Dairy Producer Who Boycotted Israel Gets Boycotted by Muslims

Appeasing the radicals does not help. Here is another example. The Danish-Swedish diary giant Arla is the worst hit victim of the Muslim boycott of Danish products. Arab countries constituted Arla’s most important export markets. An article in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten today suggest that Arla itself has for many years been boycotting Israel because apparently companies doing business in Muslim countries are obliged to accept a clause that they will not trade with Israel. [PS: Arla immediately denied this in a press statement] Naturally, private companies and individuals are entitled to boycott whomever they want to. The present instance, however, shows that those who try to be a friend of extremists have no guarantee that the extremists will reciprocate the friendship.

The boycotts and violence in Islamic countries because of the Muhammad cartoons will not be in the interests of consumers there. Danish companies have announced that Western companies doing business in the Muslim world will be obliged to take more expensive insurances if they intend to continue doing business there. As a consequence prices in the Middle East are likely to rise. Foreign companies will also think twice before investing in these countries. Perhaps that is one of the goals of the Jihadists inciting the unrest. They regard Western investments as a negative Western influence.

What is the role of Egypt in all this? The West considers Egypt to be one of its most reliable Arab allies. But is it? For four months the Egyptian government has been actively inciting hatred against Denmark. Yesterday the Copenhagen newspaper Politiken published official Egyptian documents which testify to Egypt’s prominent role in the hate campaign that was organized by Islamist imams after twelve Muhammad cartoons were published in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten last September [see for yourself how “offensive” they are: here, halfway down the page].

According to Politiken the Egyptian Foreign Ministry distributed copies of the cartoons to leading newspapers and religious and political figures as early as last October. Egypt was angry because Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish Prime Minister, had refused to meet eleven Muslim ambassadors (including Egypt’s) who demanded that the Danish government take action against Jyllands-Posten and impose press censorship to ensure the Muslims no longer be “offended.”

Mr Rasmussen has been criticized by the Danish Socialist opposition for not having received the ambassadors. The Socialists maintain that the present crisis could have been avoided if this meeting had taken place. A new opinion poll, however, indicates that Venstre, the Liberal Party of Mr Rasmussen, and the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party will benefit substantially from the cartoon affair, while the Social-Democrats will suffer huge losses. In the same poll, 41.5% of the Danes say that Mr Rasmussen handled the affair well, 40.1% give him an average score, and 16.4% say he has handled the affair badly.

As we reported earlier here the cartoon affair has led to a conflict between moderate and extremist Muslims in Denmark. Until recently the Danish imams claimed to be the only representatives of Danish Muslims, but a growing number of moderate Muslims is stepping forward to say that the imams do not represent them. The Danish Church is also trying to ease tensions between Denmark and the Muslim world. This week a delegation of church leaders travelled to the Middle East to meet Muslim religious leaders. The latter, however, continue to insist that the Danish government apologize first before there can be a normalization of relations.

Meanwhile violent demonstrations against Denmark, the West and Christianity continue in various countries. The Danish Foreign Ministry closed its embassy in Pakistan for security reasons, while the Pakistani ambassador to Copenhagen has been called home for consultation. Radical Muslims in Pakistan demand that the government sever its diplomatic relations with Denmark. A Pakistani imam announced on Friday that anyone who assassinates one of the Danish cartoonists will be paid a bounty of one million dollars. Similar bounties had already been offered in Pakistan last year.

Kurt Westergaard, one of the Danish cartoonists whose drawings provoked the outcry, told a British newspaper that he has “no regrets.” He said his cartoon was inspired by “terrorism – which gets its spiritual ammunition from Islam.” Mr Westergaard has been in hiding since October.

Yesterday eleven churches were torched in Nigeria in retaliation for the “blasphemous” Muhammad cartoons. Forty people are reported to have died. Crowds of Nigerian Muslims carrying machetes, sticks and iron rods hunted down Christians. One group threw a tyre over a man, poured gas on him and set him on fire. In many Muslim countries protesters have burned crosses. Though Muslims claim that their religion is a “religion of peace,” that Jesus is also one of their prophets, that it is blasphemy to insult a prophet, and that they would never do such a thing, no clerics (Muslim or Christian) have put bounties on the heads of the blasphemers burning crosses, churches and Christians.

According to Paul Johansen, a Norwegian citizen who is a former Muslim and now heads a Christian mission among Arabs, the West has a naive image of Islam. Mr Johansen defended the Danish cartoonists in an interview with the Norwegian Christian paper Dagen. “The artists who drew Muhammad did not get their inspiration from nowhere. Muslims need to think about why Islam is being linked to terrorism,” he said. Mr Johansen believes that what is happening today is the encounter with Islam as it really is.

