Is This the End?

Following last Thursday’s Antwerp massacre the Belgian authorities have announced zero tolerance for racism. Belgian journalists, lawyers and politicians (including Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt), say that I am responsible for creating the atmosphere of hatred that led to the massacre. Some people even demand that I be prosecuted.

Belgian television and the Brussels papers say that the Antwerp shoot-out is the result of my writings. Regular readers of The Brussels Journal know my view well enough: I have repeatedly defended the view that Muslim immigrants are not to blame for Europe's predicament. The latter is entirely of our own making. Europeans have foolishly replaced God by the State as the one on whom they rely to take care of all their needs from cradle to grave. The religious vacuum has led to a demographic vacuum, because those who lose faith in God lose faith in the future as well. A civilization that has created a religious and a demographic vacuum is bound to perish.

The lights are turning out for Europe. If America follows Europe’s example Christendom is lost.

The Incident

Firstly, the incident, or massacre in Beligum, is a tragic, condolences to the families involved. Blaming the incident on a few persons who are expressing their concerns about the future of Europe is wrong. This is a problem that the government must take responsibility for. Having multiple views presented to one is part of what a freedom of press gives, starting to censor these will create a society where the truth is hidden, for it does not suite the government, one or other religion etc.

The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do.

'Racism' and Left-Liberal Theology

<p>You state in your piece that Belgian authorities have announced zero tolerance for racism ... and then your website.</p>

<p>To be accused of inciting racial intolerance by the extreme left -- such as most politicians in the EU's Council of Ministers, and the clowns dominating our mainstream media -- is amusing; it is they who obsess about race, not normal people! Remember, Left-Wingers possess brains addled by very complicated & peurile social theorums, sustainable only by endless propaganda campaigns. To such people, anti-racism constitutes a key totem. Cut it down, and watch as they start to disintegrate.</p>

<p>Left-Wing Theology (as manifested in post-Colonial times) is markedly racist towards White Males (of European or North American origin). Their contempt for Caucasian culture(s) is itself blatently racist. These same people are thus happy to celebrate, sexual liaisons between Blonde women & Black Males. The pornographic industry panders to this political imperative. Lurid movies show white women being forcefully subjugated and humiliated by (preferably black-skinned) aliens. Here, the black skin is a visual aid to enhance the movie's mind-altering effect. Not filmed, we also hear of French, British, or Swedish women, raped or otherwise humiliated by light-skinned foreigners; often in the name of Allah. </p>

<p>In short, you, me, and almost everyone else in Western Europe have been duped by the whole, self-sustaining racism industry, infesting the Western world today. We have been "guiltified" by propaganda and indoctrination posing as education. This has led to self-doubt, self-revulsion, and a fear of calling a 'spade a spade'.</p>

<p>It can be shown, racism is a natural human emotion, alongside love, hate, and jealousy. Under appropriate circumstances, racism is also a vital survival strategy.</p>

You, and People Like You, Now Have Something to Live For

You (Brussels Journal) must continue, in the same vein, regardless of any threat. The alternative is humiliation and serfdom, which would be a 'living death' anyway.

Hitherto, I have always considered myself a moderate person, but if already well-entrenched liberal, socialist and multicultural trends continue, then I shall be willing and ready to join others in far more emphatic actions of resistance. We must restore sanity, common-sense, truth, and stop this slow slide into tyranny under faceless and arrogant elites.

The unravelling of the EU now appears an increasing necessity as it is this unelected behemoth that facilitates much of our cultural self-flaggelation, and the payment of what are effectively jizya taxes to Iran, the Palestinian Authority, and other Islamic entities. It's Foreign Policy representative, Mr. J. Salanas, is one big joker who is using the EU as a vehicle for his own extreme, private ideology. On current trends, he looks likely to commit treason against Western Civilization and against our Christian heritage.

It is the left-wing ideologues amongst us, and those educational establishments long infiltrated by Marxist theories, et al, that are our "Enemy No. 1". Before too long, these people will have to be held to account (male or female). How we administer appropriate punishment will be one of the biggest questions for that fast arriving time.

Racism, Speech, and Suicide

I recently read Le Camp des Saints (The Camp of the Saints). It has finally arrived, but by ones-and-twos rather than by the boat load. Europeans had better get over the anti-nazi WWII propaganda and discover their backbones. If note, you will be dispossesed from your own land, or become extinct or both.

What will the world be like without the European civilization? So far, the other world cultures show no sign of positive contribution to the world, although some are better at managing the gifts of the West than others.

