Hammer and Sickle for Lebanon

Some 8,000 people demonstrated in Brussels on Sunday against the war in Lebanon. There were slogans against the U.S. and Israel and in support of Hamas and Hezbollah. Participating organisations included the maoist Workers Party of Belgium (better known under its Dutch acronym PVDA), the StopUSA platform, Lebanese liberals, a jewish-muslim-christian pacifist organisation from France, and a christian trade union from Belgium. Lebanese flags were flanked by Cuban and Venezuelan flags, a further indication of the left-wing character of the demonstration.

Photo courtesy of Bram Souffreau (Kapingamarangi.be) - published under a creative commons license

Also spotted: burning US flags and photos of Hassan Nasrallah.

Islamofascist subversive perverts

Trading in spices, diamonds and silk..etc and profiteering from others' products and discoveries as brokers and middle-men is more like piracy of *intellectual property* such as bollywood movies by pakki savages or piracy of hollywood movies by the chinese.

Subversive perverts that islamofascists are, the leftists have become foot-soldiers in the islamic green brigade doing the savage bidding of the islamic super-terror ists made up of mostly non-arab islamofascists of 'fakistan' and arab sponsors in sooti arabia.

The fanatic and chauvinistic bigot 'nansi' cannot change the reality no matter how hard he/she tries with her hateful hitlerian lies and hype.

May they are stupid to know

May they are stupid to know how to profit from the “natural resource in their country” and needed the Muslims and the Europeans to teach them.

You people like to bite the hand that feeds you. Over 4 million indians are working in the Gulf Arab States. More than anywhere else outside their backward country. And by the way over 97 percent of them are laborers.

And how many of those

And how many of those Indians in the Gulf Arab States are being raped and beaten by peaceful Muslims? Muslims didn't teach jack shit to the Indians. To the contrary, Muslims took a lot of wisdom from that region and are now claiming the wisdom is theirs.

And how many Arabs/Muslims are now living in the US and Europe? Let me tell you that the Indians are doing much better over there than Muslims (except when it comes to terrorist activities). How would this come? Lack of brains, lack of initiative, or are Muslims just lazy bums. Nansi, please explain.


Murder, rape, drive by shooting…etc. you do not need to look further than your own backyard to see where those crimes are taking place. Maybe you have so much of it you had to export it to the Middle East, that explains is why Iraq became so much safe with the Arrival of the American liberators.
Muslims do not need to claim any success because when Europe was burning women at the stake for witchcraft it was only the Muslims who kept knowledge and wisdom.
Please explain why you Americans have to always say something stupid?


Indeed, Europe was burning witches during the Middle Ages. On top of that Europeans committed terrible crimes while liberating Jerusalem. In the mean time, Europeans have learned and have left the Middle Ages. The Islamofascists have not. They are putting men and women in pits and stone them to death, they slice throats of little kids and adults alike, they fly planes into buildings killing thousands, they put tires around people and set them on fire etc etc. What is the wisdom in this?

Seemingly, the Islamofascists in Iraq need a fascist like Saddam Hussein: as soon as he is gone they start slicing each others throats, bombing weddings, then bombing the funerals for the people who died at the wedding etc etc etc.

Yeah right, 'knowledge and wisdom'.

Tell me more about saying something stupid.

Leftists of India in bed with the criminal islamists/evangelists

Most of the major threat to the Indians comes from the unholy alliance of the leftists/commies with the Christians and the savage jihadis and their criminal network spread across the borders - East and West.

(Talking of Indian achievement, Miriam Madam left out: diamond cutting and discovery of silk and spices that others stole from India. Even the 'wok' - the main cooking pot of the chinese was 'stolen' from the Indians. Just consider this: Prince Charles of UK invited a bunch of illiterate Mumbai Hindus to his wedding! Guess who they were? You guessed it!!

