Norwegian Imam: "It's Bush Wot Done It" (And the Pope, Too)

On 11 September, the leader of the Norwegian imams Zulqarnain Sakandar Madni caused a controversy in Norway claiming that George W. Bush and the US were behind the 9/11 attacks. Moreover he denies that such a thing as al-Qaeda exists, and he says the video messages that are said to be from Osama bin Laden are recorded in a studio. The imam received support from other imams in Norway and ordinary Muslims in the street.

The Norwegian national newspaper Aftenposten invited imam Zulqarnain Sakandar Madni for an Internet discussion on the occasion of the commemoration of 11 September 2001. During the discussion, the imam said that according to him, not Muslims but George W. Bush and the US were behind the attacks of 9/11. Islam stands for peace, and does not permit citizens to be killed or wounded, and therefore the 9/11 attacks cannot be done by Muslims. Furthermore, he doubts whether Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden really exist, and thinks that the video messages that are supposed to be coming from Osama bin Laden are actually recorded in a studio. Finally he refers to the movie Loose Change that argues that Muslims are not responsible for the attacks of 9/11. In relation to this, stressing that the movie is in fact American.

Imam Zulqarnain Sakandar Madni is not just any imam. He is the leader of the United Ulama of Norway (Jamiat Ulama-E-Norway) and is supported by other imams, such as imam Hafiz Mehboob-ur-Rehman of the Islamic Cultural Center and imam Syed Ikram Shah of the World Islamic Mission. The latter claims that, even though the hijackers had Muslim names, the West cannot prove they really were Muslims. Another imam, imam Nehmat Ali Shah of Central Jamaat-e Ahl-E Sunnat points out that even after five years, nobody has been found guilty for the attacks by an independent court, and therefore he cannot know whether the people responsible for 9/11 were Muslim or not.

Street interviews showed that ordinary Muslims are not really convinced that Muslims were behind the 9/11 attacks. However, some immigrant politicians have distanced themselves from the imam's statements, among them Afshan Rafiq of the conservative Right (Høyre) party and Khalid Mahmood of the social democratic Labor Party. The Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Integration, Jonas Gahr Støre and Bjarne Håkon Hanssen, both social democrats, said they were very sceptical about the statements of the imams. Jonas Gahr Støre told Aftenposten that the freedom of speech must be respected, but at the same time the statements of the imams are speculations which he does not share.

According to the cultural historian Kari Vogt, one of the best experts on Islam in Norway, the statements of the imams show a double problem: on the one hand there is the discomfort and the shame connected to the fact that Muslims are linked to such crimes, and on the other hand their distrust of Western politicians who feel there is clear proof that Muslims planned and executed the 9/11 attacks. She also notes that such conspiracy theories have been around since 2001, not only in the Muslim community, but also elsewhere in Norway and the rest of the world. But she also thinks that only a small minority actually believes those theories, also amongst Muslims, and that most Muslims have a proper political feeling and a sense of reality.

If the latter is true, it is remarkable that prominent imams and Muslim leaders can make statements which the majority of their supporters must regard as complete nonsense, without affecting their position within the community. Also, it is striking how easily they can get away with it, which cannot be said of pope Benedict XVI who seems to have angered the complete Islamic world by simply referring to a quote from which he distanced himself in the same sentence. Tasnim Aslam, the spokeswoman of Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs even expressed a remarkable contradictio in terminis:

Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence

A religion that is truly tolerant would not cause any problems when described as intolerant, let alone that such a statement would encourage violence. That is even more so if the statement was made in good faith and does not describe the religion as intolerant at all. If, however, violence results, as in this case, then perhaps something is wrong with the leaders of that religion.


Best way forward to stop burning of bridges

All we need to do is to stand behind those oppressed and persecuted like the Indians, Kurds.. so that they are compensated by their oppressors for all the past sufferings! Once it involves money, the islamofascists might realize their
* circus antics,
* histrionics,
* street corner drama and
* violent juvenile tantrums..
wont work any longer!!!

We are for social justice and we can empathize if not feel the pain of the persecuted. The best way of bringing them up to the level of normal humans is to get reparations for all the wars that the fascists like pakkis waged on India or sudanese waged on Darfurians, compensation for death of every infidel, annual compensation for every abandoned islamic ward dumped in 1947 on India..etc That is indeed the key and a major part of any solution to arrest worsening savagery of the islamofascists [like the Kargil war when we had to order it stopped in spite of all their lies and spin].

As long as they get away with intimidation versus Pope and "savage serial mass murders" of the type in India, they might continue to be savage sadists for one more century using their jihadi politics. They have learnt that violence and intimidation pays due partly to our own fault.

We need to make it clear that they dont deserve even our pity or mercy, given that they are doing everything they can to alienate and antagonize us and marginalize Indians, Thais, Kurds, Berbers and so on.

Instead of winning our hearts and minds, they are burning every bridge we infidels have been building to reach out to them..

Futility of "interfaith dialogue"

This article confirms that nice respect AFTENPOSTEN gave to the imam was abused by him to propagandize in Hitlerian style saying 9/11 was caused not by the islamists. That also goes to prove beyond any doubt that "interfaith dialogue" is indeed futile, that any thing nice towards them is lost and wasted as they prove themselves undeserving over and over again. .etc.

