The Elite Fears the People as Much as the Terrorists

A quote from Josie Appleton on, 13 July 2005

The British elite seems almost as fearful of the white working class as it is of the terrorists. Almost before the dust had settled, warnings about the ‘Islamophobic backlash’ began […] – as if our first reaction would be to head out and beat up the nearest Muslim. […] Behind the establishment's preoccupation with Islamophobia lies a fear of the mass of the British people – particularly the white working-class section of the British people. There is an idea that the public is volatile and bigoted, and liable to be set off at any moment. Terrorist attacks are feared not just for the damage they wreck, but for the sparks they could ignite in domestic populations.  Stemming ‘hate crimes’ has become part of the official plan for dealing with a terrorist attack - along with cleaning up the rubble, getting trains running again, and catching those responsible.