The Piggy Bank Ban and Selling Out to Muslims


British banks are banning piggy banks because these may offend some Muslims. Halifax and NatWest banks have led the move to scrap the time-honoured symbol of saving from their children’s products and from their advertising. Muslims do not eat pork, as Islamic culture deems the pig to be an impure animal. Salim Mulla, secretary of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, backed the bank move. “This is a sensitive issue and I think the banks are simply being courteous to their customers,” he said.

Novelty pig calendars and toys are also being banned from social welfare offices in Britain. Workers in the benefits department at Dudley Council, West Midlands, were told to remove or cover up all pig-related items, including toys, porcelain figures, calendars and even a tissue box featuring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. The pigs were offensive to Muslims during Ramadan.

Already infant schools have banned stories featuring pigs, including “The Three Little Pigs,” in case they offend Muslim children.

Meanwhile, in the cesspit of moral decadence the leader of the Dutch Social-Democrats, Wouter Bos, announced that this week he is going to join the Muslims in the Netherlands in a day of fasting during Ramadan. He is doing so at the request of the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting Corporation. Bos’s day of fasting will be recorded and aired on television. The reason why Bos is fasting with the Muslims is probably because there are municipal elections in the Netherlands on 7 March. Courting the Muslim vote has become increasingly important for Europe’s leftist parties. It is probably just a matter of “being courteous to their customers.”

The same Wouter Bos is very critical of the “Bede,” the traditional prayer in the Dutch queen’s annual speech at the opening of the Dutch parliament. Bos wants the traditional prayer to be abolished. Consequently it is very unlikely that Bos will join his Christian compatriots in a day of fasting during Lent next year. Whether the Dutch Socialist leader still eats pork or puts money in a piggy bank, we do not know.


Recently, however, Wouter Bos expressed criticism of immigration, which he blamed for a loss of common values as well of feelings of solidarity among citizens. On 7 October at a meeting of European Socialist parties in Amsterdam he said:

An increasingly diverse society makes it more difficult to sustain support for solidarity. Part of the problem is a perceived loss of common values. Tax paying citizens may then very well argue: Why should I make an effort for people I don’t know, don’t understand, or who don’t do things the way I would?

Indeed, why should we pay taxes if we are no longer allowed to put money in the piggy bank, eat sausages, give our children Piglet dolls, and read them “The Three Little Pigs” at playschool?

And Bos continued:

And the other thing happening in a society like the Netherlands is this: migration may not only cause a loss of common values but it also seems to come with a loss of common interest. In Dutch society the facts speak for themselves. It is no longer true that we all run the same risks. For example migrants and people of migrant background in the Netherlands run a much greater chance than others to be poorly educated, unemployed, sick or end up with a criminal record. Here again the result, if we do nothing about it, will be that the white middle class tax paying citizen wonders: am I paying taxes for myself or am I paying for them?

Pigs for Bombs

It's been my belief for a long time that dropping pigs out of planes into muslim terrorist terrorities would be very effective. And of course, leaflets with directions on how to cook them. Maybe at least a few of them will drop dead of heart failure.


Yet another prime example of Europe's capitulation to Islam and cowerving Dhimmitude.

Unless Europe grwos a spine and stands up to defend civilisation and culture, we are doomed.

Muslims, don't like piggy banks, or Piglet, or the Three Little Pigs? Then go back to the rotten cesspools of hatred and intolerance you came from and stop demanding that we kow-tow to your ignorant cultural prejudices. It works both ways Muslims = if you want to live and work in the West, you need to respect our freedoms and our culture. How dare you demand that we respect your primitive anti-pig desert ideology by subverting out own culture. Go back to you Islamist countries and leave us alone of you don't like it.


I am a jew, and I also don't eat pigs. However, I wouldn't dare tell you to get rid of pigs or pig-related cultural icons. Islam is indeed a primative, backwards religion and government. I believe the devil is directly responsibe for the creation of such a backwards religious ideology. My greatest fear though is thatt once the west reaches the breaking point and calls for a ban on islam (believe me it's coming soon), they won't stop with just Islam. Many minority religious persuasions will also be banned. Thus, Catholicism will capture the free world and we'll be right back where we were prior to the 1400's.


I believe the devil is directly responsibe for the creation of such a backwards religious ideology.

OK. Right. The devil. That furthers the debate nicely.

Bob Doney

Pig's ear

Now I'm confused. I thought Muslims didn't eat pork because it is unclean. Why is it unclean to put money in a porcelain pig? Anyway, I would that it is quite kosher (oops, wrong word) to save money in a piggy-bank, because you don't get any filthy interest on it.

Get the bacon sizzling! I fancy a buttie.

Bob Doney


Dhimmitude, the term coined by B'at Yeor, is practically an unknown phenomenon in the USA. To be sure we have large and unassimilated numbers of Mexicans and Central/South Americans here but for the most part they don't wish to blow you to pieces.

Many Europeans, in their desire not to *offend* the Muslims, don't quite realize that to many Muslims the very fact that the European is living and breathing is offensive, that, in his perfect world, he'd be dead or a slave to his Muslim overlords.

Dhimmitude in the USA

I do not quite understand how you can state that the pandemia of Dhimmitude has not yet profoundly penetrated the USA, unlike Europe.

To be sure, there are alternate forms and varying degrees of Dhimmitude. I do not think, however, that for instance, forcibly teaching non-Muslim children a course of Islam in Californian public middle schools is any less an illustration of deep-rooted Dhimmitude than the "piggy ban". In a similar vein, the virus manifests itself on a nation-wide and even global scale through the persistent lie of Mr. Bush and his consorts that Islam is a religion of peace.

In addition to these two examples, perhaps a visit to Mr. Spencer's website Dhimmi Watch may add to your understanding of Dhimmitude within the USA.