Allah Is Dead

A quote from Jack Wheeler on To the Point News, 19 September 2006

[The Pope] knows that a religion capable of responding to criticism only with violence and incapable – metaphysically incapable – of reasoned dialogue has no future. He knows he is no Manuel II facing vast Moslem armies he has no capacity to withstand. There are no more vast Moslem armies. All that Islam has left are terrorists, suicide bombers, and imams preaching hate.

[…] The time has come for Islam to be scrapped. It cannot be reformed, it cannot be saved by “moderates” from the “extremists” who have “hijacked” it. It’s finished. Time for folks to spiritually begin anew. Call it a theological application of Gresham’s Law. Bad money drives out the good. It doesn’t matter how many Islamic “moderates” hold up their religious currency and claim it is worth something. […] Christianity will survive and triumph because the nexus between God and Man is Man’s Essence, that which makes him both human and “in the image and likeness of God” – his capacity for reason and rational self-examination. Islam will fail and die because it rejects any such connection.

This is what Pope Benedict understands, this is what he meant in his speech. Some day in years to come, there will be a plaque at the University of Regensburg which will read: On this spot, on September 12, 2006, where Pope Benedict XVI delivered a lecture on Faith and Reason, the God of Islam known as Allah, died.