Czech Mate

One of the more impressive characters that I have come across in the last 6 months has been Czech MEP Vladimir Zelezny. Though he has a somewhat interesting history, student leader, journalist tycoon, wine grower, he is now the most Eurosceptic politician in the country – with the possible exception of his great friend, the president Vaclav Klaus.

Vladimir Zelezny
It seems that after a bit of a battle with the party he was elected for, (he was elected top of their list, then a couple of months ago the party leader announced that as there was a problem with his membership, for a “t” hadn't been crossed or an “i” dotted or something, he was not a member of the party, therefore he wasn't an MEP).

Anyhow he has just set up a new party which plans to compete the forthcoming general elections. The idea I guess is to get enough support to become coalition partners in the likely ODS centre right government.

Check this out for a manifesto: “The party draft manifesto, which Zelezny wrote, says that it is necessary to renegotiate the conditions of the Czech Republic membership of the EU, to prevent the ‘Islamisation of Europe’, to support domestic wine growers [including Zelezny himself] and farmers as well as to allow drivers to drink a glass of wine or one bear before a ride.” I like the idea of drinking a bear.

The likelihood of an ODS landslide has been increased by the astonishing actions of the socialist led government last week when they sent in the police to break up the CzechTek rave. A running battle ensued ending in dozens of injuries. The ravers had permission from the landowner to hold their party, but the authorities went in anyway. President Klaus has denounced the government’s action – it was premeditated - which leaves us with elderly right wingers standing up for the rights of ravers against a socialist government. (Hat tip Mr Kohl.)

Drinking bears

to allow drivers to drink a glass of wine or one bear before a ride

He's not taking it seriously. Drink driving should be compulsory.

Bob Doney