Pity the Germans

The wind in Europe blows mostly from the West to Southwest. This means that the Germans live downwind from the French. Pity them because according to a study (published with glee by the British newspaper The Sun) “nine out of ten French people do not wash regularly” and, consequently, a staggering 54 million out of 60.5 million inhabitants of la douce France “risk being whiffy.”

Schockingly, “2.5 million [French] never shower or bath while 1.8 million never brush their teeth,” which, if you think about it, leads to the odd conclusion that there are 0.7 million French who clean their teeth but not the rest of their bodies.

The study, entitled “24 hours in France,” was conducted among a sample of 10,000 French and published in a special issue of the French weekly Le Point.