Foot in mouth disease I see.

Foot in mouth disease I see. This is like a felon saying he's a sinner. An actor saying he's just pretending. A garbageman saying he's in the dumps always. A saxophonist saying that he blows.

Stating the obvious

The problem, in essence, is that when the MSZP-SzDSz government won the general elections in 2002 it splurged out on spending, the budget deficit rose to an unsustainable level, and so whichever party won the elections earlier this year was going to have to take measures to reign in the deficit. But neither of the main parties (MSZP or Fidesz) was prepared to admit this to voters. Indeed the only government since 1990 that has carried through a fiscal austerity package (the MSzP-SzDSz goverment of 1994-1998) was subsequently punished at the ballot box. As long of both of the main parties continue to make expensive promises in order to win elections, the Hungarian electorate will not learn that Hungary is living beyond its means. As it is, Hungary has a significantly higher tax burden (government income as a proportion of GDP) than the other countries of Central Europe - Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Even the current fiscal reforms are focussed more on increasing taxes than reducing spending.

Unfortunate truth?

Hm...maybe Mr. Gyurcsany just said loudly what other 'leaders' think, know and speak privately...maybe it is just a kind of naked truth about the essence...unfortunately