A Call to Subversion

A quote from Baron Bodissey on gatesofvienna.blogspot.com, 3 August 2005

Communism was defeated empirically, in the real world, by democratic capitalism. But in the marketplace of ideas — in the media and academia, among the mandarins of pop culture, and in the permanent federal bureaucracy — the Soviets won. Capitalism has to be tolerated, since the engine of modernity will not run without it, but it will never be respectable, and its associated virtues — hard work, thrift, religious values, and civic culture — have been permanently discredited.

[...]The socialist left may be a spent force on the political scene, but its legacy is still with us. [...] Each of us has witnessed the telltale glance over the shoulder and lowered voice whenever an un-PC thought is uttered. This suppression of meaningful discussion has allowed the Great Jihad to enjoy success within our midst. Because dissent on such issues is not allowed.