Pigs Do Not Fly

The media, including the news services, no longer report on the French riots. Almost 100 cars were set on fire last night, but according to the French police this is the normal daily figure across France’s no-go areas. Hence, the situation in France is back to normal.

There is some other good news, too. It appears British banks are not going to ban piggy banks after all. According to MediaWatch (MW) the story was hogwash. It was widely reported, also by us, but seems to have been based on an article in a regional paper in the north west of England, The Lancashire Evening Telegraph (LET) that was not checked properly. Or to be more precise: LET quoted bank officials saying certain things – and we did not check with the officials whether they were being quoted correctly – while MW quotes officials from the same banks saying opposite things – and, again, we are not going to check with the bank officials whether this time they are being quoted directly. As people cannot check and double-check every piece of information, a certain degree of trust is always involved: we trusted the facts given by LET to be correct, and now we trust those given by MW to be correct.

Though MediaWatch’s facts may be correct, its comments certainly are not. MW says the piggy bank story was “not just silly” but “nasty and damaging” and adds “Frankly, it was always incredible, but the papers and the talk back hosts didn’t check it out, because it’s grist to their mill and a hot button story guaranteed to light up the switchboard.”

That the papers and talk back hosts did not check the story out because it was “grist to their mill” is a statement which cannot be checked at all because no-one can claim to know other people’s intentions. Perhaps they just trusted LET’s reporting like we now trust MW’s reporting. As far as we are concerned, however, the piggy bank story did not seem that “incredible,” in the light of so many other instances of actual “silly” decisions taken in order not to offend certain sensitivities that have never before been part of Western society but are now as a consequence of “multiculturalism.”

We also wonder what is so “nasty and damaging” about the whole piggy bank story, even if it has been proved to be incorrect, compared to what is currently happening in Denmark, where a newspaper is still under police protection and cartoonists are still in hiding for having made drawings depicting the prophet Muhammad?

The indomitable Fjordman, who will be sorely missed when he quits blogging later this month, is about the only one who keeps the world regularly posted on this ongoing affair which has escalated to a diplomatic “war” between Denmark and moderate Muslim countries, such as Turkey and Egypt, for no other reason than that the Danish government refuses to censor the media.

One may wonder why the international mainstream media do not seem to be in the least interested in this story? It is a good thing that an organisation such as MediaWatch sifts through the news in order to get things straight. Perhaps it can also enlighten us as to why the Danish cartoon affair is receiving hardly any coverage, except by those who did not consider the piggy bank affair to be totally incredible in our post-democratic and post-free, “multicultural” society.

We're all born as pigs. not

I recently came across a news clipping in Provo Utah, it seems the Mormons better known as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latterday Saints, have been collecting death certificates of moslems in the US, UK and I guess moslem countres and baptising (the dead) into the Mormon religion. Something to do with the more Mormons in heaven the higher up those doing the baptizing move up. I am not a Mormon so I am not exactly sure how it works EXCEPT there are one heck of a lot of moslems who will not be seeing Allah.

Pigs sure can multiply!

Pig cannot fly!
But sure can multiply!!

Pigs can hog,
unlike our dog!!

Pigs mess up fates to decide,
in their sty and outside!!

That the islamist pigs give birth to a dozen at a time and only orgasm their women get is through the deliveries of piglets is obvious. That West and East are party to stinking up the whole world by yielding to the pampering and pandering to the pig and piglets is also self-evident.

What is not apparent is the slow creepy take-over of lands, women, and institutions by the evil devils.

We're all born as pigs.

I've just learnt that Muslims call a convert to Islam a "revert" because all babies are born Muslim but some have parents who bring them up in a different religion. I gather that this is common usage so I must have had a very sheltered life.

This is more than Muslims' usual deep, arrogant belief in the absolute rightness of Islam. It's also a death sentence on all babies for apostasy, and their parents for the double sins of being apostates and promoting apostasy with their own children.

They have given themselves carte blanche to kill us all, no doubt for the good of our souls. And our home-grown do-gooders are worried about "offending" them.

Nothing wrong with cartoons

I am neither really amazed nor amused by the reaction of the Muslims throughout the world toward the cartoons depicting Mohammad as a violent person. After all, that is exactly how Muslims force their believes upon others. Violence is a way of life and dieing in what they believe to be God’s wish is a way to get to heaven and the promised virgins.
I have lived most of my life among Muslims and can testify to the display of violence, lack of respect for human life, hypocrisy and constant criminal behavior that is only allowed if performed by Muslims. I have not heard of nine years old bride, I have witnessed an eight years old crying child who was forced into marriage with a mullah, with my own two eyes. I have seen and treated slashes on the back and head of many Muslim kids that were inflicted by their family in the name of Mohammad and his grandson Hussein. I treated and tried to save an infant who was forced to drink boiling water while his parents watched because they were not Muslim and refused to accept Mohammad as their savior.
So stop feeling sorry because you may have offended their views and their twisted visions and thank God that Muslims are stupid enough to riot and get shot by their own police force.
By the way, if any one out there disagrees with my claims about Muslims, research, read local publications from Muslim countries, visit the smaller cities in Iran, Iraq, etc. and then decide for yourself.

The Cartoon Affair

Just to clear up the facts concerning the "Danish Cartoon Affair". Only five of the 12 cartoons actually showed the face of Muhammad. At least one managed to mock the newspaper (Jyllandsposten) in arabic script without the editors noticing.
Of the five cartoonists in question, two received death threats. The case was solved by police within 48 hours, and the threads were discovered to be coming from a 17-year-old mentally challenged kid, well known by psychiatric authorities. Since then, nobody has been hiding or in need of police protection.
The diplomatic row between Denmark and 11 muslim governments, however, is still ongoing. A few days ago the Turkish prime minister Erdogan met with his Danish counterpart, attempting to solve the crisis, but ended up walking out of a joint press conference over another free press issue, the presence of Kurdish, Danish-based Roj TV.

Piggy bank

You note that the piggy story is not that shocking, and reference the cartoon story in the Danish paper.
I notice that the cartoons are no longer online. Does anyone have a link to them? Are they available anymore?

The Empty Piggy Bank

Fair enough. The piggy bank story came a cropper.


There's still the illegal "porking yard" sign: http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/005483.php

And the banned toy pigs in the Midland municipal offices: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005450600,00.html

And the illegal porcelain pigs in a private house's window sill: http://www.dispatch.co.za/1998/05/26/foreign/PIG.HTM

And the illegal status of Winnie the Pooh's piglet, the Three Little Pigs, Babe, and - creepiest of all - Animal Farm: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,907627,00.html

And whatever you do, don't pack a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich for lunch tomorrow: http://www.local6.com/money/3614199/detail.html

Media Watch might like to check these out for us, too. The Sun and The Guardian both involved in a "nasty" conspiracy? Well, I suppose it's possible. But you'll have to admit it doesn't happen every day.



Silly, Wot?

How can any foolishness be considered unusual in a country that put humans on display in its national zoo?