Brussels Smells Like Good Shit


A quote from [Belgian rock singer] Arno Hintjens in an interview with


I think Brussels is a great city. It smells well too. The city smells of shit. But, good shit. "La merde", but good "merde".  This Brussels spirit, which is at the same time very Belgian, whether it's Flemish, French, Chinese, Arab... I always say: Brussels is one of the only Arab cities which is not in a state of war. I mean this in a positive way.  It might sound naive, sometimes even aggressive, but... it's the future.



Clearly, mr. Hintjens thinks he needs drugs to make it through an interview. If this is the sort of language he uses and approves of as public speech, I wonder how he can still fantasize about the public appreciating his kind of leftist totalitarian opinions.

Is Paris Burning?

Paris is a strong contender for being the capital of "Afrabia." I remember that New French people tried to steal my briefcase on two occaisions, harassed my female friends, and tried to corner me when I was out at night for a stroll. Despite the stories I hear of disaffected and unemployed European youth (~age 25), I have never been remotely threatened by a European yet. When North Africans treat me as though I don't belong on the streets of Paris, I realize that there's something's rotten in France.


The French government should have sent in the Foreign Legion to deal with the rioters last year: (a) they're comparable to US Marines, (b) they're ruthless, and (c) the recipients of their services cannot claim discrimination as the Legion consists of foreigners incl. Mongolians, Austrians, Canadians, Americans, etc.

Smells like shit????

"Brussels is one of the only Arab cities which is not in a state of war"

Funny, last time I looked on a map, Brussels was a BELGIAN city!!!.....Take pride all of you Flemish & Walloonians, you have just be dubbed the "shit" capital of Eurabia!!!!....... 


"good shit"

Funny, when I hear "smells like good shit" I don't immediately think, "high-grad excrement." Monsieur Arno has peculiar tastes.