The lunch-box folks who are so good at MANAGEMENT skills that they make no single mistake in their manually operated logistic system delivering lunch boxes all across 15 mil Mumbai - all with no computers day after day after day!!! Now that is some power of genius! They knew Sun was the center of solar system - the temples have a section of nine planets made into Gods with Sun God at the center! They were also the first to know about theory of evolution - the ten incarnations of Vishnu God, Dasa Avatar - is exactly what Darwin came up with, 7000 years later! You can see these Ten Incarnaitons in many temples too - from fish to man evolution).

(Only contribution of the muslims made was the nice architecture which might have been again taken from the Indians. Because even the first dome mosques were built in India by the Uzbeks with local help. Same skill was then taken to Spainish bldg-s too..new language Urdu was created by Hindus and more speak Urdu in India than in 'fakistan' or bangla Hindu land - both stolen from the Hindus - 40% stolen, nearly half the area, best tracts that too).

The leftists are Godless Hindus who have been manipulated to be so by constant demonizing of mainstream population as infidel idol worshippers, just as 'nansi' is abusing them here most offensively using filthy language insanely with no sensitivity.

Dare not mention Jesus

It is unfortunate that the indian culture feeds on other cultures. Dimond, spices and silk naturally grow in india but the indians never perfected the cutting of diamond. Jews were the ones to master this. Silk, ivory and spices became famous because of the trader Arab Muslims. The priests of ancient Babylonia and Egypt were pioneer astronomers. This was when india was inhabited by tigers and monkeys. The Greek astronomers made also many great discoveries. But also the Arab Muslims made more contribution to this field along with Mathematics, Algebra and Physics. They were the first to discover the circulation of the blood in the body and have made more contribution to medicine later on.
It is funny how you refer to Prince Charles. This just proves my comments about the British in my earlier response.
Many indian dishes are perfected by the Muslim Indians. I do not know what the hindu indians are good at besides shaking there heads and worshiping their stone idols that represents the snake or the cow or what ever.

Nansi hate speech

@ Nansi

Your hate for "hindu indians" has now been amply demonstrated. You obviously don't seem to realise that "hate" is never a wise counsel. But, you seem to think that the koran tells you otherwise.

I think that every sensible and knowledgeable person will recognise that a number of "muslims" have made many great contributions to world civilisation, as have many nonmuslims. The problem is that these 'muslim' contributions almost all lie in the very distant past. There are of course even today great individual 'muslims' who make important scientific and cultural contributions, but these live almost all in nonmuslim cultures with free access to information and where free speech prevails.

It may well be that India was only "inhabited by tigers and monkeys" at the time of the great Babylonian astronomers. So what? The fact remains that "hindu indians" today have created a vibrant democracy in India, whereas "muslim indians" have not been able to do so in Pakistan. In fact, 'muslims' have not been able to do so ANYWHERE in the muslim world today. That is where your focus should be. Instead of spouting hate speech against "hindus", you should be working for bringing modernity (with a recognition of INDIVIDUAL human rights) to islamic cultures. I am not holding my breath.......

The islamofascists ravaged

The islamofascists ravaged the Hindu lands, slaughtered its people in genocidal pogroms and blighted its progress in many parts of India for centuries and their lack of culture has further ruined the indian culture as it is noted by savage violence.

Many ideas and ideals like "surrender to God", decimal number systems, astronomy, algebra and words of the Hindi language have been stolen by arabs, turks, pakki and other sundry savages. The whole world is loathing the savage fascists as a despicable and disgraced gang because of their most barbaric abominable, abhorrent and heinous crimes like 9/11, 7/11, 3/11 and 7/7..etc. It is India that has been the worst hit from gazillion 7/111 type barbaric savagery that indeed reveals much about islamic "culture". nansi, If you dont anything about it, you are complicit in it. You are just as guilty. You seem to be condoning their savagery and "blaming the victims" instead.

