Fighting Israel from Belgium

The “Centre for Islam in Europe” (CIE) is an official institute of the University of Ghent. This supposedly academic institution is sponsored by the Belgian authorities. One look at the CIE website is sufficient, however, to see that its main purpose – indeed, obsession – is to fight Israel. The University will never need to censor it because the “danger” that it will offend Muslim radicals is non-existent. Why should taxpayers contribute to the activities of these far-left “academics”?

Leftists, maoists, communists, islamists..

All these categories are indeed various shades of violent anti-Government and anti-public outfits given to the evil ideology of arrogant domination of the relatively ignorant public to rob, rape and riot us into submission.

When I see anti-war protests (now ever more frequent for Iraq), the mix is almost half leftists and half islamists. Turkey reported nearly a million sized crowd during Bush's visit to India where these went into rioting and naturally to destruction. Same mobocracy was seen in Nepal to strip the King off his powers. Communism is alive and well more virulently only in India and Nepal where evil terrorist maoists (for all their savage serial mass murders and extortion) got more power than the Govt or King himself to kill at will, esp-ly the cops and security forces.. .

Most of the riots go often out of control and the criminals in them can never be prosecuted to jail term. With no justice, the next riot is naturally more vicious and destructive.

Are BBC, NPR, ....MIT Professor Chomsky and Dr Amartya Sen, Nobel winner ....leftists?

Seducing children to martyrdom

Perhaps the University of Ghent, and by extention the Belgian authorities, will not censor the “Centre for Islam in Europe” (CIE) because they agree with them?


Is this what they want to support?

Seducing children to martyrdom
One of the most sinister of these clips was broadcast twice last week,(June 28, 2006) according to our research after a three-year absence. The clip features a child actor playing the most famous Palestinian child martyr, Muhammad al-Dura - whose death in a crossfire was broadcast to the entire world - calling to other Palestinian children to literally follow him to Child Martyrs' Heaven.

The Birth of an Icon aldurah.wmv

Why should taxpayers contribute to the activities of ...

Why should taxpayers contribute to the activities of these far-left “academics”?

Well, maybe you could ask to have this site subsidized? We are a minority, at least that what 'they' think ... This thought is only briefly interrupted on election days, the most important day of democracy, when 'they' decide to defecate on it.

Website also has a link to

Website also has a link to Kifkif (left hand side) and The Brussels Tribunal (right hand side).
The Red & Black figure at the end of the page is also interesting..regularisation of illegal aliens.

RoP on CIE

The most recent article on that site is from super-dhimmi Linda Bogaert:
with conclusions such as:
"Uit de hier gemaakte analyse kan niets anders besloten worden dan dat de Koran inderdaad een boodschap van vrede brengt"

"Het is duidelijk dat niets, maar dan ook niets in de hele Koran, geweldpleging tegen en doden van onschuldige burgers toestaat."

Translated this gives +/-:
"From this analysis one can ONLY conclude that the Quran brings indeed a message of peace"
"It is clear that nothing, and really nothing, in the whole Quran allows violence and killing of innocent citizens".

So Islam is RoP (Religion of Peace) (in French RAPT: Religion d'Amour, de Paix et de Tolérance). QED?

CIE goals

One of the goals of the centre is to "mobilise financial resources to conduct policy-oriented research in support of a
more harmonious and equitable institutionalisation of Islam in our secularised
society." Why do I think that no good can come from this? Why is it necessary that Islam should become institutionalised in society? Should I accept that the values of Islam are as equitable as those values I hold to be true?

Saudi money?

@markpetens: Interesting. "To mobilize financial resources" means that they do not operate exclusively from taxpayer money, but also from private gifts. It would be interesting to have a look at their donor list. I'd be surprised if there are no Saudis on that list...


Well, it would ineed be quite interesting to see if there is any financial linkage between the CIE and those vzws and the Saudi government. With the current mess within State Security and Onkelinx at the helm of the Justice Department, I doubt that any such investigation will be forthcoming by the Belgian government however.


The priority of Onkelinx is to occupy state security with useless investigation about CIA and SWIFT for a pure US business. It concerns data stored in the USA and about US money transfers! This way State security can't do their job of defending our own population. Something that is mostly hidden to the big public is the fact that Onkelinx boycotted since more than 3 years the law on electronic interception of communication by assumed terrorists. Belgium is the only country in whole Europe that hasn't the possiblity to tap proactively terrorists!

So forget indeed about any investigation about CIE by Onkelinx!

Saoudi money

I would also be surpised if no salafist or wahhabi money would be received! The Islam institute of Krakow University, where Pope J-P II studied, is now practically only sponsored by Saoudi money. This looks to be mandatory by Eurabian standards (See book Eurabia from Bat Ye'or)


Director is Prof. Dr. Sami Zemni, also a responsible of kifkif...