“For decades Muslims have argued in the Western media that Islam is a religion of peace which respects other opinions. But we see nothing of this tolerance in the reality today. Muslims burn down embassies and consulates and are prepared to kill people as well.”

Mr Johansen, however, stressed that although terrorists and fanatics can be found among Muslims the majority of Muslims are peaceful people. “But does that mean we should be silent about Islam or the situation in the Muslim countries? We cannot. After all it is in the interests of the Muslims that the West stands firm on human rights and freedom of expression, because this is what is lacking in the Muslim world,” he said.

In an interview with the Norwegian Christian newspaper Korsets Seier the same Paul Johansen said:

“Islam is defying the West. Muslims will not be satisfied until they have taken over Europe. The method they use is […] to gain power over the media through censorship. Muslims use certain individuals who are very clever in dealing with the media and we will end up being controlled.”

He explained how this is done: Muslims control positions such as those of interpreters for the media. Today, he said, Muslims have almost full control over what the Norwegian media report from the Muslim world. Since he speaks Arabic himself Mr Johansen notices every day how news stories are being distorted so that they are more favourable to Muslims. “We are being systematically misinformed,” he says. Another key area controlled by muslims is that of studies about Islam. “At the University of Oslo you can take courses where the Bible is criticized. However, no such courses are availabe on Islam. Those who teach about Islam at the university are not aware of what Islam is really about. They teach about how Islam is interpreted, but they never go directly into its sources. What is being taught at Norwegian universities is a version of Islam that Muslims want the West to see.” Since 1994 the number of Muslims in Norway has increased from 35.000 to 100.000.

In an article in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten last Sunday Kåre Valebrokk, editor at the Norwegian TV station TV2, deplored that Vebjørn Selbekk, the editor of the Norwegian Christan newspaper Magazinet which first published the Muhammad cartoons in Norway, had apologized for hurting the feelings of Muslims (Mr Selbekk, however, did not apologize for publishing the cartoons). Many prominent people in Norway welcomed Mr Selbekk’s apology as an end to the cartoon crisis in Norway, but Mr Valebrokk does not agree. He fears that this kind of appeasement is only the beginning of our submission to Islam. The consequence of all this, he says, is that the umbrella organization of Muslims in Norway, Islamsk Råd (Islamic Council), has been given power over the Norwegian media.

“From now on we [Norwegian editors] are not the ones in charge of what we broadcast on our TV stations or publish in our newspapers. We now have Islamsk Råd as a co-editor. If the Muslims do not like what we broadcast or write all they need to do is set one or two embassies on fire to make us surrender. In a dangerous move we have given away the editorship to Muslim fundamentalists. I for my part greatly dislike my new role.”

The American author Bruce Bawer has also criticized Mr Velbekk for offering his apologies.

More on the cartoon affair can be found here.

To: emeda30 - you are free not to read newspapers ..

If you don't like a newspaper article, you are free not to read it.

If a person in your arab world don't honor your Muhammed - f.ex. homosexuals, they are hung.

What will happen for a person in Arab country, was wearing a Muhammed T-shirt, compared to a muslim burning a danish flag in Denmark ?

We vikings - don't believe in Islam.

Exactly - homosexuals are hung

See this horrible posting about two boys killed

This is not just an exchange of words and ideas. Here you can see the facts of Islam as it is practiced today in Iran. The religion of hate!

I ask that we not forget the death of these two poor boys. Let us use their sacrifice and the sacrifices of thousands of others as the motivation for a movement to denounce Islam for what it is.

To Emada

You know, Buddhism is a sad religion. If you look very close at it you see this message:

1. The Noble Truth of Dukkha - stress, unsatisfactoriness, suffering;
2. The Noble Truth of the causal arising of Dukkha, which is grasping, clinging and wanting;
3. The Noble Truth of Nirvana, The ending of Dukkha. Awakening, Enlightenment. "Mind like fire unbound";
4. The Noble Truth of the Path leading to Nirvana or Awakening

This looks very nice but what you also find behind the words is that Dukkha, which is nicely described as suffering, will not disappear before mankind reaches Nirvana. And Nirvana is "nothing" or ceasing to exist. That does not mean that you will rise fron the dead and be judged by God, it means that suffering ends with the disappearance of mankind. Rather sad.

To: emeda30

Your "quotes" is an excellent example, or what can happend - if religion and some mad dogs is controlling a country.

