Cartoon Rage: Vikings Warned to Leave Palestine

This morning armed Palestinians stormed the European Union office in Gaza City, threatening Danes and Norwegians and demanding that they leave. Two Norwegian aid workers are on their way out of the region. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has warned Norwegian citizens against travelling to Gaza. The Danish Foreign Ministry warned Danes to be extremely cautious while travelling in the Middle East and North Africa. Yesterday the Danish national flag was burned in the West Bank in protest against the publication of 12 cartoons of Muhammad (see them all here, halfway the article) in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten last September. Depicting the prophet is blasphemy according to Islam.

The Palestinian terrorist organization Islamic Jihad announced yesterday that all Nordic people had 48 hours to leave Gaza. The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades distributed leaflets saying that Danes and Swedes had three days to get out of the region. Sweden, however, unlike Denmark and Norway, has nothing to do with the cartoon affair. Perhaps the Norwegians have been omitted by the al-Aqsa Brigades because its leftist government parties have called for a boycott of Israel.

There are also reports that a terrorist group called the Glory Brigades of Northern Europe is threatening suicide attacks in Denmark. Meanwhile the internet edition of Jyllands-Posten was offline for several hours today, and also yesterday and on Friday, due to attacks by computer hackers.

Governments of a number of Muslim countries in the Middle East, such as Jordan
and Syria, have contacted Danish ambassadors and condemned the cartoons. Last week the Jordanian parliament called for the punishment of the Danish cartoonists. On Saturday the Foreign Minister of Iran, Manouchehr Mottaki, wrote to his colleagues in Denmark and Norway protesting the „ridiculous and repulsive insult“ which he says the cartoons embody. Last week Saudi Arabia called back its ambassador to Denmark for consultation. Yesterday Libya decided to close its embassy in Copenhagen in protest against the cartoons and the lack of „responsible actions“ by the Danish government. Libya also said it would be taking “economic measures” against Denmark, but did not say what they would be.

Yesterday the editor of Jyllands-Posten wrote an open letter to the people of Saudi Arabia to justify the publishing of the Muhammad cartoons after a number of Danish export companies with interests in the Middle East had urged him to do so. Several Muslim governments have encouraged their people to boycott Danish products in protest against the cartoons. Disinformation about the affair and about Denmark’s role is being distributed in many Muslim countries, for example through e-mails and sms messages which claim that Jyllands-Posten is a government owned newspaper and that the Danish government was behind the publication of the cartoons. Danish embassies in Arab countries have felt compelled to correct these lies. [There is also disinformation in the Western mainstream media who have finally picked up the story.]

At a press conference in Jeddah on Saturday the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) lambasted the Danish government „over its lack of action or apology“ for the Muhammad cartoons. “The Danish authorities have, by providing protection to the newspaper and failure to censor it in unequivocal terms, served neither the cause of freedom of expression nor advanced the goals of multiculturalism, domestically or internationally. The Danish authorities should have categorically condemned the cartoons,” said Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary-general of the OIC.

Ihsanoglu added that the “failure” of the Danish authorities to condemn the cartoons sets a dangerous precedent. He welcomed diplomatic actions from Muslim countries against Denmark and said that the anger against the country is reflected in the boycott of Danish goods. “If they have the freedom of expression, then individual Muslims have the freedom of choice,” he said. Ihsanoglu nevertheless acknowledged the conflicting issues of press freedom and respect for other religions, but said Danish authorities “had a responsibility to control such material which incited hatred and religious intolerance.” Previously the OIC urged Muslims to protest in a peaceful manner.

In addition the OIC and the Arab League have announced their intention to appeal to the United Nations’ General Assembly to issue a resolution “prohibiting attacks on religion.” Such a resolution would among other things make it possible to resort to economic sanctions against countries that contravene it.

Both José Manuel Barroso, the president of the EU Commission, and the Austrian chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, who currently holds the EU precidency, appear to be avoiding discussions on the cartoon affair. At a press conference in Salzburg on Friday Barroso claimed he did not really know in detail what the issue is about and was obviously not too pleased at being asked to comment on the it. Barroso said furthermore that the EU supported freedom of expression but not necessarily everything which is expressed. The Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller, has said he intends to bring the issue up for discussion at today’s meeting of EU Foreign Ministers, mainly to inform his colleagues about the situation and the postion of the Danish government.

Though under huge pressure to intervene, the Danish government still stands firmly by its previous statements that it cannot and will not interfere in what the Danish press decides to publish. At his weekly press meeting last Tuesday Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Denmark need not be ashamed of its handling of human rights in the cartoon affair and referred to a reply from his government to an enquiry from the UN about the issue two months ago.

In a new poll published in Denmark last week 79% of Danes say the Danish government should not apologize for the cartoons while 18% say it should. 62% say Jyllands-Posten should not apologize, but 31% say it should. 58% say the newspaper had every right to publish the cartoons, but also said they understood Muslims were angry. 579 people were polled.

More on the Cartoon Case (see links at end of article)

not objecting nor supportive

umm.. people.. look, i know that what they did were extreme, but that doesnt mean we have to show them we're also idiots. sure, some of them are but i think both sides are just acting stupid! the freedom of speech thing doesnt apply to every country and burning and attacking is soo not muslim..

