If I Get Hurt, Blame Father Leman

During the past few weeks I have been under attack from the Belgian Left and the media. In February the editor in chief of the mass circulation weekly Knack (a supposedly centrist publication) wrote a piece entitled “Paul Belien and His Pals,” claiming that I was part of a neo-con conspiracy, led by Daniel Pipes (whom until then I had never met or spoken) and the Danish journalist Flemming Rose (of the Muhammad cartoons), who wanted “to anger radical but also moderate Muslims into violent action. Their [=the conspirators’] goal is to persuade public opinion in Europe and America once and for all that all Muslims are violent and dangerous, so that the ‘clash’ [=the world war against Muslims] in Palestine, Iran and Syria can really kick off.”

This goal, according to Knack, would be the real reason why The Brussels Journal reported about the Danish cartoon affair (although in our reporting we have always stressed the important role of moderate Muslims – which, if we did not believe moderate Muslims existed, we would not have done).

Johan Leman

Today Father Johan Leman, a Catholic priest of the Order of Saint Dominic (the inquisition order) and a professor at the Catholic University of Leuven, has joined the chorus. Father Leman is the previous president of the CEOOR (Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism), the inquisition center of the Belgian government. In today’s news broadcast on the national radio he says that the CEOOR has been negligent because it has not already started prosecutions against me.

According to Father Leman I have incited racial hatred, with the result that extremist or unbalanced people, such as Hans Van Themsche, have decided to take the law into their own hands and shoot immigrants. Father Leman blames the Belgian authorities and the CEOOR for not punishing me. In the reverend father’s own logic, if his hate speech against me should lead to extremist and unbalanced people threatening or hurting (“punishing”) me in any way he is the culprit.

There is a sea change coming

The Catholic Church is a ponderous and slow to change organization but there are some encouraging signs coming which should be heartening:
If you read italian, this should be eye opening. The authors are highly influential inside the Church and have essentially said there is no such thing as moderate Islam, only moderate muslims without theological support from any institutional infrastructure of Islam. Fr. Leman should be asked to comment. It would be very wise of him to think deeply before he responds.

If I Get Hurt, Blame Father Leman?

No Paul, blame yourself. Arm yourself. Regularly practice using the weapon(s) you carry. Be prepared. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not be a victim.

There are other aerosols available. Learn proper defensive knife technique as well. Whatever your legal code allows, carry. Be able to deploy smoothly, quickly, comfortably.

Been offline for a couple of weeks, and am not amused by your recent turn of events.

G*d Bless You and Yours.

The West Needs You

Dear Mr. Belien,

As a long-time reader of this fantastic website, I was shocked to learn of the witch-hunt that has been launched against you --although, sadly, I cannot say it surprises me. It is obvious that the European Thought Police have created and are fueling this shameless and absurd assault in order to silence you, one of Europe's clearest and most indispensable voices; it would be a tragedy if they succeeded.

As a proud Westerner living under the yoke of Mexico's collectivist society, I doubt there's much I could do to help you, other than expressing my support and spreading the word about what is happening to you; but please let me know --let us all know-- if there are concrete steps that us, your many readers and supporters around the world, can take to help.

My admiration and gratitude go out to you for the invaluable service to Western Civilization that you have provided through your insightful writings and daring words. If someone ever asked for evidence of the cultural and intellectual riches and grandeur that our great Civilization is capable of producing, they need to see no further than the Brussels Journal and its brightest star, Paul Belien.

Thank you for courage, and keep fighting the good fight. The West needs you.

Respectfully yours,

Marcos Rodriguez

Leon, Guanajuato


The Journal

Dear Paul

I came across the Brussels Journal after reading the Canada FreePress website, and I enjoy reading the articles and the comments of your reders. I sincerely hope this site remains on-line, freedom of speech is vital in western culture and your journal offers an alternative viewpoit to that offered by the mainstream. Closure of your website would be a blow for freedom of thought as well as freedom of speech.

Nigel B



I came across this article that may be of interest to you and your supporters here at the journal.  I had never heard of the "Project" before, and as I have been an avid reader of anything Islamic I found it not only surprising, but very interesting.  Perhaps you will be able to use some of this material in your defense if the need arises.  Of course, you must verify it's authenticity first.

