A Modest Proposal

A quote from Jack Wheeler in To The Point News, 24 August 2006

I was thrilled to hear about The Heroes of Malaga – British passengers on a Monarch Airlines flight from Malaga, Spain to Manchester, England on August 16 who refused to fly until two Moslems were taken off the plane. Malaga is on the Costa del Sol, Spain's Sun Coast. This is August and it is really hot. Everyone on the plane is wearing t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops – except these two guys, who are dressed in winter coats and speaking Arabic. To their eternal moral credit, some moms and dads decided they were not going to risk the lives of their children (and their own) for the sake of political correctness, and walked off the plane.

Other passengers followed. Then the pilot and the crew demanded the two Moslems, Sohail Ashraf and Khurram Zeb, be ejected, which they were by the Spanish police. The liberal British media was horrified. The London Daily Mail ran a story entitled Asian students’ shock at ejection from jet by passenger mutiny. It is forbidden, you see, to refer to Moslems as such in the British media. The accepted code word is “Asian” – as if they were Chinese or Japanese, anything but Moslem.

Further outrage was expressed in the British media when on August 21, a British Pakistani Moslem, Amar Ashraf, was ordered off a Continental Airlines flight from Manchester to Newark. Claiming “racial profiling,” he plans to file a formal complaint with Continental, telling the London Daily Mirror he was “humiliated.” [...] So I have a modest proposal to end the humiliation of both Moslems and non-Moslems at airports. It is: Non-Moslem airlines only accept as passengers non-Moslems. Moslems get to fly on Moslem airlines. [...] As I said, it’s a modest proposal. And if enough people get sick and tired enough of being humiliated at airport security because of Moslems, it could be contemplated. It’s either that or more passenger mutinies like at Malaga.

The real subject?

I assume that the real subject here is whether the police etc. should be allowed to take the supremely rational step of subjecting young muslim men to a slightly higher level of scrutiny than 90 year old European women?

What a  horrible idea. 

More rubbish

I knew this article was rubbish when I read that the Daily Mail is part of the "liberal British media". You gotta laugh!

Bob Doney


Probably the passengers were islamophobes.  You know, the kind of people who object to their plane being blown up with them on board.

Come fly with me

Bob Doney you can fly with the Muslims and I'll fly with the Christians and Jews. Happy now?


So you have invented a special Muslim-sniffer for your own use? Perhaps you should share it with the rest of us.


Bob Doney

Racist rubbish

This is racist rubbish and really not worthy of this normally intelligent website. I know you've got other things on your mind, Paul, but this is dross.

Bob Doney

Hear Hear!

In the interests of beating the "oikophobes" at their own game, Western passengers should refuse to fly with Muslim passengers and exit the plane, rather than call for the Muslims' removal. Thus, they will secure their safety not through discrimination but by exercising freedom of movement. Naturally, when enough airlines grow tired of transporting a few dozen Muslims across the Atlantic, etc., and their firms start to collapse, the airlines will be forced to ban Muslims to stay profitable. We should beat these morons at their own game through "non-violent resistance" and I praise the passengers in the above example who departed voluntarily.