Nazi Germany was burning books, Talaban was destructive to everything - and now: Who is burning danish flags and Christian churches in muslim countries ?

If people don't like the drawings from the danish newspaper- or any other art-work, they should choose not to look at them, they are free to that.

To Emeda

It was a very nice explanation that you gave. There should be more trying to find the truths within their beliefs.
But what you and many other tend to forget is that there are people believing otherwise. I am an example. I am a Buddhist and as such, does not believe in a God. What does that do to the Bible, Qur'an, and their prophets? Not a very nice picture. Claiming to get revelations from something that does not exist. How do you think that I look upon such claims? I dont want to spell out the words here.
So what is then left in order to run a peaceful society? Civil laws. Most of them were made in order to make a country survive and giving equal rights to all people.
If you want to override those laws by laws defined in a religion, you are doing a great mistake. If I am not a muslim, what is wrong by drawing a picture of your Prophet? If my intention was to insult you or, but more important, deprive you of the same rights granted to people that society, then I am wrong and a court can make a ruling if the case is proved.
Like you state in your posts, quoting the Qur'an out of context creates a wrong picture. The same thing goes for cartoons. If they were intended to deprive muslims in Denmark of their rights, then is was wrong, but your have to prove the intention. That is how a legal system works.
I respect other peoples rights to follow a faith, but please dont impose your opinions and "laws" on me. I can do without it.
If you wonder why I became a Buddhist the answer is very simple. All the mainstream religions promise your reward in heaven and tell you to accept the suffering on earth. I regard that as writing "rubber" checks. If there is a God, you would not have to prove yourself worthy of heaven, that is a contradition in itself, because it states that God that created man in his own image are not almighty and made mistakes in his creation.

To.: ChrisBKK

I can only support your views. F.ex are the UN charter for human rights not based on any individual religion as well.

I'm a Christian - living in Denmark, and I don't read Jyllands Posten. Anyhow I support their right to publish. If any feel offended by their writings, well they are free to use the danish courtsystem.

I was offended when the Talabans destroyed the Buddha statures in Afghanistan, because they didn't accept symbols from other religions, than Islam. Thats intollerance !

Now when muslim demonstrators, are burning churches, embassies - danish flags around the world, it's intollerance as well.

Here in Denmark - we respect people's right's to support a religion, and their right to express themselves. Because it's wrong for some muslims to make pictures muhammed, it's not wrong for "non-muslims" to make drawings of muhammed.

If people don't like the drawings - like any other art-work, they should choose not to look at them - they are free to that. As I don't read the danish paper Jyllands Posten!

To: Onenoson

As a Viking - I prefer the drawings in Jyllands Posten.

All Muslims should pray to their God - and they would be rewarded with some good danish humor

Women's and children's rights?

Watch the movie on http://terror-watch.net/. The movie is on the front page and starts automatically.

An Arab lady explaining it good to Muslim men. Unbelievable. Can anybody verify if pedophilia is accepted and common as the lady indicates? Is it really permitted by Sharia and/or tradition?

I am shocked.

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Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!
Freya Keep me out of TROUBLE!*winks*

Re Export to Muslims!

Ah! but Por ki ng chicken very good chicken. made with finest chopped pork fat and smoked pork in a red sauce hanging in the oven like peking duck! They like it! I am telling you! They ever try it! After they eat it! They cannot be "muslims" anymore!
We take their pictures wearing T shirts with cartoons on them saying...I LIKE HAM!
or even Yummy Danish Ham! Then we send them home! With bacon in their luggage! * nods* It is the charitable thing to do! Then they will not be hungry anymore* smile*

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Re: Ham ASS!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! *ROFLMAO* Well when they finished we can Baste them with a little more Carlsberg, right Kung Fu Master!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

The real reson that Muslims don't eat pigs.

The number of pigs that are slaugthered every year is aproximatly the same as the increase of radical muslims in the world. Therefore it's safe to assume that the dead pigs reincarnate as radical Muslims all over the world. That's the real reason for why the Muslim s don't eat pigs.

The Israel emassador protest against common pratice

The Israel ambassador David Walzer calls the pratice shamefull. He calls the Danish companies practice "Submission to political terrorisme". A comment from the leading party states that the companies havn't learned anything from mistakes learned during the second world war.


During the second world war many Danish companies earned fortunes while they worked for the Nazi's. The social demokrat and social liberal (radikale) praised the Nazi occupiers until the August 29 1943 where the Danish people turned against the goverment and the Nazi's. We even send a delegation to Nazi koncentration camps to prove the lies, that the Jews and other inmates were threated fine. The social demokrats and radikals were a good tool for Nazi propaganda. BTW the to parties is still in the Danish parlement.

