Danish Cartoons International

According to the Danish online newspaper eJour, 143 newspapers in 56 countries around the globe, including Christian and Muslim ones, have so far republished one or more of the Muhammad cartoons, first published by the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in September. (See the twelve cartoons here, halfway the page) A list of the countries can be found here. 13 newspapers in 9 countries, including Egypt, had published one or more of the cartoons before the Norwegian Christian newspaper Magazinet republished them on January 10.

Editors have either been sacked or jailed for publishing the cartoons. In Algeria two editors have been jailed and in Indonesia a number of them were fired. In Jordan one editor was jailed. In Malaysia the government has forbidden people to show the cartoons, distribute them or even possess them. In Saudi Arabia the weekly newspaper Shams was closed by the authorities. Its editor told the AP news agency that a mufti (a Muslim scholar) had asked him to publish the cartoons “to show their ugliness and to expand the volume of anger.” In Yemen three newspapers have been closed and the editors reported to the police.

In Europe the Swedish government closed down a website of a small newspaper for publishing the cartoons. In Russia two papers were closed. In France the editor of the newspaper France Soir was sacked for publishing all the 12 cartoons, while the editor of Charlie Hebdo has been under police protection ever since his weekly published them on February 8. In Finland an editor was sacked for publishing a cartoon about the cartoons and in Italy a government minister had to resign because he wore a T-shirt depicting one of the cartoons. In France five newspapers have republished the cartoons. This makes France the country with the largest number of republishers.

A survey among Norwegian journalists indicates that 70% of them would not have published the Muhammad cartoons, while 30% said they would. The survey was carried out by sending the question by e-mail to members of the Norwegian Journalist Association. 2.600 journalists were asked and 769 replied. One of the journalists who said he would not publish, added as the reason for his answer: “I want to live.” An answer which may apply for many of his colleagues.

Meanwhile attacks against Danish websites by computer hackers continue. On February 20 there was a record when 470 websites were attacked. Usually in such cases the website is replaced by a picture related to the cartoon affair. A number of Norwegian websites have also been attacked in this way, including the website of the Pentecostal congregation in the Norwegian city of Throndheim which was replaced by a picture showing an islamist sword cutting in two a paintbrush in the colours of the Danish flag. Many hacking attempts were also directed against The Brussels Journal, but our professional webmaster succeeded in thwarting them.

In Denmark a number of Danish imams have been reported to the police for their part in inciting hatred against Denmark among Muslims both in the Middle East and elsewhere. One of them is Ahmed Akkari, the spokesman for the Danish Muslim organizations which led the protest against the Muhammad cartoons, and Ahmed Abu Laban, the leader of the organizations. Reports have come from individuals and organizations across Denmark and in such numbers that the police has issued a statement asking people kindly not to send any more.

The Danish Deputy Prime Minister, Bendt Bendtsen (Conservative Party) agrees with Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Liberal Party) that the role of the imams in inciting hatred against Denmark should be investigated. “The Danish flag has now been burned for weeks. What we stand for has been walked over. When this has blown over I want the preconditions for the presence of imams [in Denmark] examined. There are a number of issues which we need to look into. I find it outrageous that people whom we have allowed to stay in our country, go about and harm the country in this way,” he said.

Let's see the names Ralf

Show us what you have Ralf.... I want to see these names (If you have them). I can see where there may be a huge global zionist conspiracy. They have had entirely to much time to plot and plan over the past 3,000 years. and all that traveling being driven from one country to the next and dealing with at least one massacer every century. I'll bet your one of those wak jobs that thinks the Holocaust was all one big conspiracy.... All those jews probably killed themselves or even better yet they probably just found some actors to starve themselves for some pictures... Come on dude get real.... People confused you for being a muslim because you sounded like one

to balder: ralf is a muslim disguising as a christian

You can tell there are several muslims here that uses different tactics to try pretend they are some other group. The insurgents and other terrorists use those tactics according to my friend who used part of this forum. i think you guys know him, he got kicked out for telling off the muslims here just because of his use of language. The fact that this ralf guy twists everything and shows so much hatred towards the west, jews and justifies the acts of muslims shows his or "her" true color. I wouldn't even be surprised if this person goes under two different userid's and could be a female gender.

To: europa. I think you are right.

The only thing I find consistent is his attacks against the Jews, and his sympathy for the Muslims. The attacks against the western world.

Please send my regards to armyschout43/kungfumaster :-)

to balder re: my friend....

mr...nielsen the real nice businessman here gave me a link to pass over to him to express his views towards muslims without BEING SHUT OUT BY THE EDITOR because of LANGUAGE and i thought this forum is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH which means also the use of FOUL LANGUAGE. If freedom of speech is to survive in the west, ANY form of language SHOULD BE allowed and expressed. THANKS for your concern and continuous defense of western democracy. It really is the last bastion of hope for a civilized world, otherwise, it's all anarchy or on the other end, totalitarian.

ha, I like this. Yeah, I'm a

ha, I like this. Yeah, I'm a muslim transvestite because I merely hate/love jews and muslims equally. Love this guy. So smart.

To BDuffy & Balder

The very thought of there being an SS diviions staffed by muslims makes me think of the"keystone cops" running around in shawls and long dresses bumbling, idiotic and stumbling over each other. EVERYONE know that muslims, are poor soldiers. They must have been the comic relief for the SS groups.

