The Hidden Agenda of al-Guardian

A quote from Melanie Phillips on, 24 July 2005

Aslam was not fired because the Guardian thought – as it said in its statement – that his membership of Hizb ut Tahrir was ‘incompatible with his continued employment by the company’. It had been perfectly happy, it seems, for its trainee to be a member of this organisation – as long as no-one else knew about it. It was only when this fact became known that he was fired – presumably to avoid further embarrassment.

So who were the ‘several colleagues and some senior editors’ who did know and yet chose to do nothing about it? What price the Guardian's anti-fascist credentials, when it is happy to be in bed with an anti-Jewish organisation that promotes religious fascism – at least until this relationship is exposed? And what does this tell us about the Guardian and the role it is playing at a time of national emergency?