Europeans of the "I hate myself" variety: you have conceded your right to exist to your former colonies. Rather than patting yourself on the back, you should be ashamed of your weakness and foolishness.

To those few remaining Christians in Europe, pray America can undo its own post-1960s damage before our Camp is overrun by the hosts of Gog and Magog. They already surround us...

Not the end

Keep up the good work Paul but do not be so pessimistic. Even if America were to follow Europe's bad example, all would not be lost for Christendom. Our faith is strong elsewhere, sub-saharan Africa and South Korea especially.
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maigemu's got it right.

Geert Laheye's got it right. Write, write again and then write some more. Don't remain silent; silence means they've subdued you.

Silence also means we the readers don't get anything new here, which over time means you'll lose readership. Nex

Europe Gone Insane

Your voice needs to be heard, again and again. Belgium cries out for an opposing view to the radical left, otherwise all democracy is lost. There is no longer any seperation of church and state since the catholic church has chosen to interfere in government policy. The elite politicians in Brussells are a waste of space and do not represent any view except their own. They shake in their shoes when anyone dares to offer opinions different from their dhimmi ones.

I find it amusing that citizens can put anti-Bush stickers on toilets, offer up anti-America rants on television, and publish half-truths in the newspapers here, but ohmygod don't dare look at a muslim a certain way or say what you think. That is when democracy in the true sense has failed.

Last night prior to a movie being shown on the Kanaal 2 channel, the young lady (translate that as stupid) who presented the movie had the gall to make fun of 'fat Americans' in comparing the earthquake movie. So this is what has become of Belgium.  


Please take it as a compliment

Paul, it can not be easy to be blamed for the senseless killings committed by what must be a mental case. The blame is of course ridiculous - as I can say as having read the Brussel Journal for quite some time. I may not always agree entirely - but your views are always balanced and supported by weighty argumentation as well as extremely well written. Never have I seen incitement to violence.

Instead the blame and finger pointing should be received as a compliment to your work. You have pointed out blatant problems in society - you have hit a nerve. Obviously this has upset the current political establishment and now you are used as a scape goat by immoral politicians who are themselves to blame.

Please keep up the good work and let the left and ignorant be damned.

Then its just all by

Then its just all by accident that Beliën's name & article continues to pop up, as an example of someone who created an atmosphere of Racism & Hate which preceeded these attacks.
Belien's article Give Us Guns was not directed at the migrant community but at the supposedly North African thieves & killers of Joe v Holsbeeck. Everyone agrees? Funny thats why some blame games, others blame the VB and others blame lots of things. Reality is that we're not even 100% certain why he did it, as in his last statement he said he can't remember why. He supposedly said in his first statement that he targeted based on etnic lines...weird since when he killed that 2yr old toddler he killed a person which did not fit his target definition on that moment circumstance was the motive. How about we wait untill we're certain about the motives.

Geef ons Wapens means

Give us weapons. Not give us guns. A slight difference as the original article did not mention giving us guns, what it did say is that pepperspray might have been able to save Joe's life. There is a huge difference between being allowed to carry pepperspray or being allowed to carry a gun. Unfortunately, in Belgium, the people that actually are dangerous know where to get their guns anyway...


"Belgian journalists, lawyers and politicians (including Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt), say that I am responsible for creating the atmosphere of hatred that led to the massacre"

"Belgian television and the Brussels papers say that the Antwerp shoot-out is the result of my writings"

I hope this journal is not the only source of information in English on this subject, because it is pure disinformation!. The source of the drama was a cocktail of things. Everybody agrees about this. But the fact that the killer chose immigrants to shoot at, was not because he could hear everywhere what gentle and helpful people they are. It’s because the killer was convinced that they (all of them, as he picked them out randomly) are a big danger for our society. It was mend as his last “good deed” before he died. The fact that he believed that killing immigrants randomly was a plus for our society is because of the constant flux of propaganda depicting them (all of them, without the slightest effort to restrict the group to the criminal or fundamentalist ones) as a big danger for our society and culture.  Paul’s article “give us gun’s” in Dutch was an exponent of this propaganda. That’s why, as an example and out of respect for the victims, there was a request to remove the article. That’s far away from the claim that he is held personally responsible for what happened. That would be far too much honor for mister Beliën.



