Stuff They Read

First in an occasional series. Magazines found in the European Parliament's newsagent.

Woman's Outlook - Official Journal for the Women of the National Rifle Association.

I have no idea who in the European Parliament reads this particular magazine, I might set up a hide to watch over the specialist magazine counter, because I would love to meet them.

Current edition features articles such as:
Game Plan - Want to increase your odds of a successful Western big game hunt?


Special Section:
Hooked on Handguns

Perfect Plinkers — by WO Staff
We tried them, we liked them, and we’re confident you will, too.

Pondering Over Packing — by Stanton L. Wormley Jr.
Choosing the proper handgun is more than a random act. Follow this sure-fire process to guide you before making a final decision.

Gearing Up
— by Gila Hayes
Buying your first handgun is a real thrill, but you’ll need more to make your day-at-the-range outfit complete.