No doubt you have been given lots of advice over this last week on how to handle this situation.  Adding my two cents into the mix...I would love to see you come to the U.S., however, I do not think you should cut and run.  Rather, I think you should stand and fight.  Fight with the truth and facts.  Belgium and Europe needs you.

The Muslim Brotherhood "Project"


no posts since Monday :(

If you support free speech and BrusselsJournal and value the information you get from this web site, you might consider making a donation. I'm sure that encouraging emails are much appreciated, but tangible support is another way of standing with Paul Belien.

Just sayin'....


Congratulations! Your truth-telling has aggravated both the state and the church. You are now in the company of heroes.

Be very careful and find someone to watch your back.

@pvdh - Israeli immigration laws

Question: do you think a Belgian marrying a Pakistani should automatically be allowed to bring their spouse into Belgium?  How about a (now theoretical, of course) case, where Pakistan was at war with Belgium?  Would you then think every Pakistani marrying a Belgian should receive automatic entrance?  How about (another theoretical case) where Pakistan declared Belgium has no right to exist?  Where every day there are at least 60+ terror alerts in Belgium of Pakistanis trying to blow up innocent Belgian?  Where there are tens of Pakistanis who recieved Belgian residence permits based on their marrying Belgians and then went on to help and perform terror attacks in Belgium?

(you can replace Pakistan with Congo if it's easier for you.)  All this is theoretical for Belgium at the moment, but concrete facts for Israel.)

I would be interested in knowing why you think that Palestinians should get automatic residence permits in Israel?  If an Israeli Arab marries a Palestinian, there's nothing stopping him from moving to the Palestinian controlled territories.


Islam In Europe

News and Opinions about the Islamic Community in Europe and the West http://islamineurope.blogspot.com

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy


"The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy" is a controversial working paper written by John Mearsheimer, political science professor at the University of Chicago, and Stephen Walt, academic dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, in 2006. It claims that U.S. Middle East policy is not in America's national interest and is driven primarily by the "Israel Lobby", a "loose coalition of individuals and organizations who actively work to steer US foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction"[1]. The paper was originally commissioned in 2002 by The Atlantic Monthly, which then rejected it. [2] The paper was finally published in March, 2006 by the London Review of Books.


Can this campaign against mr. Belien have something to do with the run-up for the elections in Belgium this fall?

Paul Belien - The great exposer

Ahhh... yes. The grand leader of the neo-conservative conspiracy has been finally found. Or so they say. But why accuse of something that is not true. Except they cover their own neo-lib desire to reform and make a new order based on their values. They are either willing to allow Western culture disolve or actively attempting to undermine it. 

Paul Belien is not the grand leader of conspiracy but the great exposer. My post on the whole affair is here. Is it coming to America? Probably not to far behind.

The End of Bloggers - Are they to blame?


I posted, but I think my message disappeared.  Anyway, what Knack is bringing here is a quite racist attitude.  You can only have a conspiracy to cause massive rioting if the other side "plays along".  That is, does Knack really think that it should take just several cartoons and a few blogs to get the Arab world rioting? 

Would they expect Belgians to go on a rioting and killing spree if anti-Belgian cartoons were advertised and discussed in the Arab media?  I'm sure this has happened and I doubt any Belgian could care less.  I doubt Knack would expect it as well.. I suppose they have different standards for the enlightened European folk and the Arab mobs.

It's interesting that expecting every human to act with moral dignity and respect is considered racist.


Islam In Europe

News and Opinions about the Islamic Community in Europe and the West http://islamineurope.blogspot.com

Racism from the left!

so right what you write about the political correct'
"I suppose they have different standards for the enlightened European folk and the Arab mobs."

Recently I discussed with an individual R.W. from the Green! party and also a proponent of the NGO 11.11.11 in Beersel.
The man got known since he wrote in the Belgian daily, De Standaard, that Judaism equals racism as one can not become a Jew, what is of course already a big lie He wrote that on July 6th 2004 a few days after the tentative to murder the jewish student in Wilrijk and "trying to explain/excuse the tentative". His further public activity in Beersel, a flemisch suburb in the South of Brussels, consisted in organizing hate-conferences against Israël and as the mandatory by-product against Jews.