Wie het waagt het voor het Vlaams Belang op te nemen nu de politieke partijen het VB naar aanleiding van de afschuwelijke moorden in Antwerpen zo vlak voor de verkiezingen willen uitschakelen loopt het grote risico als extreem rechts te worden gediskwalificeerd. Maar deze partijen kunnen zich niet aan de indruk onttrekken dat van de dramatische gebeurtenis misbruik wordt gemaakt om te trachten het VB onderuit te halen. Met de beschuldiging dat het VB aansprakelijk is voor het politieke klimaat in Antwerpen, die de dader zou hebben geinspireerd, gaat men volledig voorbij aan de al jarenlang in Belgie
en Nederland in de samenleving ontwikkelende spanningen. Al eerder hebben zich incidenten voorgedaan, veroorzaakt door autochtone en allochtone jongeren, Zowel het een als het ander is te veroordelen.
Maar het is hypocriet om een daad uit een reeks van velen te lichten om daarmee te trachten een politieke partij voor de verkiezingen uit te schakelen. Daarmee geeft men blijk dat zij niet in staat zijn een oplossing voor het wegnemen van de spanningen in de samenleving aan te dragen.

You must fight on. Many in

You must fight on. Many in America read your journal and like the Danes your defense of Western Democratic values will make Belgium stronger.

As a European (Spanish) and a proud American citizen, I think it is imperative for America's survival that we stand by in support of voices like yours. We can not let Europe fail, it will not fail. Individual countries may succumb but there will always be resistance. Things may look very dark at the moment but many many Americans for ancestral as well as emotional reasons would demand that we interviene.

We can only defeat this evil together, in solidarity. The whole world unified in a struggle for life and human rights

We must all join together to support voices like yours, not just within Europe in but also in India, Africa and Russia, any where there is a struggle against Jihad and Da'wa.

I am so sorry to hear this, Paul.

Well, I don't completely agree with your analysis, but that doesn't matter. I am so sorry to hear this, Paul. Beyond that, I don't know what to say. I'm just shocked -- about this and what the Netherlands is doing to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Best wishes.

Brussels Journal wronged

I will defend to the death your right to be wrong about everything, Paul. I'm sure you will find this a great comfort!

Seriously though, I wish you well.

Bob Doney

Be strong!

Whatever happens try not to let them intimidate you.

We were recently faced with similar threats - some fool claimed that our site was racist and that they were going to report us to the authorities.
We pointed out that this was nonsense on stilts - any objective viewer could see this, and that if they persisted with would take steps against them for slandering us - It worked. They soon retracted everything and grovelled claiming that there was a communication mixup.

If they try to silence you with legal means, use legal means to show off their hollow arguments. Whatever you do, never take it lying down - though I'm quite sure that you know this already!

The blogosphere can make an issue of this - if governments and the msm think that they have some kind of monopoly on the truth they are badly mistaken. The days of totalitarian governments are over.

I'll do my bit by letting my readers know - pressure works both ways!

All the best, I know that you won't betray your principles.


I'm quite convinced that you

I'm quite convinced that you will not allow yourself to be intimidated by those morons.

Keep up the great work and don't let us down!

I do not seem to remember

I do not seem to remember that he wrote they want to shut down The Brussels Journal; rather they want to hold him responsible as well, as he has been mentioned in context with the Antwerp Massacre. The fact that Belien has removed an article after being threatened by CEOOR together with the talk of the past days regarding to the article 'Geef ons Wapens' it would seem rational to assume that the next stop will be the partial shut down of The Brussels Journal. Clipping its wings as has happened with the remainder of the press.

No rational person would hold Belien personally responsible; but one cannot deny the fact that CEOOR has spoken and that in the past days Belien and the said article were mentioned in connection to the attack. Denying that would be pathetic. Did he demand? I would rather say he challenged you.

I wonder if the next phase is the creation of a special security branch to combat 'racism' backed up with the CEOOR; GESTAPO bis to employ a 1930s comparison.

I just hope the White House would send out a signal...afterall did they not defend values like Freedom of Speech and Press?


I'm sorry, but this lamentation sounds very pathetic to me. Nobody is interested in shutting down the Brussels Journal. There are other websites far more visited and far more damaging to the intercultural peace in this country then this one. And nobody holds Paul personally responsible for the murders in Antwerp. It is doubtful that our “over intelligent” murderer ever read this Journal in the first place. Paul was eager to let the world know about his article “give us guns”, and almost demanded somebody went to the authorities. It almost felt as if he was seeking the martyrdom and the publicity associated with it.

Sounds like the DaVinci Code

This conspiracy by the Catholic Church is like the DaVINCI CODE MOVIE!
In other words, do as they say or be destroyed.

Go to to find out what priest do "Behind" the scenes."


If you mean by "Christendom": "Join the club of Ueber-Quisling Godfried Danneels", then I say: "Good riddance". As of today, I no longer consider myself a member of the Belgian Catholic church; its views are too totalitarian/communist for my liking.

I think Paul Belien´s

I think Paul Belien´s comments, regarding the religious and moral weakness are right on the mark. Interesting enough, we can trace back to the begginings of Christianity a very similiar situation. Those more curious could make some research on Alessandro di Abonutico, a false prophet of the "hellenistic religion", who may well be the epitome of the moral distortion that the pagan world was going through, at the time of the first christians. I guess there will be little time before more and more westerns, desillusioned by the immoral and self defeating behavior of an increasing number of the cleric, will think of Islam as a viable alternative for their angst.
The problem is we went to a whole lot of hardship to conform religion to a free society. Sadly, this painful work seems bound to be discarded in a glimpse, by the very people that benefits the most from it. In a way, that´s understandable, since we normally treasure only the things we fought to achieve. But their blindness will not affect only their lives, but the lives of everyone.
The behavior of the media and the liberal politicians is understandable too, since for the ones raised in an enviroment where every individual learns to achieve anything via deceit,fraud and dark transactions, even not fully realizing (in some cases) what they are really doing, the present situation is naturally an opportunity to get free media time and to get hold of some more votes.

Paul Beliën responsible?

Sorry, but pointing out to Paul Beliën for creating the atmosphere of hatred that led to the massacre is to easy but also very malicious.  This way any massacre can very easyly be explained.


Paul, I think that all of the regular BJ readers like myself are going to send you flowers as well as letters of support when your`re going to go to prison lol.. But seriously - I don`t think that they can do anything against you. Your texts are always very balanced and a state attorney would have a very difficoult time implying that you have commited any sort of "hate crime". As Cogito mentioned if you`re going to be prosecuted this will bring BJ more good publicity. If you play it right by standing up for what you`re writing and perhaps by hiring some PR specialist as well as by organizing and participating in public debates concerning political correctness, media censorship and the Muslim immigrant issue this might also be a chance for you to influance the Belgian politics. In my opinion you`ve got a great opportunity here it would be a great pitty if you wouldn`t use it.

good publicity

Most people in Flanders had never heard of you before, Paul. Most people, in spite of your success, had not heard of you and brusselsjournal ever before. Now a lot more people have. I am certain that this will turn out to be positive.

What are they going to do?

What are they going to do? Shut down Brussels Journal? Relocate to American servers :) (if that's not already the case)

Put you in jail? A political prisoner, run for elections.
Make you pay a fine? Put on a Paypal banner & collect funds.

Never fear when you have the truth at your side.

Is this the end ?

As someone who read your blog on a daily basis (a lot of Danes do) here's a word of comfort to you, Paul :

Haven't you wondered why the most serious Muslim attacks have targeted the most dhimmified countries like Spain (the Madrid train bombings) and the UK (the tube bombings in Londonistan) ?

If - on the other hand - a country refuses to cave in, counterattacks and cherish its values - then it is less attractive to Muslims. Law of the lesser resistance in action.

Take my own country as an example : apart from some insignificant economic damage (the ridiculous boycott) the cartoon jihad only strenghtened Danish resistance. We didn't apologize for anything, we carry on ridiculing and exposing Islamofascism and its few, allied, 'Danish', useful idiots. As a result our government is more popular than ever, Muslim immigration has come to a complete halt, crime is levelling out and the Muslims here have resorted to infight amongst themselves.

And we remember very well your support. Carry on, Paul. Belgium may be overrun, but isn't lost. Thanks to people like you !

Dear Paul

Could you back this up with some references? The demand by some far-left lawyers for your prosecution was the only instance I could find where someone held you personally responsible for the massacre


Hardly a surprise

It comes as no surprise that the leftwing dhimmies are blaming The Brussels Journal, they always blame everybody else that the multi cultural experiment they have forced on us are failing, their failure to accept this and their continued support for it will someday force freedom loving Europeans to take up arms in defence of their own countries and democracy.

Until recently I thought that Swedes were the worst dhimmies in Europe, sadly Belgium are proving me wrong

Is this the End?

I wholly agree with Paul Belien's analysis.
Those opposed to the liberal agenda of turning Europe into an anthropological theme-park, into a deracinated, secularized and hence demoralized jungle (I use the latter term advisedly) should not be panicked by this wholly exceptional incident. Far more remarkable is the bovine placidity of the indigenous European population in the face of its civilization's destruction by a corrupt and self-serving liberal elite.
On the other hand, those on the right in Flemish politics should transcend any residues of resentful parochialism. Flanders cannot be saved in isolation. Wallonia, and the rest of Europe must be saved, too.