Small Items Of Great Concern

Duly Noted

Duly Noted is convinced that it will never run out of topics. Nevertheless, a remainder of pessimism induces the writer to take notes for a feared arid patch. Often the juice that can be squeezed out of some of these observations does not suffice to fill an article. For filing them in the dustbin, they are too precious as testimonials of the illogic and the dishonesty in public affairs. Therefore, a few products our insanity follow below.

1. The forces positioned to the right of the far Left are generally presented by the PC media to readers without a correcting exposure, as “right wing extremists”. Indeed, both the left-of-center as well as the right-of-center has their share of genuine extremists. The supply of public affairs nuts being plentiful this condition is rather natural. The sane majority needs to  be ashamed of their fruitcakes only if they endorse them. 

The forces that oppose centralization, advocate federalism, small government, preach fiscal responsibility and wish to preserve their way of life have a weakness. The grievances are universal and so these organizations pop up everywhere. Their issues are comparable and so is the growing success. Yet organizations such as British UKIP, the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), and Germany’s AfD, Hungary’s Fidesz also share a flaw. It is that they do not cooperate. No wonder, because they know about each other only what the PC media tells them. An amusing consequence is two snippets picked up during the last months. In one case, a Fidesz-related organ called the SVP “right-wing extremist”. The same ignorance at work made an SVP writer refer to the Fidesz as “extreme”. Since nothing is true, the adjectives reveal only one fact: mutual ignorance. 


2. Accentuated by Socialist rule, France has a problem –everybody outside the country affirms it. The Great Nation is not competitive, suffers from low productivity and is too proud to improve. That vouches for continued decline. 

A few months ago, a foreign executive told why he is reluctant to invest there and shed light on a major firm’s liquidation. The summary, “When they interrupt their breaks for work they do not get enough done”.

A revealing newsreel gave support to the impolite critique. A factory that produced more deficit than cars was on strike. Some teams formed to protect the machines from destruction by the protestors. On camera, we saw how a protector picked up an ignited canister in order to render it harmless. A strike leader came up to him, knocked it out of his hand and claimed that the man was a pro management arsonist. 

The incident provoked the firing of the striker. Next on TV, he complained about the inhumanity of the bosses. Their action made him suffer regardless of his small daughter that will be a victim because the lost job.


3. Western democracy is unable to defend itself from subversives. It is the duty of government to protect its citizens from internal and external enemies. This failure, the rule of the stronger and the conditional application of laws delegitimizes democracy. 

In Berlin, an Arab gang and a rapper member were to appear in court. Newsmen decided to record the notorieties and received permission to film inside the courthouse. There the gang that claims to be a victim of prejudiced persecution threatened the newsmen. Policemen came and lined up in the corridor. The gang continued to raise hell. Finally, one of them filled a bucket with water. Although the intent was clear, the cops stood idly by. Then the water was poured on the reporters. The police continued to remain inactive. They were probably glad not to be molested and to avoid the charge of police brutality. End chapter on “The Rule of Law”. 


4. Quite often a revelation hides in undigested data until an accidental flash connects the otherwise insulated bits into a telling picture. The treasury of absurdities unloaded here has a reoccurring component. It consists of an avalanche of cases involving unreasonable rulings by judges. In these, the courts seem to overstep not only the authority vested in them but also ignore the dictate of common sense. This is worrying as democratic systems depend upon the interpretations of its rules by the courts and the protection of rights by invoked law. When the armies of office holders grow and the jungle of ordinances thrive, the Courts are to set limits to the system and to protect the people’s interest. 

As an illustration, a remarkable case of abusive illogic can be presented. The general features of the story will appear as familiar. In this instance, the threat to civil society’s order comes from the EU’s court of human rights. 

The case judged by a national court is about a plaintiff that deals with drugs. He has earlier conviction in two countries that had given him refuge. The “Fuge” then slips into a third country. There he marries a citizen. Children follow and he leaves the family. Then he fathers a third child. The office that deals with aliens rolls up the case. The man is ordered to leave the country as his claims to stay are found to be without merit. 

Normally the story would end with the repatriation. However, the European Court of Human Rights entered the case. It found that the man’s children have a right to a normal family life. They can benefit from their father’s presence. The appeal against expulsion is approved because the man, too, has a right to “family life”. 

A lesson of the story is that the higher the office, the more remote its protected personnel from the common man, the greater the contempt shown for the latter’s interests, security and sense of justice.


5. Wanting something for nothing is an expression of a basic instinct that ranges below drink, food and sex. The notes tell of a revealing case that could have happened anywhere and probably does so in your neighborhood.

A person pursuing a career in a welfare dependent lifestyle has revealed to the office that funds him that he will not accept work that is “below his dignity”. That creates a high standard because he also wowed not to “soil his hands” again. Regardless of an excellent public transportation system, he end up wanting a car. It is meant to serve his “psychological well-being”. 


6. April Fool’s Day is behind us and so this is not a clumsy joke. You should know that in German, words can have a feminine or a masculine form. A male professor is a Herr Professor. A lady professor is a Frau Professor or Professorin. In case the gender is unknown the masculine version, (“Professor”) covers all cases. With that said, what follows is hard to transmit because even in its original the matter is insane. 

Gender quotas are a traditional Red-Green demand. So is the (ungrammatical) gender-neutral use of a language that is complicated even without such improvements. Now a University has decided to improve on PC’s hither odd and ungrammatical constructions. In future, even male professors will be referred to by using the feminine form, such as “Herr Professorin.”  The tag is about as convincing as it is to talk about a male cow. 

Once, in another context, this column has suggested, “PC kills”. Apparently, the case is worse than originally assumed. The above proves that PC dumbs even those that are said to be smart. This demonstrates that the smart ones can be quite stupid.


7.  Quiz.

If it is there, he does not see it. If it thunders, he does not hear it. If it hurts, he does not feel it. When all notice it, he denies it.

Q.: What is this?

A.:  PC person.