In New York, Lord Harris RIP

I arrived in New York very late last night (early morning in Europe). The flight had a three hour delay and I was jetlagged but I did an impromptu interview with Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, which can be seen on her weblog.

This morning (NY time) the news reached me of the death of Lord Harris of High Cross. Ralph was a dear old friend of my wife and me. He played a very important role in helping me establish the Centre for the New Europe and we could always count on his help on many, many occasions. I will miss him. By being loyal to Britain he was a truly great European.

Blessings, Ralph.

His Grace is immeasurably saddened by the news that Ralph Harris has died.

Ralph was a founding father of the Institute of Economic Affairs because his Christian faith persuaded him that the liberalisation of economic structures was the key to feeding the poor and housing the homeless. He was one of those profound thinkers of the right, with a maddening independent streak, who bothered to argue that in order to be able to give a coat to those who have none, one must have been in a position to earn two in the first place. To focus purely on the need, which the Church frequently preached, ignored the reality that wealth creation is the most effective means by which the plight of the poor may be eased. He possessed immeasurable insight into how the European Union damages the United Kingdom, and saw all things clearly, in three and sometimes four dimensions.

His Grace was frequently confronted by Ralph's pipe(s) - an unmistakable aura - and challenged on levels that few political philosophers are now able to reach. He was unique; a man of his time, who (thankfully) coincided with the rise of a political soulmate in Margaret Thatcher.

You will be missed, my friend.

God bless.