Down with America: the Anti-American Dance (2)

"Down with America" is the title of a recent song by the popular Belgian musician Raymond van het Groenewoud. Written in Dutch and published by EMI , "Weg met Amerika" ("Down with America") will be available in record shops as of next week, and was played on Belgian state radio last Thursday and Friday.  Here is a quote from the lyrics of the song:
Hamburgers and coke, yes you already knew
But do you also know the cause of the general decay?
Short-sighted thinking, loud talking
Sticking to one-liners forever
Down with America! Down with the jerks from America
Down with America! [...]

Down with American colonialism
Down with that ugly, biting English
All the Anglo-Saxon pretence, arrogance
Yes, a hot pick up their ass
And that is that [...]

I am from the Belgian, the European panel
And I ask you: “Clear my channel! Clear my channel!”
Megalomaniac unicellular idiots
Kiss my ass, yes, kiss my balls

Incitement to hatred against people based on (i.a.) nationality is a crime in Belgium. In practice however, this law is only enforced when Arab, muslim or African minorities are criticized. Hate speech against the Americans or the British remains unsanctioned, as was recently shown when the leftist newspaper De Morgen published an article that complained about the British, "with their unique mixture of wantonness and arrogance, their pathetic addiction to drink, their bad taste, and actually just their ugliness and thickheaded presence".

In January 2003, the Flemish commercial radio station Q-Music was sanctioned by the Flemish Council for Disputes in Radio and Television, after a complaint from the Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR). In their radio show, presenters Erwin Deckers and Sven Ornelis had described Venus and Serena Williams as 'monkeys'. The CEOOR decided that their way of reporting was "a gross insult to all our non-white citizens. The vulgar language [...] contributes to the banalization of racist speech. Hence, the program incited to hate based on race".

More and more, it seems that racist or semi-racist expressions are punished when they originate from popular culture or from right-wing politicians and are directed against muslims, Arabs or Africans, but that similar expressions remain unpunished when they come from 'progressive' artists and leftist intellectuals and are directed against the Americans, the British or the Dutch. In my opinion, the CEOOR and its policies are leading us to a less tolerant society, with more social irritation, distrust and friction. When the state tries to control the thoughts and minds of the people, it will only lose their respect.


Can't blame the European masses

Molly wrote: 

"You cannot blame the average citizen here [that is, in Belgium] because they of course believe all of the rubbish that is daily fed to them."


Why shouldn't we blame the average European citizen for being a mindless sheep who accepts uncritically whatever the elites tell him?  This European failure to challenge authority is especially galling considering that the Europeans I meet are happy to inform me at every opportunity that they are highly knowledgable about America -- more knowledgable about America, in fact, than are Americans.

All the Anglo-Saxon pretence

What an ignorant twit. "All the Anglo-Saxon pretence"  Almost no americans are anglo-saxon.   After the Brits burned Washington D.C. the US blocked virtually all immigration from the UK.  The vast majority of Americans are German, Polish or even Irish.

Here's another new song,

Here's another new song, straight from the heart: "Up Your Groin Woud."

Makes me sad

This kind of hatred and intolerance will only drive the Belgians deeper into the bosom of Islam, where they will be destroyed.

Belgians, and other Europeans of this thinking protect the cluture of those who desire to rule them through Islamic law if given an chance (or slaughter them mercilessly if they will not simply agree to be ruled), and despise and criticise those who would be called upon to save them (the Americans).

When the call comes for the Americans to save Europe again, will it be answered? Perhaps the Americans will turn instead to freedom loving nations, with an honest respect for those who stand with them. It's really what should be done. But instead, the Americans will probably do what they have always done, and come to the rescue of Europe once again.

When will the Americans learn?

Insane Europe

Many Americans died for Belgium in two world wars.
NEVER again.
"In Flanders' Fields...."

Flanders' Fields

Actually it was mostly Brits and Canadians, and assorted other Empire types, who died fighting for freedom in Flanders in the two WW's. The poem being quoted was in fact written by a Canadian, John McCrae, during the first war. Our much valued and brave American allies were nearby of course, but they mostly did their dieing a little further south I believe, sacrificing to save ungrateful Frenchmen, rather than Belgian boors.

Pedantic nit-picking aside I heartily agree about the NEVER AGAIN - none of the Anglophone countries should ever lift a finger again in defense of continental Europeans. They should be left to wallow in slops of their own making, suitable only for the disgusting and self-obsessed pigs they have become. That may change of course when the Islamonutters take over and outlaw all things porcine, but that future must take care of itself.

more nitpicking

"died fighting for freedom in Flanders"

As long as we're nitpicking, both World Wars left Flanders under Belgian hegemony. On the other hand, if you meant to say "died in Flanders fighting for freedom", just write it that way.

historical facts

Please look at the historical facts: the Americans liberated Europe during World War II in the first place because they needed a strong trade partner again, or do you think the whole Marshall plan was about charity and "caring" for Europe?

