What They Read. Second in Our Occasional Series.

As I traipse into the European Parliament press shop I am struck by the breadth and range of the publications on display. The magazine that caught my eye today is a new lifestyle magazine, one that appeals the very core of my being,

Allergy - the essential lifestyle guide for people with allergies

In the current edition we find such gems as,
Celebrity interview: Sky TV presenter Liz Fuller: ‘I try not to sneeze on TV’ - In which we are told that she grew up in the "quaint seaside town of Swansea". Quaint!
I’m allergic to my bedclothes’ and
Ask the experts / where readers can grill the resident experts on subjects such as
"I suffer from latex allergy and am having difficulty finding anywhere that supplies latex-free underwear."
"I react badly when I come into contact with Nurofen"

OK so I am not being very caring here, but a lifestyle magazine!

Nice thing to keep on the coffee table for when friends come round, "Oh, I see that you are fructose intolerant, thank God I didn't bring those figgy rolls then".