They should come up with a resolution..
1. religiously insulting cartoons may be sensitive so it should just be published discreetly (not in a national newspaper)
2. muslims should stop attacking and burning

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Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

To Muslim

I totally agree with you....the ignorant people will never succeed in life.  It the people who are willing to listen we must speak with cause they are the only ones who truly deserve to be saved from the fires of hell.  As for the rest we pray for that they may one day be lead to the correct path.Insha-Allah.


To Balder

The Prophet Muhammed(P.B.U.H) did not take the virginity of Aisha(his wife) when she was 9.  He did not even wed her at that age.  He was engaged to her.  Meaning he was to look after her from now on.  How are you sure he took her virginity.  You know nothing.  You people must do your research first please.  I just dunno how arrogant you fools can be.  Also, armyscout43 is just a dumbass who is trying to get some attention.  Please when people are doing some serious and important talk. Dont shove your damn nose in.  And if you want to. Say sumthing worthwhile.  I dont want to hear no Stargate or Star Wars shit.  And by the way in Stargate the reason it was the west saved the world is cause its a movie made by people in the west.  Think before you say sumthing.  Your just proving you have no brain. And if you do, you lack the sensibility to use it.  Atleast the others here are using it. 

To "Imran Patel"

Please don't waste your time with armyscout. Let's focus on discussing issues with people who know their facts, and who have a normal level of tolerance. I mean, how are you going to convince someone who thinks there are no Muslims living in China that there are millions of Chinese Uighur Muslims in western China? Imam Shafi'i said that in a debate between a person of knowledge and an igornamus, the ignoramus will always win.

What you mean is as long as

What you mean is as long as westerners are kyssing muslim tail then they are good little westerners but if they tell you to shut up or back up, then we are bad little westerners. Okej! How about this! Get stuffed!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Newt Gingrich criticized the White House on FoxNews Yesterday.

Newt Gingrich on FoxNews Yesterday said something to the effect of, "We should stand with the free people of the world and not bow down to fascist regimes."

(For the benefit of those who don't know, Newt Gingrich was the Republican leader of the US House of Representatives who, in 1994, lead the Republicans to their first majority in the US House of Representatives since 1948.)

In my own words, the White House is trying to achieve "Peace in our time" by coming down on the side of censorship and repression. What else do we have to give up to appease Muslim "sensibilities". Muslims celebrate when we're attacked and they are unhappy when we succeed. Why are we coddling people who hate us and what we stand for?

Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating for another war, but lets be honest with them and say we don't agree and we won't tolerate violence against our citizens exercising their rights under our constitutions and laws.

To 'Another American'

No, all Muslims don't rejoice when Americans are attacked.

And don't forget that the US Republican government itself has strong ties with Islamo-fascists like Saudi Arabia, not to mention brutal dictators like Islam Karimov.

72? virgins?

How cute are these virgins if they lived out their natural lives without finding a mate?


Fine you find us offensive and our behaviour ugly and odd. You have every right but rest assured the feeling is utterly mutual in this regard. Just don't go immigrating to one of our filfthy, decadent countries ok?

As to the war in Iraq I opposed it, I oppose it still because the reasons were trumped and spurious, because it would only feed the rabid, extremist elements in the Muslim world who seem incapable of facing the problems with their own governments and societies and instead conveniently blame their inadequacies on the west, and I want the people of Iraq to achieve democracy, freedom, and Enlightenment by themselves - the hard way as it was done in the West.

The Iraq war let you guys off the hook - instead of facing your own problems you have a convenient scapegoat.

I don't want to see anymore dying anywhere. As a secular humanist, I might find your religion and beliefs abhorrent but I don't want to see innocent people on all sides hurt or killed. So in the spirit of opposing bloodshed how about you denounce here those who kill and threaten to kill in the name os islam?

patriot and plateau

I do not care about you, or your way of life at all, but its funny that you are who interfere with our way of life.
I'm not offended by those naked people, because its their dirty problem, but this is the image of your people from my point of view, it's my freedom isn't it?
you know what the difference between our societies?
we have some odd people or those who trying to do just like you, but we do not celebrate the ugly and the odd behavior; while you do celebrate every dirty action in the name of freedom, and that make dirty things to spread in your society while it's very limited in ours.
our women are treated in a good way " in most of the places in the Islamic world " , but you are the people who treat women as animal, you just care about their bodies, and you would see a naked women on every kind of advertisements, so you use them even to sell an insecticide, if not worse.
I do not hate anybody, but yes I do hate the dirty deeds and any occupation force

So you hate a society that

So you hate a society that has women in strip bars and degredates women. You also hate the same society that allows women to work and feed their children once their husbands are dead. This was a problem in Afghanistan, where Muslim women were killed for working to feed their children. You seem to place execution above rituals. I submit that women in the western world love their freedom. Thay can choose to be friends with anyone. Sure, there are problems, but we don't keep them locked up where nobody sees their faces. Do you honestly think women like that, or do you view women as a farmer views his animals?

Hypocracy or Hate?

