how many times west made a mokkery about teh muslim have the right to marry four?????? ahhh sorry my dear american freind segragation and manogomy from the white europpean dutch is ok but when muelim protest ohhhh tatarian..barberian what is happening that nbever muslim did protest and now suddenly we are doing so becuasea new generation does not take your bullshit anymore is protesting and it is anoying the west.....simple that....when west respect other culture the daricals will dispear tymothy macvey did kill and organiz a terorist attack 180 people did die after that hardly hearing about the news did timothy prepare that by himself noooooooooooooooooooooooo a lot did helphim .......when 911 eleven happens all the focus there ohh yeahhh their are the muslims but timothy is ok and peolple was understaing with his cuase...like david koresh but they are the typical amreican white guys this is double standard.....has nothing to do with freedom of speech...it is just picking on muslims.....non of these newspapers did published anythink about jesus i made my research my friend ...or other jewish symbols mrs rice did warn the norwegian not to boycot the israel products and did succeed why no one said anythink where are these junkies norwegian ..they just shut uo and listen ti the big master the us.....
see my proudtobeanamerican muslims did weak up from they long sleep get use to it islam is a religion of tolorence but when you attack we will respond...and this is my way of responding did i hirt or made your blood run no it os just my opinoin

Dear Bashar

There is an old saying from the American West that says "you don't know what another man thinks until you have walked a day and a night in his moccassins (indian shoes)."

I obviously do not understand what you and other Muslims must feel about the cartoons but I do understand that you feel it is a personal attack. Sadly, some people will decide that they have the right to further hurt you by publishing them just because they have access to print them.

I want you to know that in our country (the USA) we are told that we should not have the ten commandments (given to Moses) in our public buildings. Why? Because we have a seperation of church and state (government). We have removed our commandments which are sacred to 94% of our population in order to make non-believers (Muslims) more a part of our country and our legal system. Does this make a lot of Christians and Jews mad? Yes but they deal with it and accept the fact that sometimes you must be willing to give to get something.

Your religion seems to have more orthodox followers than most European and Western churces. Many Muslims have been taught to have what I would refer to as zero tolerance on many things that my faith has taught me to be tolerant or to show mercy.
Which religion is right?
I don't know but I suspect God (Allah) would rather us not kill one another.

In regards to Timothy McVeigh that murdering piece of shit who hopefully is in hell with his kind, there isn't a decent American who wasn't glad the day that bastard received the death sentence for his crimes against our citizens and country so I'm not sure what you were trying to imply. In regards to the attackers who were Muslim on 9/11, I have nothing but disdain for them as well just as I'm sure you feel disdain for the carnage that happens when the West tries to excerpt its will on a Middle Eastern nation. The thing I will stress to you is I don't blame all of the middle east for 9/11 and I hope you don't blame all Christians and Jews for the injustice that may have occured in your home land.

I can assure you that you didn't hurt or raise my blood pressure with your comments. All I wish for is that more people could talk to one another and stop accusing each other as being a barbarian.

I'm not a very religous person but I do agree with something that a lot of Muslims say which is God is Great.

Take care and I hope you realize that not all Westerners or Americans are thirsty to kill or hurt a Muslim but like you we will defend our way of life to the bitter end.

Take care my friend and I hope things get better for you in your current home country.

dear proudtobeanamerican

remember that is freedon of speech what do you think about god and other religion that up to you does not hirt my feeling i am telling you the west have to repstc other culture 911 i am as good muslims against this holycost but there is a reason why did happens hate and generalizing all muslims as igual and opresion for years did make these event happens radicales people born from oppression huert us and you and all inocent people like what is happening in france burning looting has nothing to do with islam they are muslims by name even the imams issued a fatwa what they are doing is haram meaning forbiden in islam even the muslim shiek went on the street with big posters trying to stop that they did not succeed they even kisk them becuasse that is a social problem like in holland they opened their borders and accept all these diferent culture and did try to integrate them they exclude them becuase they do not look frenshy type or witich type they are muslims or african second generation they call them in frensh zubdameans butter.....
like the palestinian they have nothing to loose fighting becuase the israely they treat them as second citizen but if since the begining they treat well not ina camp people with money and good life they do not fihgt they do not cause problem...
i know that for a fact that not all christian they want to kill muslims i am married to a christian woman she does not hate my gots i hope not i can not generalizze all and for whaqt you believe that god is great or not is up to you guess what in islam in teh coran say to us i who judge btween the nations and peolpe it is uo to him and your judgment is uo to him not me i have the right to write and express isnt so
west always accused muslims as baraberian not me

It's not about cartoon, indeed!

