French Government Threatens Mayor

A quote from Ivan Rioufol of Le Figaro, 27 July 2009, via Tiberge

Here are the facts: Adil Doubi, Moroccan by nationality, with a Spanish residency card, wants to marry Safadi Kamar el Ahjji of Moroccan-Spanish nationality. But the city authorities noticed errors in Doubi's visa and in a written oath about his presence in France. An order to return to his homeland was issued by the prefect of Côtes d'Armor, on grounds of illegal entry. Doubi had one month to leave French territory. The deadline was July 26, 2009.

The city authorities then began to suspect he was attempting a marriage of "convenience", citing a statement made to civil agents in which he requested the marriage in order to benefit from social welfare assistance! The Human Rights League was called in by the claimants who disputed the mayor's refusal to perform the marriage ceremony. The mayor, having sought help from Eric Besson, minister of immigration, was told that he was obligated to marry foreign couples who request it, and that it was not for him to question the legality of the situation. The State prosecutor ordered Gérard Huet to post the bans, adding: "Your position is liable to constitute a charge of abuse of power".

And so on Monday (July 27), in the late afternoon, a deputy mayor of Loudéac will perform the marriage (pressured by a court penalty of 1000 euros per day) […]