Smurf Carnage

A quote from Mark Steyn in The Daily Telegraph, 18 October 2005

It’s not clear from the Smurf carnage whether their village is a sovereign jurisdiction - the ultimate blue state – or whether they’re merely some hapless minority within a multi-ethnic nation, the Kosovars to Elmo’s Slobodan. But either way the warplanes come […]

Good luck to Unicef and all. But I can't help thinking that, if you are that concerned for children in war zones, you might have done something closer to what real conflict is like in those places. In Rwanda, Sudan and a big chunk of west Africa, air strikes are few and far between. Instead, millions get hacked to death by machetes. […] If you’re going to be attacked, it’s best to be attacked by a relatively advanced enemy. Compared to being force-fed Grandfather Smurf’s genitals, having his village strafed in some clinical air strike is about the least worst option for Baby Smurf.