My parents' generation won

My parents' generation won the entire world.
Then they rebuilt it and gave it back.
Your ingratitude is ugly and unbelievable. your mother.

re: My parents' generation won

If hitler had won , the next generation of germans would have said the same about them saving us from the communism...

And france saved you against the english, i see how gratefull you guys are towards them...

"forever stay stuck in oneliners"

thats a quote from the song, and you guys that have been whinning about the usa "saving" us in the ww just proved that reymond is right, haha...

Please look at the

Please look at the historical facts: the Americans liberated Europe during World War II in the first place because they needed a strong trade partner again

Stop being stupid. If the Americans were simply looking for someone to trade with, they could just as easily have traded with Hitler.

Hot picks up the ass

loud talking
Sticking to one-liners forever

As opposed to the quiet, cogent, articulate point of view advocated by Mr Groenewoud?

Bob Doney

Europe is it's Own Problem

Most Americans thank "God" and I do mean "GOD" that our ancestors had enough sense to get out of Europe. Mine left France and Beligium and Austria in the late 1800's.

Even though I have traveled to Africa, South America, and Asia, I have no desire to go to Europe or be a part of it's stupidity.

Travel broadens the mind

I have no desire to go to Europe or be a part of it's stupidity.

Perhaps you're afraid of becoming contaminated by European ideas like the Rights of Man, democracy, science, and philosophy?

And heaven forfend that you get the chance to see the Colosseum, Notre Dame or the Parthenon. Much better to stick with Machu Picchu and the Seattle Space Needle. They're real culture.

Bob Doney

Rights of Man? "We hold

Rights of Man?
"We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..." this from the founding document of the USA, in 1776, European governments began to care when?
In 1892, in Wyoming, women began voting in a nations elections for the first time in world history while even european men will still on their knees before those whatayacallems? Oh, yeah. Kings.
Google Nobel Prize winners.
But, yes, I'd like to see the 755 year old Cathedral of Notre Dame, the 1925 year old Colosseum and the 2447 year old Parthenon. And perhaps you could come the the USA and see a Jew in a yarmulke walking down the street in safety-today.

More puzzled

this from the founding document of the USA, in 1776, European governments began to care when?

Don't get over-excited, Lloyd. I was only suggesting a few nice places for a trip to Europe, and was puzzled why Asia, Africa and South America were tempting, and Europe wasn't.

By the way, as American governments were caring about individual liberty way back in 1776, it took them a hell of a long time to get round to Alabama and Mississipi, don't you think?

Oh, and no trip to Europe would be complete without a visit to the unsurpassable west coast of Ireland. Why, on a clear day you can nearly see New York.

Bob Doney

Perhaps you're afraid of

Perhaps you're afraid of becoming contaminated by European ideas like the Rights of Man, democracy, science, and philosophy?

Funny, I was born and raised in Europe (Germany) but had to emmigrate to the USA to find real democracy.


Funny, I was born and raised in Europe (Germany) but had to emmigrate to the USA to find real democracy.

I was more taken up with our earlier correspondent's contrast of his happy travels in South America, Africa and Asia, and his strong aversion to Europe's stupidity.

However, now that you've stirred me from my slumbers, perhaps you could explain what "real" democracy is, as opposed to the phoney sort, I suppose. In composing your answer, please address the issue of the effect of money on American elections and whether or not it is easier for a poor man to enter Congress than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And a couple of sentences on the uses and abuses of hanging chads would be helpful.

Bob Doney

I like the fact that

I like the fact that virtually everyone, from the US President, to Senators, to members of Congress are ELECTED officials. The few who aren't elected has to go through a rigorous multi-party confirmation process, including heads of the various governmental departments, and federal and supreme court judges. Too many influential European politicians and judges are simply appointed.

European politics may not involve as much money as American politics, but European politics are every bit (if not more) beholden to special interest groups, so the point is moot. Politics in the US is still very much a grassroots effort, despite the illusions and self-righteous fantasies of the European media.

Sad and Ashamed

I also completely agree with the comment by "American in Belgium" made earlier. Today again and during the last few year I really felt ashamed to be Belgium. And If I could get out, and move to he US, I definitely would.

down with america

It is just as bad here in Canada the media is almost all leftist and very anti america,but if we had a disaster like they have now at the Gulf coast we would not be able to help ourselves but we always count on the States to rescue us

Leftist Dutch media monopoly

I completely agree with the comment by "American in Belgium" made earlier. Her observations are very apt.

It's the same in the Netherlands. I grew up there but have lived in the States for a long time now. What an improvement.

The earlier commenter is also right that the European attitude is caused by a virtually complete absence of opinions other than those of the left -the Michael Moorish left- 'informing' people. Which makes it perhaps harder to fault the Europeans for their folly.

The lies Dutch people are fed, uniformly, by media and politicians, particularly about the US, are incredible. It does indeed amount to the absence of democracy, as the earlier commenter writes about Belgium.

The sad thing is that Americans have NO IDEA how bad things are in Europe in this respect. Trying to explain it to Americans frequently results in looks of incomprehension. The respect most Americans have for Europe makes the hatred Europeans tend to have for America all the more, well, pathetic almost.

