Hamas by the Rhine

Recently I posted an article about the Islamization of the Alsatian city of Mulhouse, and the building of a giant mosque destined to teach Islamic culture and the Arabic language to Muslims and Alsatians alike. Joachim Véliocas, writing at Islamisation, has a complementary article containing some new, some old information. He titled his article "The flag of Hamas flies over Mulhouse." Here are some excerpts:

It is a reality: filmed by the cameras of France 3 on August 25 during a report on the construction of the Grand Mosque of Mulhouse. [...] The flag, easily identifiable, already flies over the temporary buildings and sends chills up your spine when you think that Hamas, still classified as a terrorist organization by many countries, is held responsible for the massacre of thousands of Israeli civilians by terrorists.

Note: The video that shows the flag can still be viewed here. The flag is clearly visible for a few seconds shortly after the first speaker finishes. The camera crew must have deliberately captured it on film.

Véliocas goes on to describe the methods and practices of Hamas, calling it a totalitarian movement, and using his own book L'Islamisation de la France as his source. He recalls article 13 of the Hamas constitution, drawn up in 1988:

Initiatives and what is called peaceful solutions and international meetings are contrary to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. [...] There is no solution to the Palestinian question unless it is through the jihad.”

Their membership in the Muslim Brotherhood is inscribed in the second article of their constitution:

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. The Brotherhood is a universal organization that constitutes the most important Islamic movement of modern times.”

At the beginning of the 20th century Christians represented half of the Arab population in the region of Jerusalem and a quarter of of the population of Arab     Palestine. One century later, the intimidation and repeated pressures forced the natives of the region into exile, and Christians are now only 2% of the Palestinian population.

Véliocas returns to the construction of the mosque:

It all becomes clear when we look at the profile of the Muslims who are managing the "Alsatian project". An article in a local paper from September 13 confirms that the project is piloted by the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the UOIF. According to the paper:

"It was in July 2006. The leaders of the An-Nour mosque, the oldest Muslim place of worship in Alsace [...] presented, in the presence of Mayor Jean-Marie Bockel, the early draft of a plan for a new mosque that will go under construction in the months to come on rue Illzach. The city gave up a terrain of 4,500 square meters (worth 235,000 euros) triangular in shape, behind the movie theater complex."

And indeed on September 15, 2008, a meeting of city council ratified the subsidy of 235,000 euros promised for the purchase of the property. This twisting of the law of 1905, often touted as a "cosmetic improvement", is in line with the positions of Nicolas Sarkozy who has on numerous occasions expressed his wish to finance the mosques with public money.

During an earlier city council deliberation on September 18, 2006, Mayor Jean-Marie Bockel declared: "This architecture suits us, including the dome and the minaret. It is normal for a place of worship to be identifiable all the while respecting its surroundings."

As for the Mayor, Jean-Pierre Bockel, when Sarkozy became president he immediately began appointing as many socialists as he could find to ministerial posts and to the plethora of commissions and committees he was creating on a daily basis. This was what he called "openness", i.e., bringing the opposition into the government. We now know without a doubt that there never was an "opposition", that Sarkozy simply appointed people he agreed with. Véliocas reviewed Bockel's credentials in June 2007:

The arrival of Jean-Marie Bockel, Socialist Senator and Mayor, to the government as a secretary of State was announced today. The nomination of a man who practices electoral clientelism with the Islamists of Mulhouse is cause for concern.

He goes on to describe the connections of the Alsatian groups to the Muslim Brotherhood, and quotes one critic of Bockel:

We should certainly question the nomination of Jean-Marie Bockel, who was told by one of his city councillors Thierry Gross: "Just as I sometimes find your pragmatism and your ability to go beyond divisions laudable, so I feel that you are playing a very dangerous game with Islam..."

All the Islamists of France who choose the patient way of spreading their message over the counter-productive method of terrorism, have happy days ahead with Nicolas Sarkozy. [...] The duo Sarkozy-Bockel is unfortunately in perfect harmony.

In the article on the Hamas flag, linked above, Véliocas calls for the resignation of Bockel, and asks his readers to complain to the Mulhouse municipality, to the police of Mulhouse, to the intelligence services, to the Alsatian branch of CRIF, a Jewish organization, for attempting to make Alsace a "twin" region of northern Israel, and to the Israeli Ambassador to France to warn that the anti-Semitism on the rise in France is due to the presence of Islamic groups. French readers interested in voicing complaints should read the article by Véliocas, as he provides phone numbers and addresses.