Danish Muslims Rebel Against Imams

Yesterday the newly established network of moderate Danish Muslims urged Danish imams, who insist Muslims are being treated badly in Denmark, to move to other countries with societies more in harmony with their own view on the world. “If these imams think it is so terrible to live in Denmark, then why do they remain here?” Naser Khader, the leader of the network and a member of the Danish Parliament for the Social Liberal Party (Radikale), said in an interview with the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten.

“After all no one is forcing them to [live in Denmark]. They can always move to one of the countries in the Middle East which are based on the Muslim values they insist on living by. It seems that their loyalty is mainly to countries such as Saudi Arabia, so I think they should move there. I am tired of hearing them complain about the situation in this country which has given them shelter, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and tons of opportunities for their children. If they cannot be loyal to the values of this country they should leave and by that do the majority of Danish Muslims a big favour. The imams should stop critizising the cartoons and instead critizise the terrorists that cut the throats of innocent hostages in the name of Allah and therefore abuse Islam. But on such occasions we never hear a word from them. Hence, they are hypocrites.”

Mr Khader also condemned the attacks on the Danish embassy in Damascus and urged all sides to immediately start finding a solution to the issue.

Meanwhile the radical imams have been exposed as liars, saying one thing to the Western media and exactly the opposite to the Arab press. In the Western media they call for an easing of tensions, while at the same time they keep inciting hatred in the Arab media.

Imam Abu Laban, the leader of the radical Danish Muslim organizations protesting the cartoons, said on Danish TV2 that he urged the Muslim world to abandon the boycott of Denmark, but told Al-Jazeera that „one could only be pleased“ with the boycott. Imam Abu Bashar told Jyllands-Posten that the cartoon affair was an issue between Muslims and the newspaper and not between Muslims and the Danish government. However, in the Saudi newspaper Al Watan he critizised the Danish government for not apologizing for the cartoons. Imam Mahmoud Fouad Al-Barazi said at a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen that he wanted to advance better integration, but in an interview with the Egyptian daily Al Ahram criticized Danish kindergartens for “indoctrinating” Muslim children with Danish culture.

Yesterday the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, which had previously critizied Jyllands-Posten for publishing the Muhammad cartoons, honoured Jyllands-Posten with an award in defence of freedom of expression. The Danes are shocked by the ransacking and torching of their embassy in Damascus, the capital of Syria, which is one of the Arab totalitarian dictatorships where people do not lift a finger without permission from the regime. The Danish Foreign Minister, Per Stig Møller, said that the behaviour of the Syrian government is totally unacceptable. It had actively incited unrest. On Saturday the Danish ambassador in Damascus asked the Syrian authorities several times for protection, but received none.

In London, too, during the past two days, extremist Muslims have been staging protests in front of the Danish embassy. Depite carrying signs like “Behead those who insult Islam” and “Whoever insults a prophet kill him,” despite being masked, despite calling for suicide bombings, despite extolling the virtues of the 9/11 hijackers, Bin Laden, and the “fantastic 4” who bombed the London subway last July, none of the protesters were arrested. The only arrests were two counter-protesters who held up cartoons of Muhammad. Perhaps the latter were arrested for being disrespectful? On Friday the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw had said that showing Muhammad cartoons was “disrespectful.”

Yesterday Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of would-be European Turkey, said that freedom of expression should be restricted. “The cartoons of Muhammad are an assault on our spiritual values. There must be a limitation on freedom of the press,” he said. The president of would-be nuclear Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ordered all trade agreements revoked with countries where the Muhammad cartoons have been published. Some time in the future, he might launch nuclear missiles at them. An imam in Gaza City told 9,000 worshippers that the people responsible for the drawings should have their heads cut off. He received the support of Mahmoud Zaher, one of the leaders of Palestine’s largest party Hamas. Mr Zahar said that those who publish cartoons of Muhammad deserve to die.

The Danish illustrators who drew the original twelve cartoons have received numerous death threats during the past days and are reported to be in hiding under massive 24 hour police surveillance. Muslim organizations in France intend to sue all French media which have published cartoons of the prophet. This includes the newspapers France Soir and Le Monde. The editor of France Soir was sacked this week by the paper’s owner. Yesterday the staff of France Soir demanded that he be reinstated. In the Netherlands the Dutch daily De Volkskrant received a bomb threat after publishing the cartoons earlier this week. The Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, said that people who object to the publication of the cartoons should take the case to court. “We have freedom of expression here. There is no room for threats and for people who want to play the role of judges,” Mr Balkenende said. The cartoons have been republished from Greenland to New Zealand.

More on the Cartoon Case (see links at end of article)

The Elusive individual

Yesterday i watched the BBC news service with a clip from the presentation by one of the Imans. What caught my ears were this comment: "What they say with this cartoon". Being a dane, but living abroad for many years, I would like to ask the following question: "Who are they"? To my understanding the cartoon in question, the Bomb Turban, was made by a single individual. If he associates islam or islam extreemists with bombs it is his right, but maybe also understandable considering the daily news.

