Bojinka II

A major terror plot has been disrupted in the UK. The plan was to blow up five to ten airliners above the Atlantic, on their way from Heathrow to the US. Airlines that were targeted: United, American, Continental. 21 people arrested - most of them Pakistanis - possibly up to fifty were involved. This could have been much bigger than 9/11.

Sounds like a remake of Operation Bojinka from 1995:

The aircraft would have blown up over the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea almost simultaneously. If this plan worked, several thousand would have perished, and air travel would have been shut down worldwide for days, if not weeks. The U.S. government estimated the prospective death toll to be about 4,000 if the plot had been executed.


Belgium will soon be the country in which the rest of the world is prosecutable since the word Islamofascists will become very very common.

Islamofascist or not?

Decide for your yourself.  Is this guy, a homegrown British Muslim a Islamofascist or not?


Luckily, many brits are waking up.  Here is an article written 2 days before the recent events in London took place.  The general theme from nearly all 75 commenters is...'Thank God, someone has finally said it.'

If they hate us so much, why don't they leave?


Speech Police

Some in the US are already complaining that Bush should not have used the word "Islamic" when he described the suspects involved in this plot...

I heard they were all "homegrown British" with only "ties to Pakistan". At least that's what the BBC says. This leads me to believe they were Yorkshire farmers who had a bit too much to drink at the local pub. Are you fomenting more hatred by blaming Pakistanis? Next you'll claim they were Muslims or something.