American in Belgium

I am an American married to a Flemish and live in the Flemish part of Belgium. The people in the town where I live have been very nice to this American. But, invariably when the subject of politics is brought up, they cite the rubbish they have been fed on a daily basis and quote leftist journalists or news programs from TV. And of course, it is all anti-American and anti-Bush.

My Flemish husband who lived in the States for 2 years is forever getting angry with the garbage he reads in the paper and sees on TV here. He has written some letters to the paper, and in one instance, they did apologize and even admitted the article was not truthful. So why do the journalists continue to put out lies. Because they would probably lose their jobs if they dared to write positive things about America.

Belgium is NOT in a true sense a democratic nation. They think that they are, but until an opposing view and political party is allowed into the country, rather it be a network such as FOX news, or they have the guts to quote from some other newspapers except for the LA Times or New York times (notorious leftist), the media here will be forever dishonest in it's reporting. The media here will continue to be full of lies and mistruths.

You cannot blame the average citizen here because they of course believe all of the rubbish that is daily fed to them.

I think Belgium as evolved over the years as a country with very low self-esteem. It makes the media, politicians and people like this Groenewoud feel better about themselves if they can put down strong nations. What they do not understand is that it makes this American thank God that she is an American and only serves to make these sort of Belgians look ridiculous and bitter!

I love the people here and the town where we live, but we have decided that we will return to the States, to a truly democratic society.

Excellent statement

Your response posted here is excellent. I stumbled upon this thread accidentally. As the American-born son of a Fleming I am often frustrated by that version of anti-Americanism you refer to. It is especially disheartening because, as you point out, it comes from good, literate people who truly believe they have taken a holistic approach to understanding world issues. They are much better versed in world history than the average American (in fact, better often than the 'elite' as well). Which makes debates often a one-sided thing.

Democracy does not exist in Belgium. It is only some form of republicanism. One person = one vote does not exist in Belgium. In a Flemish Republic one could at least hope for a better life. This is why Flanders needs to shake off the chains of Belgian oppression and declare independence.

de bende van

Amercans in belgium

I have some american friends at the vub (free university of brussels) and they say the oposite of you, they find news and media far more objective in belgium then in the us.Here you get both sides of the story and you can chose who to believe, instead of one side of the story in the usa. (those are there words not mine)I wonder if you ever heard something about palestinian vectims and there pain in the israel conflict for example.


You see enough rubbish on programs from the usa, about how weak the frensh are and this and that.
Atleast in this song you get some reason why raymond hates the usa, and i have to agree with most of them. I mean is there anyone here that doesn't think that the usa has been playing the world police for the last 50 years?


is there anyone here that doesn't think that the usa has been playing the world police for the last 50 years?

Who won?

Bob Doney


I think noone, but it was just to show that this song, you guys are making look bad realy has a lot of true stuff in it

Media bias and democratic deficit

There is no denying that a strong bias exists in mainstream European media pro collectivism and other leftish ideas. However I don't agree that this necessarily means that Belgium isn't a democracy. There is sufficient reporting by privatly owned media outlets to prove that opposing views are allowed although they remain unpopular.

The blame lies not with the (leftish) media. They have every right to be as biased as they want to be. In fact I'd like them to be even more partisan because I think the debate is more worth than the ideas (both on the left and right side).

The problem in the Belgian media is that right wing journalists have repeatedly failed to get a good mainstream outlet of the ground. I don't know enough to know why this is the case. But let's hope this website can play a (small?) role in finally presenting the opposing view to help start the political debate for real.

When Weg Met Amerika

If you're dying for a taste of what's hot in Belgium (and have the Amerikan-made Windows Media Player installed), hit this link for some serious European production values and hard-hitting lyrics that really make you think ...

Apparently "Raymond van het

Apparently "Raymond van het Groenewoud" is Belgian for "Wesley Willis."

I am from the Belgian, the European panel
And I ask you: “Clear my channel! Clear my channel!”
Megalomaniac unicellular idiots
Kiss my ass, yes, kiss my balls

Rock over London, rock on Brussels.
Home Depot. You can do it. We can help.


To Anonymous ("Apparently "Raymond van het Groenewoud" is Belgian for 'Wesley Willis.'"):
Thanks for the best laugh I've had all week.

Van Het Groenewoud loosing brain cells

I completely agree with LVB. The last months and years I have been seeing quite a lot of anti-American speech in Flemish media, also - sadly to say - in those newspapers that proud themselves in being quality titles.

You can't say a wrong word about the muslim community in this country, but when we're talking about Americans, well, feel free to take a swing at them. This is where we have arrived.

This being said, we shouldn't stress out too much about Van Het Groenewoud though. He surely isn't worth the attention.

Its true. You can say

Its true. You can say anything you want about the founding european populations of Britain, America, even Belgium. You can attack them and even advocate genocide. But to propose that Dutch, Belgian, British, or European Americans are peoples with interests and you are hunted down by the media and the state like dogs. Imagine what happens if you suggest that minority ethnic groups have conflicting interests??? Down with the Left.