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A quote from Josie Appleton on spiked.online, 9 August 2005
These [mullahs] are media pin-ups rather than hardened terrorists; they live on the dole in Tottenham and send out fiery faxes, rather than blow themselves up on the Tube or in Iraq. [...] Bakri does have an influence among a few followers. He isn't corralling and brainwashing them, though; they come to him looking for instruction. Indeed, [...] some people quit his group, saying he was "too soft". It's a copout for Blair to pin terrorism on foreign imports: the 7 July bombers were all British, born and bred. [...]

In fact, Bakri's views aren't a world away from many in the liberal elite. He said that the British people were to blame for the bombs, because they had voted Blair back in, after his war on Iraq. But this is only a step on from the issue of the New Statesman that labelled the attacks 'Blair's bombs'.