The whole world should be grateful to India for absorbing all the beastly violence of the barbaric "muslimes" who have no message besides violence as they are heartless, with hearts worse than stones, perhaps from worshipping "kaaba" stone of mecca as an idol.

mariam, I admire your

mariam, I admire your knowledge about indian history. It is interesting how you blame everything on the Muslims who have done great things to the world civilization and to india but non on the British who literary destroyed and stole everything they could put their hands on. Or you might say oh no the British brought the train to india or you are a typical indian Kneeling to anything white and western.
To say Muslims worship the Kaaba is the stupidest thing a pagan can accuse Islam of. Obviously you are so ignorant about Islam. That is ok.
Only recently india was able to show for something mostly in the technology sector. A population of over a billion should have handful of educated people. That is not big success.

@ Miriam

Dear Miriam,

I am not only grateful to India for absorbing Islamofascism, but also for all those good natured Indians I have met throughout the world. I like their humor, many different styles of cooking, their intelligence etc.

However, it is sad to say that the islamofascists are not white. So their victims are not really worthwhile mentioning.

Talking of Indian intelligence..

We'd do well to put their superior intelligence to some good use! Of all the Asians, it is the Indians who have had the maximal number of Nobel prize (The chinese are catching up though)

Plastic surgery, Chess, advanced metalurgy, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic medicine, Kama Sutra, ..etc are some of the other contributions. Their religion literally says, "World is a Family" and "every human is divine" and many Christians who went there have become less parochial and more cosmopolitan.

Too bad, they civilized the brits and not the islamofascists.

IF THEY BOYCOTT WESTERN GOODS BY WAKING UP TO OUR ATROCITIES, WE'D BE DOOMED. Market of one billion may be closed if we side with the fascists too long.

Thanks, George! I know I

Thanks, George! I know I count on a few nice souls with good conscience!!

I sometimes think what the world is coming to and get depressed. You made my day!!!


The Muslims have ruled many parts of India for centuries and their culture is deep embedded into the indian culture. Many words in the hindi language was stolen from Arabic. india should be grateful to the Muslims who are conveying a message to those indians idol worshipers.

Is it as simple as anti-semitism?

How is it that opinion seems UNANIMOUSLY in favor of the people who are hiding among civilians while shooting unguided rockets into civilian neighborhoods?

Left is right and right is left out!

My own experience from the Indian sub-continent may be relevant here. Leftist BBC joined the maoists and the savage islamists in demonizing the King of Nepal who has been struggling to bring back a strong democracy back at the sight of the weak party politics (criminally and recklessly endangering the police and the public property too). Result is Nepal has been "secularized" like India while the savage maoist mafia have been give all the power along with the barbaric islamists! Now, you all may know that India is ruled by a "secular" assortment of communists, islamists and catholics - an unholy alliance indeed.

Isnt it bizarre that catholics who are supposed to have been freed from communist hold in Poland and fighting secularism of Europe are manipulatively forcing in, their own brand of "secularism" on trusting Hindus so as to prevent the legitimate rule of Hindustan by Hindus in a Hindu majority nation!

There are other bizzare things happening there. Cold war is over elsewhere but not in India where arm-race is still raging between the savage pakkis and the Indians.

Colonialism is history all the world over but not in India where neo-colonial non-Hindus are still ruling by manipulation, machination and maneuvering and religious colonialism by evangelist conversion is blighting family unity and ripping apart the very social fabric into shreds.

AIDS and poverty is well attended to, in Africa and China with massive infusion of global capital, donations and grants. Not for India though. Even for Tsunami, Indians had to borrow from WB/IMF, as Colin Powell declared most cunningly "INDIA IS SELF-SUFFICIENT!" Pope and pop star singers got waiver of African debt but not for India that has more than 70% of the population struggling to eke out a living.

Indian anti-Hindu Left (and its savagely criminal gang) is right and the timidly gullible Hindu right is completely left out of the political equation and political space. Cruel irony!