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

to new believer: re muslims being poor soldiers


The only exception to that rule are filipino muslims, and it has nothing to do with RELIGION, it's because they are asian fighters and that runs in the blood. the moros successfully defeated any invasion and conquer of the spaniards, french and even U.S. in the southern borders in past times and even at this time frame, because they are good at guerrilla warfare(all filipino warriors or eskrimadors) which they displayed in world war 2,
MUSLIM have always been COWARDS all throughout history!
MIDDLE EASTERN MUSLIMS ARE PATHETIC fighters...worst in the world. The philippines are able to control the south because they are a stronger force with better technology from the west.

To Europa re; Muslims being poor soldiers

You are right about the Filipino muslims Europa. I forgot about that, but probably because I believe as you, they are ASIAN. And as asians they are only temporrarity deranged by their belief in Islam! One day they will wake up and shake the nightmare from them!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

To Europa & Balder!

Well Ralfie will be gone for a few minutes at least. I left him a verse of the Horst Wessel to translate. After all he is part German, wonder if he will get it right? Is it just me..or does he smell like a..laammb eater? hehehehe!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

To: A New Believer

With all his anti-semetic and Holocaust babbling, I expect that he already have a copy of the song at home.

BTW: This is not a joke. It's the sad truth :-(
Christian jailed in the Islamofacist Egypt for eating Danish cheese.

To Balder re: To a New Believer

I know I saw that Balder! I do not have the link for this one though. But have you heard some muslim executed his
dutch born converted wife in front of his family and their chidlren because she wanted to being the kids back to Europe where they would be safe until this cartoon thingie is over!

He probably does if he is a faithful to the anti-semitism as he claims to be! But I can still make him jealous. Daddy collected old WWII souvenirs! I have one of the original recording with the lyrics from 1933( with the S.A. marching band playing too hehehe!) I might give them to him, if he fesses up , and tells us all he really is a..mooselimb

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

To: A New Believer

Everythime I hear things like that. I wonder how anybody can talk about dialog with that kind of people.

Ralfi could be both a Nazi and a Muslim, that would explain his strong anti-semetic feelings. I'm sure he would be glad if you gave him a copy then he could show it at his next NS meeting.

To Balder

*winks at Balder* Oh, I know that boy would!
I can see him right now,salivating hard!
Definitely muslim and a party member! Hmm! Still say if he admits it I will even throw in a armband from the SS and some of the shhhh! china from the from Goebbels house itself.. Ah ha! Oh yes! He a member big time!

As for dialog with those people. It is not possible, to speak with them about anything! Going to set some Danish cheese out on the spirit plate for the poor christian who was jailed in Egypt and a prayer for the dutchwoman who made such a bad choice!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Hey guys,glad you are

Hey guys,
glad you are having fun. I was born and raised in Split (Croatia) but lived in many parts of ex Yugo. My family was obviously anti-communist to the max. As I said your comment to muslims and me being one doens't hurt me as I'm not. I actually agree with everything you think about them. However, you are forgetting that arabs are semites also, so you are the ones who are anti-semitic, not me. I am just even-handed toward all semites. I don't hate anyone, merely love my own (European) group of people most. Also, not into the SS and WWII paraphenilia, I'm not a sympathizer, but thanks for your offers. Who knows, maybe if I lived in Europe I would hate muslims more. Probably. Where do you guys live?

Europe to the Europeans

TO new believer/ re: ralphie

I told balder that my suspicion is that ralfie is a MUSLIM, I smell CYBER GOAT/SHEEP everywhere. If you analyze his or her method of approach and the content of his sentence structure, you will find that the words used are the very tactics YOU HAVE EDUCATED everyone here regarding muslims.

I'm pretty confident that this person is a typical muslim or supporter of islam.

To: A New Believer

I could be the germans used them as kamikaze suicide bombers against unarmed civilians.

New Believer, you are the

New Believer, you are the idiot I'm afraid. I am a part German part Croatian European/American Christian. I've seen and faught in wars. I have a very high degree of education at top US schools, and you? You shouldn't hate the muslims so much although I do understand that. Problem is they have been very good warriors through history and almost took over whole Europe. Now Europeans themselves are giving them their women and towns voluntarily with their suicidal leftist immigration policies. We have mostly ourselves to blame for that. Christianity was protecting us but we abandoned it voluntarily. We have become too selfish to bear children anymore but would rather sun our asses in Thailand than raise kids. We have become one-sided ignorant, manipulated multi-cultural masses. The only point I tried to raise here is that we (eso. U.S.) are too one-sided pro-Israel. We should not be on either side but our own, finally. If it's not too late.

Peace to all people, vive la difference, it's easier when we are separate! Nationalism is good!

No Ralf, you really are an

No Ralf, you really are an idiot! My father was a 33 year veterans of the army.I learned to play wargames with men from the War College in MDW Washington, and at Pentagon. Daddy had
friends in several differnt countries
military. I got to know all his counterparts. You are an idiot! I am neither pro nor anti-israel. They are our allies right now, though. So what part of Croatia does your family come from? I had a lot of friends,
in Yugoslavia once. My father introduced me to a lot of old Titoites! I do not need to sun my ass in
Thailand, you do. As for Europe..I have a great Scandinavian now, Europe is good.
Need to get rid of some muslims. But then I do not believe you are a christian either. What I think you are is a nattering nabob of
negativist muslim, trying to to do the
divide and conquer thing. Hmm! Well, if
you are in the USA more than likely you are a 5th columnist!
Europeans are tired of muslim scum, in my humble opinion! I can hate anyone as much as I want, or as little! One of my Gods given freedoms in life! Have a good
night Ralfie!

