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A quote from Wim Uyttersprot, the CEO of the Brussels company U2U, in a message to an Israeli businessman:

I appreciate your interest in my company, but after the destructive and inhumane war crimes that Israel committed in Lebanon, and because of the apartheid regime that your government is enforcing in Palestine, U2U does not see it fit to connect itself with Israeli products. I hope the political situation in your country changes completely and will be based on peace and respect for non Jewish cultures. Warm regards, Wim Uyttersprot

cogito is right

If only Belgium had a vigorously free press, a lot of people who consider themselves well-informed on the issues would at least have easy exposure to conflicting viewpoints.

People! people! let's not

People! people! let's not forget that Uyttersprot is actually doing Israel a service here: his "company" provides .Net "training" after all...

Warm regards.

Yes, Cogito is right. Anti-capitalism is anti-semitism, and as I try to argue in my current posting in TBJ, also anti-American. And a lot of other "anties," too. However, what u2u also demonstrates is that, these things are not only to be tagged with a negative. The attitude this champion of virtue (just ask him to get confirmation) manisfests is also positively as stupid as it is unfair.

One more thing from a retired altar boy! u2u seems to mean that a good Jew is one that submits. The problem: they are in short supply. Most of the cadidates died in the Shoa.

Don't defend yourself, Israel!!!!

Yeah, I hope the political situation in your country changes so the Hizbollah scum bags can roll in and blow it off the map......This guy needs smacked!!!!.




Is this the new marketing strategy of Microsoft?
Gates will not like this.

And Iran ?

I guess the same jerk will be happy to make business with Iran or Saudi Arabia to show his dhimmitude attitude with "the religion of peace".
When muslim rioters in Belgium get more organized and "hizbollah-ized" (a matter of years), he will not be spared the infidel status anyway...

misleading media

This is where the misleading media in Belgium leads to. Even intelligent capitalists are misled by the media while forming opinions. Or, is he no capitalist? Like Ulrike Meinhoff (from the Baader-Meinhoff group) said: antisemitism is in fact anticapitalism. What confidence can shareholders have in an anticapitalist CEO?