"How is it that its ok to say you want to kill people because made some cartoons?"

It's not about cartoon, indeed! It's about hummiliation!
How would you be if you got your mother hummiliated?
Someone took a nude picture of her and put the pranked picture in internet, makes fun of her?

That's a harsh analogy, I'm sorry if I'm offending, but in this case, Moslems, who believe that they must put their love to God and the Religion upon mortal loves, are terribly offended.

To make it more simple since my English shucks: Can you just try to understand what's precious for other, and try to respect it?
That matter differs human with ANIMALS, they've got feelings and indeed brain to think. I do Believe that the REAL DEMOCRACY doesnt guide humans into such animality right?
Just give me a break...
Grow up, stop whining about democracy cause you're not talking democracy here, be a real human, a human with feelings.
And one more thing, not all moslem who would go toward anarchy ,in fact, it's only a small amount of them. Moslems believe that there are many better ways to solve such problems.
(Once again, I'd apologize if I'm impolite. I'm not intend to, it's purely my English limitation.)

Cartoons about Islam and Muhammad

Muslims show next to no consideration for other relgions or their sacred beliefs, even to the point where they blow up centuries old Buddhist statues, and occupy one of the most sacred of Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, and defile what is inside. But they're "insulted" by anyone they perceive as showing disrespect to Islam or its founder. I don't care much for France, but at this moment, I would be proud to be a Frenchman, or virtually any European who refuses to be cowed by Islamofascism. If they have a change of heart and start kowtowing, they will on their knees forever, and democracy will be there with them.

Here we go again

Remember Salman Rushdie and his book "The Satanic Verses"? There was a dream sequence in the book referencing Muhammad. A fatwa was issued from Iran's leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. Rushdie's translator was stabbed to death and Rushdie went into hiding for YEARS.

I was flabbergasted that my country's leaders (the U.S.A.) were not more vocal about free speech rights. I believe it is a huge mistake for France and Denmark to back down. Muslims, as any other group of people, I feel, do not have the right to not be offended. They, as everyone else, have the right to not be HARMED. The cartoon is harming no one.

I see the reactions to the Danish cartoons as was with Rushdie's; a childish tantrum. Spending energy mobilizing "troops" to a newspaper shows the world that these groups are no more capable of governing their own than a room full of four year olds fed nothing but sugar.

to lisaan

did you read my book????????? i do not think so i diserve to be killed you know what i did not moke onlyteh prophet i moket the black people and i did got with ot no one told nothing besides khoumiani did sentence me to dead i will never repeat that again believe me ....

Freedom of speech is a noble

Freedom of speech is a noble quality and must be supported as passionately as possible. But it must be understood that this freedom comes with responsibility and does not give journalists or cartoonists or writers the freedom or the right to insult and offend.

These cartoons were provocative and if the editor and the cartoonist are expressing surprise at the intensity of anger in the Muslim world, then, they are clearly living in a la la land.

As a committed Christian, I like to express my opposition to such provocative images because they do not help in contributing positively to any debate and discussion. They simply aggravate minds and create unnecessary tension, and serve no purpose at all.

It would be helpful to remember the words of Jesus: 'do to others that you would want them to do to you'. So if you want the Arab world to understand your point of view, then, try and be more understanding yourself.

why do u think arabians when

why do u think arabians when someone says muslim?i am turkish and muslim...yes u r right about burning flag...but think about what u defence..u r defencıng smth shows a prophet like a mess...think about jessus...if muslims shows him like that...what would u do?in fact i would show the same reaction...because in turkey we learnt to live together....muslims,christians and jewishs...
but i think u need thousands of years to learn it....i am sorry not to see those days