Events To Come

Duly Noted

Criminal idiocy makes likely events out of the scenarios of the impossible.

Some future scenarios of “news” and “opinion” that defy a normal person’s imagination are emerging. Some recent developments make a bundled occurrence of such events likely. The expected telling stories meant here relate to the reactions and the interpretations of Thatcher’s death and the mayhem in Boston.

Hardly was the news of Thatcher’s demise out, the Leftists of all shades that, regardless of the millions murdered in the service of their program, proudly walk with their heads raised, responded. This response proves that their collective participation in, and approval of, crimes have not awoken their lacking sense of decency. The upshot was parties to celebrate the good news. Even attempts to disturb the funeral of the departed PM are reported. One wonders at this junction whether missing decency is a greater fault than a deficiency in the area of politeness.

Cheers coming from a source that tearfully commemorates the death of terrorists such as the Baader-Meinhof gang, the politically innocent might be surprised by the new attitude shown in the face of death. If so, the reaction reflects the innocence of these observers. What else is to be expected from a movement whose Lenin has reduced moral issues to “Who? Whom?” meaning right and wrong depends on “who is killing whom”. Or take the case of the recently buried and properly honored leftist intellectual, Hobsbawn. One of the solemn recalls told about his response to a question that probed his defense of the Soviet Union’s record. He was asked whether, needing to kill millions to make Communism prevail would be ethically “worth it”. He answered with an honest “yes”. 

Once the turmoil has calmed down a reinterpretation of the actions of Boston’s “marathon murderers” is to be expected. Several elements will be used to construct an apology.

The components will have several facets. Expect a reasoning that will, exploit the latent anti-Americanism that prevails in numerous places. These include, alas, many residents of the USA. 

By the time of the trial, there will be a wave of sympathy for and an understanding of the surviving assassin. The Chechens have suffered a lot. Never mind that “Stalin did it” by deporting Caucasian nations as a punishment for collaboration with the enemy that did not happen. Due to the resulting frustration, the Tsarnaev brothers had to “lash out”. As Muslims in decadent America the GHQ of a global war against “Islam”, they must have felt persecuted. Especially so in view of the antics of the fanatics of the Right and an intransigently displayed “Christianity” in public life. Here a special additional responsibility –about which all proper folks agree- could be assigned to the Tea Party and, for good measure, to Bush. Obviously, when they voluntarily opted for immigration to America, they did not know about the place. Therefore, they came to stay and stayed to hate. 

In the coming months, the brothers’ mother will emerge as a serious source in the search for those really responsible. She already tells us that her children are innocent, that they are not perpetrators but victims that were framed. Give it some time and the dead Tamerlane will be shown more respect by the Left than it gave the warmonger Thatcher. That perhaps because she failed to blow up anyone.  Such a consensus based on hallucination is already emerging. Making the writer feel ashamed of his profession, a Professor in Florida attributes the Boston bombing to a rehearsal staged by the FBI/CIA. A nice footnote would be that they resorted to the expert advice of those Zionists of Mossad that had destroyed the Twin Towers. 

Additionally, expect more mentions that the “kid stuff” has been amateurishly executed and, besides, it was not meant to hurt anyone. Even given the mishap with only three persons killed, the event is more an accidental incident than a memorable terrorist crime. 

For that reason, the small steps already taken by the Administration to handle Dzokhar as a citizen and not as an enemy combatant indicate that, as the trial unfolds, the judgment might be more therapeutic than severe. It will be of help in this endeavor that the “Miranda rights” were not read at the time of the arrest. Besides an aggrieved mother about to lose another son, citizenship will also be invoked as the sanctions are ratcheted down. (Never mind that naturalization involves an oath of loyalty. Given what we know, the oath in this case was a perjury, which should invalidate the unearned status as a US citizen.)

Belittling and distorting the case will also involve insinuations that the actual culprits are the security services. Negligently, Russia’s inquiry about Tamerlane has not been taken seriously. (Had it been, the charge would have been cooperation with a tyranny and the failure to protect a refugee from a vengeful government.) Tamerlane’s slipping back unnoticed into the US will be exploited to support the claim of contribution to the crime through negligence. 

Now, to the cherry on top of the concoction. In the spirit of PC, the role of religion as motivating the youths will be downgraded. At the same time, that allegedly irrelevant religion will be used to plea for leniency. The argument will be that throwing the book at      might radicalize Muslims. This sounds like asserting that operating on a tumor will cause cancer to spread. Running interference for that ball carrier will be pleas that the war on terror is degenerating into a prejudicial pursuit of a war on Muslims. Are not, globally, all the accused and convicted –not to mention the innocently suspected-  followers of the Prophet? Prejudice proven. Case solved.