By the way Ralfie, can you translate this verse for me, being Deutsch and all!

Der Lied:

Die Fahne hoch die Reihen fest geschlossen
S. A. marschiert mit ruhig festem Schritt
Kam'raden die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen
Marschier'n im Geist in unsern Reihen mit

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

to new believer: kungfumaster sends his regards

My friend kungfumaster who is no longer in this site, he got kicked out cause of the CULTURAL military language (NAVY guys are worst..more foul language that is, but that's culture). The editor was defending muslims so that wasn't too good. Anyway mr. nielsen sent me a link in which he can EXPRESS his views without being CENSORED about muslims.

What I find normal for muslims is their consistent hatred of jews and others when they say they are moderate AND LOVES EVERYBODY...how's that possible? So it's the usual deceptive character they all have. I do not believe there are 1.2 billion muslims in the world. it's another propoganda their activists use to brainwash western media and politicians. Have they really done any CENSUS???? I DOUBT IT! they can't even count past 10, how in the world can they count a billion? So they come up with numbers and idiots in the media buy into it...I'm tired hearing people in the news using that NUMBER as if it is accurate. They are using the number 1.2 billion to scare people. Only an ignorant person would buy into that!
Western democracies need to wake up on this serious threat!

To Europa : Re To New Believer

I know I know *hugs* as if..as if muslims can actually count anything outside of the 99 names of their god that they keep flicking over and over on the prayers beads. And why merely 99 names? Because they cannot count higher one surmises. Well I am sorry about KungFuMaster, he shall be sorely missed. But I am not dismantling my altar to the Prophet Gerbil! hehehehe! He was running around here yesterday playing axes with Odin I believe! heheheh! The disco has been deafening, with them rocking the kasbah all night though! The Viking has demanded some peace and quiet! He received it. The Prohpet Gerbil is a really good guy!
Nothing much going on here, trying to come up with new lyrics for a modified version of the "Horst Wessel" - You know something sort of
"Cleanse all those muslims from the European streets!' That sort of things. The family from the Phillipines has the kids in school and are learning the language happily!
All seems good, wish you had been around I made enough "pansit"
to feed MacArthur and his battalion! hehehe!

Now back to that muslim figure it is only 1.283 billion not 1.5 or one and a half billion muslims.
All the muslim countries have to be counted for them to even achieve that figure. So much for that, and are they subtracting the ones they kill, the ones who leave and go apostate even. I doubt it. A religion full of nothing but
loosers. Talk to you soon!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

To: Ralf

I think your problem is you are a little part of everything. You change side all the time. That make you so difficult to follow. What side are you on right now ? There is a very simple reason why most persons are pro-Israel. Israelis are our friends. They share 99.99% of our western values, the fight against the Muslims.

To: Balder

Glad you are having fun with this. I will remind you I don't hate anyone. However I am primarily a Christian and merely like the truth. Also, I don't like when I am subjected to one-sided unfair propaganda favoring one side, esp. if that side is at least as bad as the other one. Zionism is a hate very similar to Nazism. Israel is an openly racist state. I will just remind you that marriage of a jew and non-jew is not valid in Israel. Arabs are treated as third class citizens, and not to mention the right of return of people expelled from their homes by bulldozers. It's a conscious ethnic cleansing policy. But you are against that right? I am confused, so why do you not like Islam and Nazism again?

To: Ralf

Oh yes, I see.. You are a one of the unsung heros.. On a holy mission to expose the great Jewish conspiracy..
Zionism is not hatefull like the Nazi's. Have you ever heard about something like the Zionist Hollocaues where millions of innocent persons was gassed ? I hope you will say NO, but on the other hand you don't agree with 99,999% of the persons that are non Muslim/Nazi on this point.
Zionism is a peacefull religion, I had probaly work with Zionists but I really don't care as they are my loyal country men.
I think you compare the Israelis fight against Muslim terrorism as racism. If the police strikes down on criminals are the police the racist ? There are no Sharia Laws in Israel everbody can marry a Jew if they wan't. After the burnings of my flag, I don't rank Arabs as third class citizens anymore.They are more like fifth class citizens.
I never liked Nazism i hate that ideology, but after the whining Muslim mob burned my flag I rank the Muslims like the Nazi's.


OK Balder

OK Balder, I respect your being angry about them burning Danish flags. I am too. Hey, are we becoming friends? The answer is again to stop Arab immigration completely (and African while we are there) and try to save Europe. It will be hard already, with the leftist Anti-Christian EU aparatus in place. However I do not agree with your views on Zionsim though, they are too one-sided, either because you are jewish or because you hate muslims too much. But I like that you are admitting you are becoming a Nazi yourself. If you do some more research you will see how much hate there is in Zionsim just like any extremism. And it is supported by the Talmud (see what is says of Jesus and non-jews in general - goyim). Israel is deffinitely in the wrong as it occupied and expelled people killing close to a million directly or indirectly - remember the massacre in Lebanon comitted by Sharon?

RE: Ok Balder

Ralf, I have the same discontent towards Nazi's as to Muslims. How can you conclude that I should admit being a Nazi. Then you conclude that I could be a Jew. Meaning that I'm a Nazi Jew with a strong pro Zionist sympathies :-) That's 100% nonsense.. A Nazi Zionist Jew must be the perfect example of a self-contradiction...