Hate posting a comment twice- but my first never made it. How is it that even moderate Muslims can come out in droves to protest cartoons, yet none cam out after 9/11 when two thousand people were killed, many of them Muslims. Two scenarios possible- (1) Moderates afraid of reprucussions from the fanatics, or (2) Moderates silently cheering the fanatics on. Either scenario is chilling, and should tell all who has the REAL power in the Muslim world. So, you can all guess what will happen if these nations get a nuke.

response to aman

There wouldn't be an occupation force had the muslim world taken care of its fundamentalists. You see, its very simple, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. The world trade center bombings were the last straws, so we decided to set up shop in the middle east just as we set up shop in Europe and Asia after WWII. If you want to blame someone or something blame yourself and the terrorist groups which you support.


AS an addendum - a mature society looks at the problems it's faces and openly discusses them. In the main, that's what western societies do. It's about time the muslim world leanrt how to introspect. To look at it and the problems it has. There is a veil of secrecy and issues in your societies that you dare not touch for fear of losing face.

Meanwhile people are abused and oppressed, and have no voice.

So you are better than us? I think not.

I could go on. But Aman, if you want to live in your prison of oppression and secrecy, be my guest. Meanwhile, the problems we have, we'll attempt to address as a society.

You Aman

Aman, you might want to remove the log from your own eye before pointing at the splinter in ours (I'm sure you;re familiar with that one).

The thing is, western societies in the main, openly discuss social problems such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and rape in their socieities. Statistics are compiled. Do you seriously think rape, abuse, and molestation don't occur in the muslim world? There's been but it's a taboo to intrude into the private lives of people, behind closed doors where all kinds of abuse no doubt takes place. We just have the decency to face up to it, you in your hypocrisy do not. and

As to nudity or beachwear. We don't find it offensive so the problem is your's, not ours. So if you ever come to a western country you have to respect that we reagard these things differently as you just as a western women would be expected to dress appropriately when visiting a muslim country.

And as to gays. So what? Better two people who love each other than your arranged marriages and forced submission.

So much for the being a religion of peace and love when you hold so much hate and prejudice for others.

you halleluya

We are much better than you halleluya, look how nice is your society with those who always drunk like animals and stinky with their smelly mouths ,or those mad people who stop you in the street to tell you stupid things, or those pregnant teenagers, or those who sit naked as devils on beaches , or read about the horrible number of rape crimes, children abuse, gay marriage , and that new disgusting trio marriage, and many many awful things
What a virtues

I see you world is the civilized world !

Wasn't it child abuse when the warlord Muhammed took the virginity of his 9 year old wife ?

Q) What will happend if a girl/child i raped in a Muslim state like Pakistan ?
A) The victim will be stoned to death !

Are a person a devil if he/she is naked ?

Where I live most rapes, espically group rapes are done by persons from the Middle East !

To Balder

Indeed! You make an excellent point! Muslims should not act as if there are not untowards things that happen in families over there. The reason few hear about them is that they usually kill the victim of the rape to satisfy the "family's honor!" In the two instances I had heard of I do not remember the perpetrator being damaged at all!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

Oh yes Amam. It would be a

Oh yes Amam. It would be a much better world if Christians started putting bombs on their body and blowing people up. Grow up. Oh, I give up. You're from the stone age? Aren't you?

Aman - are you writing about muslims ?

You are writing about children abuse - what du you call a muslim man who are marrying a 11 year old girl and having sex with her ? A pedofile or a rapist !

You are writing about trio marriage - well some muslim men are having more than 3 wife - and some only "child wifes" - thats disgusting and awful

Aman, look at your society

you teach kids to hate from an early age, you treat your women like dogs in the basement, your warriors are cowards(at least to western standards) and if it was not for oil you really wouldn't matter too much. The way I see it you should bow towards Mecca and thank Allah for so many cars in the west.

A small question to armyscout43

You are from Asia so perhaps you have some answers. I havn't seen any violent demonstrations against the Danish embassy in China. How can it be ? How does the Chinese controll the 20 mill Muslims ? There was Muslim uprising in China some years ago, how dit the Chinese police handle the situation ?

Good answer.

I agree that we in Europe are to soft with the islamofacist. They only thing they seems to understand is brute force. We need to implement a "Mangement by punishment" politics towards the uncivilized islamofacist world, otherwise they will see us as weak. Kindness, understanding and dialog are seen by the islamofacist as weakness, therefore we probaly will need to learn from the Chinese and Jews. If they can contain the problems, so can we.

Correct :-)

You are right, we should break the relationships to the islamofacist world. It's imorral to have any connection to the howling mass of brainwashed islamofacist.

In Denmarks case it's pretty easy, as the Muslim is doing the work for us ! The Danish trade with the islamofacist world is rather small only a few percent, so it dosn't matter for us if we dont have any relationships to those evil countries. We have plenty of oil in the north sea so we don't depend on them. On the other hand we send a lot of monnye in aid to those islamofacist countries. We shall cut all aide and only support friendly countries.