When I discussed with him at another opportunity, in the presence of withness, about the fact that there were no riots after the murder of Joe as was the case after the murder of the moroccan teacher in Antwerp, he, the self-proclaimed anti-racist of the political correct left, stated: "but we are more civilised!" and left on his ecological bike without any shame about his statement.


I wasn't present on the moment he spoke, but I know that in those circles "Zionism" is considered racism. That is very different from Judaism. It is a fact that, for immigrating to Israel and for getting the full Israeli citizenship you need to be a Jew. It is also correct that you can become a Jew, but for becoming a Jew you need the approval of a court consisting of rabbi’s. The least we can say is that objectivity is doubtful. The number of people approved by that court is very small. That is something that causes a lot of discontent in all Israeli political parties.
“consisted in organizing hate-conferences against Israël and as the mandatory by-product against Jews.”

Why mandatory? I know for certain that they are not “against jews.” They are not even against the state of Israel. They are against the way Israel treat the palestinians in the occupied territories, and the constant annecation of land. So there is absoluttly no mandatory by-product. I know that the Israeli setllers wont to eqaul Judaism with Zionism with Eretz-Israel. But that doesn’t mean all Jews agree.

peter vanderheyden, sorry I

peter vanderheyden, sorry I am joining this disucssion late, however I must correct an erroneuous post you have posted stating: "It is a fact that, for immigrating to Israel and for getting the full Israeli citizenship you need to be a Jew." Well, you are wrong, it is not a fact and it is not true. About 25% of Israeli citizens are not Jewish. Majority of them are Muslim or Christian Arabs with full citizenship although lately there are many other ethnic groups who emigrated to Israel. One does not need to be Jewish to immigrate to Israel. You can be of any ethnic group or religion. During the Vietnamese "boat people" crisis, Israel took in many of Vietnamese boat people. Those people are now full citizens with equal rights. As far as conversion is concerned, are you surprised that religious conversion is administer by religious authorities? Who do you expect to admister it, the department of agriculture maybe?



I have little knowledge about Israeli policies with regard to citizenship, nor do I pretend to have much to say about what "being a jew" actually means. But I do know that Israel is a real democracy, where power changes regularly among parties (pursuing different ideologies) and where fundamental individual rights are respected and defended by the authorities, including freedom of religion. There are lots of Israeli atheists, and there is no problem for Israelis to denounce 'judaism' as a religion. These observations do not hold for any of the neighbours of Israel.

It should also be clear that Israel, like any other sovereign country, has the MORAL right to determine its own immigration policy, just like you can determine who you will invite to your home or not. If - a big "if" - it were true that 'jewishness' were a precondition for immigration to Israel (which I doubt it is), it is perfectly reasonable for the Israeli democratic 'polity' to set the necessary 'conditions' and to determine what that (jewishness) means.

It follows that references to 'zionism' as 'racism' are wholly inappropriate and themselves 'racist'. "Racism" is the new label that intolerants/nondemocrats use to label their political opponants. Very primitive, but oh so familiar in human history, indeed.


I wouldn't qualify Zionism as racist myself. However I don't agree with the immigration laws (The High court accepted the law that an Israeli citizen marrying somebody of Palestinian decent, is not allowed to bring his wife or her husband over.). I’m just clarifying the mist Rudi is creating about leftist green! people in Belgium.


Who is creating mist, PVDH? I only quote what is known, but you want to stay in mist. I will NEVER declare there is no racism from right wing people! But would like to convince that Green and leftist are "clean". It is not black and white as you state. Today, the Jewish communities in Europe are more victims of antisemitism from extreme-leftists and young immigrants on a regular basis than from extreme-right, though I don't underestimate their will to act. They have the choice between the pest and the cholera. If you want to read about antisemitism in Belgium I advice strongly you have a look into www.antisemitisme.be .

