Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

A quote from John Rosenthal at his Pajamas Media blog, 10 October 2008

A new report from the domestic intelligence service of the German city-state of Hamburg shows, however, that actual neo-Nazi groups in Germany — i.e., groups that themselves embrace this description — in fact likewise opposed the “Anti-Islamification Congress” and are notably hostile to its sponsor, the “citizens’ movement” Pro-Cologne [Pro-Köln].

While the neo-Nazis agitate against what they describe as Germany’s “flooding by foreigners” — or “Überfremdung” — they take precautions against criticizing Islamic influences or Islam as such, since the latter is rather “to be seen as an ally.”

The report of the Hamburg intelligence service — known as the Office for the Protection of the Constitution [Verfassungsschutz] — points in particular to the hostility of the neo-Nazi North German Action Office to Pro-Cologne’s “Anti-Islamification” campaign. […]

As opposed to Germany’s mainstream media, which suggest that Pro-Cologne is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” — i.e., an apparently “normal” democratic party that in fact harbors radical intentions — the North German Action Office accuses it of being rather a “sheep in wolf’s clothing.”

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