You are missing a point. I don't need to do any research on Zionism on the Talmud as there is no problem. We don't see Jewish Zionist suicide bombers. The Jews are on our side. It's very simple :-)

Re: Re: Ok Balder

Hey Balder,
Well, there have been many pointing to the similarities between zionist and nazi supremacist policies. And I say policies only, not all actions. By the way did you see the movie "Believer" about a jewish nazi skinhead? Not exactly to the same point but maybe interesting to see. I hope and sincerely wish you are right about jews being on your side. I thought they are always pro-left and pro-immigration but that may be changing due to the rising number of muslims. Because here in the U.S. they are only on their own side and use us to fulfill their own Zionist goals extracting millions of dollars through their powerful lobbies and other ways of controlling our foreign policy. Otherwise, I would have no problem with them. But, I don't know the recent European situation and you may be right. In any case, you probably noticed, I am a conservative, right-leaning young guy merely worried about my own and my children's future. I always try to see both good and bad sides in all people and never hate a whole group of people. I apologize if I hurt anyones feeling along the way but that's freedom of speech and we don't all think the same.

Re: Let's see the names

I don't want to give you any names as you know them already. Go watch some Spielberg movie and have fun while waiting for US to attack another country in your name. Then ask for more reparations and hate laws and US money to pay for Israeli prison camp walls. No, I don't think it was all fake, but hey, where are all the movies about the Palestinians, Armenians, Kurds and most of all Christians killed by commies? All of these were in millions also. Hm, muslims and christians starting to sound the same huh, it seems to me that soon everyone but US and Israel will start sounding the same too...what does that tell you...need some names?

Re; re; Let's see the names

You are an idiot! Turkish muslims killed the kurds and the armenians..
Where do you muslims come from with this stuff? Ah yes, that was the Socially Inept 101 class you majored in, yes? As for the Palestinians.
.no one needs to kill them, they do it so well by blowing themselves up!
What is that a nation of rent-a-terrotists?
And I love the name ralf, reminds me what college students call universally while bent over a toilet bowl in the lavatory after a serious bout of competition imbibing!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

To Ralf

I Looked aroun d and could not find any of the information you aluded to... I would be most grateful if you could present this evidence. As for the comparison between the cartoons and the holocaust. Why are muslims constantly bringing up this comparison??? Is this all you guys have got??? The Holocaust was an event, brought on by a facist regime (much like Islam), Where "MILLIONS" of human beings were exterminated because of thier race. Those laws preventing the denial of this fact were put in place to prevent it happening again. Much like what the facist totalitarian regime in Iran is want's to do. So, please show us this evidence proving  Jewish domination of the MSM. I truly want to see it.... In the mean time while your looking about you should really check out this site. It is created and run by some very astute Arabian freedom fighters.... Peace Out


muslim Ignorance

This is what happens when people are "educated" in Islamic societies.

Instead of a pursuit of higher learning, they are spoon fed this racist theocratic dogma that conveniently combines politics, culture, religion, morality... and basically controls every single decision, from the most petty mundane personal grooming habit, to whether or not to kill yourself, in your life.

And then they are told that to even question or criticise this "teaching" in any way will result in not only spiritual damnation but will get your ass thrown in jail as well.

It's no wonder muslims spout off like absolute idiots when faced with the world of knowledge and facts outside their little bubble of controlled reality.

Islam is worse than learning nothing. It is negative sum knowledge. The most isolated tribes in the Amazon or Pacific islands have a much better sense of reality than the same old programmed muslim robot crying about "the jooos" and planning to kill his sister because she didn't wear the correct clothing.

Muslims: THE most ignorant people on the planet.

Who controls Al-jazeera?

So Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal is not a jew...sure glad you cleared that up for me.  He just wants to make money with his investments so he's ok with Murdoch hiring a jew to head the film studio and TV production?  Gosh...do you think Al-jazeera is controlled by a jew too?  


Do tell!  I am really facinated with your conspiracy theory.  It really sounds very similiar to some of the other theories I've heard proposed by various Muslims...Muslims that have visited this site in the past in fact.  I'm not saying all muslims (including Ralf) need therapy mind you.  Cheers! *-()(:~{>

AL Jazeera

It may be a Saudi Prince who backs and finances it, but did you know that the network located in the United Arab Emirates is also backed by the Emirs as well! But of course, they are not controlled by anyone.. they are merely an independent
news agency! If you believe that I have some swampland in the Okefeenochee swamp of florida that I would be willing to sell you very cheap!

Odin be Praised!  Baldur Save Us!

Saudi Prince a Jew?


"Did you know that the editor of the first "danish" paper (J.Posten) that published the cartoon is Jewish (Rosen)? Who do you think benefits the most out of the Euro-Muslim war? Just like the US-Iraq and soon Iran war? Who do you think owns most of the media around the wrold? Wake up people!"

I didn't know Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal was Jewish?  I mean...he has to be-right?  Certainly the Jewish Illuminatti/Cabal wouldn't let him buy all those shares of Fox News and AOL if he was really an Arab Muslim?