I'm looking forward to the day where the civilized world stands up against the islamofacist, but I'm afraid it will take more than a few cartoons to unite all of us :-(


I agree Baldur. 19 of the 20 terrorists on the 9/11 attack were Saudi citizens. I'm sure they were chosen by Bin Laden because the Saudis are "friends" with the U.S. We pour money into that country, the higher ups hog it, and the lowers blame it on us, the infidels. I would LOVE to see the "peaceful Muslims" I read about in the press denounce their terrorist bretheren. I believe it's a myth, since I see no "peacefull Muslims" condemning them. Now, I believe "Peaceful Muslin" is synonomous to "Nazi Sympathizer", only more dangerous, because the Nazis never had access to modern weapons of the 21st century. Had the Muslims come out in force vocally against these radicals, I might believe them. Because of their responses, I believe them to be too afraid, or complete liars. I view "peaceful Muslims" the same as I do Nazi sympathizers of World War 2- but a little worse- because I think they're cheering these idiots on.


The Soviet Union has huge oil reserves, in the amount of natural gas they possess. Why aren't we asking them?

Forgot something

Ah, I said that the only religion in the world that kills innocents en masse is Musim extremism. I neglected to mention the Jewish Kamakize pilot who crashed his plane in his brother's scrapyard. :)

Good Post

Insightful comments- but the U.S. and China are united- economically- we're smart enough to do that- but neither the U.S. or China has religious groups willing to destroy the world with suicide weapons. Show Me a suicide Hindu, Christian, Taoist, Buddhist, and I'd say "Wow- he's a freak with a mental case!" Show me a suicide Muslim and I think, "Hmmm- that's normal for them". But it's supposedly a great religion. Oh Yeah- Where are the moderate Muslims who supposedly represent their religion protesting against these guys!? I never see them? Do you? The proof is in the pudding. These guys are dangerous.

muslims lie and lie and lie

muslims are allowed to lie to an infidel

please guys dont believe them ,they lie and lie  and lie..... never do authocritic,they are perfect

dont they realize they are the scum of earth?

the worse countries are the muslims.


islam is we realize how they are

whatelse we need to ban that religion and expulse them all?




only ugly fascist racist words

and you are coward, coward and coward who doesnot find any logic words to say.
only ugly fascist racist words which indicate weakness .

Victim Status

Islamic fundamentalist somehow forget that they DO offend, they DO provoke, and they DO encourage violence and death.

By doing that the Arab and Islamic countries will always be "victims". By claiming this victim status they attempt to explain away why the things THEY say, and THEY do are alright unless those very same things are directed at them. This pitiful double standard is typical of a child not adults.

I grow weary of Islamic extremist (yes extreme even to those in their own religion) that say that the West is on a New Crusade. Can you imagine that? Imagine ALL of the non Islamic countries deciding to use all of their nation's might in a New Crusade. That would be the shortest war fought in history. The death toll would be in the hundreds of millions. There would be no Medina, no Mecca, no holy sites to visit because they would not only be gone from the face of the earth, they would be so poisoned that no one could venture near them for generations without dying a slow and painful death. Does Islam really think the west wants a New Crusade? Does Islam really want to provoke a New Crusade? They should be careful or they may get what they ask for.

Islamist should be far more concerned with their NEW trading partners and friends in the EAST. The Chinese won't have any qualms about invading the middle east and using far more force and brutality than the west ever has in subduing a culture and religion that they could care less about.

i would be just as upset if

i would be just as upset if it were pictures of Jesus or any other prophet from any other religion. these days their arent many practising religionists. thats why people arent bothered much if you hav drawings of a prophet of some other religion. but a lot of muslims have stayed steadfast through the years and thats why the muslims are affected by these drawings. Because we talk about the prophet every day and we try and live are lives the way he did. we go to the mosque five times a day etc. so our life is built around our religion. i mean how many times do christians jews go to their place of worship a WEEk let alone in a day. i know becus a lot of my friends are from different religious backgrounds. many cant make it 4 sunday jus the one day of the week. so most of the people who have been writing these comments on this site know nothing what religions means to others. they dont even know what it means to them if not nothing. the grand satan guy woman homo or wateva u r. ur blatantly writing religious hate related material n i dunno how evry1 else isnt seeing this.

we fuck your mama

while wiating for the 77 virgin


I'm sorry to say that is probably not you brain that they want over there, Nermin. If you consider yourself as a moderate voice of opinion then there must surly be a lot of fanatics

Nermin,I truly feel sorry

I truly feel sorry for you. Forbidden freedom??? You say it all and really should try freedom sometime. I especially feel sorry for you if the only part of yourself you are ‘allowed’ to show are your eyes. And lastly, I really, really feel sorry for you if you believe all that shit about virgins waiting for those muslim men who earn that right by sawing off people’s heads.

sorry for you molly from nermin

who told you taht only my eyes appear ...i ama doctor Mrs molly and although iwear conservative cloths but dress very well and clothing is my favorite. alll my boby i scovered except hand an dface only..those women you see covering their face are doing extra thing aiming to have more rewards from god..but at least muslims women can work, marry ,hav ekids but not being isnothing you cannot undeerstna d..islam is an intermediate live noraml life ,enjoy your life but inthesame time obeying god orders which are known inall i meant by forbidden freedom togethe rwithout mariage..note taht i always keen to use decent polit ewords because i am a muslim.
so donot be sorry forme molly , iam having a very goodlife given tome by islamnot by th ewest or bythe youknowt hat islam allow women to divorce themselves....divorce inislam is subjest to admire while women and men struggled for centureies to have even this humanity solution given to muslim 1427 years ago