When young students from a Brussels school are recommended not to take the underground at certain metro stations, it is because of extreme-right people. When Jewish scouts had to flee the public parc of Forest, it was not because they were threatened by skinheads. There are plenty of exemples as such and if there is someone that want to create a mist about it I think it is rather yourself.


Today, the Jewish communities in Europe are more victims of antisemitism from extreme-leftists and young immigrants on a regular basis than from extreme-right, though I don't underestimate their will to act.
I think this is correct. And I strongly disapprove. That doesn’t mean however that every bit of critic against Israel or sympathy for the Palestinians should be equalled to anti-Semitism. It undercuts the real amplitude of anti-Semitism. And it also makes the process of proper political discussion about Israel and his politics impossible.

what criticism?

Still think you miss the important part of the point. Correct and justified criticism of any country or gouvernment is no problem at all.
However exaggerated criticism of one particular country, singling out that country and crying it is the problem of the world or even of the whole muslim world (you did also, remember!) and then state that this will be considered anyhow as antisemitism is part of antisemitic rhetoric.

Using the false excuse that one get's called anyhow an antisemite when criticizing Israel has been used and abused by antisemites trying to shut the mouth of the jewish communities around Europe. Such rhetoric has been used by leftists, NGO's and immigrants with the results we know and that I guess you did check on the site
Did you?

I advise you also to read this page
on disproportionate focus on Israel.


Yes interesting link, in particular this sentence that nobody WANTS to see:
'Pinhas Korenfeld, a leading member of the Antwerp Forum of Jewish organisations, however told EJP that "violence is not a monopoly of the extreme-right."'
"He explained that he was himself recently attacked in daylight in the centre of Brussels by people “who weren’t skinheads or extreme-rightists” and spoke of increasing acts of anti-Semitism in Antwerp where some 15,000 Jews are living."

He added sunday on RTL that he was not allowed to "describe" the "origin" of the people that attacked him in the centre of Brussels in front of the office of Minister-President Leterme.

Was it that part of the article you meant?


No. I mend the whole article. Including this of course. The truth is never black and white, like you guys want to believe.
By the way, you’ve left out a very interesting sentence in the middle:
“It’s clear in this case that the young guy has been living in an extreme-rightist environment but all fanaticisms and extremisms are dangerous, “ he added.

Rent-a-quote Dominicans

St Thomas Aquinas, a Doctor of the Catholic Church belonged to the once great Dominican Order otherwise known as the Order of Preachers.   Given some of his comments on non-Christians in the Summa Contra Gentiles, doubtless Fr Leman would want him prosecuted if he were alive today.  

The Dominican Order was founded to preach the Gospel not to be media darlings. 

Tot ziens vrijheid

There seems to be a pattern developing, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and then .....
Whichever way you slice and dice it , freedom of expression has copped it in the neck.

Now it seems that the

Now it seems that the Antwerp killer was inspired by a computer game.

Well, yeah ... sure ... I use my computer to access this site ... well ... euh ... then it must be very obvious that Mr Belien is an immediate cause to the killings. Burn him! (I hope I am not inciting anyone here, but then again ... Belien belongs to the side that can be stigmatized)

Hey, Mr Belien, where's your yellow star? Where is the sign on your shop? Just that people know.

Give them hell, Paul.


For chrissake Paul, don't let those pathetic twits try and rent space in your head.

If the clueless and gutless aren't getting "outraged" (their favorite word in their extremely limited vocabularies) with you pointing out the bloody obvious, then you ain't doing your job ;)

Gods speed

re Canvas

well Father Leman doesnt seem to be alone. they sure are looking for a scapegoat there in Flemish media.

Message of support

Dear Paul & co,

All I could think of when I read this was Ephesians 6:11-13.

Anyway, don't give up, we need you. 


Silence broken

I have followed this journal for quite sometime now, and I think it's time to comment.

Personally, I think this personal attack is ludicrous. As you are someone who has conveyed information from other sources.

You have taken up the banner of 'Freedom of Speech' regarding the Danish Cartoon controversy.

You have gifted to us what is so rare these days - real information.