My point with this post is the difference in the perception of individuals. In the west we look at people as individuals with their rights and responsibilities. But that does not seem to apply to many islam communities. They tend to use the term "we" and "they" more often. "We" encompasses all muslims in the world and naturally they clasify others as "they", encompassing the whole society. So when a Dane makes an offending cartoon, then "they", meaning all the Danes, have offended "our" Prophet. Not very logical.

When extreemists are at work, they are seldom condemmed for the same reason. As the extreemists are part of "we" they can hardly be condemmed because it would be equal to condemming "us".

I guess that the clashes will continue for many years until someone realizes that "we" and "they" are made up of individuals

It is a shame it is not that easy...

What wonderful ideas.  It is a shame there is no Western government that would realistically consider them. 


Although there has been discussion in Belgium about "shipping" immigrants back to their "home country" when they are proven criminal, a true implementation of this in the sense implied here will never happen.


Our society is too concerned with being "polically correct".  We find it acceptable to visualize our own Mother Mary with naked breasts or Jesus Christ having lustful thoughts about Mary Magdaline, yet we bend over backwards to avoid offending Jews & Muslims.

The response of the Arab European League was much more acceptable than the poor pawns in Beirut and Damascus.  They put things on their web site regarding the Jews and the Holocaust calling to question the legitimacy of it ever happening.  Although this is, of course, absurd, the response of the Belgian authorities was to pull their domain off the air was also not an exercise in free speach.

The riots in the Muslim world and the protests here in the West are the result of a Muslim clergy that understands the further education of their people both academically and democratically will cost them the power and control of their masses.  They thrive on keeping their followers reliant on their teaching and need them to be as free from independent thinking as possible to consolidate this control.


This is not about a few drawings of Mohammed.  I am convinced this goes a lot deeper.  The masses have been lead to believe that the West is responsible for their poverty, despair and basic unhappy life.  After the U.S.-lead war on terrorism  went into Afghanistan and Iraq, they needed little prompting to react when these drawings came out.

God forbid these people ever realize their biggest concerns are their own leaders who will use them and their ignorant simplicity to any extent they can to keep their powerful places.


Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can;

the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change;

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Very good article

The hypocrisy shown by Muslims in this conflict is so obvious, that it cannot but fail to gain the usual sympathy for this "peaceloving and suppressed" people - if for once the leaders of the Western World could ignore political correctness and economy and do what is right:

Defend the freedom of free people.

Political Correctness

There's a palpable sense of outrage to the police inaction during the pro-terrorist march in London on Friday but it looks like the leaders of this particular part of the western world won't ignore polictical correctness; this is a quote from today's Daily Telegraph: "police sources said there were no arrests on Friday because of fears of a riot. A senior Scotland Yard officer said: "We have to take the overall nature of the protesters into account. If they are overheated and emotional we don't go in.""

So there you go! If you want to take over parts (or all) of London, calling for unbelievers to be beheaded, just act "overheated" and "emotional" and the police will leave you to it! Hell, the police will even stand in line to protect you.

I guess the next pro-terror march will have twice as many people and I won't be surprised if the far-right British National Party will have twice as many members, an outcome so predictable I wonder if it's an ulterior motive on the part of the Metropolitan Police.

(The articles on this site *are* good, aren't they! I'm glad I found it - keep up the good work).

Good articles!

The articles on this site *are* good, aren't they!

Indeed they are! And when things are quieter there are some excellent pieces about the absurdity of the EU.

AND if you want to get up to scratch with Belgian history, this is the place. Flanders is my adopted country, and I want the Frenchies out NOW!

Bob Doney

The work of "The Danish Islamic Community"

Danish imams are still feeding Arab papers with their lies. The Saudi Gazette quotes the Danish imam Raed Hlayhel for saying, "Every day pictures and articles are printed, which are even more serious and dangerous than those that were printed in September. During the past 3 months - we havent seen any cartoons of muhamed in the printed press in Denmark.

The only one in Denmark - who are showing those drawings - are "The Danish Islamic Community" who have travelled the Middle East with false Mohammed drawings, which are far worse and far more blasphemous than anything ever published in a Danish newspaper.These drawings appeared on the BBC, where imam Abu Bashar was showing the false drawings to official representatives from the Arabic League.

Now we se the result of "The Danish Islamic Communitys" work.

Re: Work of "Danish Islamic Community!"

Then remind them of their former homelands! * smile* Strip them of their identity cards, place them under house arrest. Limit their access to by
cutting their phone and internet lines, while you prepare to ship them back to the"archipeligos of delight" that they fled to Denmark from! *smile* That should rectify the problem! Then offer the same delightful way back to the rest.
After all they are homesick! They miss the old repressive regimes, the want that solid structure and stricture in their lives! GIVE IT TO THEM! This way, they can be happy and the Danes can be happy and it will all be good as the kids say! Now, if they are as serious as they say they are, they will not consider this repressive nor should it be considered oppressive. It is merely the conmingling of a desired goal. They want to live in a non freedom of speech society, the Danes wish to live in a freedom of speech society! So do the right thing! Help them! In their struggle to be unfree! SEND THEM HOME!
You know they want to go home! You know you want them home! A win win situation for all!

Gods I love Freedom of Speech! Makes one all warm and cozy right down to your toes toasting at the fire's edge, a lovely goblet og Salignac in hand!

Odin be Praised! Baldur Save Us!