Wacko Nermin

Hey wacko muslim Nermin. I dare because as a free person, I can say what I want!!! And, for your disinformation, I am not european. My family were some of the millions who fought and died to liberate the death camps and defeat Germany. If the muslims in this world (including you) are itching for a fight and continue to threaten us 'infidels', then you will have it. Then you can go meet those virgins you so stupidly believe are waiting for you (laughing uncontrollably).

to molly from nermin

i am an arabic muslim woman Mrs molly and i am proud of that.and i see nothing bad about those virgins awaiting good men in heaven on the contrary, i think it is the least rewards for men who worshiped and obeyed god in the way god wants and deprived themselves from the forbidden freedom you practice in the west . why you hav edouble standards about everything regarding islam..why it offend you that good men and martyers are rewarded by god by things natural of the great things in islam is that islam speaks to muslims as humans not angles. so there i sno celebate in islam ,no nuns, n o priests .

Hypocrisy at it's best....

"deprived themselves from the forbidden freedom you practice in the west"

forbidden freedom? Does anyone besides me consider that the dumbest fucking statement in history?

No Democracy in Europe

When freedom of speech in all forms ceases to exist, then there is no democracy. It has already happened here in Belgium since someone coined the word 'racist' to apply to anyone who dares to oppose the immigration and/or speakes their mind. When is it racist not to want muslim fanatics among us when they have repeated their mantra over and over 'death to all infidels'?

to molly . how do you dare from nermin

you donot want muslism among you as you didnot want the jews among you in europe is your arrogant attitude. the muslism who lives among you are occupying the high prestigious jobs and careers and if they are useful memebers in your society they would have kicked out long time ago.

Religious people are dumb

Religious people are dumb. That's the big problem. And the problem gets even bigger if they believe in Muhammad, because they get a bit more than pissed off by someone who's "offending" their beliefs.

I really wonder who "invented" what we call Religion. At least I hope he was not aware of what he had done.

They're just misunderstood people.

Come now, aren't we being too harsh on the misunderstood Muslies? Certainly if they want to muzzle us, bully us, rape our women, kill our men and children, suck our welfare, and burn our cities then who are we to oppose them? We cannot be seen as intolerant, can we?

Also, here they are trying to tell us how empathizing they are of us. All we have to do is what they say and they won't kill us. THAT'S IT!! LOL

What a bunch of nutjobs

Those cartoons aren't even particularly offensive.

I wonder how they would react to one of Calvin peeing on Mohammed?

You go Danes!!!

I'm gonna go out tomorrow and buy everything Danish I can find. I hope that everyone will support this country that has the balls to stand up and say 'this is a democracy'. If the Muslims don't like it, then they should get the hell out of there and go back to their third-world country!!!

Hooray for Demnark and their

Hooray for Demnark and their courage in standing up to threats and persecution by Muslim extremists. We should all be grateful to the Danes, including Danish Muslims who've spoken out against those extremists in their faith who try to impose Muslim laws on this free secular country. If only other European countries were as unapologetically courageous; willing to face down an enemy instead of grovelling...

There is little we can do as individuals to support Denmark's brave stance. But we can support them economically to offset any ill effects of boycotts. We should all buy as many Danish products as we can--which is no hardship since they produce lovely beers, cheeses, ham, cookies and candy.

Find an online seller of Danish goods or go to the market and seek them out. Register your support for Denmark with your cash!

As a Dane it is warming my

As a Dane it is warming my heart to read your posts. It is really a great support!

When are we going to get

When are we going to get some good cartoons about honor killings anyway? How about a good cartoon of a saudi woman trying to vote and having her hand cut off?

to goesh from nermin

let you from saudi women. to your knowledage saudi women are the most women who spend moeny on their perfumes and cloths. you can go to london to see yourself special shops made for them to buy them teh eastern perfumes they prefer. there are the most women taken care of by their parents then their husbnads. they are treate dlike precious jewels .not allowed to drive acar till now but has private drivers to go to whatever they want. if european women knows how sauid woen live they will jeoulous.tehy did not complain to you and tehy dont need to vote as they rich an dall their demands are accomplished.

Saudi women

if european women knows how sauid woen live they will jeoulous

How do you know this? I think it's most unlikely!! I would hazard a guess that most European women would not be prepared to give up their right to a job and a car and to tell their husbands what's what for all the perfumes of Araby.