Re:Saudi Prince, jews in media - facts

So the prince is not a Jew, but sure doesn't own Fox. Don't be naive, all major media are in jewish or firendly hands. You mentioned Fox and TW/AOL so here are some facts regardinh those, but same could be said for any other amjor US or European media house: Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which owns Fox Television Network and 20th Century Fox Films. Murdoch is a non-jew, but Peter Chernin, who heads Murdoch’s film studio and also oversees his TV production, is a Jew. Gerald Levin, a jew, is CEO of Time-Warner Communications, which owns Time Warner Trade Group.
P.S. I'm not saying all jews (including truth serum) are bad and are in on the deal to control the globalization and support Zionism. But I'm saying all the media is controlled by them. As well as American and European foreign policy.

RALF sounds like a typical muslim terrorist

SO WHICH part of the saudi government or iranian government you work for RALF, muslim fool!
muslim extremists like you, actually the whole religion and followers make up FALSE FACTS and always blame it on the jews, christians and U.S. and europe.
If you hate the west so much and also blame communists? the communists would exterminate your muslim race THAT FAST!

If you hate the rest of the world as a muslim, why hot you muslims JUST BLOW YOURSELVES UP SO YOU CAN HAVE AN ORGY WITH MUHAMMED AND HIS 72 VIRGIN SHEEPS IN your fake heaven which is actually a hell where SATAN who calls himself ALLAH is the host and leader?

no matter what you say, MUSLIMS are on the WAY OUT of this world.

Sooner later, the world will get rid of this PEST called MUSLIMS! islam is a joke, a pathetic CULT and FALSE RELIGION.
OF ALL RELIGIONS EVER DEVISED BY MANKIND, islam is the most murderous and oppressive, it makes NAZIISM,japanese IMPERIALISM and every other authoritarian regimes seem LIKE FREEDOM.

why not argue your case to AL JAZEERA and not this forum since most here find you appalling!

From Ralf -hey, I'm a Christian European living in US

So these insults to muslims don't hurt me. Actually, I agree. All muslims should be kicked out of Europe if you ask me. And for Christ's sake, do something to stop that immigration. Also, who is to blame for communism, feminism and leftism in general, as well as your suicidal immigration policy? Muslims? Do I need to give you some names here or can you at least find these? Long live traditional, Christian Europe!

Not all Jews are bad

I'm not saying all jews (including truth serum) are bad

Phew! That's a relief. You had me worried that you might think that.

Bob Doney

Re: Bob Doney

Actually, Bob, I'm starting to change my mind about you...you might be one of those who looks down at all those goyims are you?
But sure, I do believe most jews are good people just like most muslims.

Phew! That's a relief. You had me worried that you might think that.

Bob Doney

To: Hjörtur Gudmundsson

Good article - anyhow I have some comments about the danish angle, regarding the newspapers here.

After the publication - the newspaper Politiken (who's editor is a jew), defended the Muslims views here in Denmark - and attack JyllandsPosten's editorial line. Some in Denmark is calling Politiken - Egypt news, for the moment ..

The "funny part of it" is that Politiken and Jyllands Posten is owned by the same company, but their editorial line is very different.

Jews are happy about these cartoons

Did you know that the editor of the first "danish" paper (J.Posten) that published the cartoon is Jewish (Rosen)? Who do you think benefits the most out of the Euro-Muslim war? Just like the US-Iraq and soon Iran war? Who do you think owns most of the media around the wrold? Wake up people!


Who do you think?

Who do you think owns most of the media around the wrold?

Shareholders in innumerable public companies? The Chinese government? The Vatican? Silvio Berlusconi? The Russian government? William Randolph Hearst?


Do tell.

Bob Doney

Re: who do you think?

You want me to name them. No, I will not give you the pleasure, you will have to make your own conclusion after reading this, it shouldn't be too hard:
When the Jyllands-Posten in Denmark ran the cartoons mocking Muhammed, the publisher maintained that their purpose was to promote freedom of speech rather than to antagonize the Muslim world. In actual fact the man behind the cartoons insulting Muhammed and the Muslim faith was none other than Flemming Rose, a Jewish extremist supporter of Israel and close friend of Neocon Jewish extremist Daniel Pipes. The Iranian President and press argued that the Denmark paper is not really concerned with freedom of speech. He pointed out that major dailies across the western world would never allow a cartoon that questions even the smallest detail of what is today called “The Holocaust.” He also insisted that Jewish extremism would never be satirized in the paper. Immediately, the editor of the Danish Daily responded that he would prove it was truly a free speech issue by publishing some Holocaust cartoons in conjunction with the Iranian paper Hamshahrari. Now it turns out that the Iranians were completely correct about Western free speech hypocrisy. Not only did the paper issue a statement that on no account would the paper print any cartoons questioning the Holocaust, but also canceled planned cartoons simply critical of Israel. It turns out that in Denmark someone is free to print a cartoon showing the turban of Muhammed to a bomb, but if one displays the symbol of the Jewish state, the Star of David with a fuse attached, one will be censored. Freedom of thought and speech is a cornerstone of Western values. What the cartoon controversy has really proven is that there is no true freedom of speech in the West and that the media is controlled by ....
p.s. Ralf suggests to never hate a whole group of people because of their leaders. But beware of where the leaders are taking them if you want to protect yourselves.

RE: Re: who do you think?

I guess that the Iranian press agency didn't inform you about the background for the Muhammed cartoons: A Danish author wanted to write a childrens book about Muhammed, but he couln't get anybody to make any drawings of Muhammed. The artists didn't dare to make the illustrations as they feared for their lives. People in Europe get killed if they 'offend' the followers of Muhammed. Then Jyllands Posten brought this issue of selfcensorship up to the surface. In this process Jyllands Posten published the funny Muhammed cartoons. You see Jyllands Posten had a case. I can't seen anything that remotely looks like a case in publishing Holocaust cartoons. I don't know if Flemming Rose is Jewish and I really don't care. Jews in Denmark are 100% Danish, we don't care if anyone is Jewish, Cristian, Hindi or Budist. We only experience problems with the Muslims that can't adopt to our way of living.
Personaly I think that the cartoon where Muhammed had a bomb in the turban fits very well to the picture we get from the media when we see the whining crowd burning Christian crosses, flags and embassies. BTW: Jews make cartoons about themself, even nasty disturbing cartoons: http://www.boomka.org/ but compared to the Muslims they are civilized.

Ha, that's a good one, Balder

Ha, that's a good one, children's book was the reason for this...and you believe that...I thought your people are smart. And has anyone seen those cartoons about jews or Israel in any European or god forbid U.S. paper? So, you don't think arresting people for merely questioning the H word is bad, but all this because of a lack of children's books is ok? By the way, who wants their kid to read childrens books with M in it? Not me, thanks very much. Yeah, sure everyone is a Dane in Denmark, well I wish that was true, but I think you're extremely naive or you are something else pretending to be a Dane. I guess you'll be very happy when US attacks Iran soon for the benefit of only Israel. By the way, the only country in that area with nuclear weapons long time ago is Israel. Anyone see it being referred to the UN? Somehow I don't see that happening, why do you think? I guess you also don't mind paying millions every month to support Israel's illegal (declared by UN) "brave" occupation of children and young men throwing stones. And you believe that you live in a free world and that nobody is controlling your media and opinion? Wow.

RE: Ha, that's a good one, Balder

Here we go again for the less mentally gifted. The author of the childrens book couldn't find any artist to do the illustrations of muhammed. The artist feared that they would be killed if they made the drawings. Ralf that's a case of selfcensorship.. That was the case Jyllands Posten had before they published the funny cartoons.

Antisemetic cartoon in U.K. paper.
The U.K paper the Independent published a antisemetic cartoon in 2003, the UK's Political Cartoon Society awarded it first prize in its 2003 "Cartoon of the Year" competition. Ralf does this fit into your theory ?

I will be very happy when US attacks Iran. Someone needs to stop them developing nuclear weapons. The western world can't live with a Islamofacist country with nuclear weapons.

I don't pay anything to the Israels fight against their teorrist neighbors, as I'm not a US citizen. But I would like to support them in their struggle for a safe Israel.

re: media ownership

I BELIEVE IT'S A CONGLOMERATE OF THE UNDERGROUND NEW WORLD ORDER OR ILLUMINATI'S which consists of the rotschilds etc...free masons, and many others not known to the public or researchers, basically the elite few...which I'm sure includes saudi sheiks. I here so many islamic favoritism in the media, it's APPALLING!

You cannot say it's jews, because the media is filled with anti-semitic opinions and anti-western sentiments.
If it was the chinese, there would be tons of chinese or asian promotion in western media...but far from it...
I believe it's the same group that is going to form a UNITED EUROPE in the near future that binds europe both religiously, politically,economically and militarily as ONE GREAT SUPER POWER not yet IN THE SCENE, that will crush THE ISLAMIC offensive or attack on the west.

Re: re: media ownership

Ha, ha, media filled with anti-semitic comments, that's agood joke. For God's sake, they have people arrested in Europe (David Irving most recentlt but many others) for merely questioning the holcaust. What do you think, with the communist murder of millions of Christians in Russia and Europe, why there are so few movies, dramatic television series or documentaries, novels, books, or magazine articles about it, but endless coverage of the Holocaust. No, the sheiks don't own any major media, here's who controls them:
the leading newspaper in America, The New York Times, is Jewish-owned and - edited, well known fact. So is the newspaper that has more influence on the federal government than any other, The Washington Post. Jews also own the largest circulation daily paper in America, The Wall Street Journal. Do I need to give you the names or can you get them off the internet for yourself? As for TV, look who controls NBC, CBS, and ABC. So that's US. Do some research for major European media and you will find the same. I did my research and know the answer.


Didn't you enjoy "Fiddler on the Roof" then? I thought it was a cracking good film.

Diddle diddle dum.

Bob Doney

it's ok

9999 of 10000 muslims thinks everything is ok for them to do
rape their own daughters
sell thier sisters on the street
.....the list goes on
the only thing these 9999 won't do is eat delicious pork
they worship the almighty pig
the almighty pig killed a muslim in a hunt
ever since mohamed promoted the pig to godliness and forbid muslims from eating it, and made up a crazy story about it being dirty

every muslim martyr gets 80 virgin pigs to fuck with their half dicks when they get to muslim heaven. if they are bad they get 80 virgin rats to fuck.

mmmmm pork

The Big picture

I think the Danes and alot of Europeans are starting to see just exactly the feelings of alot thier immigrant muslim population.... I think the Big question is: How long is it going to take before they send the ones with the strong (Radicle) feelings packing. I think if tyhere is any more sillyness from them it won't be long

to seattle man re: muslims strong feelings



Seeing the bigger picture.... A good Article

We are used to making fun of everything. This is one reason mentioned by the lawyer of the State of Denmark when he refused to open a case against Jyllandsposten. By now most Danes have understood that Muslims have strong feelings about Prophet Mohamed and they therefore now understand that it was wrong of Jyllandsposten to publish these cartoons.


