Bangkok Warns: Avoid France

A quote from The Nation [Thailand], 26 July 2006

Foreign Ministry has cautioned Thai citizens to consider postponing or cancelling travelling to France particularly this period because of the threat of crime. [...]

In the past month, at least four robberies occurred to embassy cars [...]. A thief broke the window of an embassy car in which the Thai commercial attache was traveling when it had stopped at the intersection of a busy road. The diplomat was slightly injured when he resisted the thief [...] Last month, a thief broke an embassy vehicle’s window while it was stopping at a crowded road. A group of visiting high-ranking Thai officials were on the vehicle. [...]

The ministry has earlier suggested that Thais avoid traveling alone, stay clear of isolated places and pay particular attention to passing motorbikes – the vehicle of choice for French thieves.

Interesting.  In light of

Interesting.  In light of all the discussion here recently over U.S. and European crime rates, I wonder if the Thai government has such warnings for travel in the U.S.  The article does not mention one.  (I have enough Thai students to know that if they exist they are ignored.)