Joy in Brussels. Brits Destroy Their Own Parliament

A quote from Richard North at the EUreferendum blog, 17 May 2009

[T]he scams perpetrated by MEPs are far greater than those in which our MPs indulge. But the European Parliament had the foresight to devise a system where no receipts are required, so there is nothing for the media to get excited about.

Thus, we have the extraordinary situation where the biggest crooks on the block are standing for election to the euro-gravy train, representing that malign organisation in Brussels which has done more than anything to destroy our parliamentary democracy, and the whole election campaign has been submerged by a controversy about a 30-year-old system of MPs' allowances. […]

Back in Brussels, they must be purring as they see opinion polls which tell them that the European Union is now regarded as a more trustworthy organisation than the British Parliament. How Monnet would have enjoyed that moment, seeing the final destruction of our parliamentary democracy.

A quote from Richard North at the EUreferendum blog, 18 May 2009

The MPs have voted themselves a "remuneration package" rather than a straight salary. It was a very shallow deception and one which was obvious to anyone who took the time out to make even the most basic enquiries.

Thus, to position this issue as MPs deliberately fiddling their expenses is also a deception. The real crime is bad enough, but there is no purpose served by over-egging the point, if – as is the case – the effect is to do real damage to the institution of [the British] parliament.