The trade uninion for the Danish Companies DI (Danish Industries) had knowlege of that kinds of agreements for years. DI has pressed for a more imigration during the last five years. During the last two months the pressed for self censorship in the Danish press.

Arla following standard practice

Hey all!

I generally don't put a push in here for my own blog, but I really feel my last two posts are worth looking at.  They look at things from a perspective that is not always applied in these discussions.

Don't be so quick to judge Arla or any other company about this so-called "boycott".  Arla would be very happy to sell her products in both Israel and the Arab world, but there has been a general practice for decades that companies doing business in one place didn't do business in the other.  Pepsi one place; Coca Cola the other.

It is said that when you point, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you.  This is one situation you might be careful who you accuse.

Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can;

the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change;

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Pratice soon to be banned for Danish companies.

The Danish parlement want's to ban this kind of agreements where Danish companies participates in boycotts of a country. The only exception will be if UN or the Danish parlement calls for a boycott of a country. In this case all Danish companies shall boycott the country.

Boycot ...

Denmark is also exporting a lot of chicken food to the arab states (with a muslim pray included) - Special service, provided for our "arab muslim friends".

In the arab news - they have never mention a boycot of this product.

Maybe we should introduce

Maybe we should introduce them to the minced chicken barbecque *winks* with some of that special sauce* made with special mixture of minced chicken and the exotic 400 to 800 pounds por ki ng chickens*wink* Ever seen one of them in a fast food restaurant stuffing it in,they shovel without ever looking or checking to make sure what is in
it. They are shoveling in FKC in Syria, but they HATE the west!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

I like the idea.

We will need to keep it as a secret until they all eat "por ki ng chickens*wink*". Then after a while we will tell them the truth and watch them all freak out. Perhaps some of them will convert to Christianity after the discovered the delicious taste of "por ki ng chickens*wink*" :-) Then we can start export Carlsberg beer to them :-) It's a world full og oppertunities..

To Balder Re; Por Ki Ng!

Is it alright Balder.. the beauty part of teh recipe is ai marinate the por ki ng chicken in Carlsburg Special Sauce ( 60% of the special sauce is made with Carlsberg) *winks* Oh they will need to drink the Carlsberg...my sauces are fiery hot! ( best to use tortialls flour or chinese pancakes to wrap the meat in!) I love good eats! My food will be finger licking good heheh!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Brilliant Danes... A Phyrrhic Victory for Allah!!

Yes, the muslims have won. World governments (with exceptions) by and large came down on the
muslim side. But none with any real conviction besides placation, and rather at arms length.

But what a lost chance! The muslims could have really worked this in their favor... if they could have shown the least bit of restraint. If they could have held back just enough to get their leftist/multicultural apologizers in the west rolling with the real momentum of the "victim" position which they crave, and which is essential to their long term goals. It would have been a cultural blowout in the media. But they can't help themselves.

Therein lies the true weakness of the zealot. The inability of self-critical thought, the blindness of perspective. They know, and have always known, only one way to deal with ANY kind of attack, and that is full frontal charge.

By choosing the brilliant tool of cartoons, the Danes let the muslims demonstrate to the world themselves their bitterness, intolerance and lack of respect of anything non-Islamic, better than a million "concerned" editorials could have done. By knowing no other way to engage criticism, their ugliness was forced into the light of fact, which is their enemy.

Illustrating all their lies and hypocrisy, all that is wrong with their hate-filled cult of ignorance to the rest of the non-muslim world... and having it done by those same crazed imams and their ignorant, savage followers!

Brilliant Danes!

Sad but true

The Swedish-Danish Company Arla, signed these agreament with the islamofacist.. Right now they try to distance them self from the innocent cartoons to please the followers of Bin Landen/Muhammed. They even payes chartity to please the followers of bin Landen/Muhammed. Arla is a nasty exmaple on how moral can be disolved in the quest for profit. We saw the same during the Nazi occupation where a lot of Danish companies worked were close together with the Nazis to gain profit.

Misleading header?

It is yet to be determined wether Arla actually boycotted Israel. They signed declarations stating they wouldn't use Israeli produce etc., but wether they actually lived up to those declarations, we don't know.

Still, the fact they signed those things has pissed me off. Not to mention how they've completely sold out democracy and freedom of speech/expression. Think I'm gonna start actively seeking out products of the smaller Danish dairy companies...