Bob Doney

to Mr Bob about saudi women

women in the west struggled for years to have their rights to be equal to men in salaries and to get similar jobs and other things. women in europe now after long years of working and taking the freedom they wanted discovered now that they are women and started to stay home caring for kids. this is the case for saudi women as they liv e in rich country and donot have to work for money as their father spend on them till they marry an dthey got a high dawry from her husband so she is always taken care of.saud women are like piece of jewlery.saudi women are educated .who wants to work work and who wants to stay home stays is not a way to be free woman.iam an arabic woman and know that very well . also i have friend who live in USA and europe who knows from close european women and how they suffer to convince a decent man tomarry her as men in th ewest donot aim to marry( the majority).and that is why birth rate is on decline in europe

dear nermin

you are such an incredible store of knowledge .... So according to you (1) Muslims in our countries are in important positions and are more or less keeping our economy alive. I'm sorry to say that most of them are unskilled workers, that the young people are very often school drop-outs, and that the unemployment rate among them is very high. But do not worry, they get social security payments.
(2) a majority of men don't aim to marry ... That is new to me as well. I'm not proud of the high rate of divorce in our countries, but that is not the same issue is it?
Honestly, I'm not a specialist on the social structure in your country, but believe me, you are not very well informed about mine.

to grumpy from nermin

go to london and see thenumber of muslims doctors from pakistan andmiddle east working there . i have many friends who work there and really changed th e opinion of whom they work among about islam and arabs...also in USA . there are one million citizen from my country living there working in very high preestigious careeers. hav eyou ever heard about scientist called ahmed zewel who got the nobel prize in chemsitry alone few years ago..thi sis one europe there i snoplace for lazy know vey well that USA depend greatly on attrcting brains from all over the world...

I wish you were right about

I wish you were right about there being no place for lazy people in Europe. In the Netherlands, Belgium, France the situation is definitely not what you think it is. Believe me, on the one hand we are accused of being racists because so many muslims are unemployed ("discriminated against") in our countries. At the same time you tell me they are the mainstay of our economy ...

Well, that's nice for the

Well, that's nice for the Saudis, I guess, but you're missing the point in a HUGE WAY.

We civilized Westerns claim that we have the RIGHT to live the way that we want to, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

This means that we all have to put up with ideas and statements that we don't agree with, or even dislike a great deal.

The opposite--where nobody is permitted to offend other people--is TYRANNY.

Americans fought a revolution to free us from tyranny, and we'll fight it again if we have to.



One-sided Islam

Amazing. It is a daily event in Palestine and other terrorist-middle eastern countries to see the American flag and pictures of Bush being burned. Lighten up you muslim fanatics...they are only cartoons.

I sincerly hope the world withdraws all funding from Hamas. Of course, that will mean less money for them to buy guns and explosives. Why does Europe and the world pour money into a country that puts guns into infant's hands??? Crazy and stupid to do so!!!

to moly from nermin

do you think you are talking to idiots here. this palestine yu are talking about is occupied land by the israeli and these israelis use teh most advanced american weapons to erradicate the palestinians who has no jet or apatchi or F16. give the palestinians the same weapons to make it fair play and i assure you to get rid from those who sacrify their soul to defend their europe th e jews were humilated all thetime and they are killed by hitler( the christians).th ejews were escaping th ehell of europe to live in our arabic countries. still a lot of them still live and this gives you a clue.the crusdaers didnot diferntiate between a jew and muslim in our arabic countries and you speak foolishly about palestine and money given to hamas. hamas reached the government by the democrasy you gave us headacke about . now you donot like democrasy. you want the democrasy that suit your interests only. what are you doing in iraq now? do you dare to even talk about these things you are completely unaware about.

Still cerebrating are you

Still cerebrating are you Nermin? Apparently the most advanced weapons of the American devils are advanced but not perfect. Yet. You Igit!

The palestinians don't have

The palestinians don't have F16's or Apache helicopters but they also don't have their own state either. That will only happen when the Israeli's ALLOW THEN TO HAVE THEIR OWN STATE.

Draw Your Own Cartoons

I encourage everyone with a blog or a Web page to create and post your own cartoons of Muhammad as a show of support for the Danish cartoonists. It doesn't have to be a good cartoon. Just a stick figure or a simple line drawing. They don't have to be offensive or insulting images either. We should flood the internet with pictures of Muhammad and Islamic religious figures to show the world that it is not just Denmark; that the right to draw what you want is part of the essence of freedom of expression.

Don't be intimidated. Freedom to draw. Freedom to speak. Freedom to think.

Danish Ham

What about the famous Danish ham? Does that offend the Muslims, too?

to thi s new believer about food

why it offend me if anyon eat pork or donkey meat or even drink blood.
everyone eat what he sees .muslims are not littl eminded to even put nonsense like this in their mind.
u always forget that christians lives in all muslims countries who have their own shopes that sell pork.
you also forgettaht jews donot also eat pork.
i posted a comment few days ago about little minded an american who is in iraq and while living in bloody war he only enjoy eating pork on muslim land..sick mentally retarded wonder taht i hear taht americans soldiers in iraq suffer from psycological disturbances

Nermin, see there is the

Nermin, see there is the difference.. you cannot eat it.. so shut up! I do not care what you eat! And Nermin I have seen some "muslims" ordering a certain Burger King hamburger with bacon in it and eating it.. Yummy! In the beginning I used to tell people I knew came from overseas that were with a group of us.. things such as you realize that there is Pork in that. Or there is alcohol in that! See I do care if someone contravenes his beliefs without knowing he was doing so. The guys with us said. Yes he knew and they were not supposed to be drinking either, as they swilled Heineken as if it was water running from a faucet. Hmm or people having sex when they should not be doing so. Both parties to that were muslim, I turned and left my dormitory room at university.
I do not forget that Christians sell pork though not shouting it in some muslims countries. It is sold also in Israel also they just callit "white steak" there. But the point is I donot care whether you get upset or not.. You missed the point! The point was I am buying DANISH anything and everything! I bought tons of it.. it is delicous nad I am enjoying! Pork will not make you psychological problems if that was the case I know a few muslims who would be in straight jacket s by now!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

what does not.......

