The capitalists have to be frightened

Below a comment by one Robert Marchenoir on Charles Bremner's blog, the Paris correspondent of The Times.

"The capitalists have to be frightened"

That is really frightening. I wonder what the exact French sentence
was. I wonder whether Royal has ever been that honest with French media
about her intentions (I think not).

If "capitalists" are to be "frightened", how on earth does Ms Royal
think they are going to invest and create jobs here? Does she seriously
believe that "capitalists" can be "frightened" into creating jobs in a
globalized economy?

May I suggest it would be advisable, in that case, to park a few
Leclerc tanks within shelling distance of said capitalists' boardrooms,
in order to support the fear factor, and make it clear that she really
means business?

Or does she, in fact, intend to pump up once again the public
service job-creating machine in a country which already has 180 000
people on the payroll of its department of finance, whereas the Swede
manage to run their own with only 300?

Or does she think Sweden is in fact an under-developed, backward and downright miserable country?

Sweden, the social model of which she praised some time ago, if I
remember correctly. But then, her praise might have been limited to
their high level of public expenditure, which equates with "good" in

My jaw dropped when I saw

My jaw dropped when I saw that quote in the Economist.  Are the Socialists really that stupid or are they like Hillary Clinton who actually probably knows better but spews bullshit on the hope that all US women and a few ignorant men are enough to get her elected President?


My guess is the Socialist are just plain stupid....If Royal were like Hillary (Bitchary), she would be putting on the facade that she is pro war-on-terror....Hillary does a good job of playing the part of a moderate or a centrist in her campaign's infancy, so much so that the hard core left in this country is to the point of making her already miserable life even more miserable....If Hillary is elected in '08 (and I pray to Jesus, Buddah, the Wailing Wall, and yes, even Allah, that she is NOT!), she will show her true colors, that being a leftist marxist with a political agenda that will force this country into submission...I fear it will be worse than her husband's presidency. You remember him?...The one that sold out the U.S.A to the North Koreans with the help of Madeline Dimlight and Jimmy the peanut man????......

Hope, but not blind

As much as I loathe and dislike French arrogance, which is essential part of French culture, I hope for a renewl in France and not a collapse. Unfortuntely, a collapse may be in order. 

Veritas liberabit vos!

Socialism is a mental disorder......

Dispose of who???.....Accountable for what???.....Yes, heaven forbid that a free market economy become a part of the main stream in France...Heaven forbid that the economy flourish so people would have a better life and that rotton french attitude might change....Heaven forbid that the governemnt does not tighten it's taxation grip on businesses, that wealth isn't spread to the infiltrators who wish to bring down the nation and establish their own "caliphate" as a replacement........ this woman is dilusional like most leftists.....If the French elect this pshycho woman (which they will because they are stupid), the country will fall more rapidly than it is falling now.....Sarkozy for President, Viva La France!!!..