Read My Lips: No Tax Cuts

A quote from The Financial Times, 22 September 2006

[David] Cameron [the leader of the British Conservative Party] and George Osborne, the shadow chancellor [...] lay much of the blame for the party’s last three general election defeats on voters’ fears that the Tories would slash public services to fund tax cuts. Since becoming leader last year, Mr Cameron has pledged repeatedly that a Conservative government would prioritise economic stability over tax cuts. Mr Osborne has reinforced this message, warning in June that the next Tory manifesto might not offer any up-front tax cuts at all.

[...] An official told the Financial Times: “[...] [A]s George Osborne and David Cameron have repeatedly made clear, the Conservative party will always put stability before upfront promises of tax cuts.”

Well... the Swedish elections, tax cuts were kosher, and the side that wanted the most of 'em won. What were not kosher, however, were large-n'-quik (TM) cuts that risk causing educational or healthcare spending to be cut. (Because, contrary to what many believe, Sweden is already a tad stingy on health spending, etc.)

That's the difference

That's the difference between Europe and America: in America you win elections by promising tax cuts, in Europe you win them by promising no tax cuts.