What does not offend the followers of the Islam sect?
Has for boycotting Arab products, do those imbeciles produce anything ?
Difficult to be productive when you spend your time being brain washed in a mosque 5 times a day.
Mohamed was a paedophile, there i said it...sue me.

At the beginning let me

At the beginning let me assure you that Muslims will never make fun about the pictures you draw for Jesus " Peace be Upon him" although we don't believe that this is the way he looks but as he is one of the Prophets " Peace Be Upon Them " we do respect the symbol itself as we do believe he is a messenger of God as well as prophet Mohammed whom you are making fun off. Please Go and ask one of the Priests in a Church and ask him by the name of God If making fun and insulting any Prophet is allowed in your religion ! ....(2)We all believe that the bible is a holy Book of God in it's original form and we believe in all the prophets and the Holy books , if you don't believe in Islam and in his Prophet, I’m sorry to tell you: it's your own problem (3)I can't judge on all Christians and all Jews or any others by SOME Christians and some Jews behavior ,, if you want to judge a whole religion please read about it from it's sources and the proper people not from anyone or from extremist , simply look at the rates of murders,rape,women and child abuse in the states only ...does it resemble Christianity ! Or is this much of crimes allowed by their religion?...Never. It’s not more than people’s behavior so PLEASE do not judge ISLAM before knowing it properly…(4) (The 5Prayers ) wash everything that hurt the heart and mind, How do you feel after coming from The church every sunday?I'es how we feel 5 times aday ...Got it ?5)Among Prophet Mohammed “ Peace Be Upon Him “sayings is “ The most sinful of you are those who neglect those whom he is responsible to take care of.”,& pls check this out,

LAST to say ..If you really think that have the freedom to insult our religion and our Prophet, please remember that We also have the freedom to choose our cheese and butter ….Very simple isn’t it


Why all the cursing and insulting? Please discuss like a civilized person. Your uncivilized behavior only mirrors Islamo-fascist behavior that you're criticizing so much. Thanks.

to kristian from nermin

YOU AGAIN INSIST ON MOCKING MUSLIMS .IT SEEMS That HATING ISLAM AND MUSLIMS IS IN YOUR call praying in mosque five times a day is a brain wash .as if you are talking about spending the time in a bar...i feel pity for you sick way of thinking. i wonder how do you reach that stage?. of course your corrupted churchs and priests and responsible for that.

reponse to nermin.

Not hard to mock muslims....look at them all,going on a rampage over a cartoon.... PATHETIC...that was Islam is all about.... go frantic about trivialities.
Mohamed was a paedophile. why should I respect him....paedophiles are not to be worshiped, at least not by me.
I love the cartoons, i have made some Stickers that I am handing out.
My favorite is the one of the Paedophile wearing a turban with a bomb in it...A CLASSIC.

to kristian from nermin

it is funny taht you are not embarrassed to show your ignorance again. muslims donot worship the prophet mohmad mr ignorant kristian as yur name implies you worship the christ and trinity and holy ghost.. i ask you again if islam is bad why it attracts all those intellectuals and high ranked people world wide.muslims are sincere peopel and that is why they love their prophet as he is theone who make them worshp tehone god the creator of the universe and that is a thing you cannot understand.

nermin says "muslims are

nermin says "muslims are sincere peopel"

I'm sure they are. And some of them have quite sincerely announced their intentions to kill anyone who doesn't submit.

Their sincerity is in no doubt.

Take OIC at its word !

I think we should all take OIC and Nermin at their word. The danish government, the EU, the US, and the UN should ban all documents and other media which incite at violence and murder. Therefor the quran should be banned since it contains many verses which comand violence and murder, especially against non-muslims.
But then they will claim freedom of expression !
Goes to show that you can never please some people.

Islam IS NOT a religion

How is it that this "religion" of islam becomes morally outraged at cartoons, yet video beheadings of reporters, unarmed civillians slaughtered by cowards called "suicide bombers","honor" killings, female subjugation and genital mutilation, etc., is passed off as "culture" and never spoken of?

I agree with one idea of the Islamofacists: there are truely only two religions in the world: Islam and non-Islam. So if we apply the term "religion" to Islam, the fastest growing "religion" in the world is non-Islam.

But Islam is not a religion. It is a cheap, laughable melodramatic death cult for the most ignorant people on earth, a way for self-styled "leaders" to exploit their culture of shame and jealousy of the west into doing the only thing they know how to do: engage in an eternal bloody struggle to vainly acquire the fruits of western civilization and establish the next caliphate. But they are doomed by their ignorance, intolerance and self-denial of global reality (let them eat and drink their oil)... exactly like their role models the Nazis and the Stalinists. Let Iran build their pathetic "bomb." Dare them to use it. Let them experience the historical price of the blind fanatic death cult.

reponse to nermim

Mocking Muslims is becoming a national passtime here in Scandinavia.
How pathetic can Muslims get when a cartoon send them in a frenzy.

on a lighter note...