Read the full article:


I can't follow you.

Many Nazi's have strong feelings about their Prophet Adolf Hitler, therefore we should not offend their Prophet Adolf Hitler... I really can't follow you :-(. When the press deals with totalitarian belives like Islam, Nazism and Stalinism it's more important the focus are keept on the sickness of their belive, than to protect a few hurt feelings of their followers.

BTW: Denmark has a official page with our applogy:


i was told by an online friend whom i came in contact thru this site,who got kicked out of this site because he was excercising his freedom of speech and that that editor was giving the muslims more right and denying him of his freedom of speech, i believe his userid was kung fu master,
GERBILISM according to him is the superior PROPHET...

I started laughing when I heard that..
I guess that's his prophet, a GERBIL...at least I don't have to worry about having my head cut off like the muslims,
just my BUTT being entered on!

to mr. nielsen/ thank you for your link! will forward!

thank you for your links. I will forward it to my friend who has other friends who have similar views including members of his military unit that just returned from Iraq and afghanistan.

From my understanding, not all solider or service members are represented in their views as what the rest of the military and U.S. government have been expressing in the news or OFFICIAL COMMENTS including those of the PRESIDENT.
I have listened to many radio programs which seems to indicate that many or most AMERICANS are pretty fed up with the muslim world regarding their anti-american and western sentiments. I do know the NEO-NAZI and KKK groups lately have been really been on an uprise on their views on this subject matter.
To my understanding these groups hate any FOREGEINERS and religion other than ANGLO SAXONS AND THEIR VIEW OF CHRISTIANITY. I guess you can call them the hardline CRUSADERS of the past!

many thanks for the link and your in depth comments. I have been reading the many commentators here and have found the more intelligent and balance comments coming from those that are well informed, educated and has common sense.

I do believe that the attack on democracy needs much DEBATE on these types of forum.

Going to Aarhus. Anybody need a paper?

Any Belgians wanting a copy (albeit not the original September copy) of Jyllands-Posten needs to let me know.  Will be having lunch there with two beautiful blonde Danish ladies on Tuesday.


Long live the Danes !!

Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can;

the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change;

and the wisdom to know the difference.

A man in TX

We can't leave this guy off the list of publishers....He posted a cartoon in his side yard!  I heard him interviewed yesterday on the radio by Dallas talk show host, Darrell Ancarlo.  He said that he was to meet with some local imans today at their request.  Ancarlo asked him to come back for another interview to let him know what took place.  I will look forward to that...for I don't think the imans are going to get far with this guy.


Anti-dhimmitude from one man in Texas



Keep your critical faculties (unIike the Islamofascists)

"12 Muslim men visit cartoonist's daughter's school."

Be careful. This report is from an interview with a person who was NOT an eyewitness. It needs further verification before it can be credited as accurate. It has not been verified by any third party.

Don't be like the Islamofascists and believe anything someone tells you.

Re: You are wrong

The person who reported it (Jens Rohde), is a member of the danish parliament, the political speaker from the Liberal group (same group as the danish prime minister). He was interviewet in the Danish parliament - and was reporting what he was told - after a meeting with the 12 cartoonist.

You can find interview at www.dr.dk in Danish, where he is telling it to a danish journalist.


Abu Laban's connections to Al-Qaeda

I'm not sure if I posted this earlier but it bears repeating.  These cartoon riots were engineered by al-Qaeda.  Abu Laban used to work for Bin Laden's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri.  Zawahiri has newspapers around the world and he has one in Denmark and back in the early 90s, Abu Laban worked for Bin Laden's right-hand man (some say the brains).


More, Laban also has tenuous links to Abu Krekar of Norway, formerly of Ansar al-Islam in northeastern Iraq where the US forces had a heckuva battle to oust them and found chemical factories and all kinds of stuff.  Here's the link to the Mackenzie Institute Report on Abu Laban and his ties to terror:



Translation at Agora.com

Thank-you Poul. That is the most serious thing they've done so far. The evilness of that surpasses everything. There IS NO REASONING WITH THESE PEOPLE.

So...what are we going to do?


In Danish: 12 Muslim men visit cartoonist's daughter's school

I can't read this to translate it but it's an item in today's Jyllends-Posten that 12 Muslim men 'turned up' at the school of one of the cartoonists daughters.  Now if that isn't chilling I don't know what is.  If someone could do a translation they'd be doing us all a service.  This came from a poster at littlegreenfootballs.com  You'll need to read Danish:



what about copyright?

I'm wondering about one issue nobody has mentioned before. Those cartoons are artistic production and so should be under copyright laws. Did anyone ask permission from authors to publish them?

Re: what about copyright?

Here in Denmark we have disguss that issue in the news. And our copyright law - here in Denmark, allow others to bring the Cartoon's as a part of "news coverrage".

So if a news paper publish them, as part of covering the cartoon story, they are not offending any danish copyright law.

Re: what about copyright 2

From: http://www.journalistforbundet.dk/sw35864.asp
All media wishing to use one or more of the twelve cartoons must pay a fee for this use to the special cartoonists’ fund set up for the purpose. “It is important for us and the cartoonists to emphasise that all use of the cartoons must be paid for,” says Mogens Blicher Bjerregård.

So publishers still have to pay. I'm hoping they do it.

Re: So publishers still have to pay

It's only fair! As I recall a Frenc magazine increased it's volume by several 100.000 copies - when they printed the cartoons.

The price:
The cartoonists will not oppose reproduction of the Mohammed cartoons that were originally published in Jyllands-Posten if this is done in connection with editorial coverage in newsmedia or similar media in a manner which complies with the rules of internationally accepted press ethics - www.ifj.org.

The remuneration has been set at €250 per cartoon per reproduction. The fee has been set at an average to make it applicable for the various types of media and countries.

Please sober up.

Please sober up.
Your lack of knowledge is a disgrace to this forum and your country!


Join the Club

European Muslim


Where exactly is the hypocracy or the double standard please?


"In April 2003, Danish illustrator Christoffer Zieler submitted a series of unsolicited cartoons dealing with the resurrection of Christ to Jyllands-Posten."


The newspaper had no point, and no article to attach the Jesus cartoons to.  The illustrator sent them in for a because he thought they were funny and they didn't make it into print.  So what?   Editors of newpapers, books and magazines turn down hundreds of illustrators and writers a day.


Europe in general has never had much of a problem making fun of the Christian faith.  This is just your first experience with it.  Were you supposed to like it?  No.  Christians don't either.  You see it as exclusion and insult, but the truth is...you have just been included into European Satire Club. 

To Gordonz

Since all true Muslims claim that Islam is the religion of peace, then the American and Danish troops shouldn’t be in anymore danger than they were before the printing of the cartoons, or don´t you believe our Muslim friends? Anyway a lot of Americans are supporting the Danes on the web and it is being noticed and greatly appriciated

There should be no pics at all EU Mus

According to your Religeous tex you guys aren't supposed to have any pictures at all.... So says Mohamed.... If these two papers are correct, I guess it would mean a true faithful muslim would have to dump his TV, Computer, Cell Phone with camera, and just about every other nicety provided by the west



America's Lame Response

I know it sounds like hypocrisy, especially from the "democracy and freedom" shrieking government, and an excuse to justify their weak response regarding the cartoon incident, but the government's public position was not without logic and legitimate concern.


The national U.S. majority was solidly behind the Danes and greatly respected the guts it took to show the world the truth in the face of death threats and no E.U. backing.

Even bastions of the politically correct left like the NY Times (Freidman) and The Washington Post (Krauthammer) loudly criticized the efforts of the Danish imams to lie and poison the situation as they did, all noted the incredible double standard of the Islamic media's own lack of respect, as well as the vital importance of having an open press.


But I think many Europeans were disapointed and did not approve of the American response. And they have a point.


But the government has an obligation to protect the lives of the men and women they sent into Iraq in any way they possibly can. We, as Americans citizens, I feel also have that obligation, though many disagree with me for political reasons. And the obvious choice to retain a very low profile during this episode as a way of not furthering the already difficult situation of those who put their lives at risk every day in a "can't-shoot-first" type of engagement, to not give a free weapon to those eager for total chaos and slaughter... this more than justifies the muted U.S. "official" resposne in my opinion.



There is a big difference between political and the danish crime

I think no one would have burnt the embassies and flags of Denmark if those were the cartoons of King Abdullah, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hosni Mubarak, or Pervez Musharaf.
But there is enormous differences between these heads of states and a highly secret and holy prophet of a religion.

may be you believe in Ariel Sharoon" the most famous war criminal" in the prophet of Judaism

Re: There is a big difference between political and the danish.

I don't get it !

Since a danish newspaper publish some drawings of Muhammed - it acceptable for you, that Muslims is burning danish flags, embassies - walking arround the streets in Palistines with AK 47 yalling death over Denmark ?

When some writers and artist use their skills to write publications against Islam - is it also ok for you, when Imams and Mullahs around the world, make death threads against them !

Maybe thats the reason - many newspapers around the world, have chosen reprint the drawings.

European Muslim Please Explain

Please explain the cartoons in these web sites that have been published by major arabic news papers...... Every one of these make the silly cartoons that caused such a stir look like they came from a childs comic. The whole fuss concerning the cartoons was not about the cartoons..... It was about the Islamic leadership attempting to directly influence western policy.... So please take the down troden abused muslim act somewhere else.




One can only wonder

One can only wonder, if Muslims are so mad about a cartoon they claim connects Islam with terror that they deem it necessary to burn down embassies, hack websites, boycott companies and issue death threats, then imagine when their balls actually drop and they finally get the courage to go up against the terrorist who is abusing the name of Allah, and actually inspired the cartoonist. Aah who am I kidding that will never happen cartoonist have pens, terrorist have AK-47´s.

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

please realize that the existence of anti-Semitic Muslim cartoonists and the actions of violent angry Muslim mobs in various locales doesn't nullify the fact that many of those who are defending free speech and the so-called Western way of life are having hypocritical double-standards.

For any racist claim what is called:

Freedom of Expression, to read this:




Re: Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Well a lot of Jesus cartoons are getting published here in Denmark, in any kind of medias. The news value of a cartoon of Jesus - is very low.

Anyhow you are free to make a drawing of Jesus here in Denmark, but I don't think - any would remark it. It would be one - among several others.

One thing for sure - we danes will not burn your flag, burn your countries embassy - require an excuse or make any death threads against you - if you choose to publish it - anywhere.

Best Regard - A dane