The Shameful European Stumble in Backing Israel

The French response to the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah has been characteristic: to condemn Israel’s attempts to defend its borders, and to propose a multi-national force, under the command of the UN, instead. This solution has been adopted. But when it came to offering the necessary  troops, France backed off, promising 200 at most, while Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh each offered 1,000 men. The latter are Islamic states which, like Hezbollah, wish to abolish the old Lebanon, with its Christian ascendancy and its belief in the European idea, and which, moreover, refuse to recognize Israel, and concur in the view that it should be wiped from the map. France’s recourse to the UN seemed like another gesture in its long-drawn out suicide, another way of siding with the Islamists against the West.

It was only when Italy pledged to send 3,000 troops, prompting Israel to suggest that the Italian government take the lead in the “impartial” operation of the UN, that Jacques Chirac, the President of France, announced the delivery of approximately 2,000 troops to the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (Unifil) on condition that a French general become the commander of the UN “peacekeeping force.”

When questioned over the change in foreign policy, President Chirac argued: “I wonder how it would have been judged if I had raced off like a mad dog without securing minimum guarantees.” Eager not to be seen as a mad dog, quiet words from behind the smokescreen of UN diplomatic channels somehow turned Chirac from offering almost nothing to a situation of pledging 2,000 troops.

The British appear to be sending nothing, since all their troops are otherwise engaged in larger brawls. Spain pledged 1,200, Belgium 300-400 and Poland 500. Up to 9,000 troops have been pledged by European nations. Although many commentators have questioned if this predicament has meant that the EU is now beginning to work as an effective multilateral military force, it is more the case that each nation – like Chirac’s old-colonial France, like Blair’s otherwise-engaged Britain, like Prodi’s democratically revised Italy – acted in their own independent and national interests to determine how many troops to send and for what reasons.

Although a ceasefire has been agreed – albeit, un-gentlemanly and with Israeli soldiers still in southern Lebanon – the predictions are that the peace will not last. The promise of a peacekeeping force, at the very least, will be needed to safeguard a thirteen mile territory in southern Lebanon, below the Litani river. At the time of writing, the UN seems bound to provide a strictly peacekeeping operation, refusing to take any part in the disarmament of Hezbollah.

In the midst of the key political debates, some very important concerns have been displaced: firstly, that Israel provides the only sense of reasoned political stability in the region, secondly, that Hezbollah are an illegitimate political force who are difficult to take seriously beyond the concerns of Israel, and thirdly, that the commitment of independent European nations to the Israeli state should have been more definite and forthcoming for long-term peace to be established.

Israel’s immediate acts of “disproportionate violence” have been justified to some degree – it has grown nervous of turning its back on Hezbollah, since when it usually turns its back, it later finds the group murdering Israeli citizens, and it has been equally concerned of placing the trust of real military power in a bureaucratic UN Security Council Resolution 1701 since August 11th, which will not be able to deliver adequate peacekeeping troops for Unifil in a timely manner. The Jewish state is awaiting the full implementation of the Security Council Resolution and until that Resolution is delivered upon, it is right to remain in southern Lebanon, it is right to persist in the air and sea blockade in Lebanon, it is right to pursue aggressive surveillance on the most dishonourable terrorist force plighting its territory. If the Lebanese were truly interested in peace, they would invite the UN to its borders with Iran and Syria – the fact that it has expressed no such interest can only mean that Hezbollah are rearming through open border channels to Iran and Syria. Certainly, Israel’s defence policy does seem shaky and timorous in its actions, but this is a consequence of protecting its frightened citizens. The foremost function of a Western state is the self-protection of its citizens. Israel is therefore fulfilling its most fundamental obligations of the state (and not pursuing an aggressive foreign policy).

The 34-day war began immediately after the abduction of two soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in early July, followed by Hezbollah slaughter of Northern Israeli citizens. Since Israel is already threatened internally by a hotchpotch diversity of Arabs and Palestinians, its obvious reaction was to clear the sinister group from its borders (up beyond the Litani river in Lebanese territory). A group whose remit – overtly or clandestinely – entails the destruction of the Israeli state is not a legitimately acting political entity, but a pillar of populist barbaric militancy. Israel justifiably reacted to its enemy, cradled in the neighbouring Arab states, out of evidence-based and legitimate fears of a persisting ruthless invasion. Europe ought not to have stumbled in supporting the Jewish state’s conduct, nor its negotiation for a peaceful future.

Europe is finished.  All

Europe is finished.  All right minded Europeans should emigrate to Australia where we have a genuine conservative government that is strong on defence and security, stands on principles, is financially sound and has a universal self funded retirement program.  We need more people, so come on over.