... we can also pick up some of the slack and drink a few more pints of Carlsberg or Tuborg.

Or both?

Sure, or both?

Fight fire with fire

What comes next? Will the Muslims that everybody say "peace be upon him" everytime Mohammed is mentioned? Where will this end if we loose this fight??

We need to fight fire with fire. Organize an international boycott of products from the Muslim countries in question through e-mails and sms messages, just like they have. The first step is to gather brands from these countries:

Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan,Lebanon, Iran and Syria.

What do you say? If they can do it, we can do it!!

What comes next? Hmmmm? Well

What comes next? Hmmmm? Well for one, realizing that this whole "Nermin the Vermin" thing is a hoax, a send up and a joke. A female doctor who writes like a nine finger baby? I don't think so. Enough of this already.

People who use their mind respect islam ,narrow minded are hople

Intellectuals and thinker like lamartine,bernard chaw and others see prophet of islam and islam as the solution of all world probelms while closed minded speaks like anymouus and others innhere....
below are one of non muslims opinion about islam:

"It is not the propagation but the permanency of his religion that deserves our wonder, the same pure and perfect impression which he engraved at Mecca and Medina is preserved, after the revolutions of twelve centuries by the Indian, the African and the Turkish proselytes of the Koran. . . The Mahometans have uniformly withstood the temptation of reducing the object of their faith an devotion to a level with the senses and imagination of man. 'I believe in One God and Mahomet the Apostle of God' is the simple and invariable profession of Islam. The intellectual image of the Deity has never been degraded by any visible idol; the honours of the prophet have never transgressed the measure of human virtue, and his living precepts have restrained the gratitude of his disciples within the bounds of reason and religion."
Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay, HISTORY OF THE SARACEN EMPIRE, London, 1870, p. 54.

Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay

Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay, HISTORY OF THE SARACEN EMPIRE, London, 1870, p. 54.

Who are these gentlemen? Edward Gibbon, the author of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, died in 1794, so it can't be him. I can't find any reference to Simon Ocklay other than on Islamic sites quoting the same piece as Nermin. Is this a hoax? Very odd.

I wonder what it says on page 53, but I suspect there isn't one. Or a page 55.

Bob Doney

To Bob re Nermin and her facts hahaha!

No Boh sad to say it but the doktor and her associates are simply retarded when it comes to knowledge of western civilization. They produce extraneous bull manure to come up with points that they need! *smile*

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!

People who use their mind respect islam ,narrow minded are hople

Intellectuals and thinker like lamartine,bernard chaw and others see prophet of islam and islam as the solution of all world probelms while closed minded speaks like anymouus and others innhere....
below are one of non muslims opinion about islam:

"It is not the propagation but the permanency of his religion that deserves our wonder, the same pure and perfect impression which he engraved at Mecca and Medina is preserved, after the revolutions of twelve centuries by the Indian, the African and the Turkish proselytes of the Koran. . . The Mahometans have uniformly withstood the temptation of reducing the object of their faith an devotion to a level with the senses and imagination of man. 'I believe in One God and Mahomet the Apostle of God' is the simple and invariable profession of Islam. The intellectual image of the Deity has never been degraded by any visible idol; the honours of the prophet have never transgressed the measure of human virtue, and his living precepts have restrained the gratitude of his disciples within the bounds of reason and religion."
Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay, HISTORY OF THE SARACEN EMPIRE, London, 1870, p. 54.

People who use their mind respect islam ,narrow minded are hople

Intellectuals and thinker like lamartine,bernard chaw and others see prophet of islam and islam as the solution of all world probelms while closed minded speaks like anymouus and others innhere....
below are non muslims opinion about islam:

"It is not the propagation but the permanency of his religion that deserves our wonder, the same pure and perfect impression which he engraved at Mecca and Medina is preserved, after the revolutions of twelve centuries by the Indian, the African and the Turkish proselytes of the Koran. . . The Mahometans have uniformly withstood the temptation of reducing the object of their faith an devotion to a level with the senses and imagination of man. 'I believe in One God and Mahomet the Apostle of God' is the simple and invariable profession of Islam. The intellectual image of the Deity has never been degraded by any visible idol; the honours of the prophet have never transgressed the measure of human virtue, and his living precepts have restrained the gratitude of his disciples within the bounds of reason and religion."
Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay, HISTORY OF THE SARACEN EMPIRE, London, 1870, p. 54.

nermin, it seems irony is also something muslims need to master.

You do know he was being ironic nermin? In fact he was a man well renowned for for it.

Besides, George Bernard Shaw was a key member of the Fabian Society, a socialist and an atheist. Not exactly the kind of person that Allah would welcome one would think? Incidentally, as an Atheist myself, how do you think I'd fair if I spoke of my Atheism publically, say in Saudi Arabia? Do you think I'd be respected for my views?

Here's a few more Bernard Shaw quotes I think you'd appreciate:

"The secret of success is to offend the greatest number of people."

"The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality."