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A New Cause: Privacy For WiskiLeaks. WickiLeaks demands privacy for itself. Euro sharades and what your money’s worth.

The best one. Wait for Assange’s defense against the sexual molestation charges in Sweden. The struggler on the front line for open access to all information will have his attorneys plead what is in this instance an amazing case. The expected claim is that the man’s privacy is violated by the leaked release to the public of the prosecutor’s charges against him for his sexual improprieties. Is privacy and confidentiality not a right that deserves protection?

This, as the newest from this battleground, will be new to you. WikiLeaks had used the Swiss “PostBank” to have donations processed. Obviously, Mr. Assange must have been a victim of myths regarding Swiss banking practices. Accordingly, the business deal went sour. When opening the account, its beneficiary claimed to be a resident of the country. The publicity surrounding the case made the arrangement transparent. The klieg lights revealed that the bit about residency was not quite the case. So PostBank announced that it closes the account. Now a local branch of Assange fans is preparing to sue PostBank. They claim - and I hope you are seated when you read this - that the announcement had violated banking secrecy.

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