As Truth said above "All you have to do is state the facts. Facts never lie."

I wish you the best of luck. Do your research, and you're not alone.


Let us pray...

May God bring some light in the narrow mind of this former (?) priest.

Someone should ask Leman

Someone should ask Leman what he thinks of ULB Professor Delwit's statement on ARTE news.
It would seem he said that Flemings are racist out of nature because of the Belgian communitarian conflict. Perhaps even Baron Buysse could be charged with racism, something about Foreign Predators when talking abt foreign companies.

Somehow the movie that I saw yesterday seems to fit well in current day's reality...I saw Silent Hill.

God bless you, Paul

God bless you, Paul.

You're a good man, whose only "crime" has been to tell the truth - a truth the left establishment does not want told.

Robert Spencer has picked up on this - I suspect others abroad will get to hear. These fascists have embarrassed Belgium in front of the world.

Europe persecutes another critic of jihad.


Though I do not wish it for Paul and his family, this opens the first occasion on a Belgian being granted political Asylum in the US.


State the facts



All you have to do is state the facts.  Facts never lie.  The facts are on your side.  Use them.





This is absurd. Did the

This is absurd. Did the dutch ban the Green Party after the murder of Prof. Fortuyn? Nope, they did not.
The methods of Belgian "status quo" to silence their critics and political opposers would make Stalin proud!

Ashamed of his calling?

Is this Father Leman somehow ashamed of his calling?
I notice that he doesn't wear a clerical collar.


It's called dressing in mufti

Regarding Fr. Leman's lack of roman collar, it's not necessarily a bad sign. It is appropriate for a priest, when called to comment on public issues but not commenting in the Church's name, to not dress like a priest in order to avoid confusion. Wearing a collar while giving private opinions can lead many people to error and has been the basis for an awful lot of anti-catholic bigotry in the past.

Supporter of Paul Belien

Wishing you the best of luck. Don't be too downhearted. Many of us in the US blamed our own...this caused Carter to be elected. It was transparently clear that problems did not recede when the US stopped being active in the world. Iran and Afghanistan are with us today, in fact. But many Amercians learned from this lesson. Many Euros will accept the "common wisdom" promulgated by gov't that the forces speaking out are racists, or responsible for problems. But the problems are separate from the voices speaking the truth.

To Pater Leman

To Pater Leman who has accepted silently during years most antisemitic actions from the leftists and from young immigrants in Antwerp under the cover of pro-palestinian demonstrations. No, we don't need a Belgian Pim Fortuyn neither a Belgian Theo van Gogh! But your statement on the news if badly understood by the same misunderstanders that Islam is a religion of peace could divert the squadteam assumingly on its way to Denmark for the cartoonists now to our country. Knowing the inability of our security police to monitor such potential actions, I hope that was not the intent of what you said.

Mastro Cecco, revisited

See Oriana Fallaci's book, "The Force of Reason." Tell everyone you know to get it and read it!  Europe will soon be hauling out the guillotine to silence anyone who dares to challenge what is happening, or opposes the giveaway of his national identity.

Reichstag fire

The Belgian nazi's have found their Reichstag fire and Paul can serve as Marinus van der Lubbe...

Paul is not dead, he's alive and kicking!

As I see it, they have indeed found a scapegoat in you, Paul. But I hope that doesn't drive you to behave like a sheep to the slaughterhouse.

The political correct elite are making a conspiracy to blame all the sins of Babylon on you. Therefore I think we should start to fight back by informing the people even more about the nasty politics of the Sodom and Gomorra that Belgium is.

(P.S. for anyone who's not familiar with the saying 'Paul is dead', it's comes from a urban legend related to legendary Beatle Paul McCartney)

Not to put too fine a point on it...

You're [deleted expletive relating to sexual reproduction], Mr Belien. Methinks the PoCo Gedankenpolizei have found their pansy, their scapegoat, their Van der Lubbe (the latter obviously not being a comment on your mental skills).

My advice: if you still have a valid passport, get the [fornicate] out and find yourself a non-extraditing country.

Or, in short (and again, without references to your intellectual capacities): "Run, Forrest! Run!"