I am convinced that the reason why this war needed to be ended is that it was not THE war.
It was only a safety-measure from Israël. You are right that Europe is giving up; but it's giving up the last twinty years above the heads of iets people(Europe needs a conservative revolution). So that does not matter. Second, if you say Israël was losing, you are really blind.
Why do you think Israël received direct support from the US? I think that the US is envolved in Israël's power-political strategy. The two countries have a mutual goal: Iran.
Why America agrees directly with a strong peace-keeping force? Just because the world will garantee the safety of Israël while it is attacking Iran.
The mutual goal of the countries is important: to stop the nuclear programm of Iran.
You are also talking about the Jewish lobby in the USA. You think they control international affairs? That's totally wrong. It's just a small coincidence that your moslim-world is very close to Israël. Don't forget: Amerika was for example the country that forced Israël to do something about Gaza.
Why is your Muslim-world important: oil, thus power, and a very danger ideology (Islam).

Such Candour!

@Nansi: I love the West. Here it is easier to be destructive to oneself and one's community, for we have choice and try as we might, cannot legislate thought. However, when a Westerner lives a live of dignity, raising themself and others up of their own volition they are immeasurably more moral than a Muslim automaton whose decisions are made on behalf of them by corrupt theocrats and tribal chieftains...

@the rest of you: here is some food for thought. North Korea (a rogue state since its inception), is not a terrorist group but a terrorist state. Despite the ceasefire, North Korean commandos have repeatedly committed murderous acts of terror against South Koreans. Northern agents have abducted hundreds of South Koreans and Japanese, murdering some, imprisoning others, and using others to assist in infiltrating both countries. Additionally, in 1976 2 American soldiers were blatantly murdered by North Korean troops in the Poplar Tree Incident. At present, North Korea has developed WMDs and is currently working on their delivery systems; even China is inwardly concerned.

However, neither Japan, South Korea, nor the United States have retaliated against these acts of "war" for fear of a global conflict with the USSR and now a regional one with China.

So please, don't talk to me about Israel's moral highground or authority w.r.t. Hizbullah. Might continues to make right, but time will tell whether or not this "response" was indeed in Israel's best interests. I prefer the Israelis to the Islamists, but I believe that none of the various Levantine groups have engaged in "civilized" foreign policy or policy that is reflective of a liberal democracy. To me, this conflict is not very different from the countless ones in the world today, and the less involved the West is, the better.


Listen Nansi, nor you,

Listen Nansi, nor you, neither your pedophile prophet will ever see the extinction of Israël.
Israël accomplished what it wanted: an international force on the Hezbollah-territory. So within a few months Israël will have a free passage to Iran, without fearing a counter-attack from the Hezbollah on Lebanon-territory. Real-politics Nansi!

That explains why the

That explains why the cowered Israelis rushed to the UN for ceasefire. Had they done what everyone expected them they would have imposed their own rules against Hezbollah. Israel will pray for mercy from the Muslims when it is too late. Hezbollah is not going anywhere. They knocked the hell out of the legendary undefeated army so why would they go. Maybe Israel should get the hell out of Palestine before they are pushed into the sea. Hezbollah is playing politics just like their backers. They will stay on the northern borders, they get to keep their arms and most importantly they broke the myth that everyone believed for so long. Maybe it is beyond you to even understand it. Palestine have exchanged many hands throughout history and Israel is sure not the last state to rule that land. Israeli army is certainly doing a good job at targeting women and children (to revenge the killing of their soldiers).

Maybe before you call Prophet Mohamed a pedophile you ought to read more about Islam from the right source away from your lying brainwashing media. There are no pedophiles and chilled molesters and rapists you will find anywhere like you would in your own town, city and state. It is a Western thing.


The article highlights shameful political behavior by European governments.

And an islamic nut case like "Nansi" sees in that "proof" of Israel's expected extinction.  He is taking his wishes for 'fact'.  Shameful European behavior is only 'proof' of shameful European behavior, and of nothing else!

What a clear illustration of at least this particular muslim's INability to separate proof from (his) wishful thinking.  If such attitudes are widespread among muslims, how can anybody still be surprised by the absence of critical thinking and thus the absence of scientific progress in that particular world?    

Dear marcfrans;

I will help you understand the relationship smarty. Israel would not have lasted one day without the backing of the West. The Europeans are giving up on Israel. France, Germany are our current examples. Their best hope is to make sure the Americans keep on supporting them. No one will deny that the US will continue it is support for Israel, its been enslaved to the Jews from its inception but if the US keep getting itself in trouble with the rest of the world they may find the same fate as the Soviets. You know empires come and go. The example are before your eyes, Iraq, Afghanistan and very soon maybe they will burn their hands with Iran, who knows a cowboy is not immune from stupidity.

Just another proof Israel is

Just another proof Israel is coming to extinction and the prophecies of Prophet Mohammed peace be on him are coming to life.


Indonesia, and I would guess Malaysia and Bangladesh as well, is motivated by feelings of Islamic solidarity and hostility to Israel. Very few Indonesians are even aware that there are many Christians in Lebanon, least of all that they are traditionally ascendant, and I believe there is no objection whatsoever to the existence of Lebanon, among Indonesians generally, including among the elite.