The widowed French wife of beheaded journalist has been trapped into such "inter-faith dialogue" as she runs a 'foundation' totally dedicated to infidels to fall into the trap of the sweet talking islamofascists:=

Coming to senses and coming to reality..

With our populations living in constant fear under islamofascist terror, we are naturally concerned about the extremism of the new converts to islamist jihadi politics. The American taleban and the shoe bombers are White boys who embraced "the religion of peace" while they were nice Christians! They were brain-washed to believe that injustice is being committed on followers of islam, perhaps from pulpits of mosques - places where radical sermons are preached.

Under mafia intimidation, we often end up placating/appeasing/pandering/pampering at every islamofascist juvenile tantrum:=
Pope "didn't want to but had to apologize, lest churches will be burned. Yet Muslims never apologize for their odious deeds and words."

Why should Pope yield to the mounting pressure to offer formal apology and to explain the true meaning of his words in Germany ending up inviting the savage cultists for dialogue based on mutual respect in the context of a senior nun who has been killed in Mogadishu?

It is critically important for us to come to senses before coming to reality. Let us face the facts squarely that they can not be our friends at any time having hurt us, our interests, our values...etc. It is time to break free from their savage hold. Let us remember in India, it was first their foot-hold, than a strong-hold and now a strangle-hold. Is this what we want in our lands of freedom and liberty? Our President Bush is on the right track staying on the offensive!

Imam ordered lynching possible during Christmas

Given the Hindus of India are very frequently stoned or lynched to this day, during their religious street festivities, I wont be surprised if you folks in Europe are also so stoned to death or critical injury from imam ordered mob lynching.

Here is one of many such examples as clear and concrete evidence:
Uneasy calm in Godhra
AHMEDABAD SEPT. 6. An uneasy calm prevailed in curfew-bound Godhra town in central Gujarat which witnessed communal disturbances yesterday following stoning of a Ganesh idol immersion procession.

According to the District Collector, Manoj Agarwal, no untoward incident was reported from Godhra after an indefinite curfew was clamped at 6 p.m. yesterday in some parts of the town. He said some of the miscreants had been identified and necessary action would be taken soon. He said the situation in the town was "tense but under control.'' The authorities deployed five companies of the Rapid Action Force and an additional company of the State Reserve Police to assist the local police to maintain peace in the town.
Whatever the islamists say or do is toward ultimate hegemony by dishonesty, greedy usurpation and savage violence for incremental fascist domination.

I hope God willing, that may not come to pass. To pre-empt such potential savagery, it is morally imperative to disengage from all social/business contacts with the bigoted islamist fundamentalists and necessary to dissociate yourself from their hype and spin by exposing their indecent and vulgar conspiracy theories.

Prevention is better than cure!

Manipulative tricksters in your neighborhood

Where to draw the line? How many red flags do we need? How many wake-up calls? What is the reasonable limit? These questions arise naturally but you cant think straight unless you know the predicament the Hindus are in. By a process of gradual usurpation of power, lands, rights and everything else possible, they are living as slaves under the subjugation of the islamists whose millennium long savagery is known only to the true citizens of India.

Kurds and shiites of Iraq got some degree of autonomy and self-determination after 50+ years. But the Hindus continue to be persecuted even after 900 years of colonial and now via neo-colonial rule by the islamists in evil nexus with communists, catholics and pseudo-secularists.

If you want to wake up and smell the stench of islamist pig sty - to know the true nature of the islamist beast, visit with the Chief Minister of Gujarat and Putin of Russia to invite them with red carpet so that you can accord them well-deserved welcome to the only true anti-terrorist heroes of the world.

On reading this:
"By their violence, they are indeed putting the world into submission, just like Mohammed did with his sword", I note
it is indeed cheerful news that you are all getting increasingly aware of the foul smell of the bloody pig sty Europe is fast becoming from savagely violent islamist immigrants. (Remember how many embassies were burnt during cartoon riots? How many were killed for the trivial cartoons? Read how Hindus observing religious street festivities are often stoned and lynched to death by the savagery of the India's islamists)

Act now to boycott islamist business and trade to pre-empt future shocks! Learn from the millennium long sufferings of the noble and gracious but timid Hindus!! Support them in every possible manner in their liberation struggle with moral support, visas and euro investment !!!

Major crisis from spinning conspiracy theory

I dont accept that "...only a small minority actually believes those theories, also amongst Muslims, and that most Muslims have a proper political feeling and a sense of reality..."

I did a google search on the the term, "9/11 theory" and got tons of hits including very many from my own country of USA. So, what more evidence do we need to confirm that nut cases abound ?!!

When women and children were burnt alive in a train car at Godhra of India, many islamofascists could well sell their theory that the fire was caused by the victims themselves!!..!!
They accused the top leader, His Excellency Mr Modi, who brought the subsequent riots under control within three days, while maximal delay was caused by late arrival of the army that was under the control of the fiddling Nero, the islamist president, Kalam.

The fascists are so evil that they can easily put the blame on the victims every time, by Hitlerian spin and propaganda. Nazi Goebbels was less able to stinky hype in this evil manner.

pope's apology

So he didn't want to but had to apologize, lest churches will be burned. Yet Muslims never apologize for their odious deeds and words.

By their violence, they are indeed putting the world into submission, just like Mohammed did with his sword. However, A-